12      GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE, Fri., Oct. 3, 1975

Guru buys property to be used for school

DENVER (UPl) -- The Divine Light Mission, which claims to have up to 5 million worldwide followers of Guru Maharaj Ji, has purchased a two-story home near the Colorado Capitol to use as a school, officials said today.

Mark Lawson, controller for the religious group, said the $102,000 building would be renovated and turned into a school for children of followers of the teen-aged guru.

The school won't be fully operational for at least a year but one or two classrooms could be ready for use by Jan. 1, Lawson said.

The mission now uses rented space as a school for 38 youngsters, The new building will be able to house about 80 students. The mission hopes eventually to establish other schools across the country.

Lawson said the school's curriculum would not include the teachings of the guru, the 17-year-old Most Perfect Master and spiritual leader of the mission.

"His teachings are not teachings in the normal way … as (it is) an actual experience that you have," he said.