Guru denounced by mother as a playboy

Delhi, April 1. - The mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, the 17-year-old Indian religious leader now living in the United States with an American wife, renounced her son today, accusing him of being a playboy instead of a holy man.

In a signed statement, she declared she was removing him as spiritual leader of the Divine Light Mission and no longer recognizing him as the "Perfect Master", as he is known to his followers of whom there are eight million in India.

The Guru left India in June, 1973, after posting a bond with the authorities in respect of a customs case in which jewelry, other valuables and currency were seized from some of his disciples. He married his American secretary last May.

A spokesman for his mission here, of which his mother, Rajeshwari Devi claims to be patron, said she had formally disowned him because of his "despicable" way of life in America.

The tubby, round-faced Maharaj Ji succeeded his father nine years ago at the age of eight as head of the mission.