Los Angeles Free Press, December 7 1973

Guru Goes Ga-Ga

As promised, I will keep my readers up to date on the activities of the 15-year-old sham and wunderkind, Guru Maharaj -h. The following release from Zodiac News Service came across my desk this past week. Enjoy; I did.

The Guru Maharaj Ji, the 15-year-old self-proclaimed "perfect master," lost a legal battle in India this week.

The Indian government has announced that it has permanently confiscated $46,000 in cash and jewelry which customs officials claim the Guru was attempting to smuggle into India last year.

The alleged smuggling incident occurred last year when the Guru and a number of his followers returned to India and attempted to pass through customs. One of his followers, Bihari Singh, was apprehended while trying to carry in an undeclared suitcase packed with watches, jewelry and foreign currency. At the time of the incident, Guru Maharaj Ji explained that the suitcase was a "divine bank."

When the Guru left India for the United States earlier this year, he was required to post a $13,000 cash bond, since the investigation had not been completed.

This week the Indian government announced that the "contraband articles" were seized after a prolonged investigation had evoked "unsatisfactory replies" from the Guru.