Guru Maharaj Ji,
When you descended
From the sky
We almost couldn't believe
Our eyes.
For only you
Could change our dream into reality.
To us
It was only by your compassionate
Grace & Love that you came.
You are everything to us.
For without you, Maharaj Ji,
We are without a home,
Without a purpose
And without life.
Thank you Dear Lord,
For you.
Your East Coast Premies
"Your Court of Love"


So, I'll see you in Italy, and I'm not going to try to make a promise that I'll see you between here and Italy either. So, I'll just see you there, and maybe if everything happens right and the Grace flows a little too hard, maybe we'll see each other again, sort of …
Guru Maharaj Ji in
Los Angeles, California
September 18, 1977