Spring 1978
Divine Light Mission

Guru Maharaj Ji: Knowledge

"The Knowledge I am teaching is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Mohammed gave and which I am giving. It is the supreme Knowledge. It is the sacred Knowledge. It is top sacred! And it dwells within all of us, within every human being, but we are unable to know it without the help of a True Master."

"There is a saying that a rich man thinks that a poor man is satisfied, and a poor man thinks a rich man is satisfied. The rich man thinks maybe the king is satisfied, the the king thinks, oh, the gods are satisfied, and the gods think God is satisfied. But who does God say is really satisfied? He refers to those people who have understood Knowledge, who have understood this perfection – they are the ones who are really satisfied."

"You may be surprised and say why is this Knowledge free of charge? Just try to understand. A man can live without gold, but he cannot live without food, and food is much cheaper than gold. He can live without food for a day or so, but he cannot live without water, which is still cheaper than food. He can live without water for an hour or so, but he cannot live without air, which is absolutely free. So just understand, because this Knowledge, because this air, has been recommended for you, air is the fuel for you, the requirement is absolutely free."

"… This is the only way any man has ever really been able to bring humanity together: through this Knowledge. Because it is within everyone and common to everyone, you know, because this is the greatest thing when a man has surrendered to it. When a man has completely, completely surrendered to it, it's like the infinite adopts him. That infinite thing adopts him and takes him there and then he also becomes it."

Guru Maharaj Ji: The Mind

"Mind is nothing; mind is the absence of everything else, and absence always seeks presence, and imperfection always seeks perfection. We are all for that reason here: to seek perfection."

"Mind is one of the fastest computers. When you walk into your car, you have not even started your car yet, you are not in your car yet, but your mind is in the car, and it already has reached the house. And you have not even entered the car yet. And your mind is already there. A child, a little child, really little maybe two, three years old, also thinks approximately at the same rate as you think or even more. He just is constantly thinking. But that thinking of his, of that little child, it's perfectly normal … For a kid, he is always going to think of something which is quite possible for him. But as a man grows, his mind grows, his ego grows …"

"Of course by 'our mind' I'm not talking about the thing that thinks. I'm talking about the wild imagination that people have. That is our enemy, that wild imagination, because it's the imagination that makes us believe the ocean is a hard surface, just keep on walking. And then we find ourselves drowning very soon. That is that wild imagination. That is what I've been trying to say for such a long time, that that wild imagination is our enemy, it is really the thing that is going to stop us from understanding this Knowledge. So get rid of that wild imagination. And not just imagination, wild imagination."