Light Reading
March, 1977
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Holi Holi HoliHoli Holi Holi

Guru Maharaj Ji has recently extended an invitation to all of us to join him in celebration of the Holi Festival in Miami, Florida, March 18, 19, 20. Most likely the largest program of the year in North America. Holi promises to be quite a gorgeous event. Current plans call for a Friday night program, a Saturday afternoon program in the park, darshan Saturday evening and still another program Sunday morning and afternoon.

Hotel arrangements are currently being made by Joe Anctil to help accommodate the thousands of premies expected from all over the country and parts of South America.

Crashing on the Miami Beaches is strictly forbidden so please give some thought ahead of time to your accomodations.

No programs for this year are scheduled after this one so please try your best to get there.

Ashram Notes

Recently a number of premies have been inquiring about the status of the ashram. At this time, Guru Maharaj Ji is personally overseeing the ashram program. He is developing the guidelines, training the ashram supervisors, and will set the dates and procedures for applying. At the Portland conference, he mentioned that there will be three types of ashrams: 1) for those premies who wish to make a lifetime dedication, 2) for premies who wish to commit themselves for a shorter period of time (6 months - 1 year), 3) for still shorter intervals (2 weeks - 1 month). The second and third types Maharaj Ji referred to as "retreats." At this time there are no applications available or any further details. However, if you have any questions, or would like to have sat-sang about the ashram, you can contact Allen at the DUO office (861-7316). You can also add your name to a master list which will insure that when there is any further information you will be contacted. For those premies who recently left the ashram and wish to reenter, Maharaj Ji has said he wants to accomodate them as much as possible. If you would like to re-enter the ashram, contact Joe Natter at NHQ.

The things we see … are the things which are already in us. There is no reality beyond what we have inside of us.

– Hermann Hesse

5:30 Satsang

In the last two weeks the satsang hall at the Community Center has been packed. Inspiration has really been flowing. Many premies have expressed the desire to give satsang and for more opportunities to listen to satsang. As a way to meet our growing community's needs, a new time has been set for satsang. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, at the Community Center, satsang will begin at 5:30 p.m. This has been tried in several East Coast DUO communities, and has met with great success. See you there.

The true harvest of my daily life is intangible as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little stardust caught, a segment of the rainbow.

– Thoreau

Movies Within Movies

Over the next two months a series of movie nights featuring old darshan films (Satguru Has Come, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?, Lord of the Universe) will be shown. Watch for announcements in the bulletin. All proceeds will go toward the Community Center Development Fund.

$ $ $

As of March 1, 1977, the Denver community will be operating within a newly restructured financial system. In this new system, all member donations, anonymous donations and fundraising profits will be split between our community fund and National Headquarters. Formerly all revenues were sent directly to NHQ, which in turn reimbursed the community fund for local expenses.

25% of all revenue received will be retained for the community fund and 75% will be sent to NHQ, until a level agreed upon by our DUO staff and NHQ is reached. Donations in excess of this point will be divided between the community fund and NHQ on a 50-50 basis. This level, called the "percentage change point," will be based on the amount of local donations and on our financial needs as a community.

This means that it is not necessary for an active member to differentiate between how much of the donation is to go to AMP and how much is to go to the community fund. All donations will be added together and divided between the two as outlined above. In effect, support for the community fund is now an integral part of AMP.

The amount of funds in the community fund are now in a direct relation to the level of donations (which has not been the case in the past). Any changes in the amount of donations affects the amount of money we can spend on our local programs as well as the financial support we can give to Guru Maharaj Ji's mission at the national level.

Will you seek afar off? You will come back at last to things best known to you, finding happiness, knowledge, not in another place, but in this place – not for another hour, but this hour.

– Walt Whitman

Health Classes

Community Health Education (C. H. E.) is presenting classes on wholistic health care, including such subjects as diet, lifestyle and the natural healing process.

Also being presented are weekend workshops on foot reflexology, covering the concept of foot reflexology and its practical application.

Classes will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be taught by Steve Perlmutter ($7.00).

Get A Job

Temporary and part-time jobs are now available at Job Placement Services of the Career Center. Call Kim at 377-8856.

In your body is the garden of flowers. Take your seat on the Thousand petals of the lotus, And there gaze on the Infinite Beauty.

– Kabir


Now that the DUO staff has completed its move into the community center, 1607 Race Street has become the official home of three community services: the Career Development Center, Community Health Education (CHE) and Light Reading. Working from a foundation of satsang, service and meditation, these three programs hope to practically manifest the joy they are experiencing as well as providing needed services within our community. All three programs are currently attempting to establish themselves on firm financial footing, so your patronage of their services will be greatly appreciated.

Many furnishings are needed to turn their house into a home: large photos and tapes of Guru Maharaj Ji, sofas, chairs, curtains, area carpets, plants, filing cabinets, book shelves, refrigerator, space heaters, health and reference books, etc. Also, there are two offices available for rental, as well as a large room for occasional meetings and classes. A premie answering service is also being offered through 1607 for a nominal fee. So, if you are interested in donating any of the items mentioned above or in renting space, please contact Mac Avery at 377-8856.

0 my heart! the Supreme Spirit, the great Master, is near you: wake, oh wake!
Run to the feet of your Beloved: for your Lord stands near to your head.
You have slept for unnumbered ages: this morning will you not wake?


Satsang Anyone?

Anyone interested in giving satsang in a drug program on Mondays from 910:30 a.m., please contact Dr. Ed at 3212222.

In the time of youth, folly is not an evil. One may succeed in spite of it, provided one finds an experienced teacher and has the right attitude toward him. This means, first of all, that the youth himself must be conscious of his lack of experience and must seek out the teacher. Without this modesty and this interest there is no guarantee that he has the necessary receptivity, which should express itself in respectful acceptance of the teacher. This is the reason why the teacher must wait to be sought out instead of offering himself. Only thus can the instruction take place at the right time and in the right way.

A teacher's answer to the question of a pupil ought to be clear and definite like that expected from an oracle; thereupon it ought to be accepted as a key for resolution of doubts and a basis for decision. If mistrustful or unintelligent questioning is kept up, it serves only to annoy the teacher. He does well to ignore it in silence, just as the oracle gives one answer only and refuses to be tempted by questions implying doubt.

Given in addition a perseverance that never slackens until the points are mastered one by one, real success is sure to follow.

Hexagram #4
(Youthful Folly)