Elan Vital, P.O. Box 131, Hove, Sussex, BN3 1JA

Dear Friends,

You have probably heard of the Sponsorship Programme, which is being set up to provide regular financial support for Maharaji's work. With much more happening, not only is more income needed but it is needed on a regular basis. All over the world, sponsorship is now developing to provide this support.

This is your opportunity to become a sponsor. I hope you will read the enclosed brochure and, if you are willing to participate, consider how much you would like to contribute each month. Then send back the form provided in the pre-paid envelope. It does not matter how much or how little you can afford – each contribution makes a difference and allows that little bit more to be done.

As a sponsor, you will be kept in touch by means of occasional mailings and sponsorship meetings.

Many of you already make regular donations, and often have done for a number of years – without which much of what has been achieved would not have been possible. But we still ask you to fill out and return the sponsorship form, so that your name can be included in the sponsorship mailing list.

On another sheet you will find the various ways you can make your regular contribution. If you have any questions, you can write to me at the above address, or speak to your local sponsorship representative, whose name you can obtain from your nearest instructor.

I know that there are many plans for the future which depend a great deal on more funds becoming available from people who experience Knowledge in their lives and would like to help Maharaji enable others to have the same opportunity.

I sincerely look forward to your support.

With thanks and love,

Glen Whittaker National Organiser


The following guide outlines the various ways regular contributions can be made. If you wish your donation to be other than monthly, please alter your sponsorship reply form accordingly. If you are a couple wishing to make one payment on behalf of both of you, i.e., become joint-sponsors, please indicate this on your forms and send them back together, or alternatively make it clear in an accompanying note.


(a) By Standing Order

Standing Orders can be paid from any current account, and from some deposit accounts, direct to Elan Vital. A Standing Order form is enclosed. You should fill it in and return to your own bank, but please copy the reference at the foot of the SO form into the space at the bottom of the sponsorship reply form. If you are already doing a SO (or covenant) please say so to avoid duplication on our records. You will notice our title on the SO form is DLM, and this is what will appear on your monthly bank statement.

(b) By Paying-in Slip

If you tick this box, we will send you 12 paying-in slips so you can pay your money (by cheque or cash) over the counter at a bank (cheques payable to Elan Vital). There is no charge at your own bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of Scotland, or the Yorkshire Bank. Other banks will usually charge a £1.00 handling fee for each payment.


(a) By Transcash

Elan Vital has a Post Office Giro account into which money can be paid at any Post Office by Transcash. For this you will also be provided with a book of 12 paying-in slips. The service is free to Grio Bank account holders; others pay a 50p handling charge.

(b) By Standing Order

Standing Orders can be paid from a Giro Bank account direct to Elan Vital. You should ask the bank to provide you with one of their own Standing Order forms, and fill it in using the details recorded on the bank Standing Order form provided in this mailing.


If you have a Building Society account, in most cases you can pay a Standing Order from it direct to Elan Vital. You should ask your Building Society for their own Standing Order form and fill it in using the information on the bank Standing Order form enclosed.


Donations can be sent directly to Elan Vital through the post. Cheques should be made out to Elan Vital, and cash should be sent by registered post.


Some employers will deduct an agreed sum at source from your salary, and send it to a charity of your choice. This means has the advantage of your donation not being part of your taxable income. Please inform us if you make this arrangement.

If at any time you decide to terminate your contributions, please inform us. If this is a temporary measure, you may continue as a member of the Sponsorship Programme in the meantime.