Spring 1978
Divine Light Mission

One Drop of His Grace

By Charles Cameron

This world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out.
– Gerard Manley Hopkins

I was sitting on a bridge in Paris one day, looking at a photo of Guru Maharaj Ji that I specially liked, when a gust of wind took it out of my hand. The photo floated high over the stonework of the bridge, then dipped down to a landing in the muddy river.

My immediate reaction was to wonder why. I know that every detail of creation is the work of one Master Craftsman. I know that not one leaf falls, unless he gives consent. So why has the wind blown away my picture of Guru Maharaj Ji'

About half an hour later, I was walking down the Boulevard St. Germain, and saw an American girl reading the Herald Tribune in a sidewalk cafe. It's a pleasure to talk to someone who speaks your own language, when you've been living abroad for a while. So I sat down at her table and introduced myself as one expatriate to another.

I asked her what she was doing in Paris and she said she was a member of a modern dance troupe. I told her I was involved in setting up a spiritual corn munity, an ashram, in Paris. And we began to talk about the different sorts of yoga, and the need for a spiritual revolution. I spoke to her about Guru Maharaj Ji, of course, but I had no photo to show her, which seemed a pity.

As we were saying goodbye, she said to me You know, I've talked to people from about ten different spiritual groups, and each person told me about his or her teacher, and then each of them took out a photo of their teacher to show me. And you are the first one who didn't do that to me. And I want you to know I really appreciate your tact.

"You see, I always get embarrassed when people bring out their photos to show me. They always seem to expect me to love their teacher's photo at first glance, as much as they do after studying with him for years. I'm really so glad you didn't make me go through all that again."

At last I understood. Now I could see why the wind had taken my Guru Maharaj Ji's picture away. And I thanked the wind for being such a true servant to my Guru Maharaj Ji. And I was glad, because all the details in that Master Craftsman's creation are so perfect.

And that's the story of just one drop of his grace. Maharaj Ji's premies are always running into little drops of his grace. Perhaps that's why we love him so.

Prem Rawat, Malibu, California, 1976