It is a very common tendency among us, human beings, that we all want to leave a mark, behind before leaving this world: And we all want to accomplish something good in this life. But there is one thing which remains totally ignored and we are totally oblivious of it, viz. what does this life want us to do? And is there a distinction between the two things? Is there a distinction between everything that we want to do and what this life wants us to do? This is the one basic poser put forward by Maharaji at a Public programme held at Montreal in March, 1988.

We can claim to be a doctor, a pilot or a lawyer. We weigh ourselves by certain accomplishments in this fife and we are proud of our achievements. But Maharaji says, you are already something greater than a doctor or a lawyer could ever be! The fact that we can achieve things is due to the reality that we are alive. And does it mean. anything to be alive? What significance does this existence carry for us?

Only one factor in this life is irrefutable. It is definite that we were born some day and when the birth is indubitable, it is also an accepted fact that there is an end too. Both are two sides of the coin of this life. But the question. is, will this coin go on. flipping? Or is there something greater for us to achieve, to acquire, to enjoy?

About the purpose of this life Maharaji is very precise and definite. There is nothing like philosophizing or theorizing in his utterances. He believes in this existence. He says, how about living? Being? That is the purpose of this life. You have been living since you have had Life. You have smiled, you have laughed. Granted that you have wept bitterly but it is also a fact that you never liked it. All you wanted was to get out of that situation. Sorrow was never agreeable to us. And as propounded by Khalif Gibran, we have to drink, the cup of joy placed within us. But we have become so much addicted to the contents of the cup of sorrow that we now dislike the idea of refraining from it. Because it tastes good to us now. That is the ultimate reaction. Which means that when somebody tacks about joy or enjoying

2 Life Force July-September 1989

this life, we do not take him seriously because we have made up our minds already that there cannot be anything like a perpetual source of inner joy within us. We take it as something philosophical; a cliche, something dried and worn out. But it is really a fact of life.

We have been given these eyes and along with them the most incredible and wonderful things have been placed for us to look at. We have been provided with ears, and with them the most amazing sounds and notes are made available for us to hear. We have the potential to choose things, to make judgements. We can rationalize things. We have got this sense of appreciation and also of depreciation. We have the ability and capability in us to send man to other planets. And apart from all these things there is yet another ability granted to each and every human being, and Maharaji talks about that ability – to enjoy this life. He wants to introduce us to that centre of joy within us.

Now, one may question, what difference does it make whether you find out what that joy is or you don't? The difference is none. You can live the rest of your life even without it. You can also read your life happily with it. That's of, But there are people who do care to know and enjoy this life in the real sense. To them the question is, "Is there something more?" And those who are willing to take up this venture, this search from 'subconsciousness or unconsciousness to consciousness', can really benefit from what Maharaji wants to give to the humanity.

'What is your past?' he queries. Only ruminating over things done or left undone. And the future? That is merely a source of anxiety. The future can come to you only in one form, only in one way. And that is now! 90 other way. It cannot take any other shape for us.

Then the ultimate question is, do we care to find out whether there is something at the end of this whore philosophy? Yes, there is. And that is this Knowledge. And some of us have been privileged to have it. Maharaji wants us to share in this gift. We can come to know about the simplicity of this ife, the real joy, the ecstasy this life can put for us through this Knowledge.

Maharaji says, "You have invested in many things. Maybe you won, maybe you lost. But now it is time to invest in this ife. Because what you invest here will always be yours, and whatever you invest somewhere else, that is 'easy come, easy go.'"

Life Force July-September 1989 3

In yet another discourse delivered at Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi on April 12, 1987 Maharaji has extensively dealt with the potential inherent in this precious human body so graciously granted to us, with so much love, by the creator for a specific purpose. It is really a grace upon us and the second grace is bestowed by the master who imparts Knowledge. This grace really means something to us. Because it is due to this second grace that we can realize and assess the value, the potentiality of the first grace granted to us. We can understand that there is something more apart from all these religions and rituals. There is something which always remains untouched by us.

Maharaji advises us to accept these two graces. There is no time for brooding or lamenting over your miseries. 9k is unable to describe the joy he derives from introducing and talking about this unique eve-rime of Knowledge to the people all over the world. He has learnt to pilot aeroplanes for the sole purpose of approaching people directly. That is why he has been making so many tours and an aeroplane has been purchased with the cooperation of all those people who have benefitted by this Knowledge.

In the end he gave some vivid details about the development work going on in the ashram and the efforts made by people in that direction. People have now a place of their own where big programmes organised on international basis can be addressed by Maharaji, and everyone can enjoy the fruits of Knowledge so compassionately revealed by his grace.

Shri Hans Jayanti '89
(7, 8 & 9 November '89)

On the auspicious occasion of the 95th birth anniversary of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, father, teacher and guide of Guru Maharaji (which falls on the 8th of November) a three day function is scheduled to be organised at Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi on 7, 8 & 9 November '89.

This unique event shall be addressed by Guru Maharaji and attended by a large number of devotees from all over India, Nepal and also overseas. Thus this programme will provide a rare opportunity for all devotees to listen to Guru Maharaji and meet so many premies at close quarters.

4 Life Force July-September 1989