In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiSatsang At Wembley

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang
Wembley Hall
London, England
March 3 1978

Dear premies, it's nice to be in England. It's just nice to be anywhere these days where there is that inspiration going on, where the reason why we all come together and sit down gets accomplished.

Always we talk about this world. And I guess the reason why we talk about it is because we live in it. And you look at the whole scene that's going on, and it's like a movie that you would walk into and you would walk out of, just as fast as the credits ended in the beginning of the movie. I mean, a bad scene, a bad movie. And yet, is that the way it was meant to be? The producer of the movie did not have any intention to make the movie like that. And yet, so many people in the world have taken it upon themselves to be the editors of the movie, and obviously cut out a lot of good parts, and left the movie with a lot of bum parts. And that's what we see. That's what we perceive.

But there's something else. There is all that negativity, and of course it's there. But there is something else, that when we come to ourselves, when we come to Knowledge, that experience explodes within inside of us. It's incredible. It's fantastic. It's not like some imagination. It's not like some concepts.

Before I came here, Joe Anctil said, "Okay, Maharaj Ji's here." And you could hear everybody screaming and yelling -- and expectations. Maybe somebody here was thinking, "What kind of a suit is Maharaj Ji going to be wearing? Or maybe somebody who had just come here, got off the airplane, walked right in, was thinking maybe, "What kind of a set up is it?" Or "What's going … " - all these expectations of premies. All these expectations that everybody had.

Besides all those things, there is a reality. And that reality is incredible. There are no and's, if's and but's about that reality. There are no logical explanations about that reality. There is no rationale behind that reality. Because there need not be any.

We ourselves in the world reason everything. Everything has to be a certain way. If it doesn't then it has to have so many other categories that we can put that imagination, the thoughts, into. Like this: I'll explain it to you. You go to India. A minister of a church goes to India and finds these guys with shaved off heads, and to his surprise, he finds they are ministers of religion. They have given up everything like that minister, that reverend, has given up. And yet, to his surprise, they don't wear a white band and black robe or anything like that, but it's completely something else. It's shaved off head and saffron clothes. And the guy can very simply, without even getting into it, say, "It's a cultural difference. Those are Indians." And so on and so forth.

It's like somebody comes up to us and says, "Yeah, now they're going to Mars." And we say, "Well, those are scientists for you." Everything that we cannot rationalize, we have little pockets, little holes, little things that we can place them into.

And yet when we come all together -- I mean, it's not like this is the first program. In Kansas City it was exactly the same way. And all these programs that have been happening, and they just keep on happening. They bring us together. And I mean, I know there are people here that are just completely confused or completely saying, "What's he talking about?"

And yet there is a realization going on. There is an experience going on within all of us which is genuine, which is true, which is more like this: it doesn't matter. You can be in a nice clear ocean and imagine shark moving around and get completely freaked out about it. Or you can be in very, very mucky water; a very, very mucky ocean, and imagine that there are no sharks and there can be a shark moving around in the vicinity. You just can't shake off the fact.

And that's what's happened when we all come together, because we are all in that one garland. We have understood something. We have understood, not a-b-c, we have not understood that kind of a thing. But we have understood that there is something that always was, always will be, and is within inside of us. That beautiful Knowledge, that beautiful experience that we pursue in this world by blatant objects day by day, day by day, day by day.

And that's why it's so incredible. Because what we are pursuing -- our reasoning, our questioning -- or what we are pursuing, is the Truth, is our own realization. It's not like somebody stands up here -- okay, satsang -- there are a lot of explanations given, a lot happens. Or maybe somebody even gets up and does chit-chat. But besides all that, the experience is of what we realize. It's not like the guy is telling you, "See the Light. And you better see the Light." Or the guy is literally taking you by the head and dunking you, and trying to say, "Do you feel it? Do you feel it?" And you say, "I sure do! Something. And that's a lot of pain."

But it's so beautiful; it's so natural. It's not like anybody's telling you anything. You're just there. There's an experience that happens. And for those people who maybe don't believe it, and I'm pretty sure there are people like that here -- "the vibe" or this or that -- let's just keep it simple and straight. Something is happening. Something is incredible.

People could have been eating popcorn all over those places, and there could have been people right here jumping up and down, bouncing a ball in this court or that court, and doing things. And there would be an experience. Of course there would be an experience. People would be feeling something. And yet, it's completely different, what we are feeling. It's because of the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. It's because of the Grace of Knowledge.

Because since we were born we look, we look, we look. I just see this world, and it's just like, what are they trying to pursue? You know how many questions a person has in his lifetime? You know how many "whys" ("Why? Why? Why this? Why that?") he's filled up with? He's even so sick and tired that he doesn't even want to ask that question any more. He wants to be satisfied with what is there. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad, it's bad. And he just doesn't even care and he couldn't even care about it anymore.

And yet, before we came -- after Kansas City program as a matter of fact -- I went to San Diego. And we took the kids to "Lion Country Safari." And we were just walking around, and there was this father with his little kid. And there was all this open space and we were just walking, and you could hear the conversation that the kid and the father were having. And the father would say, "Did you see those elephants?" And the kid would say, "Why?" And, "The elephants eat this." And the ,kid would go, "Why?" I mean, he was just going through this "why" stage, where everything was "why?" It's like, Waddy is going through that. "Well, why?" And, "What?" And she was doing the same thing. But it was really incredible. You know why? Because after a little while this father turned around to this kid, he stooped down to this kid and said, "Listen. If you say 'Why? ' one more time, I'm going to take you out of this park!" And then the whole scene: the kid started crying and so on and so forth.

So, there is a simple "Why?" that this kid wanted to know, and it's really incredible because even if he got the answer it wouldn't affect him. It wouldn't matter. Even if you just gave him some answer: "Oh, because --" "Why does the elephant eat sugar cane?" "Because they like it." "Why?" "Um, because -- it cleans their trunk every time they eat it." Maybe that's what happens. Simple answer, and the kid isn't even concerned about that. His "Why?" is a stage of his mental development that he's going through.

And yet, for this adult, that "Why?" has gotten to him so much that he cannot even answer a simple "Why?" of a simple, uncomplicated mind, uncomplicated brain. And this is where we all end up. We all end up in this great, huge pit where, "Why? Why? Well, why?" In this endless and seemingly endless rows and rows and rows. "Well, why is God there? What is this? What is that? What is Knowledge? What is -- I mean, why?"

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

And yet it can all just completely unfold. And it has, for us, completely unfolded by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace through Knowledge. That that experience has just completely taken us to a completely different place. No concepts involved. Nobody could have ever conceptualised or have ever had a facsimile of what happens in our hearts when we practise Knowledge, of what happens when we have darshan, of what happens when we hear satsang .Impossible. It's simply impossible. Because? Anything that you can imagine, anything that you can imagine by your mind, by your brain, can be created, and it can then be destroyed. And therefore it's an experience that is definitely going to last as long as your imagination lasts.

You pick up a motor magazine for instance, and there's all these different ideas of these motorists. You pick up "Newsweek," for instance, and there's all these ideas of new people! Their imagination. And you can imagine -- maybe now it's considered "dumb" -- looking at some first old cars, or looking at somebody's imagination to fly. And that's how limited it is. It was like, there is the bird and the man goes like this (flaps his arms). There is his imagination in creation. A generation of imagination. It's like generation of body cells, one after another, one after another, one after another, one after another. And then, "Okay, so why don't I put wings on just like the bird?" And the guys goes kapoot! It just didn't work. And his imagination changes and changes and changes and changes.

And I remember very, very distincly when 747's first came out. There were posters everywhere of 747's. "Fly the jumbo jets." And it was like an incredible scene, an incredible imagination come true! And then the imagination folded again: "Fly the incredible Concorde." And these are the imaginations that we just keep on going through again and again.

And yet, you know why it's different? Because you can't imagine what's happening here. You can't carry it out with you when you walk out. It's not like you can bring a camera along. And as a matter of fact, there's quite a few cameras along here. But these cameras are not experiencing what you are experiencing. When this guy, or this machine, that's going to process the film out of those cameras -- what is happening here cannot be captured, cannot be taken out of the hall. It's here.

And there are people here who are even sitting in this hall and not capturing any of what is going on. Because we have to be in that focus. We have to be in that Grace. We have to let go.

Okay. Why don't you ask yourself a simple question: What are you hanging on to? I mean, not a trip. I'm not saying, "Why are you this?" Or, "Why are you that?" But what is everybody in this world hanging on to? What is there to really hang on to in this world? And we build up our own little sand castles. We build up our own little -- whatever you call, "Garden of Eden," and we cling on to it. And it's such a sophisticated mechanism.

The purpose: very simple. You see people after people after people after people go through this thing. So, okay. Then you grow up. Then you get married. Then you have kids. And then these kids have got to go to the best school possible so that they will grow up and get good jobs. And they get good jobs. Then they'll get married to a nice girl. Then they'll have kids. And by this time it'll be time for me to retire and then I can retire. My kids will feed me. My pension will be there, and I'll have a nice, comfortable retirement.

And that thought gets passed on to the next person, to the next person, to the next person, to the next person. Till one day, you know, the kid comes up to the dad and goes, "Okay, Pop, I'm taking off! I'm doing my own thing!" And the Pops goes pop!"What are you doing?" Completely freaked out. "You can't do that!" Turns around to his wife, "What have we done wrong?" "What happened wrong in our planning that this person is not going to do what we tell him to do? Why is it going wrong? What did we do? Did we hurt you too bad that time when you stole a popsicle?" I mean, everything! Emotion and all this comes along.

But does it stop there? No! From when we are very little we build up our own -- "Yes, and when I" -- I distinctly remember that kids go through this all the time. "Oh yes, when I grow up I'm going to become a doctor, or I'm going to become a pilot." And then it turns out you neither can become a pilot nor can you become a doctor. You get drafted, every time. And it's a blowing experience. And you go, "Wow!" And this, and that.

And yet,in all those things there is an incredible thing in us, which is Knowledge, and which by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace has been given to us, has been revealed to us. And all we have to do is surrender. This life was not made to hang on to something: it was to let go. The way it came the first day was to just let go. Let go.

That experience that we go through -- I mean, when the child is born, when there is a baby, when there is that little thing, he has to surrender. He has to let go, and just flow through what his parents flow him through.

Then he starts to get big and big and big and big, and the influence of surrender is purposely taken away. Fear, society -- you call it, you name it. "Now you can do that on your own." I tell that to Waddy: "You can do that on your own." Or something like that. And that just happens again and again. But those little things are just little examples, and they have bearing in life. Where we end up is the most important thing.

Where does that whole scene finish? Where does it end up? Where does the story end up of hanging on to our imagination, our "Garden of Eden," our little fairy tales generated by mind that we cling on to, cling on to, cling on to, cling on to? And then one day it just all comes to an end. It all goes "Kapoot!" It all goes "Finished."

And I mean, it's like somebody dying and everything. He's thirty-four years old. I mean, of course, there is a lot of grief and there are a lot of other things involved maybe, but you just look at it: Thirty-four years and you're going to be buried six feet under the ground. That's it. Or, thirty-four years are going to be just burnt off, or just swept into the Ganges, or just left out for the vultures to finish the body off.

Is that the real goal of human life? Is that our hook? Is that what we are going to hang on to for the rest of our life? I mean, this is what people have to really start realizing. This is what people have to really start understanding.

There's so many people who have so many philosophies. There's so many poeple who have so many different ideas. It's almost like an endless, endless, endless ocean of things that happen. And you look into some of the beliefs. People believe in incarnation, people believe in reincarnation, people believe in no reincarnation. People believe, "That's impossible!" People believe, "Oh, you really don't exist." People believe so many, so many things. And it's just like so many rivers for us to just completely get spaced into, spaced into; just completely swept away.

And then Guru Maharaj Ji comes, and lends his hand to us, gives us his hand, and brings us out of that ocean that we are just getting so swept into, getting so drowned into; and there is our opportunity, there is that Grace, there is that most incredible opportunity, there is that most incredible thing; to have that Knowledge, to be here now, to have that opportunity to be able to get out of concepts, to be able to have that opportunity to be able to get out of our craziness, to be able to have that opportunity to be able to meditate, to have satsang, to have service, to be here now with Guru Maharaj Ji; I mean, personally, I could not ask for more. Because that's it.

It's like an ocean that never ends. It's like a line that doesn't have a beginning and doesn't have an end. It's that most ultimate, most incredible Grace that always flows on and on and on. And to just let go to that Grace …

When we were in Italy, in Rome, right after the program, we went to Lunar Park, which is very close to the Sport Palace, where the program happened. And we went on this ride and it was just like little space-ships. And you had a little handle and they went up and down and the thing went around and around. And I was there, Hansi was there, Marolyn was there. And it was just like, I was hanging on really, really tight to this vehicle. And it started to go around and around and around, and faster and faster and faster.

All of a sudden it popped up, went high. And I held on tighter. And I held on tighter. And I was just telling Marolyn, "Oh, this is pretty scary." And after the thing ended and I walked off it was like, "What difference would it have made if I wasn't going to hang on to it?" But that was something so stupid, I felt, that I never tried that! I never let go! If I would have let go, I could have possibly found out for myself that it would have been perfectly okay to let go, to sit there, because you were strapped in there anyway!

And that is what we have to understand. That's what we have to realize in our lives. There's no and, if and but about it!

Our life, our circle, our this, our that, what are we doing? It's like this example that I gave in Kansas City. Again, they have this ride in America, the "Magic Mountain," and it's really incredible. It's a roller coaster, and it goes up, up, up, up, up, and then comes out really fast, comes down and then goes completely upside down in a 360-degree loop, and then goes again. And I was there, and there was this gigantic line of people, because this was where the entrance to the roller coaster was. And there was the big circle, and obviously every time people went by everybody was watching. And yet they stood there in that line for twenty minutes to go through the experience of -- and there was a little platform where the wheel actually went around, and you could watch their faces. And they were screaming! They were scared! They were afraid! And that's their experience. They want to get afraid. They want that thrill! They want that excitement: to go upside-down so fast. And they want to try it out.

And premies, a simple question: Are we going to find out what it is to sit back and relax in the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boat of Mercy, of Grace, and let go? Or are we always going to be throwing up on the side of the boat? Even when you get sick riding on a boat, you want to give different things a try. You want to start looking at something that's more stable than what's out there, or maybe have a glass of water, or maybe sit up little bit, or take a little fresh air. You try maybe five different things to prevent yourself from puking. What about in your real life? Because when you throw up on your real life where do you end up?

Okay, so there are a million books and million concepts that can take place. Endless things. Or, you can become a ghost after you die, and you'll always hang around there, and you'll be able to do anything you want: get back at your boss, or do anything you want, and he won't see you. Right? Or you will get reincarnate: and because you have been a naughty, naughty boy, you will get reincarnated as a pig, or as a dog, or as a donkey, or as a hawk, or as an insect. Whatever. Or the endless saga that man has created for himself and interpreted for himself. There is all that in front of you. Or there is this beautiful, beautiful experience, that needs no explanation, that needs no and's, if's and but's about it, just simple, beautiful Grace to let come through this head of ours, and flow; just gently, as beautifully, as gracefully into the beautiful and merciful hands of Guru Maharaj Ji. And to just let this life be taken.

I'm not saying that one day there is going to be an official ceremony where we're going to have a great big block, a staircase coming up like that, flat block, and then it'll just case down like a slide. It'll have stairs on one end, slide on the other. Why? It's not like I'm saying that someday you'll have to go through this whole sacrifice trip, where you have to walk up the stairs, your head gets chopped off, your head rolls down the slide, your body rolls on the other one. No. I mean, it sounds pretty gross, but that's not the way it is.

It's very, very simple experience, because there is such a beautiful experience that is within inside of us that has been given, that is there. And unless we open up to it, the expereince is not going to open up to us. Because the experience cannot open, cannot close. It's ever-constant. It's the experience of that incredible infinity. It's not some head trip, but that incredible, incredible experience of that Grace, of that Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji, by his Grace, has given us.

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiAnd the funny thing is that once in a while we experience it, for the people who are really trying to hack it. And we know it's there. We know it's there. But then, you know what it reminds me of. Of that fox that knew that there are those grapes and they taste good. So it jumps, and obviously the story tells that the fox knew that there were the grapes and they tasted good because it made the attempt so many times! Obviously. Jumped. Missed. Jumped. Missed. Jumped. Missed. Jumped. Missed. Till it came to a very logical conclusion, and you know why I'm saying the word "logical"? Because that's what our logic says to us, too: "The grapes are sour." And that's what we do.

We know that experience is there. And we don't use our head. But just go like this, "Come on, experience, break open! What's happening? Yeah, I'm doing service!" Make up your own service. Imagine your own service. Imagine your own meditation. Imagine your own satsang, and know that there is nothing manifesting inside. Keep hacking it, keep hacking it, keep hacking it. Then you finally say, "I give up, man. There's nothing there!"

No! The first step to the whole thing is surrender. To let go. Because if you don't let go, you're going to end up in your own whirlpool. You're going to end up in your own maze! You're going to end up in your own puzzle that you were already so upset about and want to get out of! And you have to let go. You have to have that confidence. You have to let go to that perfect guide, who can guide you out of that maze.

And as simple as this may sound, and as simple as it is, and as incredible as it is, when you have satsang, everything sounds so simple. People sit there and they go, "Yeah, okay. Okay, Maharaj Ji, I'm going to really make that effort. Okay, Maharaj Ji, I'm really going to try." And that sounds really good. And you walk out of the hall, and it's just like a hot air balloon. It just goes "Pshshshshshsh." By the time you hit home, you don't want to think about it, you don't want to have to do anything with it. Nothing. Hit the sack, and go to sleep. Next morning, come up, go through darshan. Incredible experience, incredible everything. "Oh man, I'm really going to try. I've been just such a stupid fool and I'm really going to try." And then, out you go, "Pshshshshsh." Hit the sack, go to sleep. And for how long is this going to happen?

I mean, it's not like you've got to take the Holy Bible, put your hand on the Holy Bible and say, "I hereby solemnly swear that I'm going to start doing satsang, service, and meditation from here now and so help me God." No. Just look. Just open your eyes. And not these eyes. Just open your eye. Look around you. See what's there. And then go inside and see what's there. Feel what's there. And flow through that incredible experience. Because what am I talking about? I'm talking about experience. The experience that you have, you can have.

And you know what? There's so many satsang programs that have been scheduled. Hopefully we are trying to set up some kind of a facility to have Holi in Europe, because that would be, I guess, the first time. And then from there on, just because it's just difficult for a lot of premies, we're trying to set up another Holi in America. And the, what was it, "8.30" to the Austrailian premies. And then there are South American premies. Then there are premies all over the world. And every day so many people are receiving Knowledge. Of course, if you wind it out, put it through a calculator, it comes out 8-point da-da-da-da-da-da-da amount of people receiving Knowledge every day.

But it's incredible. Buschi was in Germany. He gave Knowledge to 14 people. And Mike Donner was in Spain, and through his tour he gave Knowledge to a hundred and some people. And it's really incredible. Every day it's growing. And right now we have 56 initiators. And there is something like 200 people who have applied to be initiator. And I mean, man, it's happening! It's not in calculation; it's not in speculation. But it's actually manifesting. And it's incredible.

And yet we have that option to just sit back in our chairs and go, "I don't see anything." "I don't realize anything." "I don't feel anything." And then somebody comes up to you and says in a very flat voice, "You know why? Because you don't want to feel anything." Then you go, "Are you kidding me?" And then you get all mad at that person. "You're crazy. Absurd. Sure I want to feel it." And the guy says, "Obviously you're making the effort, aren't you?" And sometimes that hits home. Sometimes it never goes anywhere. Sometimes it just ends up like a rock.

Shri Maharaj Ji used to give that example. Some people are just like rocks. They can be in the water for hundreds of years, and you pull them out on a sunny day, and it will take an hour, and they'll dry up. No effect whatsoever.

So the most important thing, premies, now, and that we have to really get into and that we have to really flow through, is that Grace, is that satsang, service and meditation. Because without that, there is nothing. There is nothing in our life. Just open up once and realize that and see that and you will know, you will feel it.

Okay, there's big sand castles that you can build, and still build, and keep on building them. There's big imaginations that you can have, and pursue those imaginations. I mean, look at this world. Where is this world coming up to? Every day, every day, every day, it gets worse and worse and worse and worse. And every day there are talks about changing the politicians. "Well, why don't we change this guy? Why don't we have elections?" Every time the election comes, everybody goes, "Da-da-da-da-da-da." I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with that jive that goes on around that time. And then, it's like a broken record. And you look at a situation. What's going to happen? Before, the Moguls wanted to invade India, or the Americans wanted to chase the Indians out, or there was a place called Australia where somebody could go, or something like that. There were empty places in this world, where something could happen. It's all occupied! The only place that's left -- well, I guess that's not even left -- Siberia. There are people there, too. Barren Alaska: well, nobody wants to live there. It's all occupied! It's all stuffed.

It's not like all the English people can come together and say, "We're going to invade the Noti-Noti Islands, somewhere." It's all there. It all belongs to this or that. It's all done!

The Moguls said, "We're going to invade India, we're going to invade this place, we're going to invade that place, and then we're going to have the whole world for ourselves, and then maybe we'll have some satisfaction and peace!" Napoleon's idea of conquering the world, Hitler's idea of accomplishing peace in this world, or some "cockamammiot" people who had "cockamammy" ideas like that: completely crazy, completely insane.

But you look at the whole world. Okay. There is world power. There is Third World. I haven't heard the First World, but I've always heard the name Third World. And they're "World"! What do you mean, "World"? It's just the opposite side of the United States! Or a little less than halfway: Africa. And people call them Third World. Every country has their status: economical status, popularity status, their warfare status. And if you got it, you got it. You got it made. And yet, nobody's got it made.

It's like this: a spider wants to create a web, and gets into it so much that it does not follow a pattern anymore_ And it's spinning this wild web, turns around to even look at it, to even evaluate if she's been doing anything good, first thing she does is get caught in it herself. And that's the way this world is. So much is going on. So much is always happening. Not for good.

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji There are all these projects these scientists have figured out, right? What they want to do is they want to set up a whole environment. They're already doing experiments with things like that. And what they want to do is they want to set up a whole environment up in outer space. And their whole theory behind it is that if earth just does not have enough space for the people, then why should we think we should live on earth? We should just move out into the outer space. That sounded pretty legitimate. Sure, why not?

And then you look at it: is that Creator -- I mean, it's like this -- they create some tiny -- and not create, rather, "discover" -- some tiny, little thing, and they get so proud of it, so incredibly -- "Yay! I invented this." It's like saying the Creator didn't have enough brains, so He had an Earth that just wouldn't fit the people anymore. So if He made the mistake, we've got to sort of rectify the mistake and start moving out. And when you look at it from that sense, obviously that does not make sense. Because there is everything.

There is that space. There is that harmony. I'm not trying to critcize those scientists. I'm not trying to say that they have completely crazy ideas. But all I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter. It's like right now when you shoot a bullet, fire a missile, or shoot a cannon, it's in the outer surface of the earth. And the one that they're going to build on the moon, in outer space, is going to ham the inner surface. You will actually live inside the earth, not on the outside of it. So you will be shooting it in the inside. Wouldn't make any difference.

I mean, it's not like people would go to space and just get completely spaced out. They won't!. They won't get spaced out in space. They will get more frantic and more frantic and more frantic. It's the endless things that people are going to start pursuing, the endless "whys," the endless questions, the endless miseries that people are going to create when they've got one simple solution right within inside of them. And premies, that's what we've got to look at.

What I am talking about is not unrealistic. Why do you think they sent an Apollo to the moon? To see what the earth looks like from up there? Or to see if the moon is really made out of cheese? Or to speculate when cow is going to jump over the moon? I mean, none of that stuff. To "explore the outer space." I'm not against it. I'm not trying to create a riot against it. I'm not saying that that's completely absurd. Of course, they went into outer space and digital stuff came out of it, and it's kind of nice. You just hit your little button and "pop" goes your time. You don't have to sit there and go, "Five, six, ten, fifteen, twelve minutes," or something like that. All these fantastic discoveries are coming out.

What about us, though? What about humanity? What about people to begin with? And that's what makes us so fortunate by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace that we are here, we are alive. And they think that they've got the greatest solution -- to just move out of the earth. But we have even a greater solution. We have the greatest solution right now, right with us, right inside of us. And we have to just flow with that greatest solution. Because that's what Guru Maharaj Ji is here for.

And all those programs that I was just talking about recently, what are they there for? Okay, I said, "We're going to celebrate Holi in Europe," and everybody went "Yay!" Yeah, sure, it's going to be fun throwing water at you. But is that the reason? And if that's the reason, we could probably arrange for a fire truck to pull right in here and just squirt everybody down. No! The reason is to come, sit down, and to experience that bliss and that Grace that comes out of that satsang, of that company of Truth, of that what we experience inside when we can let that flow, and to see our brothers and sisters, to see that growth happening within inside of us, to see that bliss and to get blissed out about it. And to have Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan. And to just let go for that one moment. And to experience that "let go" for one moment. That's the reason for Holi.

It does not have, for me, any Indian significance, believe you me. Of course, there is the whole significance of Holi. Well, there is a whole story behind it, where the guy goes off and he wants to burn his son. So he takes his sister who supposedly cannot burn and puts the little kid in the sister's lap and burns him, and the sister gets burnt and the kid plays, because he really believes in God. I mean , the simple moral of the story.Okay.Great. Fantastic.But to me, that was then. What about now?

Now we need the satsang of the Perfect Master who is living, who is with us now. To be able to experience that, to be able to concentrate on that, because we have realized that Knowledge, that Knowledge is with us. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, again, for people who have not realized Knowledge, maybe you will soon. But there's such a flow, such an experience that we have to just let go for, to just let flow in. And get out of the crazy mind.

Because look at it. Where is that crazy mind putting us? Where is that crazy mind leading us to? To no good. That crazy mind is not letting us progress in the path that we clearly see that we need to even go on. Its whole bag, its little tricks, its little games, its little things that it plays, its little mysteries, its little performances, the incredible things of mind -- You're sitting there. All of a sudden you start thinking, imagining. And it broadens and it broadens and it broadens and it broadens and it broadens. Before you know your eyes are out, you're completely awake, you're sitting like this thinking why aren't you doing meditation. I mean, it's such an incredible thing! Start thinking about Knowledge: "Knowledge. Yeah, man, it must be really great … " It just starts you off in a circle. It's like a great big…

Imagine a gyroscope as big as whole of London. And there is a little strong wheel that gets this gyroscope going. And there is this engine, and it starts that big diesel engine up and goes, "hut-put hut-put hut-put hut- put." And then slowly and slowly and slowly and slowly and slowly and slowly the wheel starts turning. And then very slowly, ever so slowly, it starts to go faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster. And before you know it, you're whizzing, you're spinning, you're -- Everything is happening! And that's Mr. Mind for you. But I don't know if it's Mister or Miss or Misses or Master or whatever it is, but there it is. The crazy thing that sort of feels like it sits exactly where a halo would sit, just pursuing you, just chasing you, just following you everywhere. And the one crack, one moment, one chance, and it's got you. And that's it.

People even sit down to meditate and they go, "Oh, Knowledge, man, it must have been really incredible fifty thousand years ago the way they revealed it." I mean, they start thinking about things that have got nothing to do with it. And yet, to us, it looks so simple, looks so fine, looks so close. "Yeah, yeah -- you know, this is really about Knowledge."

I know a lot of people start to give satsang, give their mind a chance and before they know it, all they're doing is chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat, not letting that inner experience flow through themselves, not letting what they have really realized from that Knowledge. Because there is that realization from that Knowledge. And that's in front of us now. And all our blind aspects just completely fold away when we give that Knowledge a chance, when we give that reality a chance to work for us.

So premies, of course, the endless saga of how we should surrender. I can say it fifty times, I can say it fifty thousand times, I can say it five million times, if it does you any good. And I've been saying it ever since and I'll say it once more: Surrender. Let go. And the rest is completely up to you. And it's just so incredible to be able to come to England, to be able to share this time, to be able to share this opportunity with all the premies. Because I know that a lot of programs have been happening at different places, and a lot of people from particularly London or England haven't had that opportunity, or the European premies, they haven't had the opportunity to be able to come to all different programs that have been happening. Satsang is satsang, and it's just for everybody, and it's just for every premie who is interested, who can open up their heart to that satsang. It's for them, not people who've already got their hearts shut, or pretend they're going to listen to me, but just to people who are really ready to flow with that experience. People who are really ready to go and understand and to just merge with it, because that is what's been happening.

And so, just to be able to come has been a real thing. Because I wasn't planning to come at all till the later part of the year. I even talked to Claudia, and Claudia said, "Is there any possibility of you coming to Europe?" And I said, "No. No way." And then slowly and slowly things started perking, and you could feel them, you could see them. And it was like, "Okay, I'm going to come to London, to England." "When?" "I don't know." "When?" "No, I'm going to go to Europe first." And then, before we knew, we were on the plane, and the plane was landing in England, and that's how amazing it was. We went through so many things, when the hall was going to be available … there was so much going on that I thought that the program was the past weekend that just went by.

I mean, explanations have no meaning any more. That's the way at least I feel, that explanations don't have any meaning any more, that everything, all the things, that maybe one day a long, long time ago had meaning, that -- well, those of you who were in Prem Nagar, and do remember the blackboard on my right-hand side of the stage, and all the questions and answers, and questions and answers, and questions …

Because I was recently reviewing that. So many questions and so many answers to those so many questions. And then me going there and saying, "So does anybody have any questions?" And then fifty hands raise up and so on and so forth. It's all very simple. Because even before the question begins, the answer comes in. And it's incredible. Because I'm really not trying to say it in a way where it sounds off like a trip or sounds off like , "Oh yeah,man,everything is jim dandy." But it is jim dandy. It is incredible. It is beautiful.

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

And for those people who have surrendered, who are really enjoying the ride, it's so incredible for them, because there is that incredible experience.

And it's just completely incredible, because we just -- I keep saying that word, "incredible," because it is incredible to just see how much is happening for those premies who are really just letting go, that Grace to come out. And it's just Guru Maharaj Ji. You can see how Guru Maharaj Ji is just taking us, and is just taking that person who's completely drowning in his concepts, in his ideas, in his ideologies, his craziness; and just telling him again and again and again, "Don't get into the waves. Don't get into your mind. Don't do it_ And just stay with Guru Maharaj Ji. Let Guru Maharaj Ji take you. Because if you do, then Guru Maharaj Ji will take you where you really want to be." And again, maybe a lot of people will say, "Well, how is that possiole?" How and why.

You're maybe 18 years old, 14 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old. However old you are, those "whys" and "bows," where have they taken you so far? And where do you think they're going to take you from here on? Nowhere.

And yet, just look at one experience of that one day that happened in your life when you walked into that little room and you received Knowledge. And things changed. There was Guru Maharaj Ji. You were a premie. You had something to let go of. You had something to flow with. And then Knowledge started to manifest and manifest and manifest and manifest and manifest. And more it got amazing, and more it got amazing, the more you let go. And that's where that has brought you.

And of course, for the people who have made a sandwich out of Knowledge -- Knowledge, Knowledge, mind -- are very much suffering. Their ego is suffering. They are suffering because in their life Knowledge has purpose. They want to make Knowledge a part of their life; "Here, Knowledge. Here, boy. Heel. Sit. Down." No. That's what a lot of people think is the way it's got to happen. They got a little leash on Knowledge, and you sort of just chug it around wherever you want to go, and when you want to meditate, you go, "Stay." When you don't want to meditate, "Okay, boy, go." And everything just happens.

But that's the greatest mistake. Because Knowledge isn't going to become a part of our life. It's not like you got this incredible life and Knowledge just walks in and just plugs right in like an adaptor or something. But this whole life, completely, has to become a part of that Knowledge. This whole life has to merge in that Knowledge, not Knowledge just merging into our left pocket. And premies, that's the difference of understanding.

What I talk about now, what I am telling you now, is just simple and straight. I can go into explanations. I can go into theories. I can sing you the whole saga. I personally have heard those sagas. I personally think there is no necessity for those sagas. I personally think a very, "very flat and a basic thing: satsang, service, meditation, Guru Maharaj Ji, and Grace is your ticket in, and your ticket in to be where you want to be. And if you want brochures, guided tours, post cards and souvenirs, you're on the wrong boat. Go try some boat else.

This boat is for one purpose: to cross the most extreme, the widest, the most disgusting gap of this whole life. And just to bring us into that beautiful, beautiful place where we can just flow and be one with that incredible thing.

I mean, you run out of words after this. There's nothing to talk about because there's so much feeling. There's so much to feel. And it is there.

In Love with Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiAnd so premies, this is again a three-day festival. Here goes the first day. Tomorrow's darshan. And then, before you know, it will be again that day, just like in Rome, and that'll be the last day, and yet the beginning of a beautiful, beautiful thing for some people. That last day -- or maybe this first day -- might be a beautiful, beautiful beginning of an everlasting day for some people. Or, the first day, or the last day, might be the last day for the most beautiful thing in their lives. Depends how you look at it.

If you look at it as a devotee, as a person who wants to surrender, the person who wants to let go, as -- not even a person -- then it's a beautiful, beautiful beginning, and no end to it.

But if you want to look at it like -- "Yeah, Knowledge. How much does it cost me? And what kind of quality it is. Is it UL-approved? Is it --" If you don't know what "UL" is, it's "Underwriter's Laboratory." And things-- in the United States, when they're "UL-approved", have the good seal on them.That means they're good. And -- "Is it UL-approved, and is it good for me? Does it do this? And does it do that? And will it give me a baby? And will it give me my oranges that I've been asking for for the past several years? And if my tractor and my house will get mended?"

Well, you're barking up the wrong tree if that's what you want. If you want a process, if you want to go, if you want to travel on that road through your mind, then you're completely barking up the wrong tree.

But if you want to be where you belong, if you want to be where you should be, then you're not even barking. You're being picked up under the right tree.

So premies, it's completely up to us. These two days, we can make them the most beautiful experience, or it all can go down the drain, just like every morning the water does from the faucet. And I'm just here to help you make that experience as beautiful, as beautiful as it can be. Because I know. I know by my own realization how beautiful it is. I know myself, because I've experienced it.

And I've also seen those people who have not experienced it. And I see the difference. And all I want to do is just let you have that experience which is so beautiful. Because without it, it's just nothing! It's just really, really nothing! I mean, it just really doesn't make sense. It doesn't really mean it.

People are just going around and around and around and around and around. In Malibu, it rained more than it's ever rained. And it was really incredible. Because there was all this rain going on. And right down from the residence you can see all these houses on the beach. And you know, of course, beach houses in Malibu -- incredible! Till one day they saw sand and wet TV in their living room. It was like, they were completely blown out: "Wow! Even that's possible, huh?" Or, it was so outrageous that people could just see, there's just so much uselessness that people pursue.

And also on Pacific Coast Highway, there's all these houses. They're flat like that, and there's a sheer cliff, and on some of these cliffs the whole front just went "puuuuuuuuu," fell down. And this guy is on TV, going, "And yes, you know, some geologist said that it would hold, but I guess it's not holding. And, uh, uh, I don't know what I'm going to do. And --" This guy worked all this life to get a house there, his whole front yard just went down the drain. And he says he doesn't know what to do. As though if he knew what to do when his front yard was still intact, it would have helped. He didn't know then; he doesn't know now. When is he going to know? And it's completely outrageous.

In the Valley in Los Angeles this whole flood happened, and everybody's houses were full of sand, mud. A whole graveyard washed down and there were bodies all over. And this guy's swimming pool was going by. And the TV person was asking, "Why did you want to settle in a place like this when you knew there was going to be a flood here?" He said, "Because of the peace and quiet." And I mean, what are people pursuing? That's not quite peace and quiet when you're worried for 24 hours if you're going to be able to go swimming the next day or not; meaning, if you're swimming pool is still going to be there or not. Or to see in your front yard somebody's body that just washed down from some graveyard, and you see feet sticking here, or legs sticking there. No. This is really true. This is really true.

But that's the way it is. Our peace, our harmony, some feet sticking up, and it all goes down the drain. "Oh my God!" That's what people were saying. "Oh my God!" They were saying "Oh my God! " now, then, there, but not realizing that God, not realizing that purpose, not realizing that incredible, eternal thing that by Guru Maharaj Ji …

I mean, you just look at it. There's so many crazy things going on out there. There really are! There really, really are. It's not like I'm kidding you, or I'm just trying to make this up to make it all seem bad on one point and good on one point. There really are really crazy things going on out there. And people are just boggled. People just, every day, every day, every day; same thing, same thing, same thing, same thing.

As we are sitting in this hall right now, I'm pretty sure, people are either getting into wrecks, or people are getting into trouble, or just doing crazy things out there. And here we are, having a beautiful experience of satsang. That's the power of Knowledge. And that power can make that experience manifest within inside of us all the time.

It's a practical thing. See! Look! Now! Feel! It's here with us. And you can feel it. And you can appreciate it. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, we have that opportunity.

So I hope I'll see you tomorrow, and thank you very much.