Hans Jayanti '79

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PROGRAM SCHEDULE. Hans Jayanti '79 will be held from Sunday, November 4, to Sunday, November 11. The basic program schedule is:

6:30 am Arti (on site, main stage)
8:00 am Concessions open
9:30 am Program begins

Everyone is encouraged to do meditation either in their own tents or in the meditation tents located in the orchard area.

ON-SITE HOUSING. All tent spaces are pre-assigned. Please do not randomly move your tent to another space unless you check first at the Housing trailer near the main gate. If you need assistance in setting up your tent, seek out the people wearing orange arm bands. Please walk only on the "streets" between tents. Zig-zagging may result in accidents and up-staking of tents. Be especially careful at night when tent ropes are difficult to see. Absolutely no fires, cooking stoves, or candles (including Arti candles) will be permitted in the tent areas.Hans Jayanti '79 All tents are quite flammable. Tent assistance crews (with orange arm bands) will be checking regularly to ensure this safety measure. Stoves will be confiscated if used. Everyone is requested to respect "quiet hours" for morning and evening meditation.

FOOD. Concessions will open at 8 am daily, offering a wide variety of international foods. (Parents, children, and premies doing early morning service will be served at 7 am, however.) At night, concessions will remain open for an hour after Arti. A "patisserie" serving light meals and snacks will be open 24 hours. Food can only be purchased with food tickets sold at this program. Tickets from previous programs will not be honored. A full-service grocery store (open at 8 am) will offer personal items as well as supplementing the foods sold in concessions. Again, only food tickets will be accepted. Open food should not be kept in tents since it tends to spoil rapidly in this climate, increasing the danger of food poisoining.

HEALTH. An outdoor program poses health problems not normally encountered at an indoor festival. Please remember to: 1) Wash your hands after using the toilet. 2) Always wear shoes and socks. 3) Drink lots of fluids. 4) Wear a shirt, hat and sunscreen lotion - especially if you have a fair complexion. Extreme sunburn can occur in a short time. 5) Acquaint yourself with the materials at Information Tables dealing with poisonous plants and animals. 6) Use the Port-O-Lets and not the orchard or the fields.

FIRST AID. The First Aid facility is set up to handle on-site emergencies only. Doctors are not available for general consultation. Expectant mothers should note that there are no facilities for deliveries on-site. Unexpected deliveries will be taken to the hospital. If you think you have any form of infection, report to First Aid. If you feel sick, do not do service in the food area. First Aid items can he purchased at the on- site grocery store.

SPECIAL NEEDS. Anyone needing special care or seating during the festival should check in at the Special Needs Reception desk at the main gate. Shuttles for the elderly and handicapped will be arranged here by request only. An enclosed site map shows the location of toilet facilities for the handicapped.

CHILDCARE. Children's World (for kids 0-7) will be open from 9 am until the end of each night's program. Parents are encouraged to arrange assistance from a friend to supervise the children, since each child must be accompanied by an adult. This facility will offer many activities, including arts and crafts, a nap tent, and evening videos. A concessions tent in Children's World will open at 9 am, offering food and personal items to parents of children 0-7 exclusively.

SUMMER CAMP. A resident summer camp, open to children 8-14, will offer 24-hour care. The registration fee of $55. (payable at the camp gate) includes food, tent space, (not sleeping bags) and activities for the duration of the festival. A day and evening camp will also be open for kids 8-14 in the same area as the resident summer camp. Hours will be strictly enforced: 9 am - 4 pm and 7:30 pm - end of the evening program. Two dollars in food tickets (for lunch) will be collected daily from each child upon arrival.

PARENTS' ASSISTANCE. Parents' Assistants wearing rainbow armbands will help locate seats and may be able to provide other assistance. If you think you have found a lost child, do not take them to Childcare. Instead, ask for the help of a Parents' Assistant.

TRANSPORTATION. Hotel shuttle service will be available during the festival. Starting at 8 am, vans will operate to and from the hotels and continue throughout peak periods before and after each program. No separate shuttles will be available for those living off-site and doing early morning service. For information off-site call the Transportation desk at 846-1144 (from Kissimmee) or 843-4700 (from Orlando). For information on-site go to the green and white Transportation tent in the transit circle at the entrance to the site.

Transportation to Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale airports will be offered until noon, November 15th. All Community Travel Agents and Advance Coordinators should make the necessary arrangements for their communities in the Transportation tent before November 8th. If you have made your own flight reservations, you may schedule a ride to the airport at the Transportation tent.

PARKING/VEHICLES. Parking will be available at a nearby lot with 24-hour shuttle service to the site. The cost is $7.00 for the duration of the festival. Only emergency and service vehicles will be allowed to operate on-site. Camping (including R.V.'s) is not permitted in this lot.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (R.V.'s) Information on rental of R.V.'s, camping trailers, and R.V. sites will be available at the Housing/Registration tent by the main gate. Any vehicle being used to sleep in must be parked in the R.V. area.

CAR RENTAL. Car rental information can be obtained at the Transportation tent in the main gate transit circle. To guarantee rental, please reserve your car as soon as possible. A 20% discount will be available.

SEATING. Please check in with the program ushers if you bring your own chair. They will direct you to a designated seating area to prevent obstructing others' vision. Parents should sit near aisles for easy access to childcare areas.

DARSHAN. If we are invited to go through darshan, everyone is requested to remove their shoes before entering the line. Socks, however, should be worn. Aspirants and newcomers are asked not to go through the darshan line. Parents are encouraged to leave their children with someone else. Please remember that children should not be forced to go through darshan or to do pranam.

KNOWLEDGE REVIEWS. If you would like to request a Knowledge Review, inquire at the Auxiliary Programs tent area.

ASPIRANTS. Upon arrival, aspirants should register at the Aspirant Center tent located in the Auxiliary Programs area. One-to-one satsang will also be available there. Aspirant satsang will be held every morning and night after Arti in this area.

ONE-TO-ONE SATSANG. The best place for those wanting satsang will be the main stage area. However, for those who feel the need, a one-to-one satsang tent will be set up in the Auxiliary Programs area.

GUESTS. Hans Jayanti is not a public program. No one should be invited. All guests should be referred to the Public Reception tent in the registration area by the main gate.

TRANSLATION. If you need a headset, present your passport and purchase a headset rental pass in the main registration area. The cost is $15. for the duration of the festival. No money will be taken at the headset distribution desk (located in the main program area.)

VISAS. It is very important that international people comply with the dates on their visas! Violations of visa dates ruin relations with U.S. Immigration and damage our reputation. Violators may not get visas again to come to future festivals in the United States and should not expect any assistance. Please carefully respect the dates of your visa.

MEDITATION TENT. Meditation tents will be available during the day in the orchard area.

PUBLICATIONS/A.V. MATERIALS. Satsang tapes from the previous day's program will be available daily. Also for sale will be: the new Elan Vital; a special Hans Jayanti issue of Divine Times; 16 new photos; tapes from the recent U.S. tours; a new Holi music tape; and adjustable barragons. Subscriptions to Elan Vital and Divine Times can be picked up in the Sales area, located in the Mall.

SECURITY. Theft is always a possibility at a large outdoor program. To decrease this risk, you can purchase an inexpensive lock for your tent at the on-site camping store or go to the Safe Deposit window at the Auxiliary Services trailer and ask about checking your valuables.

SERVICE MEETINGS. Check information boards and video monitors for dates and locations of service meetings.

SERVICE FORMS. New service forms should be filled out by every premie. These forms are available at the Membership Development tent in the Auxiliary Programs area.

FLOWER SHOP. A flower shop in the Mall will be selling a variety of flowers for dedications and altars.

LOST & FOUND. Lost & Found will be located in the Information tent at the Mall.

* Do remember we are guests here.
* Do remember that aspirants are on-site. Cover yourself when doing meditation.
* Do refer to information tables and video monitors if you have any questions.
* Do check in with housing if you have extra tent space.
* Do carefully supervise your children. There are many possible hazards on-site.
* Do note the location of First Aid.
* Do carry your registration card at all times.
* Do consider being available for post-festival service on-site.
* Do be considerate if you are a guest in a local hotel. Use common sense so we don't jeopardize our relations with them.
* Do check in at any one of the three on-site camping stores if you need flashlights, cots, sleeping bags, etc.

* Don't build fires or use stoves except within R.V.'s and camper trailers.
* Don't discuss the festival with the public.
* Don't use plants or sticks to stir your food. Some are poisonous.
* Don't go barefoot.
* Don't smoke on-site.
* Don't take headsets off-site.
* Don't bring alcohol or non-prescription drugs on-site.
* Don't use hotel facilities unless you are a registered guest there.
* Don't do service in the food area if you feel sick or have any symptoms of infection.
* Don't sleep in your vehicle (unless it's a registered R.V.).

The information in this booklet is provided to assist people who are attending Hans Jayanti '79. While effort has been made to provide accurate information, the information is subject to change without notice or may be found inaccurate.