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We have some Raj Vidya Kender English language Life Force quarterly magazines and some of Prem Rawat's speeches published in other Life Force magazines from 1988-1992. Élan Vital loosely translates to "Life Force." Raj Vidya Kender is the Indian Divine United Organisation which Prem Rawat was forced to use as his Indian organisation when he lost control of his father's Indian Divine Light Mission (Divya Sandesh Parishad) in the mid 1970's after being disowned and disinherited by his mother for drunkenness, meat-eating, a playboy lifestyle and an unnatural (for a Spiritual Master) interest in sex.

In these speeches made in India we see how Rawat's public image diverged in the 1980's in India and the West. In India he still calls himself Guru Maharaj Ji and speaks of himself having divine powers that he now denies in the West where he attempts to portray himself publicly as only an ordinary man with a unique talent to reveal God within inside people who have faith in him, an incredible love of people, a brilliant intellect, keen business skills, a Top Gun pilot, a heartwarming raconteur, etc, etc.

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