PMT #007 PMT 007: Third World Peace Tour, New York, 27th July 1973

The young Perfect Master was speaking extremely quickly through most of this speech. Eleanor Blau, a very sympathetic New York Times journalist wrote, "he addressed "several thousand people on Saturday night from a red velvet throne at the Louis Armstrong Stadium in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, the 15 year-old spiritual leader delivered a rambling, sometimes humorous discourse about peace that appeared to delight his followers but not those who had come to hear him out of curiosity." (New York Times, 30th July 1973) DLM officials claimed 8,000 attended the speech but the police estimated only 4,000.

He spoke of the things in which he was interested, cars, jet planes and Batman comics. I understand his delight in Batman comics, my five year old grandson loves them too. Nothing reveals the enormous cultural gap between the "square" young guru and his "hip" followers than his example of "James Last" as an exciting musical act coming to New York. James Last was a German MOR maker of muzac for suburban squares while the premies had listened to Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, etc. They were interested in doing good, he was interested in making good. Apparently there are either 3 types of people or 2 types of people or 1 type of person when they first hear about this Knowledge. There are 3 types who are like tea sieves and grinders and there are 2 types who can follow their noses or not as the case may be and there is one type that you can reveal the Knowledge but you can't make 'em meditate.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying Song: Slow with piano and violins probably titled "We Love You Maharaji"
We love you Maharaji, your heart is all the fashion (?),
We need you to guide us back to the light
Where we come from
We love you Maharaji, We love you Maharaji

We love you Maharaji the Lord of all creation
You made us in music and in your grace
To make a song
We love you Maharaji, We love you Maharaji

We love you Maharaji, you show the world inside us
You lead us your children back to your peace
Where we belong,
We love you Maharaji, We love you Maharaji
We love you Maharaji, We love you Maharaji

Speech Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat)
Dear Premies, We have all assembled here, or at least supposed to be assembled here, to listen and to talk about this strange thing, supposevly (sic) a phenomena to the world called this peace. Everybody is looking for this, in different ways, of course. Some people think it's in money, some people think it's in the external pleasures, some people think it's in the Himalayas, some people think it's in the nature. Well people are looking for it in different, different ways, but really it is at one place, right within our hearts.

It's like this, that our watch is tied to our wrist and we are looking it all over the house, in drawers, in our pockets, under our bed, everywhere and we can't find it and we are just going mad at it and scratching our head, thinking where did we put the watch and just completely not understanding and then (jet goes overhead) not understanding that it is actually tied to our wrist and then when we see there at that proper place, we find it.

Now I think that's the same exact position with the whole world today. The whole world wants peace. Everybody wants peace. Now maybe we don't call it peace, maybe we call it peace of mind. Maybe we don't call it peace of mind, we call it Knowledge. Maybe if we don't call it meet er peace, we call it God. Maybe we don't call it God, we call it the Word. If we don't call it Word, maybe we call it the primordial vibration. But it all comes to one point, that we need something and that something that everybody is looking for is peace.

We get up early in the morning, well now its weekend so maybe not but this is, this is for people I'm talkin' about. I'm just describing for you a way of life people are trying to live today. They get up early in the morning, wash their face, finish their toiletries, come up, take their breakfast and try to dress up, turn on the television, watch shows, then when they are ready, taken their breakfast, slap into the car and start driving, take their newspapers and their reading newspapers cause it's rush hour, cars are moving very slow, they are reading their newspapers, they are driving their cars then they go to the offices, park their car, go into their office and start working. After it's the lunch hour they come out of their offices, go take a, take some snacks and everything and then boom into office back and start working. Then it is all done over with and they snap into their cars and come back again and then they come out of their houses, loosen their ties up a bit and take out the jacket and watch television, take their lunch or just sit down and then go to probably when it's night time go to a club. Come back and start watching television, start bucking, watching movies and then go to sleep. This is a daily life and maybe out of this daily life, out of these five days, we have two different ways, two different days, that's all and that is Saturday and Sunday, that we call weekend. But in this whole thing, where is peace? We don't want peace for two days, we want peace forever. We don't want that we must live in peace for two days and then be un-peace and unsatisfied and in miseries for five days. No, we want peace for constant because this is how it has been described to us as peace being constant within our hearts and that's what we want.

So what is this peace that everyone talks about? Today, people think peace is in vealth (sic), well they they alright they think it's in, its in, it's in a car, it's in a Rolls Royce. They get a Rolls Royce for themselves, then they snap, they start putting things on it and they put one thing on and they say, "Oh, that doesn't look nice," so they put on other thing.

I have seen, I have seen this, this is probably everyone who sees it. In America people buy their cars and the things they put on it is just incredible. Lights all over and fenders all over and the way they color it with all these snakes and black and name their cars and put every type of option. Why? Because they want something, you see and they want to gain at some point which they're trying to get to it. Now, there was a time, there was a time, when there were no aeroplanes. Then Wright brothers came out with something that was flying machine. Well, they worked on it and finally they got it working and after they got it working, they made it a twin engine, then four engine, then an amphibian and they made all these, all these, all these, all these, all these things trying to approach something.

And today they have come out with a 747, a DC-10 and a Concorde. And after that, probably they are going to come out with these telephone booths which are going to look like a telephone booths, you go in there with your luggage and there is a dial and you out your, you take out your American Express card or any card, you press that card into there and it goes to the computer and checks if you have a good balance and a bank account. And then the bott-a switch comes on which says "Ready," and you just press the button "London" and after five seconds you are in London, you are and maybe, after this, something else is going to happen. Maybe they are going to take the world and put it on wheels so London comes walking to you, instead of you going walking to London (clapping)and if still people are not satisfied with this, I don't know what is gonna happen (laughter) because that's, that's the maximum on it and I don't know what's gonna happen after that.

But this is, this is quite possible, because we are looking and we do not have a limit. So that means we will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on - well, obviously it won't finish! You see, it's like this, there are fifty people and fifty people go to a cinema to see a, to watch a movie and they stand this, in this queue to take, to take tickets and the guy says, "Oh, there are fifty people in there." So he starts cutting tickets on and on and he thinks after some time fifty people will be over. But if those fifty people, instead of going into the theater, come back again into the line and just go round and round and round and round and round and round. Is that line ever gonna finish? No. Until, until everybody's tired and the ticket man says, "All right, I am tired, finish it off." So this is what is going to happen with the world if we obviously continue and reaching to no point because we are not reaching to any point, this is, this is quite true because whatever point we are reaching to is incomplete, is imperfect. We need something perfect. Something starts with "p," and sounds like perfect.

And everybody in this world takes things and compares it to perfect, a perfect car, a perfect chair, a perfect suit. And everybody is trying to compare to perfect, because that's what we want. But understand that that's not how perfection goes. Perfection is something else, beyond, beyond all the dimensions in which we are living because perfectness is infinite and which dimensions we are living in are finite.

So trying to put, it's like that (jet goes overhead) it's like that we take a big huge Lincoln Continental and, and take a small Mini-Cooper and open the back and try to fit the Lincoln Continental into the Mini-Cooper. Which is, of course. impossible, because Mini-Cooper is so small and Lincoln Continental is so big. Now here both objects have a, have a beginning to it, have a size to them. But what about finite and infinity? How are you going snap that infinite thing into a finite thing?

So what we need today and what every Perfect Master comes in this world to reveal, is Knowledge and what is Knowledge? This is a big question. You might be hearing that Mahatma Ji giving satsang and talking about Knowledge and then reading posters and talking about Knowledge and many people came on the stage and talk about Knowledge and then you go snap a bumpler there and talks about Knowledge and you see television program talks about Knowledge and you see a news article and talks about Knowledge and what is Knowledge? And Knowledge is that inner experience, that inner energy, that source through which we realize that inner peace, that inner experience which we need.

What is food? See, there are two things which are absolutely necessary for us, one is food and the other is eating of food. Now, if we don't have food, we cannot eat food. Alright? And if we have food and do not eat it, it's no good. Obviously it's no good. So the point is that two things damn necessary for us, to have the food and then to eat the food and that's what it is. There is Knowledge that we have to realize, there is that supreme energy within in all, all of us which we have to realize and then realizing of that energy by itself, understanding that energy within inside of us itself and that's what we have to do and that's, that's called Knowledge.

Now whatever I am talking about might have different interpretations to it and everybody who is sitting here might be understanding it differently. But understand this, we are talking about one thing that is common between all of us. If we are black or if we are white, it doesn't make a difference. If we go to a river, you know, that there is a very bad river in Washington. D.C., it's a, a very dirty river and if we go that river, two people go, one is black and one is white and white goes to the river and the river says, "All right, because you are white. I will be neat and clean for you. Go ahead, jump in me and uh swim." Then the black goes, says, "No, you are black, that's too bad. You can't come into me." No! See, this river is open, is open to both. For a river there is no distinction, whatsoever. River does not say, "No, you are black so you can't come." No, for a river both are equal and river doesn't say, "Alright, because you are American, I'll let you in and I'll be clean and nice and good to you. But because you are not American, I won't be nice and clean and good to you." No, because who we are, we are same no matter from where we come.

Today we have distinction say, "Oh, you are eastern and I am western and this is that and this is that." Tell me one thing, who we were when east and west and north were not made? Because the world was made and then human beings were made and human beings came into this world and then came east and then came north because that man, who made all this, wanted to go somewhere and if he wanted to go somewhere, he had to presume, he had to presume four directions, which he obviously named as north, south, east and west. He presumed it, it, it didn't come right on the north pole, it didn't say, 'north', n-o-r-t-h, 'north', so he read it and says, "This is north," and then he went to east and there was a big 'east' written here and he says, "Well, this is east, that this is east." No! He presumed all this because he wanted to navigate and for navigation, he had to do this.

But realize who is God because today if a scientist comes to us and says, "Do you want H2O?" and then somebody comes to us and says, "You want pani?" and then somebody comes to us he says, "Do you want washer (sic)?" and then somebody comes to us and says, "Do you want water?" well, it's going to be the same thing. It does not matter in whatever language we describe it. In whatever language we say it, it's the same thing. It doesn't make a difference. So it's the same thing, Knowledge, this Knowledge has been described by all Perfect Masters in different, different manners and in different languages and to realize them, we have to go to a Perfect Master. Why we have to go to a Perfect Master? See, today, if we want water, it's so simple, if we want water, in aeroplanes. This was a, this was a proverb. This was a long time ago people used to say, "If a man is thirsty, he goes to water, not water comes to him."

But in these days, it's completely different, it's entirely different and it goes like this that if you want water, you have to press a button and the hostess will come, come running to you and say, "What do you want?" and you just tell her that you want water and then the water will come running to you. But obviously understand that the hostess had to go to a source of water, which was tap and then that, that water had to be filled from a source which obviously was a tap on the ground at the airport. And then that water in the tap was coming from somewhere where there had been a reservoir and the water from reservoir was coming because it had been raining and it was coming through rivers or by natural sources and the water there had been coming from the ocean and then there had been water coming into ocean from some other place. So it all leads up to a certain point. Maybe it leads, leads us into a zigzag way, but it all leads us to one point that there was a source to water which eventually we had to reach to have it.

Now this is the point that we have to understand, that what is the source? And until we reach to the source, we cannot realize this Knowledge. Though Knowledge is within inside of us, but we have to understand the way to realize it. Our face, our face is right with us, but we cannot see us until and unless we have a mirror in front of us and that's the thing. We have to have a mirror and mirror is the Perfect Master and now he is also said in different ways. Some people call him Guru, which, which has become quite a funny word in West and some people call him Perfect Master, which is not a funny word in West. We just call him in different ways, but what he is, is the one who can reveal you Knowledge.

See, when a Perfect Master will come to you, he will not be stamped on his forehead saying, "Perfect Master identified and witnessed by God, signed God." No! When he comes here, we have to realize him. Today we, today everybody knows, today everybody understands, today everybody prays at Jesus and says, "Jesus, you are my Lord." What about the time he came? There were very, very few people who said, "You are my Lord." People, people were just saying, "Oh, no, he, he just can't be it, see, it's just impossible him being Lord" and as a matter of fact there was a point when Jesus was standing and many, many people were coming up to him and some saying, "Well, we believe he is the Lord, he is the one who is supposed to come." Others said, "Oh no, he just can't be it, you know." Everybody trying their intellect, which again is limited, is very, very limited. So how do we understand, how do we understand when Lord comes to us? By the Knowledge he gives, he reveals. Because why do we want to love? Why do we want, where, why do we want Lord in this world? So that he can reveal us something.

You see if somebody is intrusted (sic) in music, right? And some, some party, supposevly (sic) "James Last" comes in New York. Well, to somebody who wants music, who loves music, that arrival of "James Last" will mean something. Now, for instance, when I came into New York, when I came into New York, it was, it was a time and thousands and thousands and millions and millions of people were awake, they weren't sleeping and amongst those thousands and millions and millions of people, everybody was doing something and everybody was doing something and it meant something to him that's what he was doing. Some people were working in press, some people were working in television, some people were making a movie, some people were busy driving to their own destinations, some people were busy shopping, some people were busy doing something, some people were busy doing something. Obviously and it meant something to them and there was a point that there were all these premies, there were all these devotees and members of Divine Light Mission and my arrival did mean something to them and to other people it did not. Why? Because of a simple reason, there was something, there was something that had been given to them, the Knowledge. The Knowledge had to be revealed-had been revealed to them and so it did mean something to them. Because, that's how, that's how John said realized Jesus as being his Lord because that, of that Knowledge. Otherwise it did not mean anything to other people and that in even if it meant a slight bit, they didn't want it to mean it, so they, they tried to abolish Jesus from this world.

So understand that only, and the only identification we do have is Knowledge and we can understand this Knowledge which is quite possible to receive in this 1973 world, in this 20th century which is very, very, very possible and this is the year of 20th century. Why? Because if we add one, nine, seven, three, it comes out at twenty, right? And this is the year of the twentieth century and it does mean something to us. There has to happen, something has to happen in this year. Actually, it is happening every year, but when people do not realize it. For a blind person, rising of sun means nothing and setting of sun means nothing. For him, it's all equal but for people who have eyes, rising of sun means something to them and setting of sun means something to them. Man has to always, who has to always stay in shelter, raining or not raining, does not mean anything to him because if it rains, it's going to do no harm to him. If it doesn't rain, it's going to do no harm to him at all. So this is the point, that we have to, eventually at one point, we have to receive the Knowledge.

Now, in this world, if we talk about peace as we do and people are-just don't understand it. You know why? Because I'll give you this example, I've been giving this example quite a lot but it's like this. I come to New York city and supposevly (sic) I am just a student in school, maybe in, in Los Angeles so I come to New York for on vacation. It's quite unique for somebody from Los Angeles to come to Los-New York was vacation but I do come here for my vacation and then I go and I like Batman comics supposevly (sic) so I go round New York searching for Batman comics. I go to all these stores and they say we don't have it so I go to different stores and they say they don't have it so I'm very-and they don't even have anything so I sit down, I've lost hopes, you see, yet I have searched everywhere and I couldn't find Batman comic. It was obviously everywhere there could be, stores, houses, universities, schools, shops, I, I searched and as a matter of fact to a strange person and I couldn't find it and then because I couldn't find it, I'm just sitting here thinkin' about Batman and his adventures on this, under this tree and suddenly this little, little boy run-comes to me and says "Do you want Batman comic?" I said "What, you have Batman comic?" (laughter) He says-I say "Don't kid, come on, don't make a fool out of me, you don't have Batman comic." (inexplicable laughter and clapping) He says "Why not?" and I just say "You don't have it. I search it everywhere, it wasn't there. How can you have it?" But here it was a bit funny so you people laughed but as a matter of fact (laughter) this is the exactly same position with the world. They have searched for peace all, probably all their lifetime and now you go to them and talk about peace they say "What! You're gonna give us peace? Forget about it! There ain't any peace in this world." (Bolie Shri Saguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai!!!

This is the exact kind of position in the whole world. This is what I have experienced, see. I'm not talking just because I read it in a book but this is something I have talked right around the world from Australia back to Australia, everywhere and this is the position. I have talked to at least, at least if I haven't been to China or Russia still I have talked to those people. I've talked to everybody and they say "Forget it" They're saying it just ain't there. It was a, it was a mistaken name that was put out there but that's not true because peace is there. You know something? In this world everything is ready to be destroyed. It just takes an order and everything can be abolished from the whole entire world. You won't see one single thing except water and you won't even be able to see it because you'll be dead. There'll be nothing left.

This position is right now. There are B-52's ready to blast off. There missiles ready to blast off, there are submarines ready, everything ready. If you try to run into ocean, they won't leave you. Everything is just ready to go. But somebody, something is holding it back. Obviously there's something and what is it that is, that is holding that thing back not letting the world destroy? And well, that's, that's the big mystery. (jet flies overhead) And this thing that is just making everything wait and giving world a chance. You know, that's it, you know, that's, that's, that's the, that's the whole thing. That is and we have to realize that. See, obviously we understand that we are alive today and we enjoy ourselves, do all this but what, what is the thing that is making us alive? Isn't that absolutely amazing? Somebody comes out with automatic transmission and you say, "Wow, fantastic!" You got something out there and say, "Fantastic, what a nice automatic transmission!" What about this thing that's completely automatic?

And you have all these, all these electric alarms, people came with all these electrical gadgets and all these things that if a fire goes on, an alarm will go on and these things will burst open and try to put this oxyg-this carbon dioxide and try to extinguish the fire. Well, what about this body? It already had that. You touch, touch fire, it'll automatically react to it and then everything will heal itself up. It'll, when it gets hot, it'll perspire, your water will evaporate and you'll be cool. It was all built into right there and we search for it outside and outside and outside and it's right there, still that big bird we are searching for, that bird with, dove, with the two of those things, the peace or those two fingers we are searching for to be always there, we raise to mean peace. We are always searching for, peace, it's right within inside of us but it has to be realized, it has to come out, it has to be understood within inside, otherwise, it doesn't make a difference, you see? So we have to understand and we have to realize that peace within inside of us and why I, we have assembled here. Now I personally, I don't, I don't have to say anything, see I can't promise anything to you except one thing. I can't say that I will do this, I can't say I will, I will stop the war in Viet Nam. I, I can't promise all these things. But I can promise you one thing. I can promise you satisfaction of mind, I can promise you peace. Because I have a method of it.

Now this thing that is within inside of us, it does not mean a change of religion. You can be a Christian, still follow it, you can be a Hindu, still follow it. You can be anybody following any religion of any caste, creed, color, nationality, coming from the north or south pole, coming from underwater, overwater, underland, overland, anywhere. If you are human beings, if you are human beings, that's it. That's good enough for you to realize this Knowledge, for you to experience the bliss within inside of us, it's beautiful, it's fantastic. It's just that we cannot describe it in these words, otherwise, otherwise it would have been really, really fantastic but it is like this that trying to, ten to, tell you the experience of pinch and saying, "Oh, it hurts." Well, (jet overhead) if you, you sprain to your knee or something, again it is gonna hurt. But what is that, that exact experience is, until you pinch yourself you cannot understand.

So this is, this is my point. I want to make this absolutely clear to you. If you want peace, this is it. If you want peace, you are most welcome, most, most, most, most welcome. If you don't want peace, well, you are dose, most diswelcomed because man who does not want peace is not a human. Understand, man walking with two legs is not a human. Everybody walking with two legs is not called a human. Yeah, you, you have to understand that. Right? You cannot put identity to a man, "Oh, he is walking with two legs, so he is a human being." No! You can't do that, you see and we want peace, we do want peace from sincere hearts but it is like going into a shop of clothes, asking him to sell a car to you, going into a store of food and telling him to sell you a lens of, of your camera to you, walking into a st, walk into a store of cars telling him, telling him to sell you organ and walking into organ shop or something like that selling him to sell you a video camera. It's absolutely impossible and you just can't get it. Sure, it's going to be a very great distress to you, but you can't get it. You are looking for it in a wrong place. You got to go to a Perfect Master, see?

I don't say I am a Perfect Master as, as you people would think if I say Perfect Master but I, I say I am a Perfect Master. How I say I am perfect? I don't say I am bodily perfect, but I'll say I'm perfect because I can give you, I can reveal to you the perfectness inside you and those, anyone who is teaching you science, you call him, you call him a science master and anyone who teaches you woodwork, you call him a woodwork master. Well, I can teach you perfectness, so I don't think it will be too bad for me to call myself as a Perfect Master, you to call me a Perfect Master but it doesn't mean that I become bodily perfect, or anything like that. No! Not at all and I don't claim I am a Messiah or anything like that but just simple thing, if you want peace, alright? I can give you peace. That's it. That's the whole deal. Behind it? Nothing doing. (Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai) Because and, and people have many, many misconceptions about us, but we do not want money. Alright? We do not want money. Many people think that Knowledge requires money and because you don't have it, you can't buy it or anything. You can't buy this Knowledge cause if you start putting price on it, it's gonna be a bit of a problem with Divine Light Mission, because it's gonna cost a enormous amount of money. It's too much. It's gonna cost too, too much.

It's gonna be, see all the money the government wasted to send Apollo in there? Well, that was for some achievement and this is the perfect achievement man has looking for. I don't know how much it's gonna cost, much, much more. If I think of how much it's going to cost, if we assemble the world, the whole world's wealth, everybody's wealth and multiply it ten million times, it still it'll be only one penny worth of it, that's all. It's so expensive. So, we want to give it to people, and, well, we can't charge money to them because they won't be able to pay it, so we give it free. That's, that's the only, the only thing we can do and we give it free and it's right, it's right within, within you. Within your hearts right now, you are alive because of that Knowledge and if you receive that Knowledge, if you realize that Knowledge, you have peace of mind and that's all and we are all looking for this thing everywhere and you see if a man walks in and he hears this P.A. system, it's quite loud, isn't it? It's quite loud. But when aeroplane comes, it doesn't even have a P.A. system and the engines fitted and it's so loud. Understand? It's too loud. So this is the point, that in this world we have all these teeny meeny, teeny meeny things to satisfy us, no, they don't and one Knowledge, when it comes roaring over persons, that's it, that's enough to it because that does satisfy us. That is what we have been looking for and that's very, very, very possible to realize in this world and that's all I have to say about it. There is not much to say about it really. We have, we are trying all these things in this world to do but we are going to reach to no conclusion like this and we are looking outside you know.

Today people think, "Wow. Peace is giving five pennies to a poor." I'm going to tell you a story about this. I, I often tell it because I think that's what peoples' thinking is for peace but there was one man, a rich man and he went to God's door, heaven, and he knocked the doors and God's secretary came out and said "So, what do you want? Why are you here?" and he said "I want to enter heaven." So he said, "Hang on. Wait here." And he went to God and he said "God there is a, there is somebody waitin' outside to enter heaven." He said "Now come on, call him. Call him." So he came and God said "Uh what do you want?" and he said "Sir, I want to enter heaven." So God said "Alright did you, did you do anything good in your lifetime that you want to enter heaven?" Well I often tell this story because it-you can relate to the story because people think to do good you go to heaven. So this is the story. So God asks him "Have you done anything good to enter heaven?" and he scrapes his head and says "Yeah, I did something good." "And what was that?" and he said "Well I gave um 5 cents to a orphan child." And God said "Anything else?" Again he scrapes his head and said "Yeah, I gave 15 cents to a widow." And again God says "Well, anything else?" Again he scrapes his head and says "Yeah, well I gave 5 cents to a beggar." And God said "Well, anything else?" He said "No." God thought about it because it was something good at least but what was it, you know, it was, it was like right in the middle of it. It wasn't too good enough so that he could enter heaven and it was pretty good, it was something good at least so God was thinking about it what should we do and he couldn't figure out so he turned round to his secretary and said "What do you think we should do with this guy?" and said "The only thing I can imagine of is give him his 20 cents-his 25 cents back and tell him go to hell" (laughter and clapping) and that's what God did. Gave his 25 cents back and said "Get out of here. Go to hell."

So really what is good in this lifetime? We have to realize what is goodness, what is-because goodness is something that is good and good is something that lasts. What is in this world that can really last? Not even our bodies. Not even this body does last that long. It comes and right under six feet under the ground and that's it, finished. Ah you dig a grave after two or three months, you will find skel-a skeleton. If we dig more probably not even that. And that's, that's, that's the whole thing. Not even this body is permanent. So what about things that man made? How can they be permanent? So understand what is good, what is really permanent and then, then, you can understand and realize what the aim of this human life is because we have to understand. If somebody comes in here and he just roams about, sees and gets out of here, it's going to do him no good. Not at all but he must make a aim to come into this hall and if he can make that, it's perfect because he can come here.

See there are so many people sitting here, so many people. Well, some of them are here who are premies, who have realized this Knowledge and they are sitting here. Ah there are other people who have come here who saw posters and are very interested in this Knowledge and finally are going to take Knowledge. There other people who come, who just came here because of curiosity or they just were driving by and they saw this lights going on and satsang was going on and they just went there and they are here for just to see what's going on and then there are other people who just came here for fun, they don't even have to do anything here.

Its like this. There is one strainer you use for tea mmm? and this strainer, when you pour tea into it, all the good tea it lets go and all the tea leaves that are, that are no good, it keeps in it. That's one type of person in the world. All that is good, he leaves it, he lets it go and all what's bad in the world, he absorbs it in him and then there is one type of person like a grinder who takes good and takes bad and grind it up and makes nothing out of it and then there is one person like sieves. It takes what's good and leaves what's bad. Now there are three persons and it's up to you what you want to be. If you want to be like that grinder and come out to no point, well, you can be that, it's quite possible. If you want to be like that strainer you use in tea, that leaves all the good tea out and takes all those bad tea leaves which you are going to throw, well, you can be that of course, it's quite possible and If you want to be that good sieve, it takes and absorbs what's good and leaves what's bad and that's very, very possible too. You can absorb what's good in you and leave what's bad and then this world will be beautiful for you. Because this world is beautiful and because what our minds, our perception has turned us into such a manner has made us in such a , such a cycle, that we are getting every kind of thing. It's like a radar and this radar was made in such a manner that it was-it is picking up everything. It is picking up these lights, it is picking up aeroplanes, it is picking up weather, it is picking up everything. It's just becoming a great mess in there and that is what actually has become our fuss in this world. We are taking good things and we are enjoying 'em a bit and leaving 'em and taking bad things and becoming very serious about it and having go through all this misery and everything and then it's all over and this is what the world is like.

But if we understand that one good thing which is there, then this really this world is beautiful for us. All we have to first understand what is the greatest and the very best thing which is within inside of us and I can reveal you that. All that's all I got to promise, that's all I have. I can reveal you that Knowledge which is within inside of you and you see we come in this lifetime and there'll be one time we go and there is, there is some purpose. God made this beautiful body and gave us and sent us here for some purpose and definitely there is some purpose and if it's like this that America trains an agent, a spy and gives him a good beating and spends money on him and really makes him perfect. All expense are like, you see how much, like it spends 75,000 dollars on one spy and makes him really go, really perfect and teaches him karate and everything and everything so that he is really a good spy and then send him on a special mission to London and he then just goes on one of the very good hotels and just goes to sleep there What is America, what is America going to think about him? "What a fool!" Well, God made this beautiful body, gave it everything possible, made the whole entire world for it, made the whole entire nature for it, made this body the crown of the whole, whole nature, of all God's creation and everything and then man comes here and falls asleep and says, "All right," and presumes, and presumes his own, own aim and says, "Well, my aim is to eat, drink and be merry." Well surely what's God's gonna think about us is that we are good, great fools because we come into this world and not realize why we have been sent for.

and remember this thing, history is a pendulum and everybody has seen a pendulum. It swings back and forth. There is one point that swings all the way in front and then goes right back and that's history. Well, the people and the people now know that, "Oh, if Jesus, if the Lord is gonna come, we are not going to crucify him. If the Lord comes, we are going to try to really realize him" and that's the sway of pendulum and it goes all the way till the top and when the Lord comes, it goes right back again. Now that's the way the whole thing is, you know? If, if somebody comes to you and say, "I am Jesus!" and starts shouting and oh doing all these things, probably somebody is gonna come and arrest him and put him into a mad hospital and say he is insane. But if Jesus comes here, you know, or even somebody who dresses like Jesus, well, he is gonna be in an awful lot of trouble cause people are gonna make fun of him and if Jesus comes but having no intention to fool anybody, having no intentions to do anything except preach Knowledge to people, he comes in his white robe and long hairs, as we, as you, as we see him in the pictures and he comes to us and says, "Now I have come and you know as I promised to you," well, people are not going to like it very much as they are gonna think he is insane, not realizing who he is, you see because history is always a pendulum and this is very true. Means, maybe, maybe there will be many people laughing, you know, at what I am, whatever I am speaking. But this is what I have experienced in this lifetime. What is, this is, this is a fact. This is what is going to happen again until we really realize this Knowledge, because it is right within inside of-that's the energy that is right now making us alive.

Well, that's all I have to say about this and it's, next it's completely up to you. You see, there are two type of people. One is that you have to tell them, you can't beckon 'em, you have to tell them, put your left foot in front and put your right foot in front and then put your left foot in front, keep your nose level towards me and then put your left foot in front and put your right foot in front, well, and then they come to you till you tell them to stop and other people are that you tell 'em, you just beckon 'em and they come to you.

Well, this is whatever I have told you, it's about Knowledge, about that inner experience and if you want it, it's quite possible. But if you don't want it, presume whatever you like. It's, it's like, you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Thank you very much.

Band: Blue Aquarius Song: Satguru Has Come
1, 2, 1234
The signs of the times there's a fire that's burning in the heart of ever man
And the garden home has grown in into a prison
Open your eyes and realize that the wheel of life it turning
And the age is here where all fear must change to Knowledge
Satguru has come, freedom, freedom, all mankind is gonna be as one
Love is all, all is one

City streets there's a siren sounding on a day of violent warning
We've become the slave of what we made to serve us
And if you criticise and think it's all lies your wind of truth is pounding
Your ideas and crazy notions won't preserve us
Satguru has come, freedom, freedom
All mankind is gonna be as one
To show us love is all, all is one, that's God

Satguru has come, freedom, freedom
All mankind is gonna be as one
Love is all, all is one

Lyrics become indecipherable

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai