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By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, he has given us "Holi Festival '79." His request and his design. His choice of photos, his love, his gift to us. His reminder of a time we spent with him and the message he brings.

Here, then, is inspiration. In the practice of the disciplines of Knowledge, every reminder of Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace in our life is a gift to cherish -- and use.

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the world of Guru Maharaj Ji, a picture is worth one Word. The sight of Guru Maharaj Ji can take us within inside, to the sight of the true self. The basic beauty of his satsang can inspire us to follow his direction -- the most basic steps upon a path to surrender.

Clearly, Guru Maharaj Ji is the reason for the Holi play. Without him, a stadium or a field filled with people would be a rather empty place. It is from him that love flows. It is because of him that excitement grows. He alone causes life to flourish. He is the source of our contentment. He is the focal point, the only point.

The play of Holi in 1979 in Miami and Marbella did not end according to dates on a calendar. Holi play can live within us, unstilled. We need never leave the site of the true festival, the reunion with eternal love.

Maybe that's what we need to be reminded about. That may be the reason that we have "Holi Festival '79." Enjoy it. It is another of Guru Maharaj Ji's gifts!