Only One True God

The word "radical" means return to the center, to go beyond all social norms and traditions to get to what we really are. The spiritual revolution is the only, revolution that will bring peace to the world. In this revolution one kills the crazy mind that blocks that flow of love which is in everyone. This flow is what we truly are. We must realize this, we aren't our roles in society, we are pure energy.

Many people have been hearing a lot about Guru Maharaj, the 15 year old perfect raster, some good things and some not so good. The good things cone from people who have experienced this knowledge and who center or meditate themselves on it. Negative things come from people who are saying things that they read in newspapers or hear from other people, but nothing is ever proven. The only thing that is ever proven is that what Guru Maharaj Ji gives is real. Over 5 million people experience it everyday. The knowledge is the same that Krishna, Ram , Buddha, Christ, and Moses gave. You can read in any scriptures about the Light, the Word of God, the Holy Nectar, and the Divine Harmony. These are the four manifestations of God. These are not metaphors but the practical experience of that cosmic energy. This is the knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji is giving freely. You trust experience for yourself if it is real, what do you have to lose?

To be your true self,to give love freely, unconditionally, you must know truth. And what is true for me is true for you, if not we would live in a mult verse instead of a universe. When we break the boundaries of materialism, beyond the electron is this light. This light is pure consciousness, which has created us all. This is what we truly are. Lao Tzu said, "returning to our roots is stillness". This light is omnipresent, it is already everywhere, it is stillness. And in this stillness we find peace.

In the mind of almost every man a war is being fought. We have to find God, that consciousness which is perfect. Who is ours and we are His, we have to find Him. Because if we are two, we have duality, wherever there is duality, there is darkness. Wherever there is darkness, there is frustration and wherever there is frustration there is ego. Man is completely surrounded by it and he is put into prison by the chains of his mind. The knowledge is the weapon of the spiritual revolution.

At the beginning of every age this pure consciousness manifests itself in a body to give this knowledge. We are in the age of Aquarius, it is symbolized by a man bearing the pitcher crossing the heavens, pouring this knowledge to all. In this age peace will rule this planet. Guru Maha raj Ji is giving this knowledge freely to millions of people all over the world, uniting them in this blissful consciousness. Truth is the consciousness of bliss.

Nixon says that he will bring peace, whether you believe him or not, no politician has ever brought peace, only a time between wars. Only when one's mind is in Truth can peace be experienced.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I will only say take this knowledge. If you cannot find it anywhere else , then come to me and take it from me, you can keep me in reserve. Look all over the world, but if you cannot find it come to me, … take this knowledge and be satisfied, be happy, because we have a purpose which we have to fulfill in this life." Come listen to the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, don't read a newspaper article and make up your mind.

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Although this article was printed as a community service of sorts, the type of stuff contained in it is rather hard to buy for a number of reasons.

First is that the so-called "perfect nlaster" seems to be a fraud , unless the type of "bliss" he has achieved is to be measured in monetary terms. This was made apparent on Na vember 6 when the Indian government busted him for trying to smuggle $80,000 in jewels, gold and watches into India, seemingly for the purpose of gifts to his "relatives and friends" (not to mention himself). Up to that point, - he already had a $120,000 home in England, a mansion in LA and a Rolls Royce, not to mention the resources allowing him to fly all over the Western world. This $80,000 was later returned to him. From the above, it appears obvious that the Guru himself is "restrained" by the "boundaries of materialism."

As to the power of the Guru's doctrine (and all similar doctrines) one need only look at India itself. To me it is unbelievable that people can go to India and come back talking about "bliss", completely ignoring the terrible poverty in which the mass of Indian people exist every day. The yearly per capita income is only about $100, with the top 1/210 of the people raking in 50% of the country's wealth and an equal percentage of any positive change in it. The condition Of people in cities like Calcutta, living in ring upon ring of shanties around the city, is quite well known. This is after centuries of "spiritual revolution". Accurately expressing the effect of religion upon, the Indian people, a friend of mine has said: " Hinduism (karma) taught them to stay in their place, and Buddhism (which is simnilar to the Guru's doctrine) taught them to enjoy being oppressed."

The difference between real revolutions and "spiritual revolutions" is well dcnunstrated by the contrast between India and China. In China people threw away their "gods" and realized that they, thenselves, were master of their fate . They now have no starvation, have eliminated several infectious diseases (syphillis for example) and are now building a good life for all, not just a few capitalusts. India still has famines with nisery for the masses and wealth for the few (such as the guru). This is - what we must do. We need no "Saviors" or "spiritual revolutions." "We must ourselves decide our duty, we must decide and do it well." ("The Internationale")

Finally it is interesting to note that the the guru concentrates his efforts on the affluent West "Guru Maharaj Ji is giving his knowledge freely", but not free.