APRIL 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1980

Light Notes is an introduction to the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji. This is not knowledge that you can think about. It is a way of knowing, not with your mind, but with your whole being. This Knowledge is the experience of the energy that is keeping you alive, an experience that holds more peace and happiness and love than you ever dreamed possible.

This Knowledge is not for sale, nor does it require blind faith. It is a specific, real experience going on within you now without your permission or awareness. Guru Maharaj Ji will reveal it to you, asking only that you understand what he is offering.

Light Notes is a first step towards that understanding.

People can't believe that I am a Guru because here I am smiling, laughing. Whatever is happening. I'm supposed to be this very serious-faced person. And obviously, I don't care what the person's concept is. He's just cuckoo. Because Guru Maharaj Ji brings happiness to this whole world. Why shouldn't he be happy himself? And that becomes so obvious for the people who can experience that.

Because, really, in this world where can you go to cry? And where can you go to smile? And where can you go to laugh? Yes, it's such a beautiful thing that Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Take your burdened heart …" Because this is a burdened heart. It's full of the junk from this world. It's full of misery. It's full of sadness. It's full of despair. It's full of rejection. Every negative aspect is pumped into this heart. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Let me have it. Let me give you a new one. Let me give you a new life. Let me make you new. Let me give you a birth again. And when you have your new life, you can then enjoy. You can enjoy this life."

Because all the enjoyments we pursue, we're not really enjoying them. There are people in this world who start off selling roasted chick-peas on the street or selling newspapers or shining shoes. And I know this one guy -- that's how he started. And today he owns a monopoly on the sale of one make of car. He owns the company that makes them. He also owns a lot of airplanes. And yet, has he found happiness in all that? No.

Because we're all looking for bliss. We're all looking for bliss, but the bliss we find ends so quickly.

You sit down on a beach. A sun is setting. The waves are slowly coming on the beach, a very peaceful moment. There is nobody around. Nothing is happening. Calm sea. No wind. It's incredible, wonderful. And then the sun goes down and the brain goes, "You better get out of here. What if somebody comes and does something to you?" And what remains of that bliss?

This is what Guru Maharaj Ji comes to show us -- that there is a bliss beyond your wildest imagination. A bliss that's consistent, a bliss that's constant, a bliss that you never have to do anything to achieve. Just fall back and you will be blissed out. Let go and you'll be blissed out.

And to achieve that is the ultimate state this body can receive -- to be constantly happy. Who doesn't pursue that happiness, to be constantly content?

There is a saying which goes, you can accumulate everything and you will never be content. But if you're content, you don't need to accumulate anything.

But how does that contentment come? There are people who have accumulated everything. There are people who would like to see the world. There is nothing different. You can go to New York and you'll still find cars running everywhere, people running frantically everywhere. Just put on different shades of glasses and you've seen the world.

And Guru Maharaj Ji shows you the universe, the entire universe, because he patches you into something that's completely infinite. You are in this little boat, going constantly up and down, up and down, up and down, getting sick every time, too. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Come on board a boat where that will not happen." It's simple. It's very, very simple.

To us, we try to make it very sophisticated. We put a lot of mystique in it. "Mysterious thing." "The Guru" and "Knowledge" and "the Knowledge session." And it's very, very simple.

A farmer never takes seeds and just throws them anywhere. Because if he does that, he's just wasted his seeds. First of all, the ground has to be fertile. And when it's right and the seed is sown, then the crop will be nourished. Then it can happen.

That's what a Knowledge session is all about -- so that we are eager, we are concentrated, we are focused. Grace comes and Knowledge is then imparted to us. That's what happens. There is no mystery. You don't get banged over the head or sent to the seventh heaven. Seventh heaven is brought to you, right there. And so it's really about as simple as it can get. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and it should be opened to you. It's about as simple as that.

Prepare yourself by letting go of everything. Everything that we hang on to occupies the space in our heart. And the more the space is occupied in the heart, the harder it becomes to fill it. You cannot fill a bucket that's already full.

When we let go, when we become inspired, when we are aspiring to learn, to know, to realize, when we have the hunger in our heart to really want to know, to really want to seek, then Grace comes through for us and reveals to us what's already within inside. Knowledge gives an experience which is already within inside. It has no end; it has no beginning. It is like a constant river always flowing within inside. Whenever we dip in, whenever we dive in, we instantly have that experience.

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Guru Maharaj Ji - January 22, 1980 - excerpt


What is a Guru?

To Western people, "guru" doesn't have to be a strange word. You know the word "master," "teacher"? When you go to school, you say, "Master, I have this question." "Master, can you solve this problem for me?" in India, instead of saying "master," we say "guru." Same thing. A master teaches you something. A master takes away your ignorance and puts some knowledge into your mind. In the same way, does that. He takes away all the ignorance, the ego, from our mind, and puts Knowledge there, and gives peace.

What is the Knowledge? Can you explain the Knowledge?

Knowledge is a medium through which one man attains internal peace. it is like a door. to peace, and to that room which is filled entirely with peace.

Well, what's the difference between this and some of the organized religions we have today? What's the difference between you and the Pope, for instance?

Probably the Pope is guiding a church, see. But i am not running churches. i am guiding human hearts, hearts which have been given to me, and that's all.

Am I prepared to receive Knowledge?

Listen to more satsang (discourse about Knowledge). You will be prepared if you are not. And if you are prepared, then come, go and sit there where the initiation will be given; and then, if you are prepared, then it will be given to you. if you are not prepared, then it won't be given to you.

You need first internal preparation for that Knowledge. Then you will get it. Asking … a child can also ask.

No matter how much you tell me, or how much I am filled, I still won't know if Knowledge is what I need.

You see, man must have love to receive it. Until he has that he is not able to receive it.

Become like a child. A child has no sort of ideas or impurities in him. Be like that. Be as humble, as requesting, as eager, as a child to know that Knowledge. Then you will get it.

What do you mean by giving Knowledge?

Giving that technique, giving that supreme technique through which --

But what is Knowledge?

Knowledge -- when I went to school, master taught me "A,B,C,D," and everything. And eventually I was able to speak English. We don't know what peace is, we don't know who God is, what God is. We can't see it. But when we get that Knowledge, we are able to. I has come for darkness. In darkness you can't see anything -- a flashlight is brought in, and you are able to see everything.

There is a great darkness in ourselves. As soon as Knowledge is brought in, and that Light glows in us, which is in us, we are able to receive that peace. This is Knowledge: understood? Any more questions?

I know that you are a Guru and I want to receive Knowledge, but I am afraid that I'm not prepared.

Then don't be afraid of that. Don't be afraid for that. It is not a matter of being afraid.

Well, okay, but if I go to receive Knowledge and I'm not prepared, well then what should I do after that?

Listen more carefully, more clearly, more patiently, to what is being said.

Will we be taught techniques of meditation when we receive Knowiedge.

Don't guess about it. Don't be impatient about it. Be patient. Have patience.

What is your mission in this world?

To accomplish peace, Truth and love in this world. You see, man is supposed to be human, but actually he has lost his humanity. That's why there is so much frustration, so much jealousy, so much hate amongst humans. All the saints have been trying to do is give something to people so that they may be in perfect union with God. I am doing the same thing now, giving people something so that they might be in the complete love, the true love in us which flows towards God. Not towards materialism. Because the love that flows towards materialism is very limited, as limited as that materialistic thing itself is. Because all materialistic things are limited. Suppose I love this fan, and this fan breaks. It breaks and my love will break. See? Because it broke, my love will break. But God is something that can't break. The love towards God is very pure.

Guru Maharaj Ji - October 4, 1971

"In the whole essence of life, in the whole line of life, there is a very important ingredient: the purpose of life, the reason we live, the reason we exist. What is true bliss? What is the reason why this whole universe was created?"


Knowledge is within inside of us. It is not something that I am going to give you from my pocket. It's all within us. But it's a matter of realization.

There is a guitar. The strings are there and if you touch them, they are going to make a sound. But if you don't touch them, they will not make any sound at all. This Knowledge is the same way. God, for whom we are looking outside, is within us. But until or unless we realize it -- until we see it practically -- it's not going to benefit us. We can know that there is water under this earth. I am traveling in a desert and I am feeling thirsty. Yet I can't find any water. Simply by knowing that water exists, my thirst is not going to go away. I need the water practically.

We may all believe that God exists but we don't know whether he does or not. If you have a hundred people, then ninety-nine do believe in God. But if so many believe in God, why is there so much corruption? We simply believe it. But we don't know it …

So the reason I am here is to make you understand what is within you. This Knowledge has to flow within inside of you. I have been talking about this Knowledge almost all over the world. Why? We want to know that thing. We are all looking for something. Maybe we don't call this Knowledge as "Knowledge." Maybe we call it peace. Maybe we call it something else. But we are looking for this thing. And we want to know it; we want to understand it. But we don't have the appropriate method. We don't have the appropriate way so that we can understand it and so that we can realize it.

So whom do we need? A man who can show us. We want perfection. A man who teaches us math, we call a math master. A man who teaches us physics, we call a physics master. A man who teaches us perfection, we call him Perfect Master. He is going to teach us perfectness.

What is perfection? He is going to tell us; he is going to teach us. And that's not a thing that can be spoken by mouth. No … because you can sit here and shout all day and all night, and throughout your life, "Food. Food. Food." But you are not going to get food that way. Why not? Because food is something other than what is spoken. This Knowledge is something beyond any alphabet. Because it existed in the beginning. We must understand this very carefully. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God." Now -- "In the beginning was the Word." "In the beginning" means there was no alphabet. No "A,B,C,D" existed then. Nothing was created at that time. Nothing was there, but this Word existed. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God." And what is this Word? This Word itself is God. That's what John says. This Word must be understood. Common lips cannot speak it. It's beyond that.

Personally, I can speak some Hindi, some Sanskrit and some English. That's all I can speak. But this Knowledge is not in English nor in French nor in Hindi nor in Sanskrit. No language. Not at all. So even if I learned so many other languages, still this Knowledge doesn't exist in them.

But I have understood this Knowledge. I have realized this Knowledge. How? Because I went to my Guru who was speaking about this Knowledge at that time and I asked him. And the law is, ask and it shall be given. Knock and it shall be opened for you. And he just opened the door. He just opened the lock.

God has created this body. God has created the Word. God Himself is within inside of us. Why can't we see God? Because there's a curtain, a curtain of delusion. As soon as it will be operated on, as soon as it will be cut, we will be able to see God. It is within inside of us.

So that's why I have come here.

So I am speaking about this Knowledge. I am telling you in my own words, in my own way. I want to preach it in my own way and that's the thing. So I'm here to give you this Knowledge. If you want to understand Knowledge, you are most welcome.

Guru Maharaj
August 6, 1972 - excerpt

Here we are. There was a time when we were only so big. There was even a time when we weren't there. There was nothing, just nothing. You didn't exist. Your face didn't exist. Your identity didn't exist. Your concept didn't exist. Your ideas didn't exist. Nothing existed.

Then somehow we end up in this whole thing, in this whole universe, in this entire world, somehow. And here we are. And one day -- this is absolutely definite -- we're all going to kick the bucket. We're all going to die. We get born in this world. That's granted because here we are. And we will all die one day. And that's also granted. When it's so clear, when it's so black and white, where is the room for doubts? What is the doubt?

There is a purpose that has to be fulfilled. The experience of Knowledge is what makes that birth complete and makes that death complete. Without that, that's all that remains. Without that, that's it: thousands of creatures, thousands of things.

Guru Maharaj Ji gives the purpose to our birth. He gives us the purpose for our existence in this human life. He gives us that understanding of why we were born -- not to be born just because we were born -- but a reason. And when we leave this world there is then some reason behind it, too. There has been a completion of this life. And Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that Knowledge through which it is completely fulfilled. It fulfills us. It satisfies us because it gives us that peace, because it gives us that happiness, because it gives us that Truth.

Guru Maharaj Ji - January 16, 1980 - excerpt

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