How much do you know about God beyond the fact that he is all powerfull, that he is everywhere, and that his love is unlimited? You have heard people say these things but do you understand that? Direct experience is the true religion. We must differentiate between words and actual experience. Whatever your soul (your inner-self) experiences is true.

People have no idea about their inner self. They imagine it in terms of whatever they read or listen by others. They do not have a direct experience of it.

What we want is Knowledge of God, that energy, pure and simple. And that is the most difficult thing in this world to find. If a buffaloe wants to worship God, it will see God as a larger and more powerful buffaloe. In our present limited condition we are bound to think of God in human form.

Just as darkness disappears before the sun, so the presence of Satguru dispells the darkness of ignorance. Then the sun of Knowledge rises and shines splendidly. The Knowledge which Satguru gives is not like the sun which sets in the evening bringing back the darkness.

That Knowledge is never darkened. The Satguru introduces us to the eternal light of truth, the perfect pure light, and who thereby removes the darkness of our ignorance forever.

By realising the pulsation of the soul (the inner-self), or the holy name, we receive all that we need in this world. He who teaches the Name is called the Satguru and he who receives it is called the disciple.

The Satguru is like a farmer and aspirants are the farm. The farmer prepares his land to perfection, manuring it and making it fertile. Then he sows the best seeds, hoping for a good harvest. When the seed of holy name is sown in the seeker of Knowledge he enjoys perfect peace and serenity. The Satguru never sows the seed with an apprehension that his disciple will not enjoy perfect peace and enjoyment.

If the disciple is good he will lose his ego and quickly realize the Knowledge. Just as a clear white cloth easily and quickly absorbs the colour in a dye, so the disciple with a pure and guileless heart can easily and quickly absorb the experience of Knowledge.


Life Force July-September 1989 47