PMT #003PMT #003: Guru Puja, Montrose, Colorado, 27th July 1972

This speech which lasted nearly an hour was given by Prem Rawat (then called Guru Maharaj Ji) at the Guru Worship Festival near Montrose, Colorado, on July 27, 1972. A highly edited version was printed in the And It Is Divine magazine, Volume I, Number 8, June 1973. It was an inept performance in which the young Rawat goes into some verbose, boring and incoherent explanations using car tuning and gets his words garbled and in reverse. He gets so excited that he does some sections of the speech in overdrive making them virtually unintelligible to the outdoor listeners. There is no development, no climax, no central theme and no sequential relationship between the points he makes. However, it contains nearly all of the ideas, examples, parables and stories he will repeat for the next year and a half. He claims that one proof of this "Knowledge" is the extraordinary organisation in Divine Light Mission caused by the organised minds of those who have realized this Knowledge. However this speech, like all his speeches, was incredibly disorganised as was DLM. For a Prince of Peace he certainly knew a lot about armaments. He uses the words 'despiritualise' and 'dematerialise' though it appears he uses them to mean the opposite of their actual meaning. Rawat overcsame some of his poor speechifying by repeating stock concepts and ideas. There was his God is G, O, D, Generator, Operator and Destroyer definition. There was his riff on everyone is looking for something, maybe they don't call it peace, maybe they call it …, maybe they don't call it …, maybe they call it …. If he got stuck he could start talking about the things he really loved, cars and planes.

Dear sisters and brothers,

Unfortunately, this is our last day of our function which has been very successful indeed but this is unfortunately the last day and the last program of this three days festival. And we have told you many things and there are those people who have grasped a bit from it, and then there are those people who haven't attained anything from it. But remember, there are many insects in the world but there are one kind of insects that get so mad, they have got such internal love with the light that wherever the light will be they will go there and they are even ready to burn themselves in the light, they don't care about it and these are insects. They crawl over light and it doesn't matter for them even if they get burnt. If a man could just get like that with God and those people who have been like these, who devoted their lives and didn't care if they got burnt, those type of people always have been praised in this world and it's not a question of praising that this thought that we should do this because we will be praised because they have such an internal love that their intellect was finished with before when they went with their Lord and now, now the Lord is always here, but people don't realize Him because they have got a thick sheet, a thick covering over before their eyes.

See when Lord Jesus came, Old Testament was there, people were reading Old Testament and when Jesus came nobody realized Him except few of them. John the Baptist ???? John was baptising people and there was a time, there was an age when Christ had to go to John to be baptised and Christ goes before John and John sees Christ and says, "Lord, am I going to baptise you or are you going to baptise me?" John was used to baptise everyone himself was not baptised actually and that's what he says, "John - Lord, are you going to baptise me or am I going to baptise you?" He understood He was Lord of the time and he ??? understood but though he was baptised He was ready to devote His whole life in His Lord's Lotus Feet and again today those people who believe in the practical Knowledge, they will be only able to realize Lord of the time otherwise not. This has been a history and history's again being repeated.

I was talking to a minister of a church and he said, "History is like a pendulum. It goes there, again comes back, goes there, again comes back." And he understood very well how the history was again being repeated and how the history was again being … repeated. And now the time has come where we must open our eyes to the Lord and see Him, because we always don't get time.

And so what is the true Knowledge that all the Lords of their time, all the Lords have been giving to humanity? It is not chanting, because chan-I told you that chanting is done through lips and then through this voice, and if it is not there, if only a single part is missing, you can't do chanting. It is not rosary, because I have seen people who, who do rosary things, rosary is going regularly in their hand and then suddenly a phone call comes, they stop that, they pick up the phone call, and say hello. People are chanting, "Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram," suddenly a phone call comes, they stop it, stop chanting "Ram, Ram," pick up their phone call and talk to it, because phone call is a business call and is going to give them practical effect, it's going to give them practical result rather than their chanting, "Ram, Ram, Ram."

So in this world, only the True Knowledge is the thing that can secure us today. This Knowledge always has been given by the true saints only and now, now even if someone needs it can only be given by a true saint. See, there was Lord Krishna and yesterday we were seeing the show, yesterday we were seeing the show, this drama that was done by dancers and it was very good and one part of the show is when Krishna is taking his bath and suddenly he sees and he gets faint. Now what actually happens there is, Krishna sees the Lotus and this Lotus had been given him by Radha and he sees that Lotus and he gets faint because he is far away from Radha, he is far away from those gopis and his friend who was making the bath that he was playing with, he was Uddhav and then apparently Krishna said "Uddhav, you go to my gopis, you go to those people and give them some Knowledge, tell them they shouldn't, they shouldn't weep for me, tell them they shouldn't be so upset about it that I am not there so Uddhav goes there and when Uddhav starts giving them saying that "No don't realize. What is Krishna? Krishna is something else, don't look, don't, don't get upset Krishna is with you now also" and they said "We understand. We understand this that Uddhav that Krishna is, what Krishna is we understand Him, He is such a high authority, He is God Himself and He is everywhere but if we are away from His physical presence we don't know why it makes us so so nothing that makes us dead, we are dead bodies and we don't want to be dead bodies and then they five an example, they say "Uddhav, actually who are you? You are your soul, not your body, but without your body, your soul can't do anything. Krishna is all soul and without Him, and we are parts and so without until we co-operate there, nothing can take place." So the main thing now here we have to understand is what was the thing that Krishna gave to them? What was the pure love that Krishna gave to them? That love was of this Knowledge. He had revealed them this perfect Knowledge which had made all the gopis internally attached to Him, not externally.

Externally attachments always have a beginning and always finish away. They don't last. But there is one attachment. People are attached to so many materialistic things that they won't survive for a long time. Alexander the Great who was the conqueror of the world who, who had dreams to conquer the whole world. He comes down from his palace, he sees a saint standing there. He takes out his whip and says, "Oh saint now give me blessings because I want to conquer the whole world and I want your blessings so that I may conquer the whole world" and he said, saint said "No, no can you can't have blessings for that purpose because never in your life you'll be able to conquer the universe" and he took out his whip and he started beating him and again he said "Aren't are you going to give me the blessings or not?" and he said "Listen king, you came empty handed in this world and you are going to go empty handed from this world. You are not going to take a single ??? from this world. There is no use to do all that." The king he never understood, he was in his grand ego and he whipped him, he whipped the saint and he went away and then there was a time he had conquered many kingdoms and then there was a time when he had to die and when he was dying, when it was in those moments, in those last moments he called his near secretary and said "And when I die, take two stones, write on them 'Alexander the Great who had dreams to conquer the whole world and could conquer the whole world had come empty handed in this world and today is going empty handed from this world.' And his dead body, his coffin was taken that way, his two hands were out and they were bare like that. A man comes with hands folded and goes bare hand.

He has got something to do, and he can do something, but what is the most superb thing he can do? Actually the main thing in our lifetime. Many saints have explained it as karma. Actually the main thing in our lifetime and what is that action? What is the action, what is the most superb action we can commit, we can do? Because there are many types of action, even breathing is action, talking is action, walking is action, everything is action. But then what is the supermost action that has to be done in case we are called human beings? Why are we called, why are we called creation or the crown of nature? Why? What is the purpose?

I have seen people hitch-hiking on the road and most probably this is very common in England because English people are very traditional. I have seen people hitch-hiking on the road and then a man drives a Rolls with a dog in back. The dog doesn't hitch-hike he's sitting in a Rolls, and the human man is hitch-hiking! He hasn't got a convenience to ride on. And this case, whom will you say is fortunate the dog or the human man? There are those dogs which get their daily, daily cereals, daily meal at time. Even there are some rich people who give special attention, they have a man and this man, this man is, is purposely to look after the dog. But will you say that this dog is much more fortunate than man? First of all eagle went to moon, there was eagle carried there. So would you say that the eagle is more fortunate than man? No. Because in spite of all those actions, there is one superior action that man can commit. Man can buy all meals, man can buy all meals, cook and eat, but animal can only eat, not cook. This is the main difference. This is a physical difference. Now in this age, we can cheat, we can do all these things. Because there are these electrical cookers and so many other things that automatically food can be cooked on.

But to receive Knowledge, man has got this possibility. Why? Why only man? Because man has the most conception of understanding. Mon has, man has got more brilliant way to understand something than any other animal. That's why man can understand it. Many premies bring their children to me and say, "Maharaj Ji, can this, can this child receive Knowledge?" And I say, "By all means" I say "Yes by all means, he can receive Knowledge, but the only thing is, he must understand. He must understand what is the importance of Knowledge. And the day he understands what is the importance of Knowledge, it is A-okay for him to receive this Knowledge." The day he understand s the importance. Why? Why should he understand this importance? Because there was a piece of diamond lying in a desert and a farmer came by. He saw it and throwed it away. He said "If I come to carry this piece of glass, it's going to be just a burden for me. So I'm not going to carry this piece of glass with me." A farmer, a a jeweller came, he saw that stone and he knelt down and prayed to God and said, "God, you have done such a good favour for me, you gave me a diamond here." For this jeweller, it's a diamond, it's precious, he's going to carry it, it's not a burden for him. For the farmer, it's a piece of glass, it's a burden for him and he's not going to carry it. Why? Because he does not understand the importance of that piece of glass and he does understand the importance of this piece of glass, he says it is a diamond so in the same way, those people who understand the importance of this Knowledge are only worthy to receive this Knowledge, only those people otherwise other people aren't worthy to receive this Knowledge. Because other people don't realize the importance of this Knowledge, what this Knowledge is. This Knowledge is why, why unfortunately why people are not able to receive this Knowledge.

Those people who have received this Knowledge, many people come to me and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, when this Knowledge is so far out, when this Knowledge is so beautiful, why doesn't everyone get it? Why doesn't everyone understand it?" And this is the case, because man tries to do everything with his intellect, and he can't do it with his intellect. Man tries to cover maybe three thousand miles of distance on his horse, in one day only and he can't do that. Man is trying to do that. He uses his intellect first of all, but what is intellect? What is intellect composed of? See, intellect can realize to this point that everything is a vibration and everyone knows everything is a vibration. This mike is a vibration. Man is a vibration. Air is a vibration. All the things are vibrations. And man has been, man's brain is also a vibration. But let's say all the things that are vibrating are from the frequency of hundred, of zero to hundred. All the things that are vibrating are vibrating from the frequency to zero to hundred. And is man's brain is also vibrating maybe on the, on the frequency of hundred. But this Knowledge is vibrating at the frequence of infinity. That is infinite frequencies. How this hundred-frequency mind can uh receive can understand that frequency which is infinite? That's the main thing, it does not catch it.

Suppose I have got aeroplane and in my aeroplane only the frequencies of the radio I can catch are from 1.1 to 17.8. Suppose we can see that. And there is a radio which has got a frequency 9.9 and mine only has got 7.18, that's it, the highest frequency I have got, my radio cannot catch that higher frequency. One car's speed is hundred and, hundred miles an hour, other car's speed is a hundred and twenty miles an hour. Hundred and twenty miles an hour, the car has got speed hundred and twenty miles an hour, the car of a hundred miles an hour can never catch the car a hundred and twenty miles an hour. This is a very common thing that's with us. Why can't we make up with the Knowledge? Why can't we make up with the thing? with our mind? Because this thing is still higher, much higher, much, much higher, and we are on a much, much lower level.

Now first thing we must understand is why we why must we, we think that we are lower to guru. Why must we be one step lower to guru? Why not as, as guru is? Now there is a very clear and scientific explanation for that. There is a, there is a, let's say very ordinary and very practical example. There is a tap, okay, and there is a bucket, empty bucket. You want to fill an empty bucket. What will you do? Put it on the tap? On top of the tap? Supposevly (sic) this is a tap and I have got the empty bucket. Should I put the empty bucket on top of the tap or underneath the tap to fill it? I must put it underneath because it is from there the water is going to fall and so if I place the bucket in the same level, it's not going to go there because I'm not going to use the pipe, just not going to go there. The most natural thing is to keep the bucket under the tap. So that's why we must be one step lower. So what guru give can naturally flow into us. If we are equal to him, it won't be able to flow.

So that's why, that's the main reason why then we always, see we have seen, we have seen pictures in Bible because when Jesus balls-bows down on the top of a hill, why does he bow down? It is simply because that he shows, physically, get down one step lower to God and this is the reason why always we must think humble. Why must we always be humble? See, there is a saint in India, he says that children, money and good affairs can be found in both homes, at an evil man's home and at a good man's home but the Knowledge or the satsang or the discussion about true Knowledge can be only found on those peoples' homes and that is unique. Many people, supposevly (sic) I want to buy seven type of things, okay? I first of all walk into America, I go into one store, buy a type of food. I go into other store, I buy a type of food. I go into a third store, I buy a type of food but a man who is American, he won't do that. He will walk into one store, one Safeway store and buy everything he needs from there. Man who is ignorant, man who doesn't know that it's possible to get everything at one store will walk into different stores, that's what people are doing, they go to one guru and say "Guruji please give us something?" and they get something to put in your pocket then they go other guru and say "Guruji give us something?" and they take something to put in their pocket. They want to fill up their pockets but it won't happen. The best way is to go to one man who can teach you this perfectness. What is this perfectness? If you are perfect then only you can realize what is this perfectness. But man cannot be perfect. Man cannot be perfect. Only one thing that can be perfect and he can realize perfectness if he goes to that level.

And so why I have come here? Why, why this program was to, was held? It's to teach you this Knowledge, it's to give you this Knowledge, it's to make you understand this Knowledge which you are looking . Everyone is looking for something, everyone is looking for something and the something, one of that thing is this Knowledge, is this peace. Many people don't call it Knowledge, but maybe they call it peace. Many people don't call it peace, maybe they call it satisfaction of mind. Many people maybe don't call it satisfaction of mind, maybe call it something else. They can call it different things, but they need one thing, they are looking for one thing, and that is this thing and God.

So understand who is the sustainer. I gave you a definition for God, it was 'G' for generator, 'O' for Operator and 'D' for Destroyer, who generates you, operates you or destroys you. But through which media he operates you? Many people think, which one? Which is that media? Heart? No. If you take a dead man, cut him open, you will find heart his heart there. What is the thing? If we go to this, this natural ??? then what we will find is, the first of all blood comes, blood is produced by liver and pressure creates because heart pumps it. Then when heart pumps it how does heart cause of it being attached.

A man breathes, how does man breathe? There is no motor that makes our lungs go you know to take the air in and take the air out. Man even breathes at that stage which is really a terrible stage. Man goes to sleep, he doesn't know his mouth should be open or closed, his mouth gets open or man goes to sleep, really doesn't know his eyes should be closed, he opens his eyes because all his, all his consciousness of body is lost. There are those people who go to sleep and start walking. There are those people, I've heard, sometimes you know I've heard those people even they are sleeping and they are talking and really, you know, makes you terrible when they talk at night. Nobody is able just to talk to them because they are in dreams, they leave their body consciousness. At that time well you don't know that you should be kee-should be just your mouth should be shut up and you should sleep at that time. You don't know that time and you speak. At that time, at that point you have lost all your consciousness, you are still breathing. When you go to surgeon and he performs any surgery on you, he gives you chloroform to smell and you get faint. He cuts you, you don't, you don't feel anything. All then feeling, all the consciousness of the body is gone still at that time, you are breathing, tell me what is that thing that is making you breathe? What is that thing that is making this vibration go in and out of you? This thing I have tried to ask to many scientists. They say it's an energy and I say "What's that energy?" and they say "It's energy" That's the full stop to whatever research they have done.

See why God has done this. There is a fence. There is an energy. There are many energies. Every vibration is running because there is energy making you sustain, making the sustain level of the vibration equal so that it can vibrate and all energies are part of the higher energy and what is the higher energy, we call it God. And this is the energy that scientists have to give this definition: God is never created and God is never destroyed. See when the scientists took the smallest particle of the thing, item and when they divided it, light came out of it, energy came out of it and this is the same energy that is within us but it, it is in a certain way that is making this body, that is making this vibration survive and I have got a method, I have a way to make you understand, to make you look this vibration because if I say, "Concentrate, concentrate anywhere you like, just concentrate." Many gurus do that. Suppose ever a guru tells me to concentrate what I will do probably, first I will take this mike, because mike is the nearest part to me, and so I will start concentrating on the middle screw of the mike. ??? ??? But then I'll say, "Why, why should I concentrate on this; why not on this screw?" Then I'll start concentrating on that screw. And then I'll say, "Why should I concentrate on this screw, why not on that one?" And I'll start concentrating on that one.

And then I'll say, "Oh, these are just screws!" Let me concentrate on one corner. Then I try to concentrate on that corner then there is light so I do I say I do so I'll not concentrate on that one so I try to concentrate on this corner and I say why should I concentrate on that corner why not that so I start concentrating on that corner. My mind will run, run, run, run, seventy and eighty and ninety and thousands of miles an hour. But if I give you a source, still there are three, three steps. I just told you to concentrate, you weren't able to concentrate on anything because your mind was just wandering. Then I tell you I give you one point, I say "Okay, concentrate on the middle screw of this mike, you start concentrating on the middle screw of the mike." But that concentration is not good, because your eyes are concentrating and not your mind. Where is your mind? Your mind is, "Oh, what is going to be weather tomorrow?" or your mind is "My food in the oven," or is "Where is my sonny gone?" or maybe "If somebody has stolen my car or not." Concentration is there. Your eyes are concentrating on this, but your brain should also concentrate. Why should you be given this point to concentrate? It's not because your eyes should concentrate but because your brain should concentrate. Your mind should concentrate, because your mind is the problem for you. That should concentrate, that should be concentrated. That should be, that should be made one with it. But this is not a point. Then there are two reasons why shouldn't you concentrate because there's a lot of satisfactory reasons. Secondly it might prove unsatisfactory to one, any man, there is not a point that is going to stay. We are going to stay but this point is not going to stay for long enough. We should get such a point which should not go away from us. So what is that point? We have to look at all the second chances, and when we look at all the second chances, only one man one point appears and this is the point within ourselves, this is the Light.

Many people say this is the point where you can't look at the glass and see this point. There are many Tibetan people. There is a guru in Tibet, what he does, he makes a hole here with a wooden thing here and then he takes it out and says, "Concentrate here." But that's not the way to concentrate, because when you are going to die you must concentrate, and if you are on God then only you will be able to reach God. It's like this, that whatever you will mimic, you are going to become that at the time of your death. Lord Krishna says "Anyone at the time at his last moment if dies and concentrating on my Holy Word will no doubt reach to me, will no doubt reach to me. So, how are we going to concentrate and then he says, "At the last moment of your life you are going to remember that thing which you have remembered all your life time. If you have always been feeding a dog, at the last moment you well you going to say what about my dog? If you've always been in love with your car, you say what about my car? Because that's you mind, that where your brain is going to divert, your mind is going to divert.

So only this is the Knowledge, this is the means, this is the media through which you can concentrate all your mind which has been booming around so fast to this point. Then when we try to concentrate at one point, our mind is so fast, is spinning so fast that it can't stay at one point because the rpm supposedly a million thousand rpm or rps - ??? per second, it's so spinning so fast. And this fast-spinning mind cannot be immediately controlled, because if we just try to immediately, if you push brakes, immediately try to control it, then maybe the mind will overturn. And that's also we don't want.

So what is the thing, what is the thing that we can absolutely concentrate it, jam it at the moment? What is the means? Only one way - to give that to someone else and if we give our mind to someone else who can jam it and give us back in a higher position, in a position that we need, that's the best thing. That's why always you know premies said, "Guru Maharaj Ji, please take my mind." (End Tape, Side 1) Now I don't, I don't do operation and take their mind, because the mind is not something like that. But what I do is I maybe burn that part which, which spins too fast and jam it. And then only it runs that speed which is required on, because if you drive over speed, it's risky always.

Mind has got an automatic acceleration on it, and you can't control it. Only one man can control it, who built it, who has mastered it, who is a doctor on it! Only one man can control it because he's knows where is the acceleration screw to loosen it up just take it out, so all the proportions of the mixture will be set. What is happening with people's brain today?

See if you know, in the carburettor there are two screws, one for air and for petrol. Now, if the air is too much, petrol is low, not good. Air uh petrol is too much and like air is uh petrol is too much and air is low, not good and air is much and petrol is not good. It should be acturately (sic) the same, so that the proportion going in the engine is one good so that that's what is going to start. If the cars goes off the tuning, is very bad, is hardly can run so what is how to tune it. So to tune it first of all you must get or you would like to get automatic tuner. From where to get the automatic tuner? How to get the automatic tuner? The best thing to do is to get a machine for your car on which there are meters and it tells you your car has been completely and the mixture is set. Who will give you it? Who will give you that thing? Who will set that screw, two screws in the same, same quantity? What, what is happening is there are two screws. Spiritual, one screw allows spirituality in and one screw allows materialistic things in. If people won't give attention to this screw that allows materialistic in and going to stay as it is and, and the screw that is for materialism is going to open and is going to let the materialism come in because the mixture won't be set and man is going to, man is not going to run properly and if, if people close their mixture valves, mixture screws of their, of their materialism and open their spiritualism spirit spiritualistic screws then still they are not going to run very well and only guru is that man who can set up and say "Here is your car."

See, Guru is a Master, he's a teacher, and He's He hasn't got anything because see, like me, I give you this Knowledge. This Knowledge is precious. Those people who meditate on this Knowledge know that this Knowledge is precious. But I don't take anything; I don't want your money. Why I want to do it? I don't even get anything from God. See I'm not being paid from God. No. So why, why should I want to do this thing? Those people who think, who have got their brains said, "Oh, anyone who does some work is due to getting money." Those people think I am doing this work because I am getting money. But that's not the reason, that's not the reason why I do things because I get great happiness. My consciousness within inside me gets very, very great happiness. And happiness is the thing which makes love flow, which makes me love. And the love I want - makes me one with God, my consciousness and it gets high and it gets happy. And I want to be happy.

And that's why I consider myself as one of the most happiest man in the world because I do this thing. I give this Knowledge to people free of charge and people when get this Knowledge they feel great happiness, that makes me happy too. So if now, if supposevly (sic) I create a thing, maybe I invent a car and I give this car free of charge to people and people get in and feel very happy. Won't I get happy? Sure, I'll get happy! Same way, this is the Knowledge I am giving to people today. People are getting happy, and I am also getting happy.

So understand the secrecy, that is secrecy of all. Until and unless you understand it, you can't realize, you can't follow what I say. Because I talk about something else and the thing I talk about is completely different maybe then your intellect say this is it. So understand me, to follow me, to follow you must understand the thing I say whether or not you need it. That's why where are these programs held, these lectures held. And they are very strange ones. Because what we always talk, every man - Bal Bhagwan Ji takes a mike and He talks about receiving this Knowledge and about this Knowledge. I take a mike and I start talking about this Knowledge. Somebody takes a mike from down and he starts talking about Knowledge. Somebody takes a-and he talks about Knowledge. And this is very strange. See, they go to an exhibition and start seeing a lot about this Knowledge. They see a movie, they see a Knowledge. They, they see this book from Divine Light Mission and it says about Knowledge. Everything says about telling and people might freak out and say, "Everything is Knowledge here!" But that's it, that's what we want to give you, that's the Knowledge we want to give you, that's why everyone talks about Knowledge. Every mouth and every word, every man talks about Knowledge, every man talks about Word. Because we have realized this Word.

Many people were surprised that how this program is being so well organised, it's very easy because we have organised our minds and so everything is organised. Those people who do disorganised programs haven't organised their minds so everything is disorganised because their minds are disorganised. Here all the minds are organised, everything is organised, everything works out beautiful. Premies were doing so much co-operation. One day, Joseph Lopez, who is the commander of the WPC came to me and he said, "I was in India and I was standing there where darshans were taking place and I saw a big, huge line and I thought Americans won't do that and I came here and you were giving darshan and the same lines Americans had" and it really gave him, you know, a great surprise. So why, what is the main thing? Actually, people are trying to hold their steerings very firmly because the car is shaking, you know. Actually what is the thing when tyre is cut loose, tyre is shaking and they want to control the car from other means. It's not going to be controlled. Control starts in your wheels. Mind is disorganised, everything is disorganised.

That's why, see, there are thousands and thousands of policemen in the world, around the world, right? Each day they bring in a criminal, criminal they put in in jail. And these policemen also know that when this criminals is going to cut loose he's going to again start his crime and there are those people who have gone to jail ten times because of the same reason, because of just the same reason! And why? Once, one man has said this, one clever man, really intelligent, has said this thing, "You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink it." So what are we doing? We are not taking him to water; we are letting him be there and make him thirsty, so he automatically goes to the water and drinks it. What we are doing is giving them this Knowledge through which they get satisfied, and then automatically those reasons for their theft of all these things vanish from there. And this Knowledge I am going to give, give to the whole world, so that peace may come around.

One nation first made a gun, first made a gun or let's say let's start from a very primitive thing. First of all, man made a sword the other man made a shield. Hit it, nothing happened. Then other man made a gun, other man made a bullet proof thing. Hit as many bullets as you like, it's bullet proof. Other man made a tank. Other people made bombs that could just explode the whole thing. Other man made a aeroplane, a bomber aeroplane, other people made a radar, when aeroplane come they made anti-aircraft gun, shoot them out. Now this contrast has taken man to this point where man has recently invented a bomber, a bomb that will have cameras on the nose and will go whenever they are set to. Now see, now man even till he is going to make something to destroy it. Man is eventually going to make one machine that is going to divert the setting of the TV camera back to the aeroplane, shoot the aeroplane back. Because man is so much.

I was giving satsang in Monterey and I was talking how much these materialistic advancements have been! First of all man created a … man created a aeroplane, didn't work out. First he created a balloon, didn't work out, then he created a big airplane. But it didn't work out, because it, it wasn't so fast, then he made this, eventually he has come to this point where there are 707's and 747's, we are, they can run more than six hundred miles an hour. But then he is not satisfied with it. He is going to make and he has already made a Concorde and a SST that are going to only take a couple of hours from New York to London. See, they are not satisfied and there will be a time when still they will not be satisfied with SST and Concorde jets, so what is he going to do eventually? That you want, you walk into a booth, like a telephone booth and you write your credit card number or something like that and then press a button "from New York to London," immediately some rays come, make you electrical frequency, and one second you are in England, see man is going to do that and this might happen, this is a possibility, this might happen. Man goes in a booth, presses a button and he is in England within a wink of eye.

But all these things might happen, all these things might be created, man is so intelligent, but there is one thing which will still lie beyond his intellect. And this thing is the Knowledge. Because have you seen anything, any scientific achievement that has been made towards Knowledge? You have seen scientific achievements that have been made towards airplanes, towards flying, scientific achievements are being made to P.A. systems, cameras, televisions like they made a videogram that is fantastic machine. It can immediately record and immediately playback, no need for you to process and so on and then they eventually made a coloured, portable VCR that gives a colour picture. So many things are, so many scientific achievements are going on, they have made aeroplanes, they have made Apollos. But have they done an achievement towards this spiritual Knowledge, any achievement? Not at all, because it is, it cannot be done through the intellect. They always dematerialise everything and this Knowledge is not materialistic, it is spiritualisitic and they can't despiritualise anything, that's why they can't lift their hand towards any spiritualism, they are completely materialist. Until they will be materialised, only materialism will boom around them and they'll be materialistic and they can only get achievement doing what is materialistic.

The Knowledge will be far away from them and to spread the Knowledge, one special doctor, special scientist, special man, superman, is sent by God. Jesus was a superman. Krishna was a superman. Ram was a superman. All these people were supermen. They came, they did miracles, but miracles were not the thing, because Jesus one time he says, "Who is you who wants to judge the Perfect Master by miracles? Even mighty evils can perform miracles." So that's not it. But by how we realize Perfect Master is through this Knowledge. Receive this Knowledge.

Listen, when you come to receive Knowledge, I'm not going to hold you from here and take a red hot stamp as they used to do in ancient days as cowboys used to stamp their cows and I'm not going to take a stamp and put it on your forehead, and stamp you saying "Divine Light Mission," received Knowledge on that date ??? ??? I'm not going to do that. See, so you can come here, receive Knowledge, and if you like it, go ahead and do meditation. If you don't like it, don't do meditation. Go ahead, search for something else.

See, what I claim is not that Divine Light Mission is the only source. I say, very well, buy a BOAC or a Pan American or an Air India ticket all around the world on a regular flight and go all around the world, see, search for a true Master, okay, come back, I'll be wherever you are and find me and receive Knowledge. Keep me as a reserve, okay? If you, if you are not able to find, but I must caution you one thing. Time is passing. Time and tide wait for none, and nobody knows when he is going to be dead. So you must understand. You mustn't waste much time, because what people do they walk to a shop, first of all, they're going to take a whole one hour to look what type of wallpaper they want to see! And the same thing they want to apply to spiritualism. First off they want to take one whole, one whole century to find out which is, what should we get first. "Should we take Knowledge from Divine Light Mission because there is no rosary, it's internal Knowledge? Or should we take a rosary knowledge? Or should we take this knowledge?" Doesn't work out that way. You must receive Truth and Truth is one. You don't have any choice or a wide selection in Truth, where you say, "Sir, can you show me what selection have you got in your Truth?" No, Truth is one. Given to you one whole; it's not divided into parts.

So understand this Knowledge it is so far out and beautiful because those people who have realized it have described it. Still they weren't able to, that's why there is Bible, there is Old Testament, weren't able to fully express the Knowledge then they made New Testament, weren't able to fully express this Knowledge, weren't able to fully express this divine Knowledge then they made keys to this Bible, still not, then they made Aquarian Gospel, then they made Essene Gospel, so many gospels because one thing cannot express the Knowledge fully.

One saint says, "If I turned the whole earth into paper, whole earth into paper, all woods I turn into my pen, whole water I think uh make ink, whole water, all the seas I make ink of and I start writing the description of this Knowledge or the description of this guru, I won't be able to write it. My ink will finish, my paper will finish, my pen will finish but the description won't finish." That's why there is scripture from East saying Ramayana, Gita so take scriptures, then Koran, there are so many other scriptures but they all can't describe the Knowledge fully. At one place the rotor-the writer of this Ramayana says, "Okay Ram, the highest, the superb personality above all, I pray to him" and in the middle of Ramayana he writes "Even Lord Rama cannot describe the real, cannot describe in words, even cannot describe this Knowledge in words. Even Lord Rama he cannot describe this Knowledge in words." See, first of all he says Rama is the most superb personality, then he says "Even Lord Rama he cannot describe this Knowledge in words." See, this Knowledge will still be there because to give this Knowledge they had to come, to reveal this Knowledge they had to come.

So that's it, actually this Knowledge is within all, all of us, but it's just that our eyes have to open and you'll be able to see everything. Always give this example someone give this example once again. There is this traveller who was walking, who was going and he had these five hundred dollars with him and one thief who knew that he has got five hundred dollars tried to accompany him and said "Sir may I accompany you?" and he said "Very well. Two are better than one and you may accompany me." They both started walking and this thief asked, "How many dollars do you have? And what - how did you come about getting these dollars?" He said, "Well, I've got five hundred dollars and I earned them. I went out, I went to foreign country and I earned them. I went abroad." He said "Very well" and then they both walked to inn and this man who had five hundred dollars was getting dressed up and everything and he went down to take his dinner and this thief stole into his room, searched all his clothes, all his pillows, all his, all his ???, all his belongings but he couldn't find a single dollar. So he say, "Hey this man is kidding, he hasn't got a single dollar, he says he's got five hundred dollars here. He's crazy." Again they started walking, again the thief asked, he said, "How many dollars do you have?" and he said, "I told you I have got five hundred dollars."

Again they went to an inn because the home was long away so again he searched under his pillow, all his things, he couldn't find a single dollar. He said "This man is crazy, he wants to make a fool of me. You haven't got a single dollar." He says "I have got five hundred dollars." Third day, they reached the house, the home, this man. He took out five hundred dollars, he gave five dollars to this man and said "Well here, here is something like a present from me." And the thief saw and he really, you know, like really, really felt he was in a dream. Really freaked out because there were five hundred dollars but he couldn't search them so he said, "Well mister, I don't want your five dollars, you keep them with you. I just want to ask you a question." "So what is that question?" he said. "Well listen, now you are safe in your home. Now there's no trouble. I am a thief and I was after these five hundred dollars and when you used to go to eat your dinner I used to steal into your room and search under your pillow, all your ??? and everything but I was not able to find a single dollar. Can you tell me this thing, where did you keep these dollars?" He said, "That's very easy. Before I used to take my dinner, I used to take these five hundred dollars, put it under your pillow and go down. You used to come in my room, search under my pillow, you couldn't find anything. If even one day you would have searched under your pillow you could have find five hundred dollars."

That's the question with men, five hundred dollars or less than four hundred dollars, not five hundred, four hundred dollars, these four dollars are inside man. He looks out, they're inside man. One day he looks under his pillow, he'll be able to find, otherwise not. So if a man looks, he will be able to find these four dollars, very expensive dollars, but made very unexpensive for this age. There is a special discount, as a matter of fact, going on these days: that if you give love, you will be able to receive this Knowledge free of charge, like a free gift. So take full advantage of this, of this special discount going on, otherwise it is going to close out! And many people have been able to take full privilege of the discount, and have really enjoyed this present. It's really beautiful.

So now I'm not going to take long, I have told you what I wanted to. Those premies who have come, you know, from all the places and all the rules and regulations of the ashrams have already been dictated, have been already told I have not, you can contact your ashram representatives and they can tell you and I would like you to go and help your ashrams to again get flourishing and prosperous and uh so this is now late and give my blessings to all the premies and so that they might do some meditation and really get high because that's the only way they can get high, nothing else. And I hope we'll be able to meet next time in the three times more larger quantity than this, in other festival that is again very near and maybe after 1975 and there is a particular reason why I ??? 1975 but after 1975 we'll make November or Hans Jayanti here in these countries (cheering: Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) so that all the people from all the world can come, I understand, see what it is.

And now I have I have been shouting tonight too loud to the people of this world, I say them, I tell them, "Receive the Knowledge. This is going to help you." Maybe they say, "He's just a kid, he won't make us explain." Maybe they say, "No, I guess we received what we want." I just say, understand this Knowledge. You say what you want, you have got it If you have got it, quite satisfactory you will be.

There was one man from one village and he came to me, he was from one consciousness, he came to me and he started asking me questions. I ?? ?? ?? him in Bombay for half an hour, for half an hour. He talked to me and he asked me questions, questions, questions. I said, "Mister, have you received this Knowledge?" He said, "Yes." And I said, "Have you received full peace?" And he said, "Yes." I said, "I don't think so." He said, "Why not?" I said, "If you have received peace, then you will be meditating upon it instead of asking questions." So he just, he just kept quiet after that because once we get it this thinking attorney stops, and we act, we act like a man.

Today we are no good than monkeys. We are flipping around to one thing or the more. See, so many things we want to create, so many things we want to do, so many things we want to say, just flipping around like a monkey. Maybe a chimpanzees not a bird. And we don't want to be chimpanzees, we want to be human mans, because that's what God has made us. Why should we be chimpanzees if we are human beings? So to be human beings we must act like human and what should a human act? Many people see that's what we were told at school. I have taken my education in a Christian school, and that's what we, we are told, "Love your enemies as your neighbours, right?" But nobody follows this. Because saints say that, Jesus said that, but nobody follows it. They don't treat their enemies as their friends; they treat them as their enemies see though they must treat them as their friends!

Vietnam was-is going on, see must treat, this is not the treatment you do with your friend, do you? Then India and Pakistan war was going on, this is not the treatment you do with your friends, do you? You don't fight, you don't kill them. So actually we want to be real followers of Jesus Christ, we must understand who is Jesus Christ. What wa-does He say? Until and unless we get the foundation, until and unless we get the hold of that foundation through which or on the basis of which He spoke, we won't be able to carry out what He wants us to carry out. First of all we must get hold of that foundation. First of all we must get hold of that basis through which he spoke all those things, through which he explained all those things. Until and unless we get hold of the main thing, main root, we won't be able to do what Jesus wants us to do.

So actually, you see there is, I can see as much as man's mind flicks around, man flicks around, because mi man has been governed by mind so as many time man - mind flicks around, man flicks around. I can see many Westerners are flicking around like anything. That means their mind is not steady. First of all, they want to be with nature. How to get with nature? They want to be primitive. Getting primitive won't help us, because after primitive man you came, and you want to again go back! Then if God wanted you to be back, why should-why had God given you so much intellect, to be at such a high level? God is not crazy. God is not a fool. God is a-God is a sensitive man; He has a sensitive, sensitive brain. He works as He should. So He has given you this stage where you have so much, and why should you go back? Primitive man was crazy! He used to take a spear and fight with each other. He never took acids! He took something else, but he never took acids!

Many people, many youngsters say okay that when Lord Shiva came, He came with a bag of, of marijuana. And this is not it. He came with a bag of marijuana, but not marijuana was not that you smoke or eat. That marijuana was the marijuana of this Knowledge. When people got it, they really got blissed out. If they just went into it, they really got blissed out. That's what He had, He had not these marijuanas and so on and these-this is not the Word, this is not all the things you are too!

Man takes LSD, till he has-he has got his effect of LSD, he is okay, LSD finishes, he is not okay, because he is not in the bliss thing. So what actually he is doing, he is flying over rough, rough weather. He goes up; he goes down. He goes up; he goes down. It's not going to help him. What I have is a constant LSD. It's not LSD, it's a built-in LSD which God provided you with when you were born. You get into it and you're always blissed out. No need to come out from it.

You can do all your daily activities. This Knowledge is so beautiful you can walk and still meditate upon it. You can do anything, still meditate upon it. I have got much greater thing to give it to you than something else. So come, leave these things and come to me. I've got a much, much better thing. Try it, you'll like it. It's much better and (cheering and applause) so it's much better and much far out. Thank you very much.

(Crowd: Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai)

Twameva, beautiful Hindi Hymn, usually sung at end of Arti in Divine Light Mission

Twameva Mata, chaa pita twameva
Twameva bhandu chaa sukha twameva
Twameva vidya dravinam twameva
Twameva sarvam muma deva deva
Twameva sarvam muma deva deva
Twameva sarvum muma deva deva

You are my mother, and You are my father;
You are my brother, and You are my friend.
You are riches, You are wisdom;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.
You are my all, You are my all;
You are my all, my Lord, to me.