Guru Puja Festival 1978Guru Puja '78

By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji

14, 15, 16 July 1978 Tucson, Arizona

*     *     *

The information in this booklet is provided to assist people who are attending Guru Puja '78. While effort has been made to provide accurate information, the information is subject to change without notice, and Divine Light Mission cannot be held responsible for statements that may be inaccurate or misleading.


Meditation begins in the form of our Master;
Adoration begins at the Feet of our Lord.
Concentration begins in the words of our Master;
Liberation begins in the Grace of our Lord.

Jai Gurudev, Maharaj Ji,
Your glory fills the world,
Protector of the weary and the weak.
You bring the death of attachment.
You bring the mind true detachment.
Save us from the ocean deep.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
Bow their heads and pray to You,
All bow and pray to You.
Scriptures sing Your glory.
Scriptures sing Your sweet story.
Your virtues are ever true.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Chanting, fasting, charity, austerity
Never bring you Knowledge of the soul,
Will never reveal your soul.
Without the Grace of Satguru,
Without the Knowledge of Satguru,
Rites and rituals won't reach the goal.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

In the river of bondage to maya
All are swept out to sea,
All are sinking in the depths of the sea.
Guru's boat is the Holy Name.
Guru's ship is the Holy Word.
In seconds He has set us free.
Jai, Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Anger, desires, attachments
Rob us of eternal life,
Take away our heavenly life.
Satguru gives true Knowledge.
Satguru is eternal Knowledge.
The sword that kills our problem life.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Religions harp their own glories,
Call me to follow their own path,
Welcome me to follow their own way.
The essence of all was revealed.
he seed of all was revealed.
I walk on the true way today.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Nectar from Satguru's Feet
Is so Holy and it cleans us of our sins,
So sacred in cleaning us of sins.
When He speaks darkness flies away.
When He speaks darkness cannot stay.
Doubts removed, new life then begins.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Mine, thine, wealth, health,
Give them to the Lotus Feet of Love;
Give them to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.
Give yourself to Satguru.
Sacrifice your all to Satguru.
Be united with the blissful Truth.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Bible, Gita, the Koran
Sing the glory of Your Name,
They all sing the glory of Your Name.
Angels sing Your glory.
Heavenly hosts sing Your praises.
They find no end to Your fame.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Desires have robbed me and left me
In the darkness of the night,
Trapped me in the darkness of the night.
Guru gives Holy Name and Light.
Guru gives Holy Name and Sight.
Cross the ocean by His Love and Light.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Many past forms You have taken.
Now we have come in Your control.
Again You have come to save the soul.
In this time of darkness,
To lead Your devotees from darkness,
You have come as Hansa the Pure Soul.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Come to the shelter of Guru's Grace.
Come with your heart and your soul.
Bring Him your heart and your soul.
Cross the worldly ocean.
Cross it by your devotion.
And attain the Supreme Goal.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Jai Gurudev, Maharaj Ji,
Your glory fills the world,
Protector of the weary and the weak.
You bring the death of attachment.
You bring the mind true detachment.
Save us from the ocean deep.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

You are my mother, and You are my father;
You are my brother, and You are my friend.
You are riches, You are wisdom;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.
You are my all, You are my all;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, my life is within You;
From You I was born, and to You now I go.
Forever I'm Yours, my longing is endless;
This heart of mine aches to be one with You.
Forever I'm Yours, my longing is endless;
This heart of mine aches to be one with You.

Wherever I look, Your face is before me;
Your golden Love melts all my troubles away.
I give You my heart, for in You it will mellow;
Maharaj Ji, my Lord, my life is Your play.
I give You my heart, for in You it will mellow;
Maharaj Ji, my Lord, my life is Your play.

Oh, wondrous Lord, my Guru Maharaj Ji,
Your Grace is a river that flows on and on.
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing;
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet.
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing;
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet.

Our Lord is the maker of all things created;
He keeps them and brings them all home to His Word.
Our Lord's the Superior Power in person;
I bow down before such a wonderful Lord.


2:00 pm
Doors Open
3 - 6 pm
Meal Served


9:00 am
Doors Open
10:00 am
Brunch Served
5:30 pm
Meal Served


10:00 am
Doors Open
Brunch Served
5:30 pm
Meal Served


The registration pass for Guru Puja '78 is designed so that you can tear off one portion and keep it as a wallet-size photo, with a quote from Guru Maharaj Ji on the back. The remainder of the pass should then be simply folded in half and will be pocket-size for your convenience.

The registration fee for Guru Puja '78 is to be established at the last possible moment, and will be based on contributions to the Program Fund in comparison with the overall cost of the program.

A satsang and registration information flier will be available at hotel information tables.

As usual, we encourage as many people as possible to register in advance to avoid long lines on Friday afternoon. Due to the heat, long lines for registration could be particularly troublesome.



Thursday 10 am

Friday 10 am

Concourse Level Meeting Rooms


Friday 10 am

Exhibit Hall


Thursday 10 am

Friday 9 am

Ramada Inn Ballroom


Thursday 2 pm

Friday 10 am

First Aid Room: Rear right of the hall, across from dining area.


Thursday 7 pm

Friday 10 am

Exhibit Hall Dining Area


Thursday 2 - 5 pm

Friday 9 am

Location to be determined

Through Thursday, Premie Assistance will be located at the Ramada Inn. Call 624-9677 or 624-9589 for information.

On Friday, Premie Assistance moves to the Tucson Community Center Exhibit Hall. The number to call for assistance is:

624 - 2473

The assistance area will be manned 24 hours a day.

LOST AND FOUND, the SERVICE POOL and RIDE AND MESSAGE BOARDS will be located in this area.


A Housing Desk for premies seeking roommates or hotel rooms will be located in the Ramada Inn until 5 pm Friday and starting in the Premie Assistance area at the hall starting Friday at 2 pm.


Assigned Seating is available for premies who require it due to specific service requirements that require access to the stage area. Examples are initiators, musicians, stage technicians, and program area coordinators.

If you have an extreme hearing or sight disability, you may request an assigned seat. Please see First Aid. A physician will verify your need for an assigned seat and issue an appropriate pass.


Aspirants are asked not to go through the darshan line.

If you have never received Holy Breath, please place your right hand to your right ear AS YOU APPROACH Guru Maharaj Ji, before you do pranam. Please do not wait until you are standing right in front of him to place your hand to your ear. (Holy Breath is given by the Perfect Master when he formally accepts an individual as his devotee, and you should not request it more than once.)


Divine Sales will be located in the Tucson Community Center Exhibit Hall along the East wall near the Premie Assistance area.

Items on sale include new issues of Elan Vital and "Divine Times," and a paperback book of selected quotes of Guru Maharaj Ji, The Living Master. Several new PMT's are available, and it is hoped that a new cassette from "One Foundation" and some specially designed greeting cards will be ready for sale at this program.

Hours of operation will extend for about an hour after the doors are open each day, and during meal breaks.


First Aid is located in the second corridor opposite the dining area at the back of the hall. A premie physician is on call for emergencies only. There is no massage area, and at the physicians' request, please report only in the event of an immediate medical need.


A Service Pool will be set up in the Premie Assistance area. All premies wishing to do service should report to this service pool. Program area coordinators should go to the service pool for people as the need arises.


Parents' Assistance information will be available at hotel information tables and throughout the Exhibit Hall at the Tucson Community Center.

Aisle seats will be reserved for parents with infants and babies until 6 pm of each day.

Children's World will have a separate entrance for parents with children only, so it will not be necessary for you to stand in line with your children. (You will need a registration pass to gain admittance.) Also, it will be rather difficult to locate the childcare area if you use the regular entrance (follow the signs for this special entrance).

Space is limited and we ask your attention and cooperation in registering your child. The following areas will be provided for children:

NAP ROOMS: For mothers and infants, providing quiet rooms with mats for rests and naps. Videos are placed in these rooms. Open at all times.

TODDLER ROOM: For 0-3 year olds. Parents must remain with their children here. Videos are placed in these rooms. Open at all times.

KINDERGARTEN 3-5 year olds. Children must be registered by their parents. Regular 2 hr. 15 min. shifts with a break for lunch and dinner.

SIX & OLDER Daytime activities and field trips are available. There will be a small charge for children going on field trips. Evening program for older childrei continues through the evening program. Regular 2 hr., 15 min. shifts with 2 hr. breaks during lunch and dinner.

Information about transportation for parents with children can be found in the transportation section of this booklet.

Please note that access to Childcare Area will be limited to parents, children and Parents' Assistance staff.


There will be five meals served in the Exhibit Hall area adjacent to the main arena where satsang is held. Consult the main program schedule for meal times.

The cost of meals is $1.50 for brunch and $2.50 for dinners. Meal tickets will be sold at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall Dining Area in the lower level.

Food concessions will operate throughout program hours in the concourse level.


For people checking out of their hotel rooms on Sunday, there will be a room at the Community Center where you can store luggage.



The 33 registered hotels and apartment buildings being used by Divine Light Mission have been divided into four different shuttle routes. Please familiarize yourself with the route and boarding locations that service your hotel so that you will be prepared to catch the correct bus during shuttling periods.

Where hotels are clustered together on some routes, one central boarding station will service several hotels. Boarding will take place at hotels designated by an asterisk (*). The Marriott, Santa Rita and Ambassador hotels are not provided with any kind of shuttle service.

At the Arena, all buses will unload and board on Church St., on the same or opposite side from the Arena. Church St. is to your right as you leave the Main Arena exits.

Where the bus drops you off is where you can catch it again to return to your hotel.


( Hilton Inn * (Executive
( La Siesta (Tucson Inn
( Hacienda (El Rancho*
( Starline (Frontier
( Imperial 400
( Flamingo
( Franciscan Inn
( Tucson TraveLodge*
( Sahara


All of these hotels are quite close to the Arena (approximately a 10-15 minute walk) and it was felt that most people staying at these hotels would prefer to walk back and forth from the Arena rather than waiting for a shuttle bus. However, to accommodate parents and others who may need transportation assistance, a shuttle bus will make stops at all these hotels during scheduled shuttle periods (except service shuttle runs).

Ramada Inn*
La Quinta*
Desert Inn*
Newton's Travel Lodge*


Double Tree*
Chateau (La Juana)*
( Empress*
( Empress West
Villa Del Rey*


Regal 8*
E-Z 8*
Howard Johnson's*
Spanish Trail*


FRIDAY, July 14:

Afternoon hotel pick-ups will begin at 1:30 pm, continuing until the last pick-up rounds at 3 pm. Return shuttles in the evening will begin immediately after the program ends, with the final Arena pick-ups leaving an hour later.

SATURDAY, July 15:

Morning hotel pick-ups will begin at 8:30 am, continuing until the last pick-up rounds at 10:00 am. Return shuttles in the evening will begin immediately after the program ends,

with the final Arena pick-ups leaving an hour later.

SUNDAY, July 16:

Morning hotel pick-ups will begin at 9:30 am, continuing until the last pick-up rounds at 12 noon. Return shuttles in the evening will begin immediately after the program ends, with the final Arena pick-ups leaving an hour later.


Many people drove their own vehicles here, and if you are one of them, you can be of service by offering other people rides so that the strain is taken off the transport system and everyone is moved quickly and comfortably.


Those staying in centrally located hotels within walking distance should follow some simple safety tips:

  1. Walk on the shoulder of the road and make sure your children are kept away from the traffic;
  2. Sisters should not walk alone at night; and
  3. During the day, make sure you have proper protection from the sun.


Shuttle service is being provided each day of the festival for parents needing to travel to their hotels during program hours. Vans with signs identifying them as "Parents' Assistance Shuttles" will leave every hour on the hour from Church St., near the main Arena exits. A sign will be posted designating the loading zone. These shuttles are intended for the use of parents only. The vans will follow the same routes as the hotel shuttle buses with the exception that the Central and Southern routes have been combined.


Friday 4-7 pm

Saturday 12 noon - 7 pm Sunday 1 pm - 7 pm


The only service shuttle provided to the Arena will be on Saturday morning (a single pick-up run at 6 am) and Sunday morning (a single pick-up run beginning at 8 am). Service shuttles will follow the same routes as the hotel shuttles. People needing to reach service assignments at times not covered by shuttle runs should car pool with other premies, take the city buses (call 882-9613 for route and schedule information) or take a taxi.



Information and departure schedules for shuttles to the Tucson and Phoenix airports following the festival will be posted in the lobbies or main entrances to DLM registered hotels by Saturday morning. Information can also be found at the Premie Assistance tables.

D O ' S

  • If you have not received Holy Breath, place your right hand to your right ear AS YOU APPROACH Guru Maharaj Ji, before you do pranam, so that he can see that you are asking for it. Do not wait until you are directly in front of him to indicate that you would like to receive Holy Breath.
  • Protect yourself from the sun & drink plenty of extra fluids. Children should be encouraged to drink throughout the day. Dehydration is a major danger in a climate like Tucson's.
  • Due to our large numbers and short stay, the hotels have requested that we pay for all incidentals on a C.O.D. basis. But please do a formal check-out with the cashier.
  • We recommend a one dollar tip per room for the maid when you check out.
  • Ask for the help of a Parents' Assistant if you think you have found a lost child. Usually, the parents are close by and if you take the child to childcare, it will be much more difficult to locate the parents.
  • Try to cooperate with ushers. There are a number of reserved or assigned seating sections based on service needs and there are sections of the hall which are closed off for service or security reasons. A leaflet providing you with specifics about seating information will be provided, if possible.

D 0 ' S (cont.)

  • If you plan to check out after 12 noon on Sunday or Monday, obtain permission from the hotel. Otherwise, you will be charged for an additional day.


  • Please do not wait until you are directly in front of Guru Maharaj Ji during darshan to ask for Holy Breath. Place your right hand to your right ear as you approach him, before you do pranam.
  • As usual, we recommend that you not give your hotel room key to anyone not registered in the room. If you are in a quad, leave your key at the desk during the program. Appoint one person to do check out.
  • Please do not remove towels, sheets, pillows or blankets from hotel rooms.
  • Please refrain from doing formal meditation in public areas.
  • Please refrain from smoking in areas where you are likely to disturb others.


  • Everyone on site is expected to be wearing a registration bracelet. Do not remove it during the festival. (If it should break, bring it to the registration table at the main gate.)
  • People are definitely needed for post-festival service. Anyone who can remain in the Orlando area or on site after November 11 and who is willing to do service should contact the service coordinator of their area about doing post-festival service. A service pool will be open on the festival site during the program for service information.
  • Anyone who is not doing service is asked to leave the area on November 12 unless charter arrangements prohibit them from doing so. There are no post-festival conferences for coordinators.
  • Anyone remaining on site after November 11 must have a post-festival service pass. These may be obtained from service area coordinators.
  • During the festival, the service pool is open from 9 a.m. until the evening program. Check a site diagram for location.
  • Please be sure to review the darshan section of this booklet before darshan day if Guru Maharaj Ji gives darshan.
  • Please use a cover when doing formal meditation. Do not do meditation in an open or public area.
  • Please be considerate of the hotels who are helping to "sponsor" our festival by providing housing at low cost. Do not remove any articles from the hotels such as towels, blankets and pillows and watch children to prevent them from soiling rooms or breaking things. Rooms should be kept clean. Disposable diapers should not be flushed down hotel toilets. Please observe these guidelines to help promote good relations with the hotels we use so that they will be happy to have us back sometime.
  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed drugs are permitted on site. Everyone is asked to please refrain from smoking in tents, the program area, or where it will disturb others.
  • No sales are permitted on site or at hotels.

Guru Puja Festival 1978

Guru Puja Festival 1978

To me, and for a lot of people, this festival has a lot of meaning. And a very common meaning, a common purpose, is that we can all come together again. It's just a chance, an opportunity, for all of us to get together … to listen to satsang, to have darshan, to enjoy the Grace that is happening, to see all of our brothers and sisters, and just to have a wonderful time. And it's just so incredible, it's just so beautiful to come and to be able to share that.

– Guru Maharaj Ji
Miami Beach, July 29, 1977

Guru Puja '78 Information Supplement and Post Program Information


The price for meals served at the Tucson Community Center, if tickets for all five meals are purchased at one time, is $10. This represents a 50 saving over the cost of purchasing them one at a time.


The service meeting for security and ushers on Thursday will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel. On Friday, the meeting will begin at 9 a.m. with the location of that meeting still to be determined.


After the program brochure was printed, Divine Light Mission found it necessary to make arrangements to use several more hotels. These hotels are not listed on the brochure map nor are they covered under the transportation section of the program brochure.

These recently added hotels will be assigned to existing shuttle routes, as indicated below. Information about pick-up and boarding is provided in the program brochure. The asterik(*) denotes the hotel which will serve as the boarding and drop-off point for the hotels in their immediate vacinity. As of this writing, there were three new groups of hotels:


The six hotels listed on the left are added to the Northern Route. The three hotels listed on the right are added to the Southern Route. You may find route information in the program brochure.

NOTE: If the hotel where you are staying does not appear above or in the program brochure, transport information should be available at the hotel information table or you may ask any bus captain outside of the Community Center after the program. Buses will board along Church Street following evening satsang.


For people who would like to check-out of their hotel on Sunday, they must do so by noon to avoid being charged for an extra night's stay. Luggage may be brought to the program and there will be a storage area in the Little Theatre, which is located adjacent to the Tucson Community Center, directly behind the Arena, to the right of the Center as you face it from Main Street. Luggage MUST be claimed Sunday evening after the program.


Everyone is encouraged to leave Tucson after the Sunday program. The Tucson premie community is small and does not have facilities to handle a large number of premies. For premies who absolutely must stay in Tucson for a day or so due to flight arrangements, a Premie Assistance coordination center will operate at the Ramada Inn. The phone numbers for premie assistance following the program are 624-9677 and 624-9589.

There will be no food service, concession stands or divine sales operated Monday or thereafter.


If you must remain in Tucson for Monday evening, satsang will be held in the Ramada Room of the Ramada Inn starting at 7:00 in the evening.


A post-festival service pool will be coordinated for those who must remain in the Tucson area on Monday. Those who wish to do service Monday can report to the coordination center at the Ramada Inn, in the Ramada Room starting at 10 a.m. and continuing throughout the day.


If you do not have reservations to remain in the hotel you are using for the program and you must remain in the Tucson area after Sunday, you should use the Ramada Inn, which will offer DLM rates following the program if you check in on Monday.


The Lost and Found will move from the Premie Assistance area in the Exhibit Hall of the Tucson Community Center to the Plantation Room of the Ramada Inn immediately following the conclusion of the Guru Puja '78 program on Sunday.

* * * * *

Jai Satchitand!

* * * * *


Wednesday (seating capacity in parenthesis)


Thursday (Initiators will be at all locations listed below.)


*Premies staying at the Doubletree Inn, the Aztec Inn, the Ambassador Inn, and the Plaza Inn should attend satsang at either the Aztec or Doubletree to help avoid overcrowding in other locations.


Please register before Friday if at all possible. We want to avoid long registration lines. It's too hot for that.

For everyone, registration passes can be obtained before, during, and after satsang at all satsang locations listed above.

On Friday, registration passes can be obtained at the Tucson Community Center beginning at 11 a.m. (doors open at 2). Service personnel should register before Friday if possible but a limited number of registration passes will be sold at the Center for service personnel only before 11.


You may use the lot across the street from the Tucson Community Center free of charge. If you wish to use the lots adjacent to the hall, there is a 50-cent charge for all-day (without in-and-out privileges). Use the ramp to cross Main Street from the free lot.



On Saturday, parents and children are asked to sit in the BLUE level, sections 206-220 or in the RED level, sections 112-114.

Friday and Sunday, front row and aisle seats (except in reserved sections) will be open for use by parents with children until 6 p.m. only. (You may leave articles on your seats if you need to be out of the hall with your child after that time.)


In the BLUE level, sections 221-225 will be reserved for people whose service requires late arrival in the hall. You will be required to have a service pass to sit in this area and these passes will be coded differently on each day of the program. These service passes will be issued by service area coordinators. This service area is separate from assigned seating. Specifications about assigned seating are reviewed in the program brochure.

Overall, an effort is being made to accomodate everyone. People who have the opportunity to do a service which requires they be in the hall before doors open are asked not to place articles of clothing or other items on chairs because they will be removed by ushers before doors are open. Belongings left on seats will be placed in Lost and Found in the Premie Assistance area. Please cooperate so as not to cause anyone any "botheration."

Handicapped and People Over 50

In order to avoid having people who are physically handicapped wait in line, they may go directly to the front of any line that may form outside the program hall and be allowed to go right in. If they need to obtain a registration pass, they can do so at that time. (No one will be allowed to accompany a handicapped or elderly person into the hall, however.)

Once inside, sections have been set aside if people feel they would like to use them. For the elderly, a section will be set aside on the "ground level" and ushers should be able to direct them to it. For the physically handicapped, a section will be reserved in the rear right (stage left) of the main satsang program hall. (This section will be the closest to first aid.)


A meeting open to area correspondents from U.S. Centers will be held at the Marriott in the Vista Room at 10 a.m. Saturday. Please be prompt.