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Glory of Shabd Brahma

All pursuits of entire human beings from time immemorial has been for the attainment of integral happiness and liberation from miseries. But the grave misconception of sensuous enjoyments for happiness has brought about untold sufferings to the mankind. The cognizance of mammons as the absolute means for achieving happiness has created and aggravated ideological conflicts and threats to the human race. The annihilation of human race has become imminent as a consequence of these conflicts.

Happiness and sensuous pleasures are not the same. Happiness is absolute and eternal while sensuous pleasures are transitory. Happiness is a sublime faculty, a state of tranquil mind. Sensuous pleasures on the other hands are feelings of unsteady senses. The sources of their origin are also different. Happiness comes from within, from realisation of the Truth, the Absolute. Pleasures are experienced from momentary tastes. The misconception of pleasure for happiness has evidently thrown man into the ditches of miseries.

The cognizance of riches as the absolute means for achievement of pleasures has brought about ideological conflicts and grave threat to human existence. Mammonism has plunged the world into a war for usurpation of the maximum means of riches. The scientific discoveries and inventions which were primarily meant for providing bodily comforts and luxuries to the mankind, are being misapplied and they have become means of destruction of human race. For his survival, therefore, man has to find out the way and means which could turn the threats of the science to its blessings to the mankind; the means which would protect human race in all eventualities against all the furies of nature and the science. A panacea of all ills has to be discovered. The panacea which could turn poison to nectar, shower of fragments of fire, into a shower of soothing and refreshing dew-drops and bullets into a chain of garlands. In nutshell the panacea which could turn all undesirables into the desirables has to be discovered.

The ostensible aims of all the governments of the world are to assure maximum bodily comforts and luxuries to the governed. The United Nations Organisation is the result of the anxieties of the governments of the world to assure the people (i) a peaceful life (ii) universal love and brotherhood (iii) equality of opportunity and profession (iv) opportunity to develop human virtues and righteousness and (v) ending of distinction of castes and creed. But unfortunately the methods, they have adopted to implement them, are so faulty that they have affected quite reversely and the mankind has been thrown into an ocean of mass miseries.

The minimum, any Government is expected to assure to its governed is (a) sufficient food (b) sufficient clothes and (c) accommodation. But even in this respect all the governments have not been quite successful. Expenses of administration exceed their income and they are financially crippled and unable to provide proper food, clothes and houses to all the governed. They do not know whence to get funds except squeezing the governed or trying to usurp the riches of others. The governments of the world should therefore discover the PARAS GEM, which is known for producing immense gold by its touch with the raw iron or the Kalp Tree which gives all that is desired and asked for. When they would discover the PARAS GEM or the Kalp Tree, no government will ever think of extending its territories or usurping other's riches and the very germ of wars and hostilities would be destroyed.

Now we have to pause for a moment and think, 'Is there any such thing or potency which can provide all that is needed or asked for or which can turn all undesirables into desirables, which can provide safety against all dangers, mitigate the furies of nature and elements and provide peace and happiness both in this world and hereafter?'

Sant Tulsidas says that the Name of the Almighty is the potency which in reality is the PARAS GEM, the Kalp Tree and the storehouse of all happiness and destroyer of all miseries. It is the Panacea of all ills and evils.

While praising the glories of the Name of the Almighty he says:

Sanskrit Text

(i) The Name of the Almighty is the store-house of all happiness and destroyer of all miseries. Lord Shiva along with Uma recollects His Name.

(ii) I bow to the Name of the Almighty who is all pervading. It is the cause of the creation of the sun, the moon and the fire.

(iii) It is the Mahamantra which Lord Shiva recollects. It is the bestower of salvation. Lord Shiva disseminated its knowledge to aspirants in Kashi.

(iv) Lord Ganesh knew the glory of this Name and hence he is worshipped first.

(v) Lord Shiva knew the glory of the Name of the Almighty and drank the poison which became nectar for him.

(vi) It is easy to recollect and It gives all happiness to all. It gives happiness both in this world and hereafter.

(vii) The glory of the Name of God is well known in all the four Yugs and in all the four Vedas. Specially in the Kali-Yug His Name is the only Shelter against all miseries and bestower of all happiness.

(viii) The ocean of miseries of the world is dried up, the moment the Name of God is recollected. Wise men should think the glory and potency of this Name in their mind.

(ix) It is due to the glory of the Name of God that Lord Shiva attained immortality and all his undesirable costumes and companions became glorified.

(x) In Kali Yug the Name of God is Kalp Tree. Its recollection burns all the miseries of the world and provides liberation from its bondage.

(xi) In Kali Yug the Name of God is the bestower of all that is desired. It gives happiness in this World as well as hereafter.

(xii) When the most afflicted recollects the Name of God, all his miseries are destroyed and he attains happiness.

(xiii) In Kali Yug the Name of God is the Kalp Tree, the shelter place of all happiness.

(xiv) The Name of the Almighty is a lustrous Gem. If you aspire enlightenment both within you and outside you, recollect It in your heart.

The Name of the Almighty is thus both lustrous Paras Gem and Kalp Tree. It can give any amount of riches, provide shelter against all sufferings, mitigate the effects of harmful elements and turn all undesirables to desirables. Should not, therefore, the people of the world acquire the knowledge of this Name and constantly recollect It for their survival and for attainment of true happiness?

The principal teaching of the Upanishad is that "man cannot achieve permanent happiness through physical or sensuous enjoyment, through wealth or the goods of the world or even by elevation to happier realms above through the performance of sacrifices. Happiness can result only from spiritual enlightenment, which comes from recollection of the Name of the Almighty."

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan repeatedly says that improvement in the behavior of human beings is absolutely necessary for ending world conflicts. He says that this improvement can be brought about by Adhyatma Gyan alone. What is this Adhyatma Gyan ? According to the Upanishads the realisation of God within ourself is truly Adhyatma Gyan. All this world is the creation of the Omni-present, Omniscient and Omnipotent God. It is pervaded by Him in form unmanifest. The Supreme Being is lodged within oneself and realisation of this Supreme Being is really Adhyatma Gyan - a way to liberation from miseries in this world and from the whirl of births and deaths hereafter. But this realisation does not come by much study or by learned discussions or by penances or sacrifices. This realisation comes by recollection of the Name of that Supreme Being. The knowledge of the true Name of that Supreme Being therefore, is absolutely necessary for Adhyatma Gyan or realisation of the Supreme Being within oneself.

The Name of the Supreme Being is called Shabd-Brahma. It is eternal and all-pervading. It has neither beginning nor end. It transmits enormous energy. It is meditable and recollectable at all times and in all circumstances. It is possessed of the potency of purification. Its constant recollection unfolds the Supreme Being within oneself. The belief that the word Om, Ram, Krishna, Khuda or God is the Name of the Supreme Being is fallacious and wrongly founded. A conscientious discrimination will reveal this truth. The Name of the Supreme Being is bestower of happiness to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or nationality. But none of the aforesaid words is acceptable to all people in the world. The recollection of the Name of the Supreme Being dries the ocean of miseries but repeatation and recitation of the above mentioned words have not eliminated miseries from the world. The Name of the Supreme Being is lustrous Gem which enlightens the hearts of man within and without , but none of the above-mentioned words actually enlightens the heart. The Shabd-Brahma is recollectable in all circumstances and at all times. Constant meditation and recollection of His Name - the Shabd-Brahma, brings about purification of hearts and change of outlook instantaneously. But none of the words above-mentioned is meditable or recollectable during slumber or unconsciousness. Nor their recitations have ever changed the hearts of human beings. All these prove the fallacy of this belief. As a matter of fact the Name of the Supreme Being is all pervading but neither it can be written nor uttered. Its knowledge is acquired from the Tatwadarshi Sad-Guru who is in mortal body alone.

Lord Krishna says to Arjun that the knowledge of the Adhyatma Gnan can be acquired from the Tatwadarshi Sad-Guru alone. It can not be acquired by study, penances, sacrifices or gifts.

The constant recollection of His name is the Jap in reality. By its recollection the brutal nature of man is turned into divine.

Sanskrit Text

The recitations of the words above mentioned or the like are mere exercises of the tongues and various penances and sacrifices are exercises of the limbs. It does not constitute Adhyatma Gnan.

The only way to integral happiness is the constant recollection of the all pervading Name of the Supreme Being after acquiring its knowledge with the supreme grace of the living Tatwadarshi Sad-Guru. His Name alone is capable of saving the humanity from destruction.

The disharmony between religion and science and politics is the real cause of all conflicts and miseries. To accept this disharmony is mere sham and hypocrisy. It is a fraud and deception, which is being constantly played upon generation. It is a complete denial of Christ, Ram, Krishna, Budha and Mohammed. The deliverance of human race lies in re-establishing complete harmony between science and politics. And religion is nothing but the Realisation of the Supreme Being within self by constant recollection of His Name.