A photo essay of the early years of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji was born December 10, 1957, in Hardwar, India. He was the youngest of four sons born to Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the living Perfect Master of his time.

From the time of Guru Maharaj Ji's birth, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj indicated many times that Guru Maharaj Ji would be the next Perfect Master. At age 8, following the funeral ceremony of his father, the young Guru Maharaj proclaimed to his father's disciples. "Why are you weeping … Perfect Master never dies, he is here with you now…"

In response to the pleas of his devotees. Guru Maharaj Ji, at age 13, left India for the first time and arrived in London in June 1971, to deliver his message of peace.


In 1970 at India Gate, Delhi, Guru Maharaj Ji spoke before an audience of over one million people: "Why do you search for peace in the world? Peace is not there. Peace is with me. To have peace, come to me; I will show you the way to peace. Right now I feel such a power in me I do not know where it has come from; I feel as if I want to shake the world. Soon I will leave my studies and spread the Knowledge of God throughout the world. The time has come for restlessness to be destroyed and the Kingdom of Peace to be established. All I ask is your love, all I ask is your trust, and what I can give you is such a peace as will never die. I declare I will establish peace in this world."

Since first leaving India, Guru Maharaj Ji has continually been pulled by the desire of his followers to see him and by the need of people everywhere to hear about the Knowledge. He has traveled extensively throughout the world speaking about Knowledge, meeting with reporters and interested people, and answering questions from people of all religions. nationalities, cultures and ages. Over one and a half million people have accepted Guru Maharaj Ji's offer: "Receive this Knowledge and know God within yourself." To this day, Guru Maharaj Ji maintains his determination to complete his work of spreading this Knowledge throughout the world and establishing such a peace that "will tie the whole world, from ants to elephants, from men to animals, from birds to mosquitoes, in the thread of love."

In 1970 at India Gate, Delhi