Available Copies of 'IN VIEW' Magazine

'IN VIEW' was the name of this North American A4 size leaflet/magazine infrequently published by Elan Vital in the USA in the 1980's (at least). Four copies have been sent to me and they give a snapshot, albeit fragmentary, of the state of Prem Rawat's organisation following his closure of the Divine Light Mission ashrams, public meetings, the change of name to Elan Vital and the nearly complete change in the picture presented to the public and the content of the speeches he made. They were written for the committed followers and give realistic statistics of Rawat's following through the second half of the 1980's as they attempt to convince the people on his mailing list to donate regularly.

All publications of Rawat's organisations display a totally upbeat, positive message but the comparatively parlous state of Rawatism during this time is obvious.

Many thanks to 'Lakeshore' & Connie who made these texts available for publication on the internet.