Daya Rawat - Singer

Daya Rawat Born in Malibu, California, Daya is the third child of Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat, TPRF'''s founder, Prem Rawat, and his wife Marolyn. Since early childhood, Daya has had the privilege of living in luxury, surrounded by servants and sycophants and traveling extensively. She is the fatter and leoss attractive of Rawat's 2 daughters

Daya shares her father's interest in aviation, and in February 2013, she acquired her private pilot's license for small multi-engine airplanes. She is currently working toward her instrument and commercial ratings. She hopes to use this skill in the future to continue to bring in the donations from her father's ageing and dwindling band of devotees to keep the family financially secure.

Rawat & McVittieDaya began writing songs and singing publicly as a teenager. Since then, she has performed for audiences large and small all of which were her father's devotees. Lots of money has been spent making a professional looking and sounding CDs of songs based on too little Daya Rawat talent that will be lapped up by Rawat's devotees but the professional backings shows how poor her talent is. It will sell well into a tiny pool of fans but no matter how much effort is made and money spent she will never have any real success breaking out to major audiences. Some career advice to Daya: Stick to audiences of your father's devotees but don't sing on the same stage as Richie and Charlie Ingui and other real singers and don't surround yourself with superior talent, it demonstrates your mediocrity.

Daya was prominent on the Drifting CD.