2 - THE VALLEY INDEPENDENT, Saturday Feb 7, 1976
Religion in America

Guru disowned by mother because he liked to live it up

DENVER (UPI) - A spokesman for the Divine Light Mission says he thinks Guru Maharaj Ji may at least be rid of his mother for a while.

Last year the guru's mother Rajeshwari Devi disowned her son saying he had strayed from the spiritual path. She bolstered her conviction with a court suit for control of the mission, its assets and leadership of its 3.1 million followers.

"I think we've seen the last of her" said Robert Mishler, president of the DLM.

Mishler said the guru, 18 was now recognized as the mission's leader and said the youth had not spoken to his mother since last June.

His mother's complaint was that Guru Maharaj Ji had too many plush cars, fancy homes and other material comforts.