Mr Tedesco went out of his way not to be uncharitable about the "spiritually evolved" but he understood Rawat even if it pained him to say it: "as just another Indian guru with an exclusivistic spiritual line." Interestingly Rawat was still saying "receive the knowledge he bestows that has been empowered by the blessing of his spiritual father." He soon began only paying lip-serice to his Father.


Sant Ji Maharaj

Open Mind

Open Mind

by Frank Tedesco

That "we want everyone living but a true master dead," was a point of emphasis in Sant Ji Maharaj's lecture last Sunday night at the Unitarian Church in Berkeley. How true it is! By reverencing the great dead we needn't necessarily commit ourselves to their teachings. We can instead go on our way, unmolested by the wise men's sincere concern that we become independent individuals.

Wisdom seeks to help others become aware of their own wisdom and not become devotional slaves to name and form. A living spiritual friend can make you aware of your shortcomings and your gifts by personal contact.

Few, if any can communicate with the dead when we need assistance but we can talk to others who might have some experience. Sant Ji Maharaj is confident that he can teach living wisdom to those who come to him with their thoughts. He can impart, perhaps, the energy to deal with life that he himself seems to have when expressing himself. His gesticulations are hypnotic, graceful, as are those of his older Indian Mahatma-friend who accompanies him wherever he goes.

If you could wait through the long introductory lectures given by his disciples, the guru's talk came as a simple, effective message directed toward the prevalent emotional states of discontent Americans, i.e., fickleness and restlessness of mind and body, uncontrolled appetites, and laziness that turns us into slaves. This from a thirteen-year-old Indian boy!

As an antidote to the "pleasures that slap us so hard" when we cannot attain them, Sant Ji Mahraj told his listeners to limit their desires. Don't deny desire, but see it for what it is, don't let it get the best of you. See for yourself, and then you will have freedom of self-control.

To really benefit from his teachings, the guru suggested that seekers come to him and participate in satsangs (question-answer periods), be totally truthful with him and receive the knowledge he bestows that has been "empowered" by the blessing of his spiritual father.

In conference with his Mahatma, the young Balyogeshwar answers questions put to him by any seekers. To paraphrase a part of his talk, he probes to the core of the problem with the "scissor of knowledge" and sews it up with the "bands of love."

That Sant Ji Maharaj could state that he came to the West to teach and not to learn, and be so sure of the completeness of his wisdom made me distrust his message, however. (I do not like my own doubtful feelings. They disconcert me in the presence of the spiritully evolved.) One could view him as just another Indian guru with an exclusivistic spiritual line, but that would be uncharitable. It is too soon to judge the profundity of the man's teachings. I'm sure he has much to give and can make spiritual truths more real for his students.

The trials of our Age will bring about a cooperative and modest association of spiritual wayfarers and gurus, each with his own su- perlative teaching.

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AUGUST 6 (Friday) Balyogeshwar Sant Ji Maharaj, the thirteen-year old spiritual teacher. 7 PM, Glide Foundation, 330 Ellis St., SF. The guru has been giving "satsang" (spiritual onvcersation and instruction) between 10 AM and noon at 453 Noe Street, SF. Free, but call ahead to confirm time and dates.

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