Prem Rawat's Millenium '73 Debacle Millenium '73 Press Conference - Excerpt

The world press had been invited to the Millenium 73 festival by Divine Light Mission administrators becqause they mistakenly believed that Prem Rawat was going to pull a divine rabbit out of the hat. Was it the Astrodome rising into the sky to join the Kohoutek comet? Was it 144,000 people arriving in Houston? Was it the brilliance of Prem Rawat's Plan for World peace? They were ready for anything but a fiasco.

Q: It's hard for some people to understand how you personally can live so luxuriously in your several homes and your Rolls Royces. And why don't you spend that money on feeding people?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Now that's a really good question and let me tell you this. That life that you call luxurious isn't luxurious at all because if any other person gets the same life I get, he's going to blow apart in a million pieces in a split of a second.

Q: Yeah, but you don't look like you're starving.

Guru Maharaj Ji: Oh, I don't look like it, do I?

Q: Why don't you practice what you preach?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Oh, I'm going to practice it, don't you bother about it. I'm practicing it as a matter of fact now, I am practicing it and it's for people to realize. People have made Rolls Royce a heck of a car and only that is a tin with a V-8 engine which probably a Chevelle Concourse has. It's been presented to me, it's been given to me.

Q: Why don't you sell it and make it into food for people?

Guru Maharaj Ji: What good would it do if I even make it food for people? All that's going to happen is they will need one more and I don't have another Rolls Royce. I will sell everything and I'll walk and still they will he hungry. Why don't I give them something so that they can support their lives as you are supporting? Why can't give them something like that? That's my plan for the Divine City. The people who cannot help themselves and are disabled, and come into Divine City, will work and earn and feed themselves, forever and ever probably.

Q: could we hear specifics on the Divine City? Where, when, how?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Well, this is all going to be presented because we are having the main meeting probably today about the whole and everybody is bringing their plans.

Q: Did you receive the Knowledge in a vision?

Guru Maharaj Ji: No, it was given to me, as it is given to eight million people, it was given to me by my father.

Q: How can we help you?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Print right information about it. Understand that what we are trying to preach is just the Knowledge itself.

Q. Guru, are you the perfect body?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Oh no. (Big smile)

Q. How do you view Jesus?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Jesus was a Perfect Master of his time, who came to reveal this Knowledge. But I am just a humble servant of God, that's all I am.

Q: Are you the Son of God?

Guru Maharaj Ji: Everybody is a son of God. You aren't the uncle of God or anything like that.

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Ladies and gentlemen the thing I would like to tell you first of all before we begin the conference is that there have been many news appearing in newspapers and televisions. To some extent they are true and to some extent they aren't true and uh we would just like to clarify some of these things because the purpose of this mission, the aim of this mission is to establish peace in this earth and we want that we should be helped by all brothers and sisters because if we are humans, if we are real humans, we would very much like that peace should be on this earth. And thus we would like to help somebody who can establish peace. Well, here I am and I can I say I can establish peace in this world."

(He's like, you know the Supreme Joker, and everything is his play, this interview, this world, everything is his play.)

Q: "Guru, are you the Perfect Body?"

A: "Oh no." (Sustained laughter)

(They serve him occasionally Heinz vegetarian beans on the side, as a side dish and also I tell you the fact that he, he also drinks wine punches every meal.")

Q: "It's hard for some people to understand how you personally can live so luxuriously in your several homes and your Rolls Royce and stuff and why don't you spend that money on feeding people?"

A: "And that's a really good question and let me tell you this, that life that you call luxurious ain't luxurious at all because any other person gets the same life I get, he is going to blow apart in a million pieces in a split of a second."

(He drives a mini bike right into his mother's bedroom, back out into the living room, revs it up in the living room.)

"I'm trying to accomplish peace in this world. This is what I'm trying to do. Trying to accomplish peace in this world."

Q: Guru what happened to the reporter in Detroit that was badly beaten by your followers?

Premie organiser: Ma'm could you please direct your questions to here it's kind of like etiquette to the rest of the members of the press that they also have questions too and there are many people here who would like to ask questions (general hubbub)

Q: Could I have an answer to that question please?

We have propaganda here from South America. Is this a press conference or propaganda for Divine Light Mission?

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