FIFTH ESTATE, Sept 1 - 14 1973

Guru Gets Another Humble Abode

(ZNS) Guru Maharaj Ji-the 16-yearold self-proclaimed "Perfect Master"-has purchased $400,000 worth of land and buildings in the rolling hills of Malibu, California.

The property, according to the Guru's Divine Light Mission, will become the Guru's permanent United States residence.

The young Guru currently owns luxurious homes in up-state New York, in Denver and in Pacific Palisades. In addition, his followers and the mission have given him a fleet of cars for his personal use, including a Rolls Royce and a Maserati.

Mission officials will not disclose exactly where the new piece of property is located in Malibu for "security reasons". They say they are tired of warding off non-followers-including one young man who recently stood outside the Guru's residence and yelled "Maharaj Ji, Maharaj Ji" at the top of his lungs at two in the morning.

Dec. 5-11 1974 Vol. 11, no. 2