Divine Light Mission
Spring 1978

Getting The Whole Scoop

By Kelly McGinnis

Piggy Rawat the Porker, 1979 When I began to research this article, I was confronted by miles of files of press clippings, dating back to 1971. I spent all afternoon marveling at the variety of news. In six years, thousands of articles in papers all over the world have been written about Guru Maharaj Ji. His name has been dropped in every box, but he just doesn't seem to fit.

Whatever has been said and whatever one supposes, one thing is for certain. Guru Maharaj Ji is at least a remarkable human being. Specifics? Who else at age 20 is revered as a master by over 1.2 million devotees? Yet, it is also said that he's chubby, he's married, he's rich and lives on a hill by the ocean surrounded by expensive cars. He likes cars.

I noticed these details in the news clippings. It's only natural. What else could the media go by in describing this person? I mean, here he is, a young man from India who irrefutably claims that he will "establish peace" and that he is in fact the "Perfect Master." What else can a reporter report? He'll report what he sees. It's that simple. If you take a hundred people to the zoo, they'll all have a different story to tell. It's the nature of human perception.

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't put on a holy act. He is what he is. Ah ha!

But what is that? To a baker he likes pastries. To a car dealer he likes cars. To the press he's a story. To the seeker he's an enigma. And to a devotee he is the lord. There is no proof other than the Knowledge he freely offers. Is it perfect? Is it true? It's this internal Knowledge which enables so many different people to truly recognize him.

On the surface of this world, there are billions and billions of details to interpret. Yet no two people interpret these details alike. For example, if someone is moved to give Maharaj Ji a car, it is something beautiful to that person. Then, if Guru Maharaj Ji keeps the car and shines it and takes care of it, it is even more fulfilling to the giver because he sees his gift received with love. But to another observer, the act of receiving this car might be interpreted as indulgence. After all, how many cars does a person need? Why does he keep them? It makes no logical sense. But then, love itself makes no logical sense.

Again, several articles made note that although most of the teachers from India have had long and flowing beards, Maharaj Ji has only a slight moustache. Of course, the picture of a guru most always includes the face of a lean, aged holy man, tall, with rugged earthy skin. Maharaj Ji stands only 5'2" tall and he's only got a slight moustache. How could anyone worship someone so obviously human? Weil, Guru Maharaj Ji is quite obvious, but Knowledge must be revealed. Why?

Why do so many people prostrate before him, while others mock their "foolishness"?


In this external and physical world, everything is based on conjecture. It's a riddle, a guess, a debate. Is he a playboy or a saint? Is he true or is he a lie? Each question has an answer and each answer raises still another question. Outside our own soul, there is no constant truth. Even our thoughts change constantly. We have only platform perspective. The sun, from the earth, seems no larger than the moon. Appearances are deceptive. There is something that we need to know.

The media scrutinizes Guru Maharaj Ji carefully, indeed a valuable service in this society. Too many people have been deceived, too many times. So the press makes public the seeming details of his life, but do any of us know the real story? Do any of us know the one thing the media can never report, the experience of life "within inside" us. Those who come to him with a guileless heart experience soul. And they know it.

Media was not designed to communicate this Knowledge. It was designed to relay events and appearances.


But just suppose, pretend-like, the Creator did manifest. How would we know it was Him? Even I can talk about God, but can I reveal Him to you? No. But the Creator can. And until he does, He's just another guy making good copy.

Maharaj Ji is here. He's here to change headlines to heartlines. So come and receive his gift. There will be no details to interpret, no thousands of opinions, no off-hand conjecture, but an experience of true love as it was painted first upon our hearts.

Born inside us is the Knowledge of all. Without knowing that perfect Truth, there can be no understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji. To reveal the Knowledge is the only reason he is here, and to interpret his presence in any other way is like trying to kiss the Mona Lisa at two-hundred yards. After all, who are we discussing? Hollywood? A new rock star? No. We are discussing the one who promises peace on earth in this time.

"What a story! Fred! Get the goods on this Guru. We want to know everything about him. Toothpaste and the works. Is he on the level? Is he out to make a buck? Or what?"

If only we could get a "scoop" of his 100% pure love we might begin to understand the story. He alone brings the ancient news.


"I am telling you that if you read the scriptures, the Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Ramayana, and the others, you will get a little peace. Maybe one or two degrees of peace. But by this Knowledge you can get 100% peace."

"When a cooking book says first take the pot, put it on the stove, put some butter in it, it does not mean that the stove has raised itself before you, that the pot has been placed automatically on the stove, and the butter put into the pot. The book only indicates that you can do all these things. The scriptures are guidebooks which can only tell us that we have to go on that road, or that this path will lead us to that place. But they haven't shown us the main thing – how to get there."

"All the scriptures do is point at something. All the scriptures are pointing to something higher than themselves. They do not take you there but only point out the way and describe it. This is a very small mistake people have made, but it has brought humanity to where it is now. People think they have been following the Truth all the time, but you can see what is happening."