Peace Is Possible by Andrea Cagan Peace Is Possible

Reviews cannot do this book justice.

A biographer that hasn't bothered to interview the man himself. A biography without a single reference to the public record (newspapers, books, academic articles, internet sites) of Prem Rawat's career. A biographer, Andrea Cagan, who is paid $60,000 by the Prem Rawat Foundation for this unresearched hagiography. Could this extraordinary man have created yet another new first?

It has some interest as showing how Rawat wanted to be portrayed in 2007.

To learn everything you need to know about the book go to Amazon and read the ecstatic reviews by his followers, if they haven't dissolved in their own hot air.

After reading and believing this book you'd seriously have to wonder:
Why isn't this man the most famous and respected person on the planet?

Some interesting sections from the book are available here:

Bihari Singh's version of the "Succession" (see also the Incarnation) in which Rawat's mother is slandered. What a devoted son!

Rawat's minions' version of his association with Michael Dettmers, his long time Personal Assistant in which it claims that Dettmers made defamatory statements about Rawat in 2002. Needless to say, Rawat has never taken legal action against Dettmers, as these claims about Rawat's secret life of drug taking and sexual abuse are substantiated by many other witnesses.

Rawat's minions' version of his association with Brian Kitt, the first Western devotee and only mahatma, Mahatma Saphlanand.

Rawat's minions' version of being cream pied by alternative journalist Pat Halley.