Antidote To Nuclear Bombs

Antidote To Nuclear Bombs(Radio-activity is nullified
by the Divine Energy generated
from the Union of the Consciousness
with the Shabd Bhaham.
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The legend goes: When Bhakta Prahalad was thrown into the ganges for defiance of the orders of his father Hiranya Kashyapa, he could not sink: He found himself standing on an under bridge in the middle of the ganges and walked to its bank quite hale and hearty and in divine cheerfulness. Neither the ganges could take him to its bottom nor its water enter his stomach and cause suffocation because he proved an unsurmountable match for it. Bhakta Prahalad was in complete communion with the Divine. He had withdrawn all his outer consciousness and opened his inner consciousness to the Supreme Light ever-existent within him and within all beings alike. His divine consciousness, i. e. the union of his mind and thoughts with the Divine Light and Shabd Brahma fully nullified the pristine attributes of the water as it does in case of all true devotees without any exception.

The legend was repeated in case of another Prahalad at Haridwar a few years ago. He was a resident of a village in U. P. (India) and had gone to Haridwar to have a Darshan of the Satgurudeva. On some festival during his sojourn there, he went to have a dip into the ganges. He got a slip on the steepy ghat and he was carried away into the middle of the stream. His material eyes were shut but his inner consciousness was drawn to the Sadgurudeva. He completely lost his outer consciousness and lo ! when he regained senses he found himself on the bank of the ganges quite unharmed by the accident. Here again the attributes of the water failed it. The Divine consciousness of Prahalad was sure at work.

We know that Sant Kabirdas was tied with a heavy piece of stone and thrown into the ganges at Kashi by the Pandits. But the very piece of stone lost its heaviness and made a floating boat for him and he could not be drowned. Lord Ram constructed a bridge in the ocean with pieces of stones which were absolved of heaviness and attuned with floating capacities.

The hands and legs of Puran Bhakta were chopped off at the orders of his step mother and he was thrown into a lonely dark deep well. He remained there for twelve years keeping his consciousness in complete union with the Shabd-Brahma. His mortal body escaped decomposition and sustained life by the divine nectar trickling on his tongue in 'Khechri Mudra'. After twelve years, quite new hands and legs sprouted in his body and he came out of the well refreshed and revigorated. He is said to have attained immortality by the union of his consciousness with the Divine Name, the Shabd-Brahma.

Nimai and Neetai, the disciples of Shri Chaitanva Maha Prabhu in Bengal, were made naked and whipped at the orders of the local Nawab. Then they were thrown into the ganges. But they found the water of the ganges only knee-deep and came to the shore quite unharmed. There were no stripes on their bodies.

About three decades ago, there was a heavy flood in the river Kamla, a river in North-India flowing through the district of Darbhadga. The flood threatened a local temple of Lord Shiva and the Kuchery buildings of Darbhanga Maharaja. When this news reached Sir Rameshwar Prasad Singh, the then Maharaja of Darbhanga, he rushed into the knee-deep water of the river Kamla and stood there firm and meditative. He withdrew all his outer consciousness and opened his inner consciousness to the Shabd-Brahma, the Divine Name. He got trance and in the very trance bade the Kamla retreat and lo ! within a few minutes there was not a drop of water. The Kamla was miles away from there.

In October, 1961, there was unprecedented floods in the district of Monghyr in Bihar (India). When I visited a small village completely devastated by floods, heading a relief operation, organised by the Divine Light Mission, I never thought for a moment that I would meet there one in teens who would present a vivid example of the conquest over the nature of water by the glory of Shabd-Brahma and the Divine Light. The boy was the son of a poor cultivator. Only a few months back he had acquired the vision of the Divine Light and the knowledge of the Shabd-Brahma, i. e. Pawan Name of the Supreme with the grace of a Mahatma of the Divine Light Mission. When flood rushed to his village he pulled a small table and stood on it. The water of the flood entered his house. His parents and sisters were washed away before his eyes. For a moment he was nervous but soon he heard the voice of the Mahatma. He Shut his eyes and withdraw his outer consciousness. He put his mind to the Shabd-Brahma and lost his senses. When he regained them, he found that the water had receded pulling down the walls of the house to the grounds. The whole village was devastated and there was no trace of any man or animal. He was greatly grieved. He knew not what to do next. He started for a nearby town. On his way he saw the banner of the Divine Light Mission and came to us. We heard his tale with grief and joy and were reminded of the various events of descension of Divine grace on the devotees described in the scriptures.

The lesson of life 'that in this world everything always fails a man; only the Divine does not fail him, if he turns entirely to the Divine,' struck deep into our heart.

The few instances out of innumerable cited above amply illustrate that water can do no harm to a man whose mind is in constant communion with the Shabd-Brahma and the Divine Light and has thus opened his inner consciousness to and established complete union with the Divine.

And can Fire do any harm to such a devotee ? Let us examine that:

The name of Bhakta Prahalad again comes to our memory first. Hiranya Kashyapa ordained his sister Holika to take Prahalad into her lap and sit amidst a bonfire. This was done. But the fire could not burn Bhata Prahalad though it burnt Holika to ashes. The fire lost its burns for Bhakta Prahalad and became as cool as sandle him.

When Bhakta Hanuman set fire to the golden palace of the demon King of Lanka, all picturesque palatial buildings of that great city burnt to ashes. But the house of Bhakta Bibhishan escaped

the devastation. Why ? Because Bhakta Bibhishan had opened his inner consciousness and established complete union with the Divine. His mind was completely quilled in the Shabd-Brahama. Hence the fire could not touch his house. Reciting the incident to his consort Parwati, Lord Shiva says: (Hindi quote)

O Girija ! Bibhishan had devoted his body, mind and soul to the very Supreme Divine who has created the fire and he was in complete communion with the Shabd-Brahma. And it is entirely because of this that the fire could not burn his house. (Complete union of the inner consciousness in the Shabd-Brahma the Supreme constitutes Bhakti.)

… All know that fire was set to the houses of Bhakta Raidas, Sant Kabirdas and Bhakta Narsingh Mehata. But they all remained unaffected. Fire could not cause them the least harm. Even the house of Prophet Mohammed was not spared and was set to fire by Quraish Panda, the priest of the time, but the fire was unable to do any harm to the prophet. Chandu Lal, the Vazir of Jahangir physicaIly threw Guru Arjun Deva on burning iron sheets, but the burns of the fire could not touch his skin.

In 1950 Shri Singari Devi of Pahari Dhiraj (Delhi) was preparing tea on a stove. Her inner consciousness was fixed in the Shabd-Brahma. The flames caught the edge of her sari. But as she was outwardly unconscious of the environment, she could not know what had happened. The flames spread and burnt half of her sari but could not touch the petticoat and the blows. She heard a voice of the Satgurudeva from behind. She was startled and looked back. Shri Satgurudeva was not there. Only His framed photo was suspended with the wall. She found herself in the midst of the flames and realised the situation. But lo ! the fire was automatically quenched. She did not receive the least bodily injury. The only casualty was the half sari.

And in 1961, a satsang was arranged in the house of Mrs. Shaw. She was arranging the lights for illumination and fans. She was merged in divine consciousness-Shabd-Brahma. She inadvertently touched the naked electric wire and got a heavy shock. She was thrown out. She got a fall from the two storeyed building. She was enlaced in the electric wires. The Mahatma of the Divine Light Mission who had been there for the satsang sprinkled 'Charnamrit' of the Sadgurudeva on her body. The switch was off. She recovered. Anxious enquires from the crowd poured in about the injuries. But everybody was astonished to learn that there was no injury either from the electricity or from the fall. She was unconscious of the accident and was in divine cheerfulness. Ignorant people may be hesitant to believe these story, but in reality they are naked truths. The fire could not cause burns or any other harm to these devotees nor can it do any to another in future.

And poison too has proved ineffective where divine consciousness predominated. Lord Shiva drank the poison that was churned out from the ocean. Bhakta Prahalad and Meera Bai were offered cups of poison, Prahalad at the orders of his father and Meera Bai at the command of the Rana of Mewar. But it could not affect them. It could not even cause intoxication. Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, Sant Kabirdas, Bhakta Narsingh Mehta all were administered most powerful and deadly poison but it could do them no harm. The communion of their consciousness with the Shabd-Brahma and the divine Light nullified the effects of the poison. The Divine Nectar trickling on their tongues in 'Khechari-Mudra' was too powerful for the earthly poison.

Bodily injury too proved ineffective in a body which was possessed of Divine energy. Lord Christ was crucified but crucification could not cause his death. The mortal body of Shams Tabez was unsheathed but he did not die, the hands and legs of Puran Bhakta were chopped off but he did not die. The most fatal injury proved of no consequence where Divine Energy prevailed.

The fact is that the energy generated from the communion of the inner consciousness with the Shabd-Brahma, the Divine Supreme which is known as Divine Energy is incomprehensibly far superior in power to even the most powerful energy generated from any matter whom the scientists term atomic energy or radioactivity. The Divine Energy being in more subtler potency constitutes a big antidote to all kinds of atomic energies or radioactivities put together.

The truth discovered by the homeopaths that Smilia Similibus Curantur (like cures the like) is known to the whole world. Homeopathic medicine in higher potencies quickly cures a disease caused by acute poison. The Divine Light in a man is definitely far more subtler than the atom or the neutron. Naturally the energy generated from the Divine Light is stronger than the energy generated from the atom and the neutron.

According to the Nebular theory which has been accepted by the present-day scientists as the most modern and authentic theory on the evolution of the world, the world is composed of matter and energy. The matter has three forms viz solid, liquid and gaseous. The energy generates from the matter. The form of matter, however, is subject to change according to the change in temperature, i. e., effect of energy on matter. The scientists first propagated the evolution of the earth to solar energy, then they discovered electrical energy and now they work on atomic energy. According to them the atom is the smallest possible part of a matter. In the heart of the atom is neutron which is unbreakable. The neutron is joined with atoms by electrons. The separation of the electrons from neutron generates atomic energy which is so powerful that it can change the forms of the existing matter, i.e., it can change solids into liquids and liquids into gaseous. The nuclear bombs have been prepared on this theory. It is apprehended that the nuclear bombs will release radioactivity which will change the existing forms of the matter and thereby cause complete annihilation not only of the human race but the destruction of the whole world. The present day scientists have thus worked so far only on matter and on the energy generated from the matter. The Divine Light which is far subtler than the atom or the neutron is still unknown to them. The Divine Energy generated from the communion of the inner consciousness with the Divine Light is quite incomprehensible to them. They cannot deny that the Divine Light, if it at all exists, must be subtler than the neutron which they have so far discovered. Hence it would be a subject for their discovery and realisation before they can be allowed to fix their opinion on it. They have not been able to go, so far, beyond the gaseous forms of the world. But the eternal truth is that the gaseous form of the universe itself generated from the eternal Divine Word - The Divine Light. Naturally the Divine Energy is more powerful than the atomic energy.

The Divine Light is realised and experienced by a precise process. Its realisation is a system, of knowledge organised around experienced principles. It is a science, the only true science. It has no fallibility. It is not subject to change by further revelation or experiments as is the case with the material science. Its truth is the only eternal Truth - the knowledge gained from the revelation of the Divine Light and communion of the consciousness with the Divine Light is the only true knowledge of the Reality.

The Divine energy therefore constitutes the most effective antidote to all kinds of atomic energies and radioactivities and the acquisition of the Divine Energy is thus a definite conquest over atomic energy.


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DIVINE is more powerful than His creation matter. Possess the DIVINE and the matter will serve you.

* * * *

Peace is the sublime faculty of mind. It ensues from the communion of the consciousness with the Shabd Brahma. Peace and Bliss are synonymous. Where there is no Peace there can not be Bliss.

* * *

Immortality and true vision of the entire universe can be attained during human life in Samadhi.


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1. That the DIVINE Kingdom has descended on the earth.

2. That the very gnan, which Saint Asta-Bakra revealed to King Janak, Janak to Sukdeo Muni, Guru Vasistha to Lord Ram, Lord Shiva to the people of Kashi, Lord Krishna to Arjun, Lord Christ to the people of his time, Prophet Mohammed to the people of Arab and the whole world, Guru Nanakdeva, Sant Tulsi Das, Sant Kabirdas, Sant Raidas, Shri Janardan Swami, Sant Eknath, Sant Gyaneshwar and Sant Samarth Ramdas to the people of their times, is being disseminated to the true aspirants by Param Sant Satgurudeva Shri Hansji Maharai these days.

3. That Lord Ram and Lord Krishna have honoured their pledge and manifested in human body; also that Lord Christ has also manifested second time.

4. That Lord Christ has come to reveal the light to the people of the world.

5. That only those people can see Christ who have intense love for him and who aspire for his vision.

6. That the hypocrisies of the Mahamandleshwar, Swamis, Acharya, Prophets, Bishops, Saints, Sadhus and Scholars who prescribe tantras and mantras or sacrifices etc. for concentration of mind and realisation of the Divine, stand exposed and that they themselves stand condemned as criminals (420) in the Court of the Lord who has assumed human form for the protection of the virtuous from their hypocrisies and destruction of the evil-doers.

7 That worship of idols, pouring ghee into fire, counting of beads, reciting of tantras or mantras or uttering Om, Ram, Krishna Hari-om-tatsat, Khuda, Allah, God or Wahe-guru etc. do not constitute Bhakti. Bhakti is the complete union of the mind, the inner consciousness with the Shabd Brahma which leads the Jiva to perfection, to eternal bliss:

7. That the word 'Om' is not Shabd-Brahma. 'Om' is a Baikhri Vani. It is not Naisargik. If we accept 'Om' as the Shabd Brahma then we will have to accept ourselves, who produce the sound 'Om' as the father of the Shabd-Brahma, Are we so ?

Attain the knowledge of the SHABD BRAHMA, Realise the DIVINE at the lotus-feet of Shri SADGURUDEVA SHRI HANSJI MAHARAJ.