Newsline November 1986


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1986As Maharaji continues his busy schedule, we in the U. K. Ireland Region can take stock of the impact of the time he spent with us. We all have our individual memories of moments that touched our hearts, challenged our ideas, brought us new insights and understandings, and helped us to make the experience Maharaji speaks of a reality in our lives.

But for most of us, the abiding impression was of a beautiful and natural change happening, a determination by Maharaji to break down barriers, to be more accessible than ever, and to give a pointer to the future direction of his work and the way we can play a part.

One purpose of this newsletter is to continue the sense of communication that Maharaji generated. Another is to review the changes and events that took place during the visit. And another is to inform you of the new – and old instructors, where they are and how you can contact them.

There is also a report on our efforts to pay our way and hopefully generate extra income to help with our work not only in this country, but around the world, particularly our contribution to the plan to obtain a small plane for the faster and more successful accomplishment of our work.

Lastly, but most important of all, you will find some edited highlights from Maharaji's presentations and information sessions while he was here.

So whatever your day involves, try to find time to sit back for a few minutes and, as Maharaji himself says, "Relax and enjoy!"

You are important. You came to me to have this experience because you wanted it. And I have to remember that. I can't ever forget that. You wanted it for yourself. And, today we can come together and the sky is the limit. You know why the sky is the limit? Because there is no limit in the sky. It's a good expression.

But everything has to be right. That tree that does not have its roots will fall. That tree that has its roots, no matter how big it is or how small it is, will stay. We are talking about quality. We are talking about experience. We are talking about gratitude for life. We are talking about our own experience. And loving it and enjoying it the most.

Coming Together


Question: How are you finding this Convention?

Answers: "It was wonderful and very helpful" … "Surprising, inspiring, and well-organised"… "Most enjoyable" … "Keep 'em coming, make 'em longer!" … "Love it" … "The best ever" … "It has taken many years but finally it is all coming together" … "Lovely to see so much of Maharaji" … and many, many more which reflect the same mood – very positive, very happy, very enjoyable.

People cut short their summer holidays, came over from Europe, and generally did everything they could to be at what promised to be the weekend of the year – the 1986 National Convention – a time to enjoy the company and inspiration of Maharaji, to refocus ourselves and be reminded once again of what is really the most important ingredient of life.

No-one was disappointed. Thanks to a series of long information sessions, that special atmosphere of warmth and closeness was given all the time in the world to build up and be appreciated. In those sessions, Maharaji could also talk about the developments in his work – developments that for many amount to a new direction in the way the Knowledge is being disseminated.

The response was one of glad acceptance, even relief that at last everything was falling so beautifully into a pattern that was so simple and so clear.

Remember the video "Tony and Pete", about an enthusiastic "old-timer" thoroughly confusing his pal and filling him with over-expectations about the Knowledge?

"You'll enjoy this," Maharaji said, "the person doing the confusing is an Englishman!"

And enjoy it we did, showing we pretty much agreed that those old days were well and truly gone and Knowledge is a much more beautiful and personal thing than we could ever have imagined when we tried to define it, describe it, and persuade other people they ought to have it.

The information sessions likewise went down very well. Questions were sensible and well expressed, giving Maharaji the opportunity to present and explain his ideas and viewpoints.

In the session on "Communicating about Knowledge", a video was shown featuring interviews with people from all walks of life who have very recently received the Knowledge. Their sincerity, their clarity and their enjoyment of this new experience in their lives – of their lives – was evident, as was their appreciation of the way it had been introduced to them. Only exaggerated descriptions or a lack of consideration and care had put them off. And just as off-putting as being overladen with somebody else's interpretation of their own experience was the case of the boyfriend who played it so cool he never told his girlfriend how she could go and receive the Knowledge for herself!

So Maharaji's message was a simple one – don't set yourself up as a spreader of the Knowledge. Just let the experience Knowledge brings work for you in your life. And if someone we know expresses an interest, merely set them on the path towards discovering that experience for themselves by putting them in touch with an instructor.

And that led on to the second symposium, on instructors themselves. After the recent Instructor Conference, which had ended just a couple of days before the National Convention, more than 40 instructors have now received their certificates, from many different walks of life, and various parts of the country. Maharaji saw this as a great step forward and encouraged anyone who felt they would like to become an instructor in the future to apply.


The Resources symposium led off with a presentation from Glen Whittaker on the way Elan Vital's work is structured and financed.

Maharaji then entered the auditorium to huge cheers – "Thank you. I didn't expect that!" – and then spoke about the work of "spreading a little happiness in this world", and his desire to "do it right, do it with quality, and do it in a way that it's never been done before."


The last session was an Open Forum, where for a couple of hours or so Maharaji faced an array of questions and topics. After two days of everyone being together with him – probably more than in any previous "getting together" – the mood was incredibly relaxed, intimate and love-filled. Nobody wanted this inspiring weekend to end but time was running out. So leaving us with a showing of the video "Evolution" Maharaji said goodbye and thank you.

A Way to Help …

"I have to say to them, 'How can I charge for something that can't be valued?' It just has to be free."

Such is the constant answer from Maharaji in face of a frequently-asked question. And who would have it any other way? But this in turn means income to cover all the many costs involved in our work has to come from people who voluntarily want to help and, hopefully, that's you!

First of all, here is a summary of the financial situation during 1986.

Altogether we received – or will have by the end of December – about £100,000 in voluntary donations, and about £90,000 from registrations for the National Convention in Birmingham.

The actual programme costs for the tour came to £80,000. We donated on your behalf £50,000 to the Elan Vital Foundation to help aviation and other international costs, and the remaining £60,000 was spent on basic administration costs throughout the year (office rent, computer, staff wages, including full-time instructors, the news-letters, fees for professional services, and so on).

It looks as if we just about broke even but in fact we were £50,000 down because we had offered the Foundation £100,000 as our share of the international and aviation costs, and only managed to raise half of this. Luckily, some other countries made up the shortfall by giving greater than expected contributions.

What about '87? Well, it would be realistic to expect much more activity, both nationally and internationally, so more money will be needed. The project to buy a plane to replace the leased one that takes Maharaji on his almost nonstop global travels to spread the Knowledge, train instructors and direct his work makes incredibly good economic sense in the long run, but in the short term the payments will be much higher – just like buying a house.

So while thanking you very much for all your help in 1986, we have the temerity to ask for even more in '87, especially in the line of regular donations!

In fact, of the 9,000 people on our mailing list, less than 10% actually made a donation during this year, and about half that figure made it a regular contribution. So there is plenty of room for more. Nobody can give, of course, except those enjoying the experience Maharaji has enabled them to have – we can't ask anybody else! – so if you count yourself amongst those, how about making a resolution to start helping with the occasional donation – starting today! It will be truly appreciated.


STANDING ORDERS – We are now going to start accepting Standing Orders again. A form to fill in can be obtained from Elan Vital, PO Box 398, London SW6 2LW.

BY MAIL – As usual, any donations can be sent direct to Elan Vital, PO Box 398, London SW6 2LW. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to Elan Vital.

BY HAND – You can hand a donation to any instructor who will ensure it comes to Elan Vital.

BY CREDIT CARD – Send your Access or Barclaycard number and the amount you wish to give to Elan Vital, PO Box 398, London SW6 2LW.

All I offer is one simple thing
– a way to be able to experience yourself,



It is fine to try and analyse things, after all we have an analyser up here. But what about the factor of appreciation? If we have no appreciation, then something is being missed out on.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1986MANCHESTER

Let me just begin by saying that what I have come here to talk about this evening is something very simple. It is not an imaginary thing, it is not something we try to produce, but it's taking a look at something that already exists, that's already there.

Whoever we are, what we all try to strive for is exactly the same thing. It doesn't matter which country we come from. Because when we go beyond our nationality and our groupings and look at ourselves fundamentally, what are we?

Or, putting it another way, perhaps our development, perhaps the direction we have taken in our lives, has excluded something. In the picture we have painted of how we would like our lives to be we have forgotten something. And perhaps that thing that we have forgotten is our own selves. We might know our friends and the people around us very well, but when it comes to ourselves we are constantly being surprised. It means there is an inbalance Because we are searching for something in our lives, not some thing, but a certain quality, a being in touch with who I am.

For many people there is an idea that what we are is really no good, that we are incomplete. Instead, we project what we are not onto other things. Perhaps it used to be angels, and perhaps it is now Superman, someone who is a normal person like us but who is also Superman, someone who can do all the things we can't. But if we are able to look at what we really are, we might just say, "Wait a minute, there is something really wonderful here, there is something really incredible here, and it is me, it is just me. In me there is a preciousness." It's not that other people are going to admire us, but to know for our own self how wonderful is the gift that we have been given. That what we seek for in our life is not somewhere else, but right here.

It is fine to try and analyse things, after all we have an analyser up here. But what about the factor of appreciation? If we have no appreciation, then something is being missed out on.

It doesn't matter at all what name we give it, love, peace, tranquility – it's totally irrelevant. People say to me, "You don't mention the word God." But there's no need to mention the word God. Just because we don't mention God, it doesn't mean that he – or she, whatever we want to call it – is not there. There is an energy, there is a power, that exists, and it is not our task to sit clown and name it. It is fine to try and analyse things, after all we have an analyser up here. But what about the factor of appreciation? If we have no appreciation, then something is being missed out on.

I am not saying that we are lacking anything, just that we are missing out, that there is an incredible show, an incredible event taking place in our lives, and it's called life itself.

Either we can go through it almost without noticing it, or we can admire it and enjoy it, every moment. The event is happening whether we appreciate it or not. Inside is an incredible beauty, and all I am saying is there is a way to experience it, a way that you can enjoy yourself And we can all have it. Maybe to some people that's too simple, but I can't help it. It is as simple as that, because life is simple.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1986DUBLIN

If we were to paint a picture of our life, we would probably have difficulty finding out exactly where we were in it. There are so many things in there it would be easy to ask, "Where am I?"

Do I even exist in it, and when I do find this existence of mine, what recognition do I have of it? Do I compare it, do I label it? Do I say good, bad, right wrong? They are what my labels are – good, bad, I don't know – and everywhere I go I slap these labels on everything I see. And if I come to take a look at my own life, maybe I will be able to define it only in terms of these three labels.

But behind those three labels I think we all try to make ourselves feel whole, feel complete, feel good about what we do, or just feel good. I am not going to use the word happiness, because some people start off perfectly happy and make the choice to be sad, and others are perfectly miserable and make the choice to be happy. And they are happy. You say to them, "Goodness, the bottom of your ship really fell down." and they say, "I'm afloat. Don't worry about me. I'm swimming." And the others, who have a totally whole ship, are hanging from the rail going, "I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning."

Yes, there is an enjoyment in life. There is a sunrise everyday within you, and it is shining. And all I'm offering is the way to be able to access that experience.

And, really, there is something we have all been given to work with, to help us feel a wholeness, to help us feel good, not by anybody's definition, but because of a feeling that we feel inside ourselves that feels good. This is what it comes down to. This is how simple it is. No philosophies, no big ideas, no fancy terminology. But just you, experiencing something that feels good. Not right or wrong, just good.

And the good that I have found in my life is me, my life that I have been given. Not the label but the thing itself. If I can only see that, if I can only have a recognition of what I have been given …

Maybe I am making it sound too simple, but that is what it is. Life is not complicated. I am talking about the core, the central piece of the entire puzzle. When I am painting scenery I have to put a dot in the middle of the page. Why? To give me a point of perspective. And to me, we also need a dot. And not that we need it, we already have it. We just need to see it. I wasn't given that dot, I was shown it. So that I can focus, so that I can see my life in the right perspective, so that instead of living it unconsciously I can live it consciously, so that rather than not enjoy it I can enjoy it. And that is what I am able to offer.

There is a road we all walk – it is the road of life. And sometimes we have an idea – I'm not talking about heaven and hell here, just take this example for what it's worth – that at the end of this road there awaits an incredible hotel, and if we just manage to keep walking, one day we'll make it and everything will be fine. And people have all these suitcases, and they all say, "By hook or by crook, I've just got to make it to that hotel."

But wait a minute. What about the road itself? What kind of a road is it? What's on each side? Is it not an exquisite road? Is it not a road filled on each side with the most beautiful blossoms, the most beautiful sights and fountains? And you can go and bathe and feel and drink and walk and enjoy every step that you take along the road.

Just recently I was in Italy with my family and we went to Florence to see the statue of David by Michaelangelo. It used to be in a piazza but it was becoming run down and for that particular statue they actually built the entire wing of a museum. And every step of the way there are more and more beautiful things.

But when you stand in front of David you couldn't care less about the building that they made for him, because David steals the show. It is absolutely superb. And this is my question. Am I walking along through millions and millions of these Davids, each more magnificent than the other, while my eyes are glued on the ceiling? Am I too busy looking at the floor and wondering how many other people have walked this path instead of looking around at the beauty around me? If I am doing that, what am I missing out on, instead of enjoying what there is to see, to feel?

And the most incredible thing that you can feel, that you can be with in this whole world, better than David, better than Raphael's paintings, is you. Always has been, always will be. And all that is being offered by me is one simple thing. A way, a means, to be able to experience you, just you. Not the labels. Not to walk the path of this life with one hand in the pocket with the labels saying good, bad, I don't know, but just to be living this life consciously.

I am not here to tell you you need this in your life. I just want to tell you this is available. It doesn't cost anything. I don't charge because how much should I charge? Ten bucks isn't enough and neither is two million. The only thing is that people should want it, should have a desire for it, a love for it. How can you charge for the most priceless thing?

And what is that experience like? Well, it's there within you, within each individual, and all I am offering is a way to be able to tap into it.


So many people I meet want to know what this world is all about, what life is all about. But when you start talking to them, you find they have their ideas already preformed, already preset, about what this life is, about what being here means, about what's going to happen to them, and what you have to do to get to the other side, or whatever the ideas are.

For me, personally, it's a little bit different, in that maybe there is a time in one's life when one wants to sit down and think about something. Maybe you're going on a vacation, and it's a good idea to plan where you're going and what you're going to do once you get there. You think to yourself where are you going to get the brochures from, and once you've got the brochures you look at them and say, "I wonder which one is better."

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1986But you can't stay in that place, reading brochure after brochure and thinking day after day where are you going to go, what is the best alternative. Because at some point in time you have to get on with the business of getting there. And to me, that part, of getting on with the business of getting there, is very important. It is a part that I think so many people miss out on. Not that they lack anything. People might say we lack wisdom but no, we have wisdom. People might say we don't have happiness, but that's not true. On the contrary, we have a lot of happiness. People say things aren't right, but things are very right.

We think about it, but what do we actually do to get on with the business of getting there? And how do we decide when we are there? It is not something we decide together, it is something where we have to resort to our own selves to know.

The truth is we are not lacking anything. We already have it. We have that essence, we have a magnificent thing happening all the time within us. And maybe it doesn't need to be identified as anything else but life. It is life that allows us to sit in these chairs, that allows us to speak. If life was not here, none of this would be possible.

In one sense I've got all my problems, as we all have, but the fact is we zero in on what we see, we zero in on our problems, sometimes making more of them than they are. But behind our problems is something else, life itself. That passes by, and we are unconscious of it. When we are facing death, they say life flashes by right in front of your eyes. But the fact of the matter is, life flashes by right in front of your eyes anyway, and we don't even know. I'm only trying to strip something away here, in one sense, and come to the basic and fundamental core. Not what you could do, that's not what I'm interested in, or how things could be. The only thing I'm interested in is just you, – yourself, myself, and the need to take a look at myself, and look at who we are – what we are. It's easy to say this is my name, so this is who I am, and to relate all the things that we can do, thinking this is really me.

But wait a minute. That's all fantastic and great, but that is not what life is really composed of. Life allows us to do these things, but they are not the core, the essence. There is a basic and fundamental thing going on, and it's called 'you are alive'. There is an incredible festival taking place in everyone's life, and this festival is the festival of life. All we need is a recognition, an appreciation, an understanding of that. Why? Because that is what is constant. Because that is what brings every simple and beautiful joy to us. That, by every definition of the word, is a love which really hasn't been talked about and given a name to.

But it is there all the time and it is quite possible to experience it.


In our society, in our age, in our understanding, what we see when we look in the mirror is unacceptable. It needs to be augmented. It needs to be more. We think we, as basic human beings on the face of this earth, are really quite useless. That there is something different from us, and we need to get to that. The superman.

The superman is this person who can come and do and has everything that we lack. He can see through things. He can fly.

We have always reflected in our deities, in our beliefs, that which we miss, that which we don't have. To be able to see into the future. To be able to see into the past. To be able to know what we don't know. To be able to do those things that we are totally incapable of doing.

Let me relate this small story to you about Milton. He writes about something very beautiful. There is God, and he is explaining this earth to his angels. He says, "There it is. That is my most magnificent creation. Most magnificent. Perfect. This I have created so that they can sing my praises. They can sing glory to me."

But then you have Lucifer. He says, "No. There is no difference between you and me. We are both the same." In his pride, he forgets. But then he comes down to earth and his eyes fall upon the Creator's creation. Unique. In that moment, he is totally stunned, and he says, "You have truly outdone yourself this time. Magnificent." And he starts to sing the glory. "This is it. Perfect. Perfect in every single detail. Perfect in conception. Perfect in execution. Perfect. Beautiful."

I am not saying that you ought to believe this literally. But it's a lovely story, it's a lovely experience that Milton is relating, and I think it has an incredible amount of significance for us.

So on the one hand, you have the Creator looking upon the earth and saying, "This is perfect. This is the most."

And on the other hand, you have Lucifer saying, "Ah, most magnificent."

And then today, we have the same creation looking upon itself and saying, "This is garbage."

What a turn of events. That the Creator should be looking down upon it and saying, "Most magnificent". And that even the most cynical critic, Lucifer, should be saying, "Magnificent. Immaculate."

But that same creation, looking upon itself, says, "What's so special about us?"

All I am saying, and maybe this is really what Knowledge addresses, more than anything else, is that beyond all this good and bad and beyond all this right and wrong, if we just open one sheet and another sheet and another sheet, what you will find is you. Not caught up on the tug of wars of good and bads and right and wrongs. Not caught up from nine to five. Not caught up between that knob and that shower. Not caught up between that hot plate and the breakfast. Not caught up between the Saturdays and Sundays to decide if what you have done from Monday to Friday is justifiable or not.

But if you can go beyond, which you can, then what you will find is just you. Free. The true freedom. Yours to enjoy. Not caught up in a lot of ideas about how it should work. No analogies are needed to explain you to you at that time. You are just enjoying you in this life, and enjoying this precious, precious gift called life itself.


There is an enjoyment to this life, and that's all I am offering. Free of charge.

One lady in Vancouver actually asked me, "Why are you offering it free, why don't you charge for it? People will have more value for it if you charge." But how can you put a price on something that is priceless. I am offering it for my reasons, and my reasons are that it brings me a great deal of joy, and I want to share it. To say, yes, there is an enjoyment in life, there is a sunrise every day within you, and it is shining. And all I'm offering is the way to be able to access that experience. If you like it fine, if you don't like it, fine. Nobody's pushing it. Life was not pushed on you. Nobody can push the experience of life on you. Does it sound ultra-fantastic? You be the judge. You are invited to be the judge. Because it's your life, it is your option, it is your choice, and it is choice, not chance, that determines destiny. We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust the sails; that's our prerogative. So this is being offered, and the choice to take it is yours.

If you don't want it now, maybe sometime in the future you will want to try it. So think you very much for coming this evening and listening to what I have to say. Thank you very much.

Taking it further …

To know more about the experience spoken of by Maharaji, please contact any of the following instructors.

… A list of 46 instructors and their addresses …

Instructors are not only there for people interested in hearing more. If you have already received the Knowledge and would like to discuss any aspect of it you are welcome to contact them. Most instructors also hold public meetings and will be happy to give you details of time and place. When calling instructors, please bear in mind that they are voluntary helpers and the above are their home numbers.

Where does it all begin?

That's how Maharaji began his opening address at the U.K. National Convention. Here's how he went on

Maharaji at the Birmingham dinner. in 1986 It begins by taking a look at our own selves. What exactly is it that we are pursuing? Everybody has their own particular idea, everybody has their own way to try to identify what we are looking for, and yet, left extremely simple, left alone, left to be, something very beautiful evolves.

The past two days I have been watching "The Living Planet," by David Attenborough. A fantastic documentary. And what he was saying was, "I haven't any idea how this ever came to be, and yet it's beautiful, it's perfect. It is what it is. It needs no explanation." And yet, throughout the video there is one explanation after another.

And maybe we do exactly the same thing. People sit down to talk about something that's infinite, and ultimately, after years and years of analysis, they will com.e to the simple fundamental conclusion that all they did was really quite useless because there is absolutely no way that you can figure out the infinite.

How many times does it have to happen before we see that in this life there is a time when all we can do is step back and let it happen, and watch, and admire, and be in a place where you can do that, where there can be a true admiration of what your life really is.

For so many of us, either we live in the past or we live in the future. We can't help it.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1986 But there is a wall that separates us from the past. And there is a wall that separates us from the future.

In between these two walls, believe me, is a very narrow space. Very narrow. And there you are. Neither in the past nor in the future.

And these two walls travel. They are absolutely synchronized in the same exact fashion. So that the space between the past and the future remains totally constant. Nonchanging, nonaltering, stable, constant, and beautiful. That's the space you live in. Whether you like it or not, you live in there. That's called now.

If we can only in our lives recognise the preciousness of now. And let go of what we say is the past and what we say is the future. There is a very nice saying, "Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Now is the only hard cash you have. So spend it wisely."

To me, that now is where Knowledge is.

You cannot take your pair of glasses and say, "I don't want these glasses. They hurt, so I will put them in a case." So you devise a method to leave your glasses in the case and have the two stems coming out the side, so you can put your glasses on while they are still in the case.

Now that's a bit extreme, isn't it? No, it's not extreme. It's common. It is what everybody does. You see everyone wearing their glasses that are supposed to clarify things in a case. Why? Because they think they need to be protected.

Now, of course, the big confusion is, "My god, my glasses have gone bad. I can't see through them anymore."

For us, it is an opportunity. It is a moment in our lives when we can take that step to see something which is truly brilliant. I am not talking about light, but life itself. Something that we can see and recognise. Not to sit there and question, but to recognise.

When we talk about the Knowledge, we think, "It's simple. All you have got to do is tell people everything you feel. And that's it." But they never take into account what the other person is going to feel. The other person may be saying, "My God, what's going on? I don't want any part of this."

What I really need to tell the other person is not what I feel. It's like taking my shoes. These are very comfortable shoes. Now if somebody says to me, "God, I wish I had a comfortable pair of shoes," I could say, "Ah, I do. nave a really comfortable pair of shoes. Try them."

The guy puts them on. Straight away his toes are crushed and his heels are bleeding. He will turn around to you and say, "What do you mean these are comfortable? Look what they have done to my feet. "

The fact is they are comfortable for me. They are not necessarily comfortable for him. It's just different for different people, and we have to recognise that.

Participants in the last Instructor Conference meet for a group photo with Maharaji in 1986

Class of '86

Not too long ago instructors in the Knowledge were full-time, living out of a suitcase and travelling to wherever they were needed.

Now all that has changed. The new intake are "home-based", self-supporting, and fit their role into their normal lives. Not only that, but they have all completed an intensive weeklong training session with Maharaji.

The process of applications for the next Instructor Conference is well under way. Application forms are available from any instructor – or from Elan Vital, though please include a stamped-addressed envelope!

Meanwhile, we've been talking to a few of the new instructors – here are some of their comments:

"When I heard I had been invited to go on the course I thought there must have been a mistake! But within an hour of being there I started relaxing. It clicked with me that I wasn't there to be judged as being suitable or unsuitable as an instructor. The ability to be an instructor isn't something you pick up after practising the Knowledge for a certain time – it is a perspective you learn through the training that Maharaji gives you." – Gail Benton.

The years teach much that the days never know.

Success is a journey not a destination.

"I usually spend two evenings a week meeting people who are interested in Knowledge and talking to them. But there's also a lot of time in between when you're phoning people, checking out halls for meetings, and so on. There's a lot of communicating to do." – Ray Habermass.

"It's not something you can do in just a couple of hours. To give people the preparation that Maharaji wants them to have before they receive Knowledge does take a lot of your time." – Gail Benton.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

All things are difficult before they are easy.

"I'm not trying to be a martyr. I just do the best I can when I can. I fit it in with what I'm doing in my everyday life and it seems to be working out just fine. I'm doing meetings, interviewing people who want to receive Knowledge and following up whatever needs to be done. I also play jazz piano in a restaurant every Saturday night and I'm still doing that." – Tony Wade.

"It's pretty obvious we're going to need a lot more instructors!" –Janet Adams.

"What amazed me most about the course was that Maharaji was so approachable … He's such a good teacher, he pulled things out of you you didn't know existed and you came out feeling that you could really do it." –Janet Adams.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.

"When I heard that I was going to be appointed as an instructor I felt honoured and at the same time thankful for Maharaji's trust in me." – Sima Dervaux.

(The quotations in boxes are some of those Maharaji used during the conference to illustrate his points.)


Keeping our address lists up to date is almost a full-time job in itself!

Please help us by telling us of a change of address when it happens, also stating your old address.

When applying for tickets this year, some people gave a different address from that on our list. If you were one, tell us again of your new address, as we are not sure that all of these were noticed.


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