Comments on the Posting of Prem Rawat's Meditation Techniques on Youtube

These are the actual comments I downloaded on the 4th January 2015. Some cynics and ex-premies have taken the opportunity to be scathing but overall the response is from dedicated devotees of Maharaji. They are certainly scathing about the horror of having Prem's "secret" techniques made available for free.

Raj Suwal 1 year ago
These guys do not even know what they are doing themselves…

Dario Accolla 10 months ago
this stuff just make me smile… Still is somebody believing that to reach the heart is a question of techniques and that's it? Is the master who's making the difference and He does through his kindness

Anjesh Kafle 8 months ago
This is sick. You are not meant to do that. What do you think you gained? I'm sure anybody that relies upon this video won't be able to achieve anything. The key to your heart is the array of feelings, not just physical acts.

Veronica Zambrano 6 years ago
Dont forget that you need the perfect master, otherwise it doesnt mean anything.

malenkah 6 years ago
Ilusion40, que pena que seas tan ignorante…

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
allow me to translate what "attezil" says (a bit below) in Spanish: "After viewing this repugnant spectacle of two clowns with wishes that they were gurus, they expect veneration? Gratefulness? Power?…if they cannot use their left brain, perhaps they could appeal their right one, but being this one "creativity", I suppose that only the "reptilian" remains, as the emotional, why they have it in pu-tre-fac-tion." I think she really hit it on the dot!

hornerinf 5 years ago
Too bad they left out the technique of sticking their thumbs in their mouths and sucking, because it's obvious that's about as much as these poor fellows understood.

Bhutanese Heart 3 years ago

HappyYoga 6 years ago
Glad your head didn't fall off when you made this one. They sure got us with this "keep it secret or else" crap didn't they? Ah…the good old bad old days. I'm glad they are over. x premie…and yes, that is exactly what we were given as knowledge.

revrama years ago
I've had my ups & downs with maharaj ji since 1974. Since then I retired from working in Group Homes & Psych units for 30 years. I'm an honest person & will offer what Knowledge did. I met him in Kansas,he was 15. Next to him I heard an intense sound expanding. At my initiation I saw his father shining brilliantly inside me. I drew a pic & later a man recognized him from his initiation. It was maharaji's dead father. For years I've seen an intense blue light. Simply, he was spiritual in the 70's

Óscar Reyes Stendhal Art 5 years ago
subtitulos en español por favor .Gracias

bara de burca 4 years ago
what is that guy trying to achieve on that video?his few seconds of fame? maharaji is so dedicated to bringing this gift to everyone on this planet,he travels ten months a year,nonstop dedication,and also the best and most hygenic food programmes in the world!

judythepude123 6 years ago
This techniques have been around for centuries. Prem Rawat didn't create them. He just modified them over the years. I remember revealing them to my brother in the 70's and I didn't get struck down by lightening. Total brainwash bulls**t and I came out of it fine after following Prem Rawat for 30 years. Thank G-d or should I stay Maharaji! No Bhole from me…. Peace and love to all who can see the true light.

sees091 5 years ago
fuck this

xpressyaself4me years ago in reply to 75amoeba why don't you find out for yourself????

René O'Deay 4 years ago
these people really have no clue. Maraji invited premies to go with him to India. I want to tell you something, the techniques are not the Knowledge. these people didn't 'get it'.

stoychi 6 years ago
1: What is interesting here is that techniques shown by Maharaji are very different that shown here by these two guys. The second thing is that in my life i haven't seen one single person who would practice this techniques if shown by unauthorized person. 3. My experience is that heartfelt learning is much much more than techniques

Yves Branellec 1 year ago
This people speaks absolute nonsens !

maria isabel gonzalez 5 years ago
upload a video of your experience. Show to everyone that you are in harmony. Talk to everyone from your heart and make them feel in peace. Try it. It´s your chalenge!!!

Carol Rivers 1 year ago
Also I received the techniques instruction directly from Prem Rawat. These are not the techniques. And…if this video narrator had received the techniques (which he has not demonstrated in this video) he would have promised to NOT share the techniques, but only the way to them through the master of said techniques, Prem Rawat. Therefore, sharing the techniques like this would be dishonest. Thank you Prem Rawat for your gift. This video is make believe, not reality.

Victor Jimenez 4 years ago
In every aspect of live there is good quality, and very poor taste mimic of originals. These gentlemen with good intention are presenting a very bad replica of some thing which requires some preparation to understand. They are showing some techniques which are not the originals. Intelligent buyers will always get original quality. Would you get a peace of plastic that looks like a precious stone? Or you would go and get a certified diamond. It's your choice.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to Nyabingue
@Nyabingue I think the best reply of all!

Tamatha Viziondanz 1 year ago
you are wrong, and you are spreading false information man and you are not grateful to a Master?? Yes you should be grateful for the rest of your life. He has never asked for money ever! I just wish peace and love prevail with you and everyone brother. I hope you find your way to delete this nonsense from your site. Unreal.

Ricardo Carranza 6 years ago

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Malenkah says: I prefer to follow this Teacher and not pay any attention to an ignorant like you, besides traitor. You should have shame of speaking so much nonsense in your video; besides, you know that you lie.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago
to gsco82…to answer your questions: 1)If you really are one of Rawat's followers then I feel sorry for him. Such negativity!! Why?? This is a dumb question…so it deserves no answer…lol. Try to be in the river of answers, I bet you can't…betcha betcha betcha idiot.)If you are filled with peace and love and defend Mr. Rawat as someone who doesn't denigrate anyone, why do you call someone an idiot?? Answer: Because they deserve that title…because they are in darkness…lol

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Anoather juicy Spanish translation; this time for henyi: "ha ha ha ja haaa, forgive them Lord, they do not know what they are doing, ha ha ha ha ha; they are not like this ha ha ha ha ha ha ha: No. 1 - give Knowledge a chance. No. - don't lose contact with the teacher. No. 3 - DON'T REVEAL THE TECHNIQUES OF KNOWLEDGE. …those guys aren't premies LOL"

Neil Ayer 6 years ago
Recipients of these techniques made a promise not to reveal them. This clip shows why. Not only has this person broken his promise, he potentially spoils the beauty of this experience for others through his complete misunderstanding of what he has been given. And yes, Maharaji's followers did some crazy stuff that offended many.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to José Francisco
@ilusion40 you are so full of it

José Francisco 6 years ago
Continuen adorando al gordo, y, no se olviden en concentrarse.

hc92premie 3 years ago
can you please write the drescription of the vid… my english isnt quite good… thank you

José Francisco 5 years ago in reply to malenkah
Y que tu seas una oveja cual seguir a un pastor.

42BETWO 5 years ago
Check out he guy in 1:02. This is the Cookoos Nest of religious addicts…some hope of breaking the spell here but I am not sure. peg40able 3 years ago
Hahaha Secam se nekad advno u Italiji festivali darshani ashrami dobre ribe sex

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to José Francisco
@ilusion40 you're welcome…

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Have you ever wondered why there's so little of you and so many of us? That is, if there's only a spark of brilliance left in your wandering thoughts…ahh, really, thoughts do come and go, don't they…try to catch one so you can answer this…and oh, by the way, you could never win an argument with a philosophy major…never in your entire life. LOL.

bhattasgr 5 years ago
Many my friends from Iraq and Afghanistan are inspired of his msg, so precious msg he has got is,. I also knew when he was 3 age he told peace is possible I will do it, We love our religion so much even I love his msg too. I knew Prem is strange person in this century even Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Kabul are suffering war but his messgae is so profound, I realized his msg even works in war. I dont have anything to give but respect from my familý to you dear Prem Rawat.

maria isabel gonzalez 5 years ago
Try to LISTEN from your HEART and may be you will be able to enjoy this beautifull LIFE. Those are not Maharaj ji teachings, those are your OUN mistaken creation of Maharaj ji´s Knowledge. Im already a grandmother who is really gratefull for this beautiful and free experience of LIFE. Maharaj jis knowledge is not for every one. Maybe you are one of them. Go and find real peace and hapiness in your life and then u

crystalclear999 5 years ago
Although old its still there for all to see. You do follow him in a sense and you do give donations. Money again. Oh its sad for those who cannot see, as they have convinced themselves, thats how its done. Light be with you all. Kindness is in the world. This is man is speaking the truth. No reason to make things up, they have been there and have danced to another tune.

280473 7 years ago
Estas personas del video, no se muy bien que enseñan, pero NO SON las tecnicas de Prem Rawat. Las tecnicas de Prem Rawat son sencillas y maravillosas. Yo las practico todos los dias desde 1973 y estoy encantado con ellas. Mas importante que el agua, es la sed. Los del video parece que no tienen sed y por eso "hacen gargaras" con el agua, se inventan unas tecnicas, hacen suposiciones sobre ellas…y el ridiculo…Es lo que pasa cuando se falta tanto a clase…

José Francisco 6 years ago in reply to Kevin Aldridge
Él, Prem Rawat aka Maharaj ji, si que hizo desaparecer (missing), de muchos jóvenes la razón, hasta que, sucedió el asesinato de la Guayana francesa y cerró los ashram. No se puede extrapolar culturas tan diferentes: India con Occidente.

gnome229 4 years ago in reply to thashaaaaa
@thashaaaaa get real you u don't need a middle man to experience yourself this control freak maharaji tells u you need him to experience god, what a lie. the reality is, he needs u to pay for his life style which has nothing to do with the creator You need to wakeup and growup.

pottogal 6 years ago
Why do people hate Maharaji? He always does good things. My grandma loves Maharaji so much like he is her father. I wish I had knowledge but I can only get it when im 18. I'm too scared to watch this video about knowledge. And me and my grandma curse the guys that had anything to do with this videp!!!!

Matt Wade 1 year ago in reply to frozendolfin
A master can only guide you in the process of learning how to apply the techniques, but to say the techniques are 'NOTHING WITHOUT THE MASTER', by which I think you meant 'nothing' - is ludicrous.

bhattasgr 5 years ago
hey man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck for you you tried to be good master. so man I listened SATPAL PREM RAWAT and i am also having my spiritual study in Oxford, But I never found person like prem rawat who talks 100% reality. He is only one who can land jet of peace in this earth. May you able to cictory MAHATMA kabir as well. so

naztubez years ago in reply to xpressyaself4me
If you already have all you need then you don't need techniques!

Yves Branellec years ago

madetobegreat 3 years ago
I received the Light when I was 17 years old. I saw the gold purple light, but after that I saw what looked like two Galaxies. Once it was over the Guru showed me the same Galaxy thing on a PC screen and asked me "Is this what you saw?". I said yes, but never asked what it was or what it meant. Since then I can see the Light if I apply the technique myself, but never the two Galaxies. Any ideas? If it is a natural phenomenon then the galaxies experience should be able to be replicated!!

thashaaaaa 4 years ago
and i also see people who are totally against him… i think these people see the people who are brainwashed and judge prem rawat based on these followers…listen to him (or buddha or krishna or christ…or your own heart) as a human being and you will realize yourself and how beautiful YOU really are

plood83 7 years ago
Hehehe.. you suck big time! Better listen to him, and you will get to know him better! :p

Matt Wade 1 year ago in reply to naztubez
I and several other people don't have all we need. So please share these techniques.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Allow me to translate "juanjofoto1" 's Spanish comment: "Whoever you are, you have gone beyond your city; you have not one wink of respect for anything."

stoychi 6 years ago
this life is always about this mirror on your heartfelt wall and you are who are asking it: dear mirror on my inner wall tell me who is the most awful in this world?

joyfull5 7 years ago
It dont work without the master,and you now it. You are not the master,please get yourself a steady job!

fridaymylove 4 years ago in reply to frozendolfin
@frozendolfin that is so true my friend!! PEACE

Sudhan Kulkarni 7 years ago
This is so completely wrong.. These are not at all the techniqyes… Also Maharaji never asked for anything in return..

sofanya 5 years ago
I rec'd this Knowledge over 30 yrs ago from Maharaji and he has continued to inspire me and be a most wonderful example of a Human Being in Service to Humanity. He has helped millions of people find the Beauty within them. These guys just look and sound like idiot fools and obviously didn't get anything because they themselves want to be great but they are so far from it….silly people you are missing the whole point!

Nyabingue 6 years ago
When a pick-pocket sees a holy man all he sees are his pockets.

peg40able 3 years ago
Hahaha Secam se nekad advno u Italiji festivali darshani ashrami dobre ribe sex

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Hello goddessdownhere have you ever thought that the reason why there may not be any comments on Rawat clips could be precisely because Maharaji is not here to waste his time with filth. LOL. He just doesn't want filth in his videos… Oops, let's see, I think you missed the boat many years ago… See?, your MIND's mislead you too much…and now you are beginning to believe all its stories…

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to rusty nazi
@rusty99nazi99ryan and you are a rustynaziryan99holee…full of ass…which smells.

José Francisco 5 years ago
This person Was Shown The Techniques when a young man in 1972 and practised them for a while before becoming disillusioned and he can now teach them to you though the miracel of the internet. That's the same as Prem Rawat though this teacher won't dash off for a Marlborough between techniques. The techniques were altered slightly by Rawat in 1987. :)

bruscate 6 years ago
cdurand 4 years ago
i hate this video because is not what usual is

42BETWO 5 years ago
Fifth technique is to stick head in butt and breath deep.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago
enough stupidity and darkness tgubler…

blueberrymaster01 1 year ago in reply to crystalclear999
i im following the teaching of prem rawat and i recive knowledge.i dont listening to him every day and i dont give him any money.and a promises of inner peace is the best.prem rawat or me dont say there only are way tha is good is all about finding peace if you find it else were perfect.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to bruscate
@bruscate you are so right…very strange video indeed…yeah, I think they're drunk, but not with spirits, but in spirit.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
ilusion40…your "user name" of ilusion befits you. Congratulations! You really chose the right name for you: Ilusion…and at 40, that makes it doubly a great name! The thing is that when you find the doorway, you don't need a doormat idiot. But when all you can see is the doormat, then you're really miserable and ignorant. Ha Ha Ha haaaa to you!

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to gnome229
@gnome229 hey gnome baby…why don't you get a touch of clarity your self. OOps…you know what they say…if what you see is money, that's what you are…don't blame it on others for your thoughts…it is coming from within you…not Prem Rawat. Is that what you see? Oh gee, are we in the kindergarten of darkness still? Or the kindergarten of ignorance. Either one fits the other…The one that needs to grow up is You, idiot. Speak for yourself…

bushcraft0304 6 years ago in reply to Carlos Gil
Even a blind man can tell when he's walking in the sun.

xpressyaself4me years ago in reply to naztubez
What are the correct techniques then, naztubez? If you know them, then share them for the sake of truth, facts, knowledge, love, help, etc. It would be more constructive :-). I know for certain that techniques are not necessary to thank the Creator for every Breath and Love He gives me and more especially the fulfillment for all the emotions i feel every time i am given these Gifts. I don't need gurus or wise men. I already have all i need. Have a nice day!

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to ambeegee
@ambeegee , Knowledge review? What for? So that t hey can publish it here then?

ivanelgringo 7 years ago
HAHAHA THOSE ARE NOT THE TECHNIQUES !!beside, they won't work if you are not prepeared .. also, what is the point of having knowledge if you don't feel a true thirst from your heart .. you only fool your-self!! that's all !

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to José Francisco
@ilusion40 you are really repulsive…

bhattasgr 5 years ago
This is not tecnique of knowledge that Prem Rawat teaches, this video is trying to make people motivation and giving bullshit msg. Iam not student of prem Rawat Iam sunni from Iraq, even I saw his msg in videos, they are more great than how he teaches,He is supreme person , he has some crtique too I learned about that. He was blamed for earning money , planes, popularity etc. But when I really saw his videos I like to piss all these shits thought, but I believe ALLAHA is inside me, thanks Prem

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to lahoriwala
@lahoriwala just because you think that Breath is total crap doesn't mean that you are right. Ask a doctor if he feels "Breath" is total crap…better yet, spare him; you would never understand. What you don't understand is the CLARITY that this Knowledge gives me to answer an ignorant like you. Ahh, you like the background music, uh? Oops, I'd worry if I were you…you know, what's behind the scene is everything…lol

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
goddessdownhere It took you0 years to find out? Wow, you must be a slow learner…one of those coconuts Maharaji talks about…oh, by the way, maybe it'll take you0 more to find out that you don't have to say good-bye to someone who enlightens you…You can enjoy yourself and still be nice, no?

being4joy 5 years ago in reply to Harald Sandø
Do you know why Maharaji doesn't Maharaji present the Knowledge here on You Tube so that this way the people can get The Real Thing?: Because of people like you. The World is You…only You don't know this; nor do you understand this at all. You are such an idiot…you don't even know it. And guess what? You wasted my Time. Go into the world, where you can surely find Your Knowledge…the type for people like you…there you will find it posted.

burninghades 6 years ago
Ha this makes me laugh - that there is so much energy put into hating? Hating a beautiful message? "That which you are looking for is within you". Hmmm. How about putting that energy into enjoying? Guess you want something? Hope you find it. It wont be found through fear. What is to be afraid of in finding peace? Well, you may be scared to let go of being scared.

simonxx386 years ago in reply to 75amoeba
Yeah yeah I know - those grapes are sour - keep telling yourself that and blame anyone other than yourself for the missed opportunity you had.

xpressyaself4me years ago in reply to naztubez
Thanks man! Ciao!

Niall Mac Giolla Rua 5 years ago
Sorry lads you got the techniques wrong. dont confuse people.

danettedm 5 years ago
These dupes are talking about something that occurred more than 30 years ago.

being4joy 5 years ago in reply to HappyYoga
you are full of shit

xpressyaself4me years ago in reply to Tara Lee Planett
i agree

joanneclarke99 3 years ago
These guys seem to have very vivid imagintions. I received knowledge 12 years ago and the techniques i was shown were quite different to what they are portraying. Maybe things were one differently back then, or maybe these blokes are just away with the fairies!

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
Response to farcanal29: I wouldn't listen to Eckhart Tolle if they gave me millions of dollars…you need to enter the realm of the divine, not of the techniques…lol. The first sign of someone who is fake is someone who denigrades someone else. Now, see, Maharaji doesn't do that!…Speak bad of others…like Eckhard Tolle does…idiot… This Knowledge is not a competition. LOL

farcanal29 6 years ago
The techniques are overhyped but useful in experiencing monkey mind. My years of meditating using them have allowed me to understand perfectly what Eckhart Tolle says so clearly. Maha doesn't give much guidance and there are better teachers..much better .

0h00m00s 6 years ago
All I see are a couple of real losers who really didn't get it…better luck next time…there is a word we use in new york to describe these clowns SMUCK Oh well compassion is something that should be applied even for people like these who totally missed the boat. I hope for their sakes Karma is just a concept..Stay tuned for their take on Mahatma Ghandi……

greg sco 4 years ago in reply to thashaaaaa
@thashaaaaa I hope that he is now being portrayed as a 'normal' human being, but that certainly wasn't the case in the mid seventies to early eighties. Mr. Rawat didn't say it, but his followers (premies) proclaimed him to be Lord of the universe. He's not that at all.

greg sco 4 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive If you really are one of Rawat's followers, then I feel sorry for him. Such negativity!! Why??

Tamatha Viziondanz 1 year ago
not to mention if you did receive knowledge, you were made to promise never to share, because there is information that needs to be shared with people seeking knowledge before jumping straight into it…. you broke your promise? your word? or you're what? Sad.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to OptDiscounts
@OptDiscounts why should I?

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago
You are so caught up on techniques (and wrong at that also) that you missed the Knowledge…if you weren't born for this, you will never get it in this lifetime idiot. Get it? You are so full of it you can't even see your own Self. LOL. You are pathetically in darkness…

75amoeba years ago
Idiots are everywhere.

being4joy 5 years ago in reply to José Francisco
and what do you turn people into? Ignorance?

OptDiscounts 7 years ago in reply to MuNkYBizNess
Describe the techniques that were taught to you then.

naztubez years ago in reply to xpressyaself4me
If people want to believe that these are the correct techniques then let them try, they'll only be wasting their time, lol.

Sandeep Sharma 3 years ago
completely misleading stuff !! no one can get the "knowledge " without a master … you fool ! ["Guru Bina gyaan nahii hota moorakh..!!"]

ceels53 7 years ago
Keep practising and Enjoy! - and then you'll naturally feel like being grateful for the gift to the giver who knows more than anyone about the experience. I wish you inner peace - keep on trucking, it's simple & no need for confusion

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to 75amoeba
@75amoeba the only nerve you hit is your own, ha ha ha…you, enlightened, please, allow me to laugh…the only one that's ripping people off here is you…you are really lost, man.

frozendolfin 4 years ago

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
You really did it this time ilusion40…show your ilusion…lol anyone that links Prem Rawat to the French Guayana's massacres has to be really in ilusion. Maharaji never made anyone crazy, dear…but I can see that you are. Knowledge has nothing to do with cultures, or India and Occident. Sorry. Get a life! Good thing I have this Knowledge or you would confuse me…oh, no! you wouldn't, see? Because when you are born to understand this, nobody can confuse you…

Maltiboys 4 years ago
This video is misleading and harmfull and has nothing to do with Prem Rawat and his message.

ambeegee 6 years ago
These two guys desperately need a Knowledge review!!!!! He always said to connect from within yourself. And for postcardsoflife., So what if Maharaji got angry, Remember when you really needed him. He was always there for you!!!!!

MuNkYBizNess 7 years ago
What a phony. Besides, everyone knows that you need the correct preperation from Maharaji or the techniques will not work.

Matt Wade 1 year ago
There's something behind all of this. Why isn't Prem Rawat sharing his 'secret' with those in hospitals/mental wards etc suffering from emotional and physical trauma? why don't we read about him in good newspapers such as the Guardian? Why isn't knowledge accessible to all with or without money? He is stinking rich, yet Knowledge is still kept for a minority of people.

MuNkYBizNess 7 years ago in reply to MuNkYBizNess
I forgot to add that these are not the same techniques taught by Maharaji. I received knowledge in006 so can vouch that those in the video are not the same as were taught to me.

Sandeep Sharma 3 years ago
i dont know why did someone put this video on youtube… friends this video is a completely misinformation. even this guy doesnt know what he is doing

terivdominguez 6 years ago
pobre tipo tu vida debe ser miserable

Tomas Sardinha 1 year ago
I received the knowledge by Prem Rawat in 1979 and it's pretty much the same as these guys demonstrate. This meditation gives a lot of inner peace indeed. But also experienced the same peace with other meditations and Gurus, the peace is inside no matter the kind of tecnics you use or gurus you have.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to goddessdownhere
@goddessdownhere It took you0 years to find out? Wow, you must be a slow learner…one of those coconuts Maharaji talks about…oh, by the way, maybe it'll take you0 more to find out that you don't have to say good-bye to someone who enlightens you…You can enjoy yourself and still be nice, no?

280473 7 years ago
Con todo el respeto, esta persona del video, no tiene ni idea de las tecnicas que enseña Prem Rawat. Ha oido campanas pero no sabe donde. Las que Prem Rawat enseña son una pasada. Yo las practico cada dia desde 1973 y estoy encantado, porque me ayudan a sentirme muy, pero que muy bien, en paz y contento, ademas disfruto un monton de escucharle, siempre que puedo. Prem Rawat es una persona maravillosa y le estoy inmensamente agradecido.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to René O'Deay
@ReneODeay this is obvious Rene…get it?

Diggsblues 4 years ago
This video seems so old. What are these people doing today?

thashaaaaa 4 years ago
i've been watching prem rawat videos for the past year…i see that he is just a normal human being with a simple message…that what you are looking for is within you…but i do see some people are brainwashed by their own brain…they are idolizing him…that's sad because that's exactly what he stands against…listen to him like you are listening to a freind…from one human being to another…you are not any less then him and he is not anymore than you…cont'd

thashaaaaa 4 years ago in reply to goddessdownhere
@goddessdownhere glad you realized that…that's exactly what he was saying the whole time…he's just a normal human being saying that what you have is whithin you…take from it what you want…he is not God

maria isabel gonzalez 5 years ago
Im very sorry for you, because you never understood Maharaj jis message. I have had knowledge during the last 30 years and my experience is of REAL PEACE and LOVE. Those ARE NOT the Maharaji´s techniques. You are waisting your beautiful time.

being4joy 5 years ago
You are so full of sh_t, this is why the techniques you are revealing are NOT the ones Maharaji offers at all, and this is why you don't understand Knowledge…I bet you are with Maharishi like Donovan…now, he's the wrong one…but oh, beauty's in the Eye of the beholder, right? That's why your Eye only beholds filth.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
As beast666666 puts it…who do you want to be enlightened by, the fallen angels or the angels? LOL

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to greg sco
@gsco82 because they are…duh!

mariaaguamarina 4 years ago
entendió tan poco, perdió tanto!!! el conocimiento es muchisimo mas que lo que muestra con desprecio que es sobre todo falta de comprension. … lo siento mucho por el…

tania lumley 6 years ago
this guy has got the techniques wrong,all wrong,dickheads, no wonder they dont 'get it'. also they could potentially ruin the experience for others.maharaji doesnt charge anything,you dont have to watch him so if you are just so shallow & disapointed with yourself dont blame it on him,what a dissapointment this clip is,as opposed to the real knowledge i received from mj.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to anaestrela5
@anaestrela5 …you shouldn't follow anyone…

Scitzowicz 3 years ago
was it Oscar Wilde who said, "Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming"?

sucram286 4 years ago
total psyops cia fbi discrediting rubbish lol!

Carlos Gil 6 years ago
It is clear these guys have a very particular and reduced vision, techniques and what they do have to be understood and are just a part of a personal growth process, without the correct vision and the aim to go deeper inside techniques are just nothing, like a sunset for a blind person, it cannot be appreciated.

Javier Galvez 7 years ago
Those tens of thousands you talk about, until now gave you just 9 POOR rating. They don't seem that happy with YOUR techniques…

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive the one that is repulsive is you ilusion40…by now you must be ilusion 100…no? Keep on bein in ilusion…I like clarity. Sorry for you if I found My Thing…you will never get it, get it? As I see. I don't even know if you got this!

Kevin Hall 4 years ago
The techniques have nothing, nought, zero, zilch, nada to do with Knowledge. Study Kriya yoga if you want techniques.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago
You obviously feel it is wrong to have appliances, no? Do you have one? Do you, idiot? Do you have a TV? And if you don't, shame on your ignorance…I can see you have a computer or at least like it…you are so full of it…

sereniteacup 4 years ago in reply to goddessdownhere
@goddessdownhere oh yeah? ya big booby!

beast666666angel 5 years ago
Maharaji does'nt claim he came up with the techniques, how could he? HE WAS SHOWN THEM BY HIS FATHER. Just listen to the 'INTERFEARONS'-the disharmonious malcontents and then listen to Maharaji, you decide. HIS NAME IS LOVE. We are one, we are many, experiencing the one. We are one, experiencing the many. Even the dark lords will become light gods….one day :p JAI SAT CHIT ANAND if you don't get it, get off somewhere else you silly sods. MAHARAJI FOREVER, WE ARE FOREVER IN YOUR LOVE as we are 1

dexamillion 6 years ago
if the techniques of knowledge take you to that place of peace then you are going to do it. if they dont then find out how you can get to that place of peace simple and clear. it works for me, has done for 15 years, i love it. its brilliant see ya !!

FP20 7 years ago
I´m really feel sorry about these persons. They lost their way and did not understand the beauty of Marahaji´s gift of knowledge

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
gee dear gutzbramah, if you so much have this Knowledge and think the techniques are the best meditation you have ever used to really feel peaceful and joyful inside, then why do you have questions? LOL…this Knowledge is not about questions, but about answers. By golly Moses, shouldn't you know by now that the journey of Knowledge is personal and not for the "world" that don't give a hoot…specially if they're like you. The "World" can't listen gutzbramah. LOL duh.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
My final comment for this video…and this site…and all involved: don't waste your time…it's very prescious…this whole video and the clowns in it and their particular views are all a waste…go for the REAL. bye

thashaaaaa 4 years ago
and i also see people who are totally against him… i think these people see the people who are brainwashed and judge prem rawat based on these followers…listen to him (or buddha or krishna or christ…or your own heart) as a human being and you will realize yourself and how beautiful YOU really are

comaradella 5 years ago
you are kind of Judas dude. You are a betrayer, double cross pig snitch.

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago in reply to Premie88
@Premie88 …so who's showing anything? LOL

Mystyknomad 1 year ago
You can't learn to drive a car from a YouTube video you need an instructor. The same goes for Knowledge. It is freely given so why not receive it from a master who only wants people to be content.

rusty nazi 3 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive pream rawat jab chota tha to meine uski har roj gand mari thi . do u know that.

foodman 7 years ago
inutile d'essayer, cela ne marchera pas. c'est comme d'imaginer un ocean sans rivage.

greg sco 4 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive If you are filled with peace and love and defend Mr. Rawat as someone who doesn't denigrate anyone, why do you call someone an idiot??

AlunB3 7 years ago
WRONG, so wrong - did you not listen and learn!

Susan Handel 5 years ago
good luck-- maharaji has helped me so much in my liffe --the knowledge is the best and I know--so there-- experience!

FeeelingAlive 4 years ago
You are full of it idiots! Go jump in the lake of darkness where you belong…in hell, because that is where you are. Your Knowledge is nothing that I would want. LOL I don't think that you can crawl out of hell, but you can try…maybe you'd reach the light then.

Juanjo Llorens 5 years ago
Quien seas te has pasado de pueblo,norespetas nada

david carci years ago in reply to 75amoeba
you dont know what are you saiyng…brainwashed?? my friend….the world has washed your brain till you born, cant you see? the word "bainwashed" was created by anyone else….dont be so stupid and think more carefully your ideas

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to greg sco
@gsco82 you can only see as far as you can see. you are limited by your capacity to see…what you see is shit.

SandraBeatleBlur 3 years ago
they take the thechniques many years ago.. or the techniques are changing or is a jocke… they are different now.Maybe.. ´cause they are a grift from Maharaji, not from they…

SandraBeatleBlur 3 years ago
they take the thechniques many years ago.. or the techniques are changing or is a jocke… they are different now.

Kevin Aldridge 6 years ago
This is a perfect example of "missing the point". Maharaji's message is so simple that "mind" often cannot see the wood for the trees. All I can say to the people in this video is "I wish you all the best in finding peace".

javierglopez 7 years ago
With all respect those techniques are not the ones I learned from Prem Rawat. The ones he taught me are wonderful. But more than the techniques, like in the process of eating, the secuence is important: Hunger, food, satisfaction, digestion, toilet. If you change the order won't be as pleasant.

xutamm 1 year ago in reply to Mystyknomad
From my experience you are lying and naive, or not yet exposed to the inner circles and how it works.

Veritas Sophy 1 year ago
I received the knowledge by Prem Rawat in000 and it's pretty much the same as these guys demonstrate. These techniques are nothing, but some placebo effect.

Tristan Arthur 7 years ago
This should not be allowed. It is so misleading.

Yves Branellec 1 year ago
This people speaks absolute nonsens !

gnome229 5 years ago
hi being4joy you need to come out of your own ignorants and wakeup to the truth about maharaji alias prem pal rewat supposably the lord of the universe and claiming to be greater than god because he could reveal god. talk about ignorants? i was a devotee for0 years so i know who guru maharaji really isnt and the technics the person reveals on youtube are the technics that i and many other premies were revealed back in 1973. .

José Francisco 7 years ago in reply to prembio
Adorar al fatman. Jajajajajaja. Y mantener su status of life.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to rusty nazi
@rusty99nazi99ryan try to beat this one: ruustyupyomama99naztyass do u know that.

Kaze Daizemon 3 years ago
No es este the knowledge que recibimos como regalo de Maharaji

José Francisco 7 years ago in reply to80473
Si las practicas desde el 73, las de la música (2ª), sabrás que la modificaron, como la primera (light), y su orden In the dos finales. Now, la del Néctar es la (4ª), antes la (3ª)

planet123 3 years ago
This is pretty much what I was taught in 1972. If you see Buddha on the road kill him.

José Francisco 7 years ago in reply to80473
Son las técnicas. Sólo modificó un poco las mismas.

tatiana brooke 6 years ago
WHAT ARE THESE JERKS TALKING ABOUT?! They're abusing freedom of speech. Oh, well…

lee jones 4 years ago
lol :) the knowledge is well beyond a technique…..

takewhole 6 years ago
Thank God these idiots dont make president or world leaders

Len Firewood 1 year ago
So now you have the "techniques" are you enlightened - no of course not. It is not just techniques but conciousness and understanding and those two elements missing here render this information useless.

barath1990 4 years ago

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to gnome229
@gnome229 that's what you think gnome229…you are so full of ignorance and darkness that's why you can't see what's real. You are so caught up on materialism that you cannot stand the thought of anything else…you reflect what you are. You are the one who needs to wakeup and growup…oops…sorry to see you are growing down…lol.

54321sunrise 6 years ago
feal the thirst then you will know follow your heart with out thirst peace means nothing.enjoy life.

José Francisco 5 years ago
maharaji turns people into doormats,his followers are weak minded before they follow and become much weaker the longer they follow him. Miserable, ignorante??? Hahaahahaha. Vosotros mismos…

malenkah 5 years ago
Prefiero seguir a este Maestro y no hacer caso de un ignorante como tu, aparte traidor, deveria darte verguenza hablar tanta tonteria en tu video que ademas tu sabes que mientes.

José Francisco 4 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive Thanks!!!

prembio 7 years ago in reply to jeanmarie123
Hi Jeanmarie, Sorry sincere seeker of truth, but they certainly

Tara Lee Planett 3 years ago
The techniques of Self-Knowledge revealed by Prem Rawat ( Maharaji ) are revised by him periodically. None of the four techniques shown in this video are correct or in current use. When practiced correctly self-Knowledge is a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed until the very last breath.

laumaji 6 years ago
No entiendo que hacen estos tipos aca y como sigue estando este video, cuanto odio a alguien que da tanto amor, sabiduria y paz!!!!!!!! Si realmente recibieron las tecnicas no las estarian divulgando,sino que estarian agradecidos y sintiendo este regalo tan maravilloso;las enseñan de manera erronea y perjudican a quienes estan interesados en recibir el conocimiento y se preparan para ello. Solo Maharaji puede enseñarte correctamente las tecnicas, no te dejes engañar por estos idiotas.

tania lumley 5 years ago in reply to José Francisco
people dont 'follow' maharaji,they learn the 'correct' i.e. not wot posted here,techniches of knowledge and then follow their own hearts,u kno not wot u talk about i.e. ignorant!

José Francisco 7 years ago in reply to prembio Adorar y mantener el status social del fatman.Jajajajajaaja.

Charles Altman years ago
I liked the techniques. I was a vietnam veteran and I was around when all this was happening. All I know is that times are different. These techniques seen challenging but I think that they are structural in nature designed to get you present.

boriquabro 3 years ago in reply to joanneclarke99
@joanneclarke99 I received the so called 'knowledge' in 1975 and I can guarantee that those were the techniques given in those days. I freaked out after waiting over a year and a half to realize that those same teachings were written in any yoga meditation book. Plus after being so hungry to receive the mysterious teachings you were asked to give to maharaji 10% of your salary and slave in the ashram and go out and hand brochures to people in order to divulgate the cult! Oh common!!!

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to rusty nazi
@rusty99nazi99ryan try to figure what this one means old rusted naziryan…it means that you are a sicko…ha ha ha lol sicko…ooops I'm gonna report you to the authorities for rapping children…and the Greater Jewish Federation for being prejudiced…and I don't want to say what little black book I put you in. There is no hope for you, is there?

OptDiscounts 7 years ago in reply to ivanelgringo
What pray-tell are the techniques then? Until you actually say what they are I don't believe you when you say these aren't it. I've seen more than 5 people here say "These aren't the techniques" then scamper off like scared children, how exactally are these techniques wrong? I know he has a 70 hour video he wants people to watch on "The Keys" before he reveals the techniques, but he's a self-promoting cult leader. It's not entirely his fault though, his mother didn't raise him right.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to greg sco
@gsco82 that's too bad gsco82…too bad you don't understand…I follow My Self…not Prem Rawat, #1…try to understand that one! Lol. Negativity?! I don't think so. I am positive. They want to speak bad about Prem Rawat…well, I know how to defend myself…the fact that I received this Knowledge doesn't mean I'm gonna let some stupid idiots get away with their idiocracies…and by the way, you can never win an argument with a philosopher, because the minute you start arguing, you loose.

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to slarteyb123
@slarteyb123 sorry, you can only see what you can see…people here are busy denigrating Prem Rawat…so I can then easily denigrate them, lol. Eckhart Tolle pretends to be a teacher, and he is really not…lol. He's confusing you. I am not saying that mine is the only way, idiot; but I can defend my way all the way, lol…so don't talk bad about my way, which is what you are all doing in here, speaking bad of my teacher. Lol. YOu are all loosers, and that's it for you slarteyb123!

starfilms 7 years ago in reply to Tristan Arthur
what should not be allowed xtc?

75amoeba 3 years ago
I'm surprised the midget bloated fat bullshitting Guru didn't get you suckers to stick your fingers up your arses. I bet the dirty little fuck would have got a perverted kick out of that, considering what a cunt the little fucker is. Knowledge, you'd get more out of a packet of cheerios.

José Francisco 7 years ago
Son esas las técnicas, aunque hace años que modíficó la forma, mas, no la esencia. De hecho, estas son las antiguas que enseñaban los yoguis Sant Mat.

Luego de este repugnante espectáculo de dos payasos, con deseos de ser gurus,esperan veneración?, agradecimiento?, poder?,…sino pueden utilizar su cerebro izquierdo, quizá puedan apelar al derecho, pero siendo éste el de la creatividad, supongo, que sólo les queda el reptiliano, pues el emocional lo tienen pu-tre-fac-to.

rusty nazi 3 years ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
@FeeelingAlive it means when prem rawat was a kid i fuck his ass daily .haha near delhi(india) in his ashram. his dad is a pick start his business he land his assto be fucked by neggers for the capital money for this business. hehe. do u know that.

rusty nazi 4 years ago
yes i know pream rawat is an assholeee..

redkeithh 7 years ago
Hardly any of his followers know about his addictions, his gross materialism, his rages, and those who do stick their heads in the sand like nothing happened. The happiness of their souls is dependent on Never questioning Rawat. I was happy under Rawat for many ignorant years.

Matt Wade 1 year ago in reply to FeeelingAlive
'Arsehole' is the English derivation of the word 'asshole'. You can't even spell the English version correct: 'aresehole'.

crystalclear999 years ago
why are all of prem rawats followers so defensive and afraid of what others think or say, plus if your so happy with prem rawat then why do you have to keep following him and keep listening to basically the same message every day. Its a form of brain washng and unfortunately you dont realise it. I feel very sorry for you as your giving money to a man who promises nothing but inner peace, but at what cost. meditation can do the same. You alienate yourselves from family and spend a lot on travel.

XSOLIGEN years ago
MOTHER FUCKER !!! erase this video !!!

elfinia 7 years ago
tgubler is better looking than the guru.

greenstockings 6 years ago in reply to pottogal
Oh Pottoga, You seem to be very naive. You don't want to make trouble? Always doing what papa says. Poor child

elfinia 7 years ago in reply to Tristan Arthur
Why not? Don't you believe in freedom of speech ?Call the Guru police !

elfinia 7 years ago in reply to Premie88
Guess what Premie 88, he didn't forget the so called promises…..but even worse (sarcasm)he deliberately broke them…..ooooh,uuummmm and whats more,he wasn't struck down dead by a lightning bolt.The Lord of the Universe spared him (by his mercy and infinite grace):)

FeeelingAlive 3 years ago in reply to 75amoeba
@75amoeba you are so full of it, you have a hard time seeing your own feet, lol. Don't waste my time. You are full of envy…learn how to spell asshole, aresehole…I bet you are a really tall and thin bullshitter, uh? I bet you con people out of their money, uh? I bet you are a con man, ha ha ha…Get lost

greenstockings 6 years ago in reply to pottogal
My husband lost everthing because Maharaji: his former wife, his mind, me, his son, his parents, his job, his house and all his money. But he is happy in psychiatric hospital.

75amoeba 3 years ago
That stupid little fucker the Guru Maharaji probably got all his disciples to stick their fingers up their arses and then give him all their money. What a dirty fucking thieving little cunt.

Postcards Of Life 6 years ago
I took it for granted Maharaji was the bees knees but I went to Amaroo in Australia in 1992. On stage he fired off a few bursts of uncontrollable expletives at an airplane he presumed was being hired by the press. As the plane circled again, more swearing and shouting and Prem Rawat continued his temper tantrum.Don't think the pilot heard him but we all did. I note that that satsang is never broadcast. Anyone else there that day?

prembio 7 years ago in reply to Tristan Arthur
It is not misleading to post an interview with someone describing the meditation techniques that Prem Rawat claims will reveal God. Well he claims that in India but in the West he speaks of inner peace. Perhaps your comments would be more believable if you discussed how the techniques differ from the description given or when the techniques were changed and how Rawat can have the power to inspire these physical techniques with potency.

prembio 7 years ago in reply to ceels53
No need for confusion at all. Those who wish to worship a minor and unsuccessful guru and believe in these techniques can continue to do so and those who wish to realise the truth can learn a little more about the depths of human gullibility. ALL CAN ENJOY.

prembio 7 years ago in reply to AlunB3
Exactly what is wrong? The techniques are simple, so simple, just put your fingers on your eyes, your thumbs in your ears, concentrate on your breath and curl your tongue backwards for 15 minutes a day on each "technique". What more is there to learn?

75amoeba 3 years ago
@FeeelingAlive. Hit a nerve have we, sounds like he conned you. How could I envy a moron like Prem Rawat. I am far more enlightened than that scam artist. I am just amazed that he is still around ripping people off.

75amoeba 3 years ago
@feeelingalive. I take it you are another of the gullible who was brainwashed by the spiritual con man. I am not lost I think the little fat Guru midgets the one who's lost because a few years ago he was telling everyone that he was God, now he's telling us all he's our spiritual saviour. I think he needs a Guru, trouble is the little fat fucker couldnt afford my enlightenment fees.

OptDiscounts 6 years ago in reply to cashone2004
Do you realise he flies everywhere he goes in a private jet? Do you realise he has multiple multi-million dollar mansions paid for by people who believe he was "Lord of the Universe"? Do you realise he spends MILLIONS on his luxorious lifestyle while giving a pittance to poor children so he doesn't look like a complete asshole? Do you realise the man is a charlitan? If you don't get certain things that's your right in life..

joanneclarke99 3 years ago
These guys seem to have very vivid imagintions. I received knowledge 12 years ago and the techniques i was shown were quite different to what they are portraying. Maybe things were done differently back then, or maybe these blokes are just away with the fairies!

prembio 7 years ago in reply to elfinia
That's not me, that is just one of the huge majority of people who have tried Prem Rawat's "Gift of Knowledge" and realised it, realised it's a crock.

75amoeba 3 years ago
Guru Maharaji is a little fat midget bullshitter who cons people out of their money. So the God on Earth is just a con man. Ha Ha Ha. Stupid little arsehole.

OptDiscounts 7 years ago in reply to Leslie Dailey
What he teaches is ambigous BS what is to appreciate? Prem Rawat's assets: $40 million private jet helicopters (worth over $4.5 million) a $7 million yacht 3 Multi-Million dollar homes. All paid for by his "premies". He should donate all that to the "Prem Rawat Foundation" and feed poor people, but he doesn't give a damn about them, PRF is funded by Premies too, not a nickle from Prem Rawat himself, hes a greedy self-centered bastard.