Hans Jayanti '78Hans Jayanti '78

By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji

Kissimmee, Florida November 5 - 11

"There can be hundreds of Hans Jayantis, there can be hundreds and thousands of Guru Pujas. There can be millions of programs, and believe me, that's not going to make any difference. Nothing. It doesn't mean anything. Because until we open up to that experience, until we say, "Yes, I'm going to really make that effort –" And maybe our effort is to just let go! And maybe that's what it is. Just to let go."
– phone call from Malibu August 13, 1978

Hans Jayanti '78 Map

The information in this booklet is provided to assist people who are attending Hans Jayanti '78. While effort has been made to provide accurate information, the information is subject to change without notice, and Divine Light Mission cannot be held responsible for statements that may be inaccurate or misleading.


Meditation begins in the form of our Master;
Adoration begins at the Feet of our Lord.
Concentration begins in the words of our Master;
Liberation begins in the Grace of our Lord.

Jai Gurudev, Maharaj Ji,
Your glory fills the world,
Protector of the weary and the weak.
You bring the death of attachment.
You bring the mind true detachment.
Save us from the ocean deep.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
Bow their heads and pray to You,
All bow and pray to You.
Scriptures sing Your glory.
Scriptures sing Your sweet story.
Your virtues are ever true.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Chanting, fasting, charity, austerity
Never bring you Knowledge of the soul,
Will never reveal your soul.
Without the Grace of Satguru,
Without the Knowledge of Satguru,
Rites and rituals won't reach the goal.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

In the river of bondage to maya
All are swept out to sea,
All are sinking in the depths of the sea.
Guru's boat is the Holy Name.
Guru's ship is the Holy Word.
In seconds He has set us free.
Jai, Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Anger, desires, attachments
Rob us of eternal life,
Take away our heavenly life.
Satguru gives true Knowledge.
Satguru is eternal Knowledge.
The sword that kills our problem life.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Religions harp their own glories,
Call me to follow their own path,
Welcome me to follow their own way.
The essence of all was revealed.
he seed of all was revealed.
I walk on the true way today.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Nectar from Satguru's Feet
Is so Holy and it cleans us of our sins,
So sacred in cleaning us of sins.
When He speaks darkness flies away.
When He speaks darkness cannot stay.
Doubts removed, new life then begins.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Mine, thine, wealth, health,
Give them to the Lotus Feet of Love;
Give them to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.
Give yourself to Satguru.
Sacrifice your all to Satguru.
Be united with the blissful Truth.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Bible, Gita, the Koran
Sing the glory of Your Name,
They all sing the glory of Your Name.
Angels sing Your glory.
Heavenly hosts sing Your praises.
They find no end to Your fame.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Desires have robbed me and left me
In the darkness of the night,
Trapped me in the darkness of the night.
Guru gives Holy Name and Light.
Guru gives Holy Name and Sight.
Cross the ocean by His Love and Light.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Many past forms You have taken.
Now we have come in Your control.
Again You have come to save the soul.
In this time of darkness,
To lead Your devotees from darkness,
You have come as Hansa the Pure Soul.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Come to the shelter of Guru's Grace.
Come with your heart and your soul.
Bring Him your heart and your soul.
Cross the worldly ocean.
Cross it by your devotion.
And attain the Supreme Goal.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

Jai Gurudev, Maharaj Ji,
Your glory fills the world,
Protector of the weary and the weak.
You bring the death of attachment.
You bring the mind true detachment.
Save us from the ocean deep.
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev.

You are my mother, and You are my father;
You are my brother, and You are my friend.
You are riches, You are wisdom;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.
You are my all, You are my all;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.

Guru Maharaj Ji, my life is within You;
From You I was born, and to You now I go.
Forever I'm Yours, my longing is endless;
This heart of mine aches to be one with You.
Forever I'm Yours, my longing is endless;
This heart of mine aches to be one with You.

Wherever I look, Your face is before me;
Your golden Love melts all my troubles away.
I give You my heart, for in You it will mellow;
Maharaj Ji, my Lord, my life is Your play.
I give You my heart, for in You it will mellow;
Maharaj Ji, my Lord, my life is Your play.

Oh, wondrous Lord, my Guru Maharaj Ji,
Your Grace is a river that flows on and on.
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing;
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet.
You fill my heart with Your Love overflowing;
Please let me come home, find my rest at Your Feet.

Our Lord is the maker of all things created;
He keeps them and brings them all home to His Word.
Our Lord's the Superior Power in person;
I bow down before such a wonderful Lord.


Hans Jayanti '78 will be held from Sunday, November 5, to Saturday, November 11. The basic program schedule, which is subject to modification, is:

6:30 a.m.
Arti (on site, main stage
10:00 a.m.
Program begins
7 - 11:00 a.m.    
Breakfast/Brunch Served
4 - 8:00 p.m.
Dinner Served

Everyone is encouraged to do meditation in their tents because there will be a lot of activity in the main stage area early in the morning.

Aspirants who stay on site are asked to go to the aspirant center during meditation period for satsang.

Parents may bring children to childcare as early as 7:00 a.m. but the children must be fed first. A concessions stand in the childcare area will open following Arti.


The location of service meetings will be posted at information tables at airports, hotels, and on site.

There will be a considerable need for post-festival service personnel and those who do service during the program should let their area coordinator know if they can stay to do post-festival service. A post-festival service pass will be required for anyone staying on site after Saturday, November 11.


The basic pre- and post-festival schedule will be the same as for the regular program, but the emphasis during the day will be on service. Anyone doing service either before or after the festival will need a special service pass and should speak with the service coordinator of their area to obtain one.


The following guidelines should be observed for those using on site housing, but many of them also apply to those who stay at hotels and commute to the site.

  • People erecting tents are asked to please observe the areas designated by stakes and stay within the area allotted to them.
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs) should stay in the area designated for them. No generators are allowed to operate on site.
  • Families with children will be assigned a special area in which they may erect tents. This area will be closest to water and toilet facilities.
  • Those who have purchased a tent should report to the "warehouse" on-site and they will be escorted to the tent they have purchased.
  • Everyone is asked to please observe and respect "quiet hours" between the end of the evening program and the conclusion of formal meditation in the morning.
  • No fires or stoves are allowed on site except within RVs.
  • Everyone should be careful about walking in the tent area at night due to tent ropes.
  • No swimming is allowed in nearby ponds and everyone is requested to keep out of swampy areas due to snakes or rattlers. If anyone sees a rattlesnake or alligator, it should be reported to security.
  • Anyone who is bitten by a snake should try to remain calm and report immediately to the medical tent on site. Do not tie a tourniquet or cut at the wound. Rattlesnake bites are not fatal if an antidote can be administered since it takes up to five hours for the venom to reach its maximum effectiveness.
  • Please wear shoes and socks at all times. The only exception to this will be during darshan if it is offered and socks must be worn for darshan. No bare feet will be permitted for health reasons.
  • The closest laundromat to the site is in the Kissimmee shopping area.
  • In addition to chemical toilets on site, there are a limited number of flush toilets available. Special toilet facilities exist for the handicapped and children.

Hans Jayanti '78 Map

  • There are 60 showers on site and drainage problems prevented the installation of more. Please do not allow water to run unnecessarily if you use an on-site shower.
  • Please place litter in receptacles to keep the site clean.
  • Children should be watched at all times due to moving vehicles on site and the hazards reviewed above. Unattended children on site will be taken to the childcare area.
  • At a festival of this size it is a good idea to protect against possible theft. Keep valuables on your person or in a locked container such as a car trunk. In hotels, there may be safety deposit boxes for this purpose. As of this writing, a system where those staying on site could check their valuables was being researched.
  • A limited supply of camping gear will be on sale at the on-site grocery.
  • A shuttle to all hotels will operate from noon to 6 p.m. except when Guru Maharaj Ji is on stage. It will leave on the hour from a designated loading zone near the entrance to the site.


Hotel shuttles will operate from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. from all hotels except those within a few hundred yards of the site. There will be a designated loading area outside the site for the return trip. There are no service shuttles offered. Those doing service and staying at hotels should catch the first shuttle at 8:30.

A parent's assistance shuttle will operate from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily except when Guru Maharaj Ji is on stage.

A hotel shuttle for anyone's use will leave the site on the hour from near the festival entrance from noon to 6:00 p.m. except when Guru Maharaj Ji is on stage.

Airport shuttle information will be posted on site and at all DLM hotels. Anyone missing their flight must be expected to find their own alternative arrangements so please be conscious of getting to the airport in plenty of time to catch your flight.

Special assistance vehicles for the elderly and handicapped will operate to all hotels and load on site near a designated seating area. Morning pickup hours will be the same as for regular shuttles.


There is limited parking space adjacent to the site if soil conditions permit. Hotel parking lots in the area may be used except for those hotels DLM is not using. (Consult map in this booklet.)

DLM will post No Parking signs along Scherbert Road leading to the site and vehicles parked there will be towed at the owner's expense. Also, the speed limit will be 10 m.p.h. The road is clay and gravel and driving at a higher speed raises dust and dirt that will cover pedestrians using the road.

Only emergency and service vehicles will be allowed to operate on site.


In addition to the warnings under on-site guidelines (which everyone should review), there are some additional IMPORTANT health considerations.

  • Good personal hygiene is extremely important. Be absolutely sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet.
  • If you suspect you have any form of infection, please report to First Aid.
  • Anyone who feels any form of illness, including stomach upset or diarrhea, should ON NO ACCOUNT do service in the food area unless clearance is first given to do so by a doctor in First Aid. This is extremely important.


Assistance with registration and housing is offered at tents located at the entrance to the festival site. People are asked to go to the representative from their country or metropolitan area for this purpose.

On-site assistance and information will be set up at an "office complex" made from four trailers. A ride and message board and a lost and found area will be set up here. (Refer to on-site maps for the location of this "office complex." In addition to the sketch in this booklet, maps of the site will be posted inside the front gate, to the rear of the program area, in the food serving area, and in the tent area. Announcements and transportation information will be posted on these boards.)

Premie assistance will be open 24-hours a day. Also assistance in the area of registration or housing will be available at all times at the entrance to the site.

The phone number to call for emergency assistance is: (305)21V2M, 847-2061


The First Aid medical tent is open on site for emergencies only. It is not a massage area. Physicians are not available for general visits. If an emergency occurs in a hotel, the hotel operators should be asked for assistance as public emergency assistance for a person staying in a hotel will be superior to what could be offered from on site.

Take the time to note the location of First Aid by reviewing a site diagram.


Anyone requiring special assistance due to physical handicaps or age may sit in a designated area. Passes for this are issued at the medical tent. Refer to a site diagram for the location of toilet facilities for handicapped persons. See the transport section in this booklet for transportation information.


Breakfast/brunch will be served from 7 to 11 in the morning. Dinner hours will depend on when Guru Maharaj Ji gives satsang. Concession stands will be open from 7 a.m. until Guru Maharaj Ji gives satsang and will normally be open for one hour following the evening program.

The on-site "grocery" will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Meal tickets are $1.50 for breakfast, $2.50 for dinner, and are available at a package price of $25 for all 14 meals. Reduced rates are available for children's portions. (It is suggested that people who can afford it may take another person to dinner who may not be able to afford it.)


A shuttle will operate to the nearest bank (Sun Bank in Lake Buena Vista) for currency exchange on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 a.m. It will load in a designated loading area outside the main gate. There is no currency exchange on site.


There will be no conference for coordinators, nationally or internationally, following the Hans Jayanti program. Everyone is asked to leave the area on Sunday, November 12, unless they have a post-festival service.


As usual, there will be an assigned seating area for people whose service requires access to the main stage at short notice, such as initiators, stage technicians, and operations coordinators.


The childcare facility for Hans Jayanti '78 will be divided into five general areas:

  • Nap area for infants
  • Toddlers
  • Ages 3-5
  • Ages 6-8
  • Ages 9-12. A summer camp is offered. A $15 registration fee per child is requested to cover the cost of tents and art supplies. The child may stay at summer camp overnite as tents will be available for this but children must have their own bedding. Parents are responsible for children's meals during their "summer camp" stay.

    Details about each childcare area will be given when people register for childcare.

    All children will be issued a special ID bracelet. Lost children may be retrieved at a designated area in childcare.

    There will be a concessions area and child-sized toilets in the childcare area.

    Unattended children to age 12 found on the site will be taken to the childcare area.


Anyone who would like to request a Knowledge review should inquire at the premie assistance table on site.


All guests must register before entering the site. This is not a public program so all those who attend any portion of the program are expected to pay full registration. There is a table in the registration assistance tent where guests should be taken before being taken on site.


  • Everyone on site is expected to be wearing a registration bracelet. Do not remove it during the festival. (If it should break, bring it to the registration table at the main gate.)
  • People are definitely needed for post-festival service. Anyone who can remain in the Orlando area or on site after November 11 and who is willing to do service should contact the service coordinator of their area about doing post-festival service. A service pool will be open on the festival site during the program for service information.
  • Anyone who is not doing service is asked to leave the area on November 12 unless charter arrangements prohibit them from doing so. There are no post-festival conferences for coordinators.
  • Anyone remaining on site after November 11 must have a post-festival service pass. These may be obtained from service area coordinators.
  • During the festival, the service pool is open from 9 a.m. until the evening program. Check a site diagram for location.
  • Please be sure to review the darshan section of this booklet before darshan day if Guru Maharaj Ji gives darshan.
  • Please use a cover when doing formal meditation. Do not do meditation in an open or public area.
  • Please be considerate of the hotels who are helping to "sponsor" our festival by providing housing at low cost. Do not remove any articles from the hotels such as towels, blankets and pillows and watch children to prevent them from soiling rooms or breaking things. Rooms should be kept clean. Disposable diapers should not be flushed down hotel toilets. Please observe these guidelines to help promote good relations with the hotels we use so that they will be happy to have us back sometime.
  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed drugs are permitted on site. Everyone is asked to please refrain from smoking in tents, the program area, or where it will disturb others.
  • No sales are permitted on site or at hotels.


If Guru Maharaj Ji gives darshan people are asked to remove their shoes before entering the darshan line but everyone must wear socks. No bare feet will be permitted, for health reasons.

Anyone who has not received Holy Breath before may ask for it by placing their right hand to their right ear as they approach Guru Maharaj Ji.

Premies are asked not to wait until they are directly in front of Guru Maharaj Ji before doing this because Guru Maharaj Ji will not be able to see that they are asking for Holy Breath. Since this is a continually recurring situation, premies who know someone who will be asking for Holy Breath might take the time to explain this to make sure it is understood.

"And we have to let it happen more and more. Just open up to that Love, open up to that experience. And so I hope I'll see you in Hans Jayanti

And just keep on trucking. Keep on doing satsang, service and meditation.

Have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. You can never have enough faith in Guru Maharaj Ji.

Have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji."

– Philadelphia, U.S.A. August 27, 1978