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Divine Light
Divine Light

DIVINE LIGHT–a search for peace.

Milky is 25 years old, born in London. Amongst many other things he has been married, been a business man, a psychedelic distributor and an early UFO follower. As he says, "I tried every trip going in my search for peace."

For two years he has been part of the Divine Light Mission and he says that here he has found the inner peace he found lacking in all th eother occupations and escapes that he tried. I once, myself, visited their Ashram and was certainly -impressed with the atmosphere there. I came out feeling what I can only describe as uplifted and very very stoned. I didn't go back as it would have been rather easy to stay and for me personally there are things I have to deal with in myself by myself

Anyway, Milky and I talked about the Divine Light Mission the other day and here's what he had to say. Incidentally, this interview is ideal for reading aloud.

As we couldn't find a tape recorder, everyone's being either broken or missing on that day, we had to rely on my longhand, consequently there isn't the snap and quickness of a transcribed tape. The questions are short and the answers longer.

Love, Joy.

Why are you existing in this world

What is your aim for living?

–Guru Maharaj

How did you come to hear of the Divine Light Mission?

I found no peace in the West, I had exhausted the clothes scene and the psychedelic scene and all the other scenes and finally I went to India hoping to find there, the divine light and the golden age of peace. I hitchhiked with a very good brother called David. But when I reached India I realised that the sadness and lonliness was inside myself. By the grace of God I met a good friend called Brian, now a Mahatma of the Divine Light Mission. We were sitting, one day, on a railway roof when he told me a story. This is what he told me:

"There was a female tiger by the one side of a fast flowing river and on the other side a herd of sheep. Feeling hungry, this tiger, not realising she was pregnant, dived into the fast flowing river, but on reaching the other side collapsed and died giving birth to her cub. This cub lived with the sheep and knowing no different grew up with them and wandered with them from field to field for many years. Then one day, on the other side of the river came another tiger. 'his 'tiger saw the tiger playing with the sheep, acting as a sheep and wandering from field to field with them. The second tiger swam the river and spoke to the first tiger taking the tiger to the river bank and saying "Look, look in this river and see your true reflection. You are a tiger, like me. So come home to where you belong. This is your true reflection."

The story brought tears to my eyes, I felt as though I had waited a lifetime to hear this. This story was the beginning of my new life. With joy in my heart and tears in my eyes I said to Brian, "Take me to your teacher for this is why I came to India–to see the true reflection of my life."

I went with Brian to the Ashram of the Divine Light Mission and there met many beautiful Mahatmas who talked only of love and peace and the divine bliss of God. The one thing they insisted on was to not just fill the mind and intellect with these words, but to fill the heart and soul with the infinite glory of the Lord. I asked for this divine knowledge of God and they said, by the Grace of Guru Balyogeshwar Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj you will receive the sacret (sic) secret of this divine universe.

I went to a function in North India and there met Guru Maharaj and through his grace I felt such bliss that I fell at his lotus feet and pleaded for the divine knowledge for this was the first time I had felt such peace within this human body. I received his divine knowledge in Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalayas.

"Feel a leaf, so smooth, so soft, so kind. It is nature. Smell a eucalyptus tree. So Tice. Smell a rose and try to enjoy the beauty of rose. So nice. These are the little drops of his mercy that he has given to us. The beautiful red apple, filled with sweetness. Flowers filled with scent. So many. Jasmine, rose, and every one having a different, different, different. So many colours. Without a brush, without a tube, but beautiful colours. And changing colours. This is nature."
–Guru Maharaj

Tell me about Guru Maharaj

He is the Prince of Peace, he is the realised soul of this age, he is the Buddha, Krishna, Jesus. Incarnated in this time of darkness and sadness so that man may know that true peace, that ocean of bliss/ that light brighter than a thousand suns that shines within this human temple given to us by the Grace of our sweet Lord.

Guru Maharaj is thirteen years old, his father was a Sad Guru (enlightened person). In July 1966 his father died and at his funeral 3 million followers cried and wept for the loss of this divine holy man. His son, the youngest of four, sat on the stage with a microphone in his hand and spoke to all the followers, saying, "Why do you weep? Why are you so sad? It is only my body that has died. I will carry on the work of God in this form." And he gave them discourse for six hours on the truth and glory of God and proclaimed himself to be the new Sad Guru of this age, the Enlightened Spiritual Perfect Master to spread light into this dark sad world, to give knowledge to all who come to him with the true desire for peace in their hearts.

"There is a cause, a reason for the life in this universe. You have to know it."
–Guru Maharaj

What makes this teaching different from other religions and beliefs?

This knowledge is of the primordial vibration that sustains this universe in its gross manifestations, the rhythm of life (the word of God) crystallises energy into light, and light into this very beautiful universe. We must know that rhythm, we must know that holy word that sustains life. We live by the Grace of God.

But I'd like to know the difference in your words, not the words of your teacher.

Okay. In our mother's womb we had peace and were merged totally with the light of God. On being born into this world our senses, i.e. eyes, ears, smell and taste, extended externally. We perceived God in the trees, in the sky; in the sun. We perceived God through our taste and through our sense of smell. In fact we filled our mind and intellect with gross understanding of God, finite understanding of God. This has brought us no true peace, an understanding, yes, but no true peace.

That's fine, but you still haven't given me any actual way where you differ from, say, Krishna Consciousness or Buddhism or Christianity.

The knowledge of God is infinite up till now we have perceived finite knowledge of God, so we must now know this infinite bliss of our Lord that lies within. We cannot possibly understand such infinite bliss and tranquillity of our Lord through-mind and intellect only. Only by opening the third eye can we experience the Lord in his infinite glory. The knowledge of Guru Maharaj is a technique whereby we open this third eye to the light of God, where we hear the subtle sounds, the point of all sounds. Where we taste the divine nectar that lies within and know that holy word (primordial vibration) that sustains this universe.

Knowledge cannot be found in books, know that divine knowledge that Krishna meditated upon, know that divine knowledge that was the Word made Flesh. Only by knowing this unwritten word can we know true knowledge. Following the teachings of Buddha and the other Great Masters will only give us an understanding mentally and intellectually of God but Guru Maharaj will give you a direct experience of the light of God.

You must see God face to face
And I can show you that God exists
–Guru Maharaj

There's been a great deal of speculation about whether or not the "white light" sometimes experienced during an acid trip is a real experience of God or simply an illusion.

I asked this same question of my Guru's brother who explained in the most beautiful way.

Within each human being there is a soul, the sustaining energy of this body. On dying, this soul leaves this body and enters the stage of cosmic consciousness to unite with the Infinite Light of the Lord or to be reincarnated. When you take acid, this soul passes through the five subtle senses and into cosmic consciousness but retains itself within this human frame, whereby we perceive the Light of God, but unfortunately this is a limited experience for we must come down from acid.

If you cannot actually see God
then for you God does not exist
–Guru Maharaj

How would you say the Divine Light Mission has changed your life. I know its changed you spiritually, but how does this affect your physical, material world. Has it altered your time scale, or your diet?

The purpose of life is to know God and by knowing the peace of God our everyday work becomes, by his grace, to be working out of devotion to the Lord, to be eating,out of devotion, our every action to be by the grace of God. This is the true purpose of our life, to be devoted to his love. Before there was such loneliness, such sadness in me. I had no true direction, I

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was lost like a sheep in this world. One of the most obvious changes was the desire for clean healthy food (I became a vegetarian) and to be wearing clean clothes at all times.

So this is a desire for inner and outer cleanliness, a complete unity of body and soul? In fact, you're trying to live a completely natural lifestyle?

Only by this infinite knowledge can we live this true peace within and without.

"You must have an aim without knowing your soul there is no aim and true knowledge of your soul comes only from a perfect Master."
–Guru Maharaj

Why do you stay in London, it hardly fits with a desire for either cleanliness or a natural life style?

The reason being, our brothers and sisters who are seeking this divine knowledge of God, this peace and tranquillity, many are in London, so it is our duty to stay in London for this reason.

Why do you think they come to London?

London is the centre of sensual pleasure and man can exercise his frustration in many ways, but this adds only to more and more confusion. This is why we feel we must stay in London. But we also have Ashrams in Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Inverness, Exeter and Southend.

Did all these come from the London Ashram?

Yes, the desire of our brothers and sisters who have experienced this divine knowledge of Guru Maharaj have now devoted their life to spreading light in this sad world.

"This material world in like a forest of illusion. You are lost and cannot find your way out. You need someone to lead you out."
–Guru Maharaj

"When you take knowledge you are re-born and you take a new life. You die to this world."
–Guru Maharaj

Does the Divine Light Mission mainly appeal to young people?

Mainly young people up to 25 in the Ashrams, but Divine Light Mission has no age limit. Young people feel the desire to know truth far more than their parents, because they see the confusion their parents live in.

How do your parents feel about the Mission?

This is very mind blowing. My mother and father did not understand at first the strange wanderings that took me to many places but by the grace of our Lord, I now spend many blissful hours meditating with my mother and father who have received this divine knowledge of our Lord.

"Knowledge of God must be shown this knowledge is a natural thing. You cannot take away someone's nature it is a part of him that is why my knowledge is real."
–Guru Maharaj

A lot of the faiths, beliefs, whatever, aimed at the young, say the Jesus Freaks, seem very attractive at first sight but turn out to have rigid codes of social behaviour. Does this same kind of discipline apply to the Divine Light Mission?

Truth is eternal, truth has no limitation, truth pervades this whole universe, truth is knowledge. Through knowledge we realise the true essence of life and we understand what we should or shouldn't do, through ourselves, through no-one but ourselves. We do have a couple of community rules that we don't smoke in the Ashram and that visitors and residents take off their shoes when they enter the Ashram. That's all.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the Divine light Mission can attend the meeting they are holding on 5 November at Westminster Central Hall at 7.00. Free. Everyone is welcome. Or you can write to them c/o The Divine Light Mission, 4 Alba Gardens, London NW 11