Teenage guru Teenage Guru

He believes in the trendiest gear, the fastest cars. He watches 'Man from Uncle' on TV. And six million worship him as the Divine Light.

By Andrew Fyall

THE Guru Mahariji, dispeller of evil, possessor of all knowledge, gifted inventor, and "The Divine Light" himself, was suffering like an ordinary mortal yesterday.

He was " thoroughly exhausted" after a first-class jet flight from his home in Northern India.

Not surprising, perhaps, for this latest Guru to arrive on our scene is only 15, although his followers claim he makes up for his lack of years with a wealth of experience.

He has been broadcasting his message of eternal love since he was three, by which time his father, the Guru before him, was proclaiming a bright future for his gifted lad.


But if the young leader was indisposed, two of his most dedicated disciples were ready to do the talking for him and to reveal something of the life style of this teenager, whose worldly interests range from extensive appreciation of electronic gadgetry to "The Three Stooges", and "Man From U.N.C.L.E." on TV.

Jonathan Mills, 23-year-old son of actor John Mills, is deeply committed to the Guru and his movement. "I am at peace with myself and the world," he says.

And he hopes to arrange an introduction for his father and mother soon, in the interest of similar results.

Whether or not the young Guru can persuade John Mills to fall in behind him and convince him me is Jesus Christ returned is something else, but already he claims to have six million followers all over the world.

Six thousand of them are here, and in the next two weeks the aim is to multiply this figure several times.

Jonathan Mills said: "My parents have supported my beliefs. They have seen how I have changed."

This Guru is not a tub-thumping religionist. His "message" is directed at all denominations and is designed to promote international peace and harmony on earth.

Noble principles projected with the aid of a highly efficient business network, sophisticated computers - and money.

The Guru, even at 15, believes in the trendiest gear, the fastest cars, the best plane seats and all forms of earthly luxury; yet he claims he owns nothing himself and his bank book is empty.

Michael John Cole, the English disciple known as "Milky," has been a constant travelling companion. He has no money either, receiving only cash for food and clothes when the need arises.

" We are not in need of "worldly goods," he said. "All we require is peace".


"Our organisation relies on private subscriptions alone, plus the sale of our literature. There are no fees demanded and we exist to spread the message of peace and love, just as Christ did. The Guru is Christ."

At the same time he admitted that the Guru, whose well-nourished appearance indicates he is suffering none of the deprivations experienced by Jesus, has the use of scores of homes all over the world, including the one he is presently using in the wealthy London suburb of Highgate.

He also has three planes, principally based in the United States which is the fastest expanding area of his influence, several cars (only the best like Rolls-Royce), TV and radio studios, a complex office organisation and an IBM computer to ensure that it all runs well.

"The Guru believes in utilising modern technology to the full," explained Michael Cole.

He is too young to have a pilot's licence but his disciple says he has already logged 52 hours of instruction. And while he is still unable to drive on the roads he is, by all accounts, pretty nifty behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce on private roads and runways.

"All things are possible for the Guru", said Mr. Cole.

The juvenile Guru is here with Mum and his two brothers (Dad died several years ago), and his big dates, and a bid for new members, will come at a summer celebration of love and light at London's Alexandra Palace on July 13, 14 and 15.

This remarkable boy will be able to show us all then the kind of magic that attracts millions.

"Give me your love," he says, "and I will give you eternal peace."

He believes in the trendiest gear, the fastest cars. He watches 'Man from Uncle' on TV. And six million worship him as the Divine Light.