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Visions International is a non-profit organization dealing with the production of materials that promote Rawat ( Maharaji). It had a symbiotic relationship with Dunrite Productions of Thousand Oaks, California (formerly on the net at a for profit company that did the actual production work though these have been subsumed by the Words Of Peace Global organisational changes.

Visions International Introductory Catalogue A major source of income has been the sale of audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs of Rawat's speeches which are the source of Rawat's "teachings." Local communities of Rawat's followers also had to pay to screen these videos/DVDs publicly though the audiences were mainly committed followers with a few peoplw who were interested in "learning more." Visions International also produced scripted videos that contained more than verbatim extracts of Rawat's speeches.

These are examples of Visions International catalogues.

Introducing Maharaji

This catalog offers a sampling of materials that introduce Maharaji and his message, and gives insight into the Knowledge he offers. These videos, audios, books and magazines are also available with Spanish translation, and selected materials are available in other languages. You will find further information on the last page.

"What I speak about is not embedded in words. If it were, it would have no substance; it would just be ideas, thoughts, and stories. One could hear it, perhaps contemplate it, and then, as we do with most things, discard it and go on. What is different is what I actually offer people … I offer what I call Knowledge, the knowhow to be able to access the feeling within."

- Maharaji


#724 About Life
A very concise introduction to Knowledge, including a historical perspective. 7 min.

#1118 An Introduction to Knowledge
Throughout history, a recurring theme can be recognized: The source of contentment resides within us. "An introduction to Knowledge" presents this theme, then gives an introduction to Maharaji and his work, and follows with an excerpt of Maharaji speaking at an event in Miami Beach, Florida. Also available with captioned subtitles. 42 min.

#881 Introducing Maharaji - Fulfillment
An emcee gives an introduction to Maharaji, with background information and a historical perspective. There is then an excerpt of Maharaji giving a public address from Barcelona, Spain, in 1997. Also available with captioned subtitles. 15 min.

Visions International Introductory Catalogue


#1152 An Invitation
You are invited to an event introducing Maharaji and his message at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City. This public event held in 1997 has an on-camera emcee providing context for the video, as well as brief information about Maharaji. It concludes with the emcee providing follow-up information. 42 min.

#1192 Contentment Resides Within The theme of contentment is addressed through the use of a montage of photos and quotes from ancient times to the present. Maharaji is then introduced, and speaks about contentment, appreciation, consciousness and the experience within. 35 min.

#570 The Feeling of Life
This introduction includes an historical perspective, with visual illustration and excerpts of Maharaji speaking from events around the world. 15 min.

#1189 The Missing Piece
This opening quote by Maharaji best describes the video's content: "If you're looking for the truth, then the truth is inside of you. If you're looking for love, then the love is inside nside of you… if you're looking for the peace, the peace is inside of you. And if you want to make this life complete, then the missing puzzle is inside of you. " Also available with captioned subtitles. 43 min.

Visions International Introductory Catalogue


These audios are of Maharaji speaking in English, but are also available with Spanish translation.

The Missing Piece
The soundtrack of "The Missing Piece" has been slightly edited for audio 38 min.
CD #12-677
Audiocassette #2-677

Contentment Resides Within
The soundtrack of "Contentment Resides Within" has been slightly edited for audio. 35 min.
CD #12-678
Audiocassette #2-678

Maharaji describes the non-stop action of this world, and speaks about the importance of taking time to feel the simplicity of life. 32 min
Audiocassette #2-573

The Moment Called Now
A simple and a beautiful reality resides in the heart of every human being. And it only can be experienced when you are where it is. And where is it? Where do you exist? You exist in this moment called 'now'."
- Maharaji. 30 min.
Audiocassette #2-654

Visions International Introductory Catalogue

Introductory Audio Package

#7-240 The Possibility
Included in this package is a 6 minute introduction to Maharaji and Knowledge and an introductory booklet with selections about "Maharaji," "Knowledge," and answers to commonly asked questions.

Introductory Audio Special

Life… Learning from Within
These audios are offered especially for those who enjoy introducing people to Knowledge, as they are only sold in packages of 10. An emcee briefly introduces Maharaji, who then speaks about the topic of "life," how we all have needs and search in our own way for contentment or satisfaction, and that by looking within we will find the answers to our questions. He then explains that he shows a way to go inside to enjoy what is already there. 32 min. #2-653 (Package of 10)

Visions International Introductory Catalogue


"Life is that simplicity, that gift, that feeling, that beauty that allows us to be." - Maharaji

#7-600 Listen to the Cry of Your Own Heart
This is a 63 page book containing prose and stories by Maharaji, The quality of the content and photographs makes it a wonderful gift book.

#7-614 This Is About You
A compilation of memorable quotes and passages selected from Maharaji's most recent events, this beautiful publication also features original watercolors by Ellen MacLeod. 44 pages.

#7-601 Nothing, Celebrates Life … Like Life
A collection of excerpts of Maharaji speaking about Knowledge and the process of learning. A few of the chapter topics are: "The Real Issue," "Fulfillment," "The Voice Of The Heart" and "We Are Not Our Problems". 44 pages.

#7-604 Easy Reading
This is the first of 3 volumes, pocket-sized, with excerpts and passages from Maharaji's speaking engagements. Very helpful and inspiring for someone who wishes to know more about Knowledge. 32 pages.

Visions International Introductory Catalogue

If you are interested in learning more about Maharaji and Knowledge, you will find the following selection of videos helpful for this purpose.

#1013 A Simple Reality
Using humorous examples, Maharaji examines our assumptions about life, death, reality, Knowledge, and "enjoyment of life". 30 min.

#1153 A Singular Message
This video addresses topics of interest to someone recently hearing about Knowledge and what is being offered 23 min

#978 Frequently Asked Questions About Knowledge
This video provides answers to some commonly asked questions such as, "What will Knowledge do for me?" 26 min

#1150 A Fundamental Choice
An informative video addressing questions of intrest to people who want to know more about Knowledge and the process of preparation. 27 min.

#919 The Process of Discovery
Focuses on the topic of thirst and choice in the process of discovering. 33 min.

#1037 The Promise of Knowledge
Maharaji speaks about the simplicity of Knowledge and what is being offered 21 min.

You are invited to call or write for information.

Visions International

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Mail: PO Box 4918, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
  • For general information about Maharaji and Knowledge, there is an information line open from Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm Pacific time. Phone 818-879-1500.
  • Websites are available to find out more
  • Satellite broadcasts occur weekly via the DISH satellite system. Call the broadcast information line for updated dates and times for these programs. at 805-496-4777 extension #2.
Visions International Introductory Catalogue