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March, 1977
Light Reading



Dear Light Reading,

The most important inspiration I can give you guys is this: Don't waste the medium and the opportunity you have to inspire the premies. Base it all on solid, solid satsang. Do "Innerviews" with premies who are really accelerating into consciousness. (Really how much can you write on mariage and sex?) Find premies who are doing 3,4,5 hours meditation. What are they experiencing?

There's a whole wave to consciousness now. You guys should be helping it along more and more. Maharaji has told us to be ready for his surprise this year. He has recommended, 2 hr. minimum meditation sessions in one sitting!

He wants to make 750 initiators! Portland! Atlantic City! Keep up with the times, capture the progress. Wake Up!!! O.K., groceries and chitchat are good to read about but find a balance. You have a chance (not being confined to the organization) to really break-through and keep us higher and higher. How about these new initiators? How did they come to make a decision to take on that service? What are they experiencing? What did Maharaj Ji say to them when he gave them a Knowledge Review? Let's get it on.

I love your paper but when it's just a bunch of very light reading, I feel that you've just got to go deeper and get a pulse on the true deeper experience. Then you can break out and distribute nationally and internationally. Premies love Truth.

Jai SatChitAnand,
Malcolm Davey
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Piqued Out

Dear Light Reading,

Writing this letter to you is something which I do not enjoy, as I have great respect for the quality and purpose of your tabloid, yet I feel the situation demands that I do.

In the last two issues of Light Reading (No.s 7 and 8) you printed an article about the pyramid phenomenon, concerning their possible history, use today, concentration of energy, and future potential.

I was interviewed as a reference source for this article. When the first installment was printed in issue No. 7, I was mildly surprised to see that the title of that article was PYRAMIDS: THE FIRE WITHIN. It is odd that this title was used as I did not give permission for this, nor was I ever approached and asked if this direct lifting of material from a copyrighted source was acceptable to me. To top it off, no credit was given as to the original author of that title, which is not exactly what I would call professional journalistic courtesy. If Light Reading had asked permission to use the title and any other material from the copyrighted article bearing the title which was originally published November 1, 1976, by Positive Pyramids, Inc., permission would have been happily granted. I would sincerely appreciate it if in an upcoming issue this erratum would be noted and corrected.

Which brings me to a second installment of the article. After reading it I became somewhat saddened. The legal infringement and lack of professional courtesy to this author had been a strange enough blow in the first installment of the Light Reading article about pyramids, yet the general side-stepping, name calling, intellectual circle gaming, and unfocused, lackluster approach to the subject hit me much harder. It was an article I might have expected from the Burbank Guardian (if there is such a newspaper), but not from Light Reading, a publication dedicated in Word to …" a need for sharing consciousness open-heartedly."

There is so much beauty in the fact that the outright gift of the pyramid form has been given to man at all, and especially that it has been given again to him in this day and age. It has been empirically proved that the concentration of energy known as pyramid energy is in some manner a form of focused electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is the work horse of the universe and the agent which allows us to be conscious at all (after the primordial vibration). A concentration of this energy in a predetermined spot (the pyramid form) is a fantastic tool, for it hsa been proved every which way possible for the last 100 years that exposure to electro magnetic fields and currents of varying intensity actually aid in growth, healing, and … in stimulating the energy-centers of an organism, in man particularly the brain. All research that I have ever been exposed to, or conducted, clearly points to the consciousness expansion and increase in learning and concentration capacities of the individual who has exposed themselves to the pyramid.

I could go on and on, and wish that the Light Reading article had been a little more conscious of positive news coverage. The article left me completely uninspired, confused, and generally mystified as to what the whole pyramid experience is about anyway … and I have been building, experimenting with, and researching into the use, purpose, and potential of the pyramid form for three years, as well as conducting lectures and seminars on the subject for a year and a half! I wonder what effect your article had on people who are not so familiar with the subject!

I am sorry for this aggressive letter, yet we at Positive Pyramids, Inc. feel that we owe the original discoverers of the pyramid form, and the true creator of the pryamid form more clarity concerning its place and function in the world today than was expressed in your article.

Thank you, and I totally release any ill feelings I may have had for the staff of Light Reading to the Infinite Light within, and may that Light be extended upon your paths …

Scott Thompson
President, Positive Pyramids, Inc.

Dear Scott,

Sorry for the discourtesy. It was an oversight on our part. Your letter sums up succinctly much of the negative feedback we've received on the pyramid articles.

From the vantage point of hindsight, we have come to the realization that we cannot "lightly" tackle such topics. In keeping with our updated editorial policy (see page 2), Light Reading will focus primarily on what we do know about: satsang, service, meditation and its manifold forms of expression in our community. And "peripherally" related articles will be far more thoroughly researched to avoid the confusion created by the pyramid pieces.

JSCA, Mitchell

Dear FriendDear Friend,

Jai Satchitanand! After reading a sister's copy of Light Reading on the bus back to Washington, D.C., I am so inspired that 1 would like to subscribe for the next year (for now). I would appreciate a copy of the February issue to start with. It was so beautiful (to coin a phrase). The more satsang I hear/read, the more I want to practice this Knowledge so this fine newspaper is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for your service! Love you guys!

Peggy Nelin
Bethesda, Maryland

Real View on Inner View

Dear Light Readers:

First of all I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity that I am having to express myself in this column. What I want to do is let you know what has taken place in my life since the "Inner View" Light Reading did with me on est October 16, 1976 (published in the January issue).

Looking again at where I was then I can only cry in gratefulness to Our Lord, for by His Grace, he has brought me to His Lotus Feet in full pranam. After having crashed the plane, I have deepened my understanding of His Knowledge and experienced a deeper love for Him and for each one of you than I ever had before.

I am understanding that this Path that Guru Maharaj Ji is leading me on is not towards clarity of mind or functioning in the world. It's not only about knowing who I am, but above and beyond, towards the knowledge of what He is in my life. What I am experiencing is hard to explain, but it is so very joyful, it is a deep trust and faith that "I walk on the true way today" and that He is The Lord of Love. By applying myself with strong resplution and determination to the experience of His Agya I have found again the real priority in my life is the realization of Love. I have found again that my purpose is to give my life in His Service and that His care for me is the deepest reward that can exist.

For months in the past year I was haunted by the monsters called "getting it together," "serving humanity," "making a contribution." With that came success and other perishable tokens which created the illusion of enlightenment plus the illusory separation from the Guidance that is so cherished.

Ond day, at the end of December, while traveling to Los Angeles, I experienced that in spite of all the "goodies" in my life, my Heart was being called by Him. In deep longing I went to the Residence in Malibu and sat outside while Guru Maharaj Ji was giving his first Knowledge review. My heart was crying for his presence, and I experienced being called so strongly by Him, that I had no rest for weeks.

A month later I had the fortune of seeing him in darshan in Portland. He looked at me and 1 heard a loving "Where have you been?" I cracked wide open and was taken to the deepest I had ever been. I cried and cried and experienced a transformation in my soul. I experienced that all that was in front of me was surrendering to Lord and by His grace it started to happen.

When I re-read the mentioned "Inner View" article 1 realized that the spice of life, the true meaning of life, devotion, had been absent in my life and that therefore I was working with solutions due to its absence. By His grace, His presence of love filled me again. I stopped engaging myself with externals and am diving in this life and His gifts of grace (meditation, satsang, service). 1 am doing my best with His guidance to pray for His love to fill me so that I can love Him, who I have come to realize is my Lord.

Dear sisters and brothers, I write to you in the context of His mercy – if my satsang in the "Inner View" was in any way a distraction please forgive me, and know that we all change. Know that it is this love and mercy that gives me the strength and humility to face my own change from the constancy of the Inner Experience of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Carlos Warter, M.D.