Full Documentation of Prem Rawat's Career As Phony Teacher/Guru/Incarnation of God

This website is not about vague assertions and undocumented criticisms of Prem Rawat's career and false teachings. It is fully documented.

There are:

  • 2,000 articles scanned from official publications of the various organisations controlled by Prem Rawat
  • Over 1,000 articles specifically written for this website about Prem Rawat
  • 600 video clips from 120 films/VCRs/DVDs about Prem Rawat either speaking in public, being worshipped, having his feet kissed, dancing, etc
  • 400 articles scanned from newspapers - all critical as no positive article about him has ever been published in reputable newspapers
  • 200 documents scanned from published books about Prem Rawat or containing relevant information about Prem Rawat
  • 50 articles scanned from magazines (including Playboy, Newsweek & Rolling Stone) containing relevant information about Prem Rawat
  • 20,000 images, mostly of Prem Rawat from the copious documentation

Don't Take My Word: Read For Yourself

Many thanks to the people who made these texts available on the internet for their dedication to truth.