Spring 1978
Divine Light Mission


Guru Maharaj Ji, Denver, Colorado, 1974by Mitchell Ditkoff

This newspaper before you is just a little bit different than most. The only deaths mentioned are those of the ego; the only theft a perfect stealing of the heart by the One with more Grace than a thief in the night. And the only sport covered is the game of life we are all in.

Good news, you might say.

And timely too, though the essence of what is presented is far beyond time.

Now, the only difficulty we have in reporting is that the event we are trying to cover is still going on. There's no way we could wait until it was over, for then neither of us would be here to enjoy it. Like writing your autobiography at the age of 19, the task is not easy. But still we've decided to try.

It's curious to note that the substance upon which these words are written was extracted from the very same source which long ago provided the matter for both manger and cross. And so we can see it's not so much what here is written, but how we apply this God-given news. Again, it's not easy – for writing about Guru Maharaj Ji and the Knowledge he reveals is like trying to play a Beethoven piano sonata with your arm in a sling …

Imagine yourself in a restaurant. You are hungry and soon the waiter brings you a menu. You ponder your choices, then choose something that catches your fancy.

You do not eat the menu.

What's listed before you is simply an indication that there's food in the kitchen, nourishment waiting for you to enjoy. In the same way, the words in this newspaper simply point to the fact that there is something else cooking, which if you are hungry you might want to try.

Guru Maharaj Ji is your waiter.

Well then, who are we to be making such grand declarations? Nobody special. Your friends and your neighbors, your sons and your daughters, your brothers and sisters, that's all. By some amazing good fortune we found ourselves alive in precisely the right place at precisely the right time to be revealed a very precious experience by the living Perfect Master. It's nothing we uniquely deserved, certainly nothing we did other than open our hearts to the one completely immersed in the Grace of the Lord.

Guru Maharaj Ji is offering the people of this world both an invitation and a challenge to realize their highest potential. The invitation? "Do you really want peace? Then give me a try. I want nothing out of you and in return I'll give you infinite perfection." The challenge? "… take a step, be in the boat, and take her away. Only that is needed. And that's on our part. I mean the boat is not going to suck us in. The steering wheel is not going to come flying out, wrap us around, and take us in the boat. We have to take that step …"

Those of us who have taken Guru Maharaj Ji up on his offer are experiencing an amazing adventure of love filled with the joy of knowing each step is also an arrival. We have been ushered into ourselves and are coming to know day by day the true meaning of love.

Throughout this newspaper you will encounter metaphor after metaphor, example after example, in an attempt to describe our experience with Guru Maharaj Ji. "What is it they're trying to say?" the mind wants to know. Perhaps the following tale will shed a little light on the subject at hand:

Once upon a time there was a lion who somehow strayed from his parents at a very young age. Kindly taken in by a family of sheep, he spent his early lionhood basically baaing and thinking his fate was simply one day to be sheared. As luck would have it, a pack of lions just happened to be passing through one day on their way to visit a friend in the circus. Upon seeing one of their kind so sheepishly grinning they stopped and demanded an answer. "Why are you living your life imitat ing another unlike you? You are a lion, King of the Jungle!"

"What do you mean?" said the lion, a little too meekly. "This is my home and this is my nature. Why do you talk in such circles?"

The visiting lions (who knew who they were) tried as they might to explain away the confusion of their newly found brother, but with no success at all.

Hours passed.

And then, tired and thirsty, they walked with their friend to a pond by the side of the forest. As the strayed lion slowly bent for water, he saw his reflection and those of his brothers around him. "I'm a lion," he roared. "I'm a lion like you!" And hugging his sheep friends good-bye, he bounded off into the woods to resume his place as King of the Jungle.

Having spent years looking into funhouse mirrors and falsely believing we were somebody else, Guru Maharaj Ji has kindly enabled us to enter the process of re-learning so that we too can assume our proper place in this wonderful creation.

We hope something of this experience will be translated in the pages that follow – at least enough for you to take the next step …

"Pinch yourself and try to describe that experience to some of your friends. They will never be able to feel it. So don't talk … just go and pinch them. And this is what this is. I am just trying to introduce you to this Knowledge. And I know [this introduction] isn't perfect, because to understand what really is, you have to practically receive it."

–Guru Maharaj Ji