Page A-8 THE NEWS Frederick, Maryland Saturday June 10, 1972

'Perfect Spiritual Master Of Aquarian Age' Arrives Sunday

Associate Editor

It is with a sense of humility that we report the receipt of an invitation to be among the privileged few chosen to constitute a welcoming committee at National Airport on Sunday, when Guru Maharaj Ji, described as the, "14-year-old Perfect Spiritual Master of the Aquarian Age;" arrives from Bombay, India, by chartered jet to inaugurate his first American tour.

Our Invitation to be among the throng greeting the Guru as he alights upon a velvet carpet to be laid in his honor comes directly from a prestigious source of whose existence in the nation's capital we were previously ignorant: "The Embassy For Peace."

While we have a wealth of foreign embassies in Washington sheltering the accredited envoys of a host of foreign states of greater or less magnitude, such an all-embracing humanitarian diplomatic addition as this "Embassy for Peace" seems to us highly praiseworthy.

We are similarly favorably impressed by the additional information that this most recent addition to the Washington diplomatic corps - the "Embassy For Peace" - in marked contrast to some of those representing secular states around the world, constitutes the United States spokesman of "Divine Light."

To "this new "Embassy For Peace" who honored us by its invitation to be among the official welcoming party at National Airport Sunday at 12:26 p.m., when not only the 14-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji, who is described as making his initial American tour, "to deliver mankind from its present confusion and suffering;" but his "Holy Mother," Shri Mata Ji; and elder brothers, Shri Bhole Ji and Shri Raja Ji; will also be passengers on the chartered American Airlines flight from Bombay, India, we are grateful.

Certainly our flattering invitation to be among the "highly honored American welcoming delegation" from the Embassy of Peace would indicate that this is an honor which no intelligent individual would lightly dismiss.

The 14-year-old Guru Maharj Ji modestly officially proclaimed by the Embassy of Peace to be:

"The Perfect Spiritual Master of the Aquarian Age, who has come to deliver mankind from its present state of confusion and suffering, by giving daily experience of the Divine Light, Celestial Music, and embodiment within Himself of the Holy Name of God."

He certainly is arriving in Washington Sunday in an "environmental social crisis of such staggering potentialities" that the additional information from the Embassy of Peace that the Guru's Divine Knowledge of the Human Soul will be imparted "absolutely free of any financial cost," merely serves as "frosting on the cake."

In their invitation to the airport welcome of the Guru and his family, the Washington Embassy of Peace at 1740 Riggs Place, N.W., thoughtfully included some photostats of stories from the highly respected Toronto Star telling of the prodigy's arrival in Canada.

"The Guru of the minute," says the enthusiastic reporter of the Star covering the reception at the airport, "is unquestionably Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ji, Saviour of Mankind, Perfect Master, Lord of the Universe, Revealer of Light, Peace, Love, Unity and Everything Eternal.

"The Guru is a Divine Prodigy who delivered Holy Discourses as an infant in the arms of his Divine Mother, Shri Mata Ji, at the tender age of two years.

"Today, as the Guru alighted from his chartered jet plane from Bombay into the ecstatically heart-warming cheering throng gathered to pay homage to His Divinity, he is, although only 14 years of ago, clearly portrayed by his sleek, obviously prophetically Inspired Divinely-glowing countenance; as a reincarnation of the holy luminosity of a Buddah or a Christ."

Strong medicine! One wonders whether the normally conservative Toronto Star sent a "reporter" or a "poet" to describe the Guru's reception in that Canadian city.

It is apparent that some great magnetic force flowing from the 14-year-old Guru posing for photographers at the door of the plane; ignited a spark of such unusual Intensity in the normally cynical heart common to all seasoned reporters, served to transform him into a "convert."

Continuing, he says: "The Guru's 'Movement' - he dislikes terming it a 'religion' - has 10,000,000 followers throughout the world.

"These believers in North America a year ago numbered only five; today they include more than 30,000, including more than 400 new converts" as a result of his Toronto visit.

"This new Messiah - the 'Perfect Master' - bringing to North America for the first time his "Mission of Divine Love," is the son of a celebrated Indian Holy Man (who died in 1966) worshipped by millions.

"On his deathbed, he consecrated Guru - his son of only seven years - as 'The World's Messiah of Love and Peace.' " We are grateful to Washington's newest diplomatic Embassy of Peace for considerately including with their invitation to us to greet the Guru, his Holy mother and two equally sacred brothers, a note pointing out that if we should be delayed in the traffic jam of those rushing to National Airport for this official American welcome to "His Holiness, The Perfectly Enlightened Soul of Our Time and Saviour of All Mankind," that we should not be completely downcast.

On Sunday at 8 p.m. In Constitution Hall with a seating capacity of 4,000, the Peace Embassy adds:

"The Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Jl, who alone and exclusively has the power to impart direct experiences disclosed to Him by God, will, surrounded by His Divine Mother and His Two Divine Brothers, openly and freely disclose to those citizens of Washington gathered to honor His Divine Mission of Light and Love, the Inspired Messages from the God-Head entrusted to him as 'Revealer of Light' for the spiritual inspiration and guidance of all sincere Truth Seekers."

Thoughtfully, the Peace Embassy adds that there will be no "collection."

But, they add, the Guru has "graciously expressed a willingness to accept any spontaneous love offerings pressed upon Him by his 4,000 Seekers for the Divine Truth in Constitution Hall."

It seems to us, that this shows a commendable desire not to offend anyone by refusing such "love offerings."

It would be impossible for us to improve upon the beautifully expressed quotations of the Guru sent to us by the Peace Embassy clarifying the motivations behind his first American tour.

Stating that the doors of Constitution Hall will be open to all without cost, that there will be no collection; but thoughtfully not ruling out entirely "a spontaneous love offering," the Peace Embassy quotes this "Sole Perfectly Enlightened Soul of Our Times and Saviour of All Mankind," as, in laying down the guidelines for his American crusade, the following certainly laudable motivations:

"This is the time," says the Guru, "for the return of Christ to the earth as predicted in the Bible; as well as in the Scriptures of other world religions.

"As His advance agent, as the sole embodiment of that pure absolute energy within which lies peace; I am bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to the Earth. You have but to come unto Me and I will give you Peace.

"The time for attaining spiritual knowledge and total soul peace from the Christ-like Maharj Ji is knocking at the portals of Humanity.

"To those who will open their hearts, I offer freely to truth seekers of all previous religions denominations hungering for complete spiritual attainment, the seed, the source, the spirit, and all of those other mystic intangibles which form in perfect unity the 'Universal and Absolute Truth.' "

And this 14-year-old Indian youth consecrated by his deceased widely worshipped father as his successor as the world's only "True Messiah," is - according to his Divine Mother, Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, who with his two brothers will share the stage of Constitution Hall Sunday night with the Guru: "The One All Powerful Annointed by God with the Ability to Reveal True Knowledge to All Believers."

In his closing outline summarizing what those attending his first American platform appearance in Constitution Hall Sunday at 8 p.m., will hear the Guru wraps it up nicely:

"Tbe experience of Knowledge is the Inner Divine Light. If thine eye be made single, thy whole body shall be full of light; that inner Divine music, the nectar which you, can drink within (the living water Christ referred to) and you will receive from my Divinity the primordial Word of God which contains the vibrations of deepest tranquillity.

"I - as the only living annointed Voice of the God-Head - will freely with the charity first similarly enunciated by Christ, put you face to face with God.

"Your soul will be bathed in that pure state of consciousness filled with energy which instills Divine understanding, joy, love, and peace eternal into all individuals experiencing this spontaneous infusion of Divine energy."

It is unfortunately true that this Is a very imperfect world filled with sceptics and scoffers, as the Guru's Divine Mother, Shri Sant Ji Maharaj; delicately admits by pointing out that even that Fountainhead of Christianity - Jesus Christ- whose Father commissioned Him to Redeem Sinning Humanity; was crucified on Golgotha's Hill with a mocking crown of thorns piercing His forehead.

Similarly, the Divine Mother fears that there will be "some unbelievers" among the Guru's audience in Constitution Hall. "They will ask," she says, "how can we know for sure that Guru Maharaj is, as he claims to be, The Annointed Emissary of the God-Head?"

To obtain the answer, she consulted the 14-year-old Perfect Spiritual Master of the Aquarian Age" commissioned directly by God to bring "Divine Light and Celestial Music" into all lives.

The Guru laid it right on the line: "Receive what I have to give you before you try to understand who I am," he advised.

"If what I give you freely and without charge satisfies your soul, if I can reveal to you the Divine Light, then - and only then - can you know Me; and comprehend in its entirety My God- Inspired Message to All Mankind."