PMT 010: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Embassy Hall, Los Angeles, 27th January 1974

This speech was given in Denver only 2 months after the Millenium '73 debacle. His voice appears to be breaking and at times he speaks so quickly it is very hard to distinguish what he is saying. There are extreme volume changes which have been part of his speechifying throughout his career and the repetition is even greater than usual. In the speech which lasts nearly an hour the young Rawat says 'like' 13 times, "it's like" 89 times, "you know" 79 times, 'perfect' 68 times, 'beautiful' 26 times, 'beauty' 14 times but 'fantastic' only 10 times. His thinking is so sloppy he talks about creating a feral child in a cellar at birth, fed by tubes, without sound and then at 23 years of age questioning him. For a Perfect Master the 17 year old guru watched a lot of TV sitcoms and he talks about the television show "I Dream Of Jeannie" and his greatest passion … cars. He claims that people criticise Divine Light Mission, criticise the Holy Family, criticise himself but that nobody criticises his Knowledge. (Oh yeah?) He says the happiness he reveals is self-sustaining unlike the happiness gained from having a nice car, house and family but as you have to spend 2 hours minimum a day meditating (in 1974, 1 hour a day since 1987), go to satsang meetings all or most nights of the week (in 1974, much less since 1983) and donate as much of your time and money as is possible to sustain this happiness, it is hardly self-sustaining and as we all need transport, shelter and family then it requires far more effort to sustain any extra happiness from Rawat's Knowledge. He is speaking to an audience of premies only so he is not giving an introductory speech but an indepth one full of references to God, truth, Holy Word, the Holiest vibration, infinite energy, etc.

Uh we actually all are united here to listen to about something, something that kind of is important right now people who have not received it. This perfect Knowledge, for them it's kind of something that's important. People say so, somebody said to them that something is important, something so-called Knowledge is important but the thing is that's more than important to us because it's a part of us and without that Knowledge we are nothing. The thing is that the whole set, the whole statement that I have just said it does not depend on me saying it and you listening it but it practically depends on the realization and the practical realization of that truth.

In this world there are many people who are talking about logics. The very first thing that we have to understand is the perfect logic. What is the perfect logic? And until and unless we have understood the very perfect logic we cannot even distinguish what is logical and what is illogical. Neither can we talk what's logical because there is something that we have to understand. There is a fact, there is a base to our lives that we have to understand. We are talking, we are understanding, we are reading scriptures, we are going toward churches and things like that and trying to follow a religion. There is something behind it which is a fact and that fact has to be understood and realized by human beings and until they understand that truth, understand this, understand perfectly that the most far out logic there is, until then they really cannot distinguish anything in this world.

Well this is one of the main problems that people have sometimes when they come with their questions, they say that "Guru Maharaj Ji how do we distinguish what is good and what is bad? There are certain things I'm not going to tell you but if you can divide I'm-there is nothing like uh if you can divide by a number by two it's even and if you can't it's odd there is nothing like it, you can guess, I just can't tell you that "Look if you divide that number by three, but just say it's good enough and if you can't just say it's illogical, it's bad, I just can't tell you that because that's not the truth but the thing is there is one truth and until and unless you know that truth and have practically within your hearts realized that truth, until that you really cannot understand what is, what is good in this world and what is bad in this world because all that we are really basing ourselves into this world which is good and which is bad and whatever I'm saying right now something it, it just might hit you for a second and you might not be able to understand it but please if you do have time go home and think about that all we are trying to base ourselves into this world is a basic conception.

If I put a person into a cellar, now this is something for you to understand, today everybody's crying God but if you put somebody into a cellar, just into a cellar, just into a box the day he's born from and like take tubes and put it into his mouth so that we can feed him and give him all the facilities but make sure that he doesn't listen anything and after he's like maybe 23 or 24 years take him out and ask him something, ask him if there's anything like God he knows about, he will not know that name God, he will not know that power that, that we call God. Now what is a simple reason-I'm not saying that God doesn't exist but I'm saying that todays everybody's so busy in the, in the fact just saying "God oh God oh God oh God oh God" that they do not even want to realize God because the name for them themselves has become very satisfactory. It's like saying "We will pray, we will pray."

They don't even, it's like, when kids are playing, you know, and and there is no winning and there is no losing or just somebody does a bad thing or it's like if you're talking and a little kid does something bad or you do something bad, somebody comes to you and says "Man, great. You are just great." Now you don't want to say great at that time because you blew something over it but still you say "Man, you are just great. You know, if you're just great." Now what is the, what is the sense of saying 'great' when he is really not great because he just blew something over it but there is a and really this is like a slang and slang means people are just speak it up, you know it doesn't matter, just speak it up and, and at that time if we just really stop for a moment and say "Hey listen why am I saying him great? You know he just, he just blew my car over or he, he just killed my brother or he just blew me out." He's still saying great. Well what is the reason if he just stopped for a second and tried to understand what the reason is he's just like, we have been like taken and it's like if you take a zyroscope (sic) and if you put a motor in it, it will roll for some time but when you even put off the motor and even put off the motor still it's revolving for some time. It's like if the drummer takes a drum and beats it like hits it with a stick he will stop hitting it but still there will be a sound from it, still there'll be a sound from it , it's like if you take yourself and punch yourself on your nose you will stop punching yourself but still it will hurt you (laughter) but there is a little reason behind everything and it's the same way that though we are here and we have to understand so many facts of this life we have come into such a cycle we have that perfect logical thing that we have to understand we have forgotten it and that is the very downfall, that is the very downfall of people where they cannot understand what Knowledge is, where they cannot understand what God is because they're tied to their conceptions.

It's like, what is a ghost by the way but means people say "Well there is a big monster and he has of these teeth and he looks black, 9 feet tall, all this stuff that wasn't whole new and probably when you are three or four years old and now everybody stops telling you that but still if you, if you are walking right in the jungle that's what you imagine of "Uh oh, maybe there is a monster following me." No, but the thing is because you have grown up so much but still you are so much tied to your conceptions that you cannot get that hell idea out of your head that look there is no person like a monster but you are so tied to your conceptions and that is the very downfall because when Jesus came what's stopping people from believing was that this man just cannot be the Perfect Master. Means it's impossible, it's just completely for a person taking that judgment himself is actually like he shouldn't even do that because he does not know. He has, he has, he hasn't got that perfect power of distinction that who is evil and who is God but still he is making that decision, he makes us say "Man, Jesus Christ is just not perfect, you know can't be." Means he was, it's what the world, what means even the logic was there and the same logic because I believe that the people are no different in that, at that time maybe they have Chevrolets these time, maybe they didn't have Chevrolets, they had maybe something else and you know you call something Apollo you have at this time, maybe they had something else like it was something else but the fact is you know that there is no difference between people's logic which was at that time, which is at this time.

So how are you as a matter of fact going to distinguish between when the Perfect One comes and not and there is only one way to do it. There is really one way to do it I mean it's like now this is a very common, common thing. You know it's like somebody going if somebody does that to you what would you say to him supposevly (sic). Somebody comes up to you with his pockets full you know and it's like and he says "If you can tell me that in my right pocket there is a handkerchief I'll give you 1000 bucks." Means, means this is, this is what people eventually are doing that they are going to the person and saying "Look, if you can tell me that there is a handkerchief in my right pocket, I'll give you $1000" and this is like a foolish statement. You know because you are telling him that the handkerchief is in your right pocket and you're not supposed to tell him. You're supposed to go and tell him "Look, tell me in which the pocket is the handkerchief and then I'll give you 1000 bucks but you go to him, you tell him that, see it's like the difference between that foolishness to wear you are telling him when you're not supposed to tell him, the same way, you know when there are two things in front of you and it's like there is a choice mean there is a choice given to you that look you have to find out which is sweet and which is salty and there are two bowls and you don't know, they look very much alike, they look, they look very much alike, it's like eating mushroom barley soup with sugar and eating mushroom barley soup with salt and there are two bowls and you can't, you can't distinguish between them and they are given to you and you're asked "Now tell me which is sweet and which is salty?" And you cannot tell and you'll-if somebody stops there and start thinking "I guess this is it or this is yet or this is it or this is" and they'll say "You are a fool. Why don't you pick uh, pick it up and see and see to yourself which is sweet and which is sour."

And this is a very common thing that people will do but the question is this is what you are not doing by yourself because probably you do not even have the distinction, power, that real power that you're supposed to have, that energy that you're supposed to have that is making the whole world vibrate and probably that's why you cannot even distinguish because to yourself distinguish between a Perfect Master and who is, who is a false one and who is a Perfect Master. You cannot make that choice yourself, it's imposs-it's virtually becoming impossible for you to make that choice and you're just trying to hook yourself up to to concepts which might or might not lead you to, to just completely devilness, to just completely darkness but to be the most positive way to apply to the most positive way is to actually go to a Perfect Master what is a Perfect Master? What is actually a Perfect Master? You see it is said, it is also been said in Gita that whenever there will be a decline in true religion then I'll manifest myself into this human form and come to perfect, come to perfect my devotees. He'll come in a human form and this is what a Perfect Master is who comes in human form.

Now when, when we say Perfect Master we do not mean that he is like that genie that you see on television. She is not even perfect but he's, he's not like that genie she goes like this (presumably he did whatever the actress did in the show to perform magic) and something happens, now whatever she wants that does not mean perfectness, perfectness is something else.

Perfectness is within inside of you and the revealer of that thing to you is the Perfect Master can reveal that perfectness within you because it is not outside. You are searching it outside maybe but it's within you and the meditation of that thing, meditation is like concentration on that Holy Word. Meditation is like taking your whole self and merging it into one point of that perfect vibration of that Holiest vibration in the world and when you do that is where like infinity and your finite and both become one and then that finite thing also changes over to infinite. It's because infinite is something without end, it does not at an end, it does not have a beginning and finite is what has a end and what has a beginning and that's what we are and when we will merge ourselves but when we will merge ourselves to that perfect point which is complete infinity, where everything is just infinite and then we ourselves and that infinite thing will be one and then you'll be in that perfect vibration.

There is the, there is the formula how to become perfect like if you go to something that is perfect and merge with it and be one with it then you'll be perfect also but you have to merge into it, you have to be one with it and that's the simple formula but have to, how to make it complete, how to be one with that Perfect Master is by doing meditation and this premie program which has kept here was particularly because I want to tell you premies that this is what is most important thing of your life. This is the most important thing because many premies think "Look we don't have to, we don't have to do meditation, like" when I was in uh Phoenix one premie asked me a question and the question was that you know like he just wanted to know that when was he actually meditating like he used the word formal, formal meditation. I said "Man, that's the greatest problem with you."

Meditation should be with you always, 24 hours, there should be nothing like formal meditation and this is what you have to get to. I do not mean that you don't have to actually start doing meditation or do that but you have to really get into it and really be one with it and, and just when, when you are walking, when you are sitting, when you are doing anything, anything whatsoever that you want to do, you're always one with it and then the-that's the perfect vibration you have to get but it's like you cannot, you cannot gain the speed from 0 to 60 in just like that. It's like it takes time even if it's a split of a second and that's also a time it has taken for something to reach from 0 to 60 and this is what you have to make up. This is what you have to realize slowly and slowly to get to that point but see we are all looking for perfectness and I have a solution for per-I'm not saying, I'm not saying man you have to come to me and you have to do that and you can just go, go wherever you like and do whatever you like and when you are fed up with it, upset with it and done with it and you don't like it anymore, you're really fed up with it then you can come over (laughter, clapping) and then you can understand this Knowledge and then you probably will be able to understand this Knowledge better and much better you know and this is the thing, this is the thing that you have to really understand.

It's like something that is really interesting, this is something for premies to know by themselves the thing is that people, there have been so many people who have been trying to criticize the organization, who have been trying to criticize me, who have been trying to criticize the Holy Family who have means there's a hell of a lotta things going on these days (laughter) and uh what there is, is that one thing they have not been able to criticize yet and this is when it is told to people that really understand the point that look that's right you know they're criticizing Guru Maharaj Ji and they're criticizing the organization and they're saying this and they're saying that man but they're not criticizing this Knowledge. The Knowledge that he reveals, nobody is criticizing that, therefore these people don't have that much common sense but there it is but you know they should just have like a simple thing in themselves therefore this Knowledge must have something in it for us to receive, to be one with and this is what we have to really explain it to people because see a person is bound by his concepts, it's like, it's almost like a, it's almost like a butterfly which is a form of caterpillar or like a chicken in the egg, it's like bounded completely by shells and until that shell is broken, until that shell is actually broken that chicken cannot come out and that thing is within inside of you and you are like completely surrounded with the shell but until by the grace of, of meditation and by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji when it's like heated, it breaks and then you can come out and this is what is a particular thing with every person in this world that he is completely bound by his logics, is completely surrounded. He cannot think, he cannot imagine is everything is like dot dot dot and that's the way it is and then that's got the way it's got to be and no alterations.

If you like it go ahead and if you don't like it, forget it because that's the way it's gonna be, you know, this is, this is, this is the life's, the lifestyle these days but no, America was really like, it's like, it's so strange for people like America is going at this, at this point and not only America, England is going and India is going and all these countries are going to an energy crisis and we have put a very funny name and I tell you in fact it's not a very true name either, it's not, it's not a 100% correct name because if you really understand that energy there can never be crisis about it and see, that's why I say that people who, who think energy is, what is, what is energy? If it is gas, you open the bottle and the gas is gone overnight but this Knowledge is not like that it's within inside of you it's always there before you were born it was always there and after you will die it'll still be there because there is the thing that is the pure energy which is making the world go round and round and round and see, see if they're really interested in the beginning of energy they would never "energy crisis." They could've said gas crisis or something like that but never energy crisis because that true energy probably the scientists themselves say energy can never be broken you know it's like that, that thing, that atom which is one part it's never been broken and that, that's the thing, it's like this is what you have to, this is what you have to understand that the energy that you are calling energy today is not that true energy. You are calling it something else energy so it's like that biggest thing you means like you go to for a drive and ??? and the first thing you do is wrong that guy who is sitting next to you won't feel very good about you, you know because the first thing you did, he told you to go forward and you reversed the car into and bumped into some other car. The very first thing you did with him was to bump the car ??? it's like you did a mistake to start with and it's like the very first step of your inner energy that means really energy word became popular tell me the truth this is the time that it really became popular it's on everybody's-people who want to even hate energy word even they're talking about it these days and it's like it's really gone popular these days and the thing is that people call this energy and it's not really energy.

It's like the first thing they ever called, the first thing they really started speaking energy and the first thing they made a sentence about energy and that sentence was also absolutely wrong so this is really can show people if you really want to see it can really show people that where this whole world is up to. You know they don't even know where to use the word and energy and where to not because they do not understand that perfect and pure energy and this is, this is the only reason, only, only, only, the only reason that a Perfect Master comes here to this planet because I don't really, I don't really think that this, this, this planet earth is the most far out planet because it's also got miseries in it and it's got lim-all limited is in this planet you know and it's like in this planet really because if God wanted to create the beauty that there is, the extremest beauty of a setting sun you can imagine right by the ocean and the ocean is just like completely like glass just completely coolled out like one of these days it was really beautiful and absolutely clear sky right where we are sitting and the sun going down some clouds over by there just going red, absolutely red, sun just going down beautiful you know like two sunsets, one in the ocean, it's so beautiful and we say wow we just really see it, we just can't help getting blissed out. It's just so beautiful, we say wow that's fantastic but don't you understand that God, the person who created that beauty, who brought it there can also produce better beauty because look you used to, people used to create cars in 1939, right, 1929? Now since then they have developed up to this point, right?

It's like Mercedes started with this junk looking car, spokes, tires and these wooden tires and like you go and you take a match and you put it near the carbureter and the thing burns and starts up and it's working and it's going around the road, 1 mile an hour, 2 miles an hour 3 miles an hour, top speed you are doing, going through people rushing by at 3 miles an hour and that was, that was fantastic, that was beautiful and now it's slowly and slowly developed and they brought out this car and that car and they brought out like today if you start counting how many models the Mercedes makes you can't believe it they make over 24 models of cars when they car car look alike but different things and, and now at this modern point they have brought out this new Mercedes-I'm just giving an example, they've brought out this new Mercedes and this new Mercedes is like a 450, it's got a fuel injection system in it, the best suspension system in it, it's got all these things in it but tell you the truth from those spoked, those wooden tires you progressed up to a fuel injection system, right? Now God who made that sun out there and the mountains and the ocean and the beauty out there who made it? Let's say in 30 years Mercedes developed up to so much right? Now God made that sun and God made that whole earth and whole beauty more than 30 years ago he really did, means he really did and uh well maybe some of you are not 30 years developed so it's like that thing he made he must have a better idea in his head than that one out there which I bet is more beautiful and the sun and the beauty you see out there but that's it and like I, I really don't mean to say that because boy you, you just can't compare God with 30 years because he is infinite he can do anything he do-wants to do but I'm giving you like even if you compare your progress and compare God but also it's like in 30 years how much could he have developed and believe it because to start with he was so good.

He is that perfect beauty and that's what the perfect beauty I want you to know. That very perfect beauty this is what you have to know. That perfect, perfect, prff bloop beauty because that's even where he brings out beauty from. The thing that even gives sun energy to light up and makes everything so beautiful you know and at least God should bring out one thing, pollution device and you know this is, this is what I'm just trying to tell you there is that there is like a big jackpot, a beauty, perfection and this is what I want to tell you and I want you to go and hit it so you can get all that beauty and all that, all that love that we want in this world today because I think there is also a love crisis going on in this, in this time, not only energy crisis and but it's also going on in those countries that are not under the influence of energy crisis because this is just, this is just going on everywhere and it's like that's the love that we have to first it's like if there is a seed the tree will automatically grow, it'll grow because you say here you know you say "This is not true, if you don't give water to the fl-plant it won't grow." See those jungles, see those jungles, those big jungles there? You didn't go to put water there, did you? They grew by themselves and they are I think they are darn nice, they look beautiful and this is how it is you know it's like there has to be the seed, there has to be a beginning and then the whole plant is there and that peace, that's the seed you are missing, you are putting water, you are putting manure, you are putting giving sun it-to it and you are doing everything. It's never gonna grow because you don't have the seed and this is how the example fits, you are shouting "God, God, God, God, give me peace, America be in peace, you be in peace, I am be in peace and this and that."

It's like you are doing all these things, sound pretty good, beautiful and that's the way you really want it to be but there is one thing you are missing and that's the seed. If you can plant the seed then you don't even have to say that and they'll be, everybody will be in bliss, everybody will be in peace and everything will be so beautiful and that is the realization that you have to have within inside of yourself because that's where it lies. That's where it is you know and all of this human body seems like what this human body is like a frame, it's like watches, they've got different watches with different shapes, they run differently, they have different mechanisms in them, they give different kind of time but see they can be the most far out watch but if you offset it like set it 15 minutes before the time and take a really third class watch, it's really third class watch, $.50 or $.25 watch and set it on proper time and two people come they will say "Man look at this expensive watch it 15 minutes off the time and look at this watch, this is perfect" so I think that's, that's what it is it's just like that thing that, that you do not know about does not mean that it doesn't even exist you know.

Sometimes many people come to me and when I give them satsang they like come-it's really far out talking to those people really it is because these people don't believe in God and they don't believe in anything and they don't believe in Scripture, don't believe in anything. They come with this open thing and open heart and open concept and they say "Look Maharaji here we are to you and we want to listen about this thing, so-called God, we want to know the Knowledge" and then you can start telling them from the beginning what God is and by the time it's like you start giving the definition, you start telling them about God is, like everything that it is done, it's like all the concepts that is usually in a man has been given to him and then after that it's like you pack up the parcel and you put um like foam in it or Styrofoam in it, you pack up the parcel and you cover it up and you seal it up and you make it all ready to go and there is one thing left and then you take it to the post office the post man puts the stamp on it, you write your address where it has got to go, you get the receipt and send it off and that's it and this is, this is like, this is the realization to God, it's like, you have all your concepts ready, you have really good definition to speak of about God, you have a little good understanding about God who God can be and you have all the concepts ready and there comes the stamp and you are stamped and you have received Knowledge and you know what's God is and there's no question about God because see there was a time when somebody thought "No there must be something like it. You know there must, there must be something like it" or the person who saw that infinity, who saw that perfect and pure power he said "Well, this is, this is what should be called 'God'."

You know because before we even started speaking there was, there was this energy, there was this sustaining power of all human beings still existed and dear premies this is all I have to tell you and I don't think I should tell you any more about it is that look if you have received Knowledge you should do meditation and if you haven't try to understand because see what is really funny, what's really funny about it is that this Knowledge is so beautiful and you don't have to charge money neither it's being donated to you, it's not being donated to you. We are asking for a fair price on it, it's cheap it's like uh, it's like almost saying look people there is a car of five dollars and it doesn't need gas it doesn't need even a city just set in it and drive it and you can drive it all day long, all night long, all year round, don't stop it and this is just the car for five dollars and that's all you pay for it when everybody will go buy in it because a five dollars car you don't put any gas in it, you don't have any service expenses in it and that's just perfect, that's just about what you want and you just go and buy it and this is how this Knowledge is its cheap you know all, all we want a fair price is a lot for it and that's all the fair prices and you've got beautiful thing which gives you peace, which gives you bliss, which gives you harmony with the perfect one, with the infinite. ??? I think it's, it's a fantastic set and I, I think everybody should join it and at least everybody should try to come and see it and understand it because look whatever I'm trying to tell you is gonna do no no good to you really until you actually come and understand this Knowledge and realize this Knowledge and meditate on it then that's, then that's when it will do you some good you know I mean real good.

Right now I'm trying to tell you just receive it and understand it and look there is something like this beautiful and this fantastic which exists and that's what I'm telling you but this is like you have to go one step beyond this and receive that Knowledge and understand that Knowledge. Like this is the whole example I'm going to give you many people might have heard it see it's like there was a sailor and he came and he had mangoes with him and he came to this kingdom and he went to the King and he said "King can I sow some mangoes in your kingdom?" Because that kingdom had no mangoes in it and the king said "Well what are mangoes?" And he went "I don't know what mangoes are." Well he started to explain, he said "Well, look there are things about that big, they're shaped in this way and day out yellow, yellow stuff and they're yellow in color and they're yellow stuff and they're kind of juicy and that they have a big seed in 'em and they grow in this big tree that looks like ??. He said "I don't understand what mango is, I still don't." So he said "Well I guess I'll just tell to some of my courtiers to go and eat it and taste it and then tell me." One of his courtiers and he told him the same thing "Well it's something like this and something like this" and it's like if you tell your friend, "Friend why don't you go and receive Knowledge and then you can tell me probably you know how which what Knowledge is." Same thing, he'll just tell you the same thing as exactly as I said and he'll just tell you it's far out and it's blissful and it puts you in harmony and it's within the inside of you and it's fantastic." That's all he's gonna tell you. So this is how what happened to that King. He sent his courtiers they just came back and told him "Look" they said "Yellow stuff and it's about that big and there's yellow in it and it goes onto sour cream." "Listen guys, I sent you there and you didn't even, you still don't give me a perfect answer. I don't understand." So he was just like going through all the courtiers and there was one old one who was a clever one who was sitting all the way back so what he did, he took a mango, he washed it all up very nice, he cut it in half, he took a whole mango, he put it there, got a painting of the mango, of the mango tree and he brought a seed over, brought the whole tray and he he took it to the king and he said "Look King and this is all the mango tree looks like, this is the mango how it is, this is how it looks inside, for taste, if you want to taste it for you, you go ahead and taste it and this is how the seed looks like." King took a bite of the mango and said "Well, I know what the mango is" and isn't that simple?

The thing is to say after you have done it, isn't that simple is that um you know it's like saying isn't that simple it's like if a doctor comes with a needle up to you and you're really afraid of it you know, really afraid of the needle you'll say ouch, and you're gonna be saying all these things in your heart you know "Oh it'll pain, hurt and this will happen and that'll happen and when he's done through with it just tickle ??? and say "That didn't hurt" and they killed you almost but this is what many people say sometimes just tickle ??? And say "That didn't hurt." The thing is this is what you have to understand now is the Knowledge which is like after receiving Knowledge "Well that was pretty simple, kind of simple" well why didn't you understand this is like this is the time that you have to put your logic in front and really understand and to really understand that perfect logic and then be one with that truth and then the one with the peace because that's what you want to be. This is what you are searching for, this is what it's like everything is just kinda making you unhappy and unhappy and unhappy and unhappy. It's like if you're gonna go away from happiness you know then this is what's gonna happen. It's like saying I got up in the night time you know it's like saying look when I got up there was no sun, there was no evening, it was after evening and what was it it's like you gave that big statement just to tell that I got up at night time. It's simple to say you know just simple to say but this is what you have to understand now, this is just really everybody has to completely and completely understand that what that perfect Knowledge is and the necessity of that Knowledge is now and that now you have to understand it perfectly.

It's like maybe Bob has been giving you some satsang and he might have told you about service. And it's like really you won't be able to do perfect service until you have really gotten rolling on the meditation because that's what really encourages you from within inside of you to really go and get going into service and when, when we are there it's like both are synched and then you can do anything you like to do because you both are synched the service and the meditation are synched you can do anything you like to do and this is like, it's like the key to the happiness and many people right here who have not received Knowledge they, they might be thinking "Look he's just trying to make it too easy for us" but guy you receive Knowledge and you will see that it's exactly that way I am telling you, it's not different. Because I was talking to some brothers in India and like they had like they had been waiting for such a long time and I was talking to them and like he really wanted to receive Knowledge you he really had the desire in his heart but when I told them about this Knowledge he said "Look I just can't receive it, I can't because I don't know because it's, you just make it sound too easy." Well that's good for you if I make it sound too easy because then it'll give you some courage to go ahead and to understand it and to realize it but this is, this is the time you know right we have to go out and tell people about this Knowledge and people have not understood they have to realize it now and this is the time you know because once we are going to be dead forget it we are going to be 6 feet under the ground you know and then it's like if we, if we get up from our graveyards and think about receiving Knowledge then and come up from the graveyard all blue and you know (laughter) man you everybody who sees you will freak out completely freak out, they won't let you in probably, they might, realize, so it's like, like that person walking in this is like that's, that's not the time to make your decisions when you are dead 6 feet under the ground. It doesn't matter if you're Mohammed Ali, if you're the best fighter, that doesn't matter, you won't be able to push your way up but this is like the time to understand when you're alive, when you have a golden opportunity to really go ahead and understand it, to really go ahead and realize it, really go ahead and, and get into it you know and this is the opportunity and, and this is, this is all I have to tell you now you know because the rest is all up to you.

It's really all up to you, you know because we are trying to do some good and really we have to know what's, what's really good thing in this world. The secret to good and then we can know. It's like when you were driving or learning how to drive you must have asked one question to a tutors who, who taught you "What's the secret to driving?" I am all, he must have told you something you know that this is the secret to driving or this is the secret but really now that you know yourself how to drive you really know that there was no secret it was just like you had to really get in driving and you really had to get rolling into it and that was it and listen if you want to know there's a secret some kind of combination that you can plug into your memories that'll make it easy, forget it, there is none like that for you to really understand and get going into it and then you'll really understand it because it's realizable it's knowable to you because you can realize it and it's, it's, it can be, it can be revealed unto you and that's why it's so beautiful and that's what's really beautiful about it, it's right inside, inside of you, you don't have to go outside and nobody has to bring it in his pocket he just gives it to you and that's it. I think now I've given you this satsang and now it's up to you to how much of it take it inside you and think about it and do service you know and service is the most, most people think "Now look if we are doing the service we must be one grade higher." I don't think so. I think it doesn't make a difference because the point is to do service, to realize this Knowledge more. You're not, you're not uh appointed uh and paid officer it's just like for your own good and it's like whatever service you are doing, playing in the band or being the executive officer of uh of the Divine Light Mission or doing whatever its service is just barely service and this is what you have to get into completely and very soon we hope to take at tour of United States.

We'll go up towards California and then we'll go towards Portland and come and go into Canada my kind of go till, to uh till Florida and come back to Denver all those cities and come back to Los Angeles. Well it's like um there mahatmas, mahatmas will be always here to which you be able to go and understand this Knowledge and if you have any doubts and confusions you know like that you can understand from them and uh if you want to ask any questions then I think you should come at about 11 o'clock at the ashram and I just might be there and if you have any questions then you can come and ask otherwise the Mahatma's will be there but I really want you to receive this Knowledge because I have realized it and you know it's fantastic, it's far out, it's beautiful and I want you to also understand that beautiful thing and that far out thing I can't even explain you how blissful it gets sometimes of I tell you the truth all the times.

It's always so blissful because well it's like you are going and you are hitting a straight line and it's like all the things of, of this whole, whole universe are coming just to crush you down and you are hitting like a, like a, tell you, I don't know what, yes, things right straight and going right to your destination means it's not like a single degree thing you are making its going right straight to your flying through a Mach 83 or something like that going straight to your destination. That's so beautiful, that's like all the botheration that stopped you at one point, completely stopped you, complete demoralized you, you know, the same botheration's come up to you it's like wow they don't even bother you anymore, heading straight at your destination, it's so beautiful and so perfect and this is what you want to be like and this is the point you want to get to and you can very easily get to this point. Really easily you can get to this point by meditation because that's, that's, that's really the meaning of it, get you right to perfection, to get you right to perfection the point you want to all reach because we want, everybody wants to be happy and if everybody wants to be really happy from their hearts.

Look many people say that "Man I've got a Monte Carlo and I've got a beautiful house and I've got two beautiful kids and I've got a beautiful wife and that's about it for me and forget it don't give me a baloney stuff (laughter) and I'm happy you know I'm happy." So what can you really tell to that person who says I am happy? Right? Most of the people you know when I met-meet them and ??? them travelling in first class and it's like you go and talk to them and say "Look Mr. leave us alone will you. I think we are all happy." And it's like okay I'll leave you alone and just as you are getting up from your seat you say "What happens if your Monte Carlo goes wrong?" and you just get up and go to your seat and sit back and 10 minutes after you notice the person standing right besides you and saying "Well tell me more (laughter) you know like tell me more because that thing just really hits 'em what if, what if Monte Carlo goes wrong that's about it for his happiness you know, that's, that's where his happiness depends. What if something happens to his little kid? His happiness has flown far far away. Something happened to his house and its gone flown far far away no matter if he's got insurance on it you know it's like it's just really has gone far far away. His wife dies and his happiness has gone far far away and if that's what your happiness is well I'll tell you the truth you are in great trouble because you're depending on this, on this jack which already has a crack in it and you're trying to lift this 3 or 4 ton truck you know you are taking a big risk and that you are sitting right under the tyre trying to change it and if that jack goes off tell you, you will go off with it as it the tyre won't have any mercy on you, neither the truck will and that's how it is, it's really how it is when people are just basing on all to these things and it's like you have to be completely dead sure about it and, and you have to realize this Knowledge and to realize this perfection and realize it you see there's nothing up to it and it's like that's, that's exactly how it is you know it's like such a, such a your happiness your complete happiness is based to those small things "Oh my car, Oh my wife, Oh my two kids, Oh my little house, Oh my business, Oh my job, Oh my money, Oh my bank account" and this is where your happiness is being it's like taking a jack which is in two pieces taking one piece on top of each and lifting a seven or 8 ton truck with it and going right under the tyre to fix it. You haven't got too many chances you know and you haven't got too many if that's, that's what you are completely basing your happiness onto man you haven't got too many chances to stay happy because any day that happiness is gonna quit and then what are you gonna do?

So you have to realize, you have to understand that happiness which is self sustaining which can sustain itself by itself you know which is just completely perfect that just takes you right there where the whole bank, where the whole ocean of happiness is, where you just never get soaked up from it and this is where you want to be to the perfect happiness to the very, very sure happiness and this is where you want to be. I just told you the easy way of going there, you know because really people, people have this crazy idea that look I am happy but in that's their happiness, they think that's their, that's their complete life and that's their peace and the tranquility of mind and that's man. You know it's like easy come and easy go and that's how it is but you have to realize further more than that you know so think about what I have said tonight and that's for your good. See you won't understand it today, maybe three days later, maybe three years later, some day you got to understand what ever I'm saying. I'm saying it good, I mean it, I really mean it. I'm not talking a bunch of baloney, this is a practical experience what I'm talking to you about you know this is not, this is not like a candy which is appreciated by some people which is hated by some people I'm talking a experience which is within all of you and you all all of you have it and without it man you would have been under 6 feet under the ground and really what happened but because of it you're surviving easy anything, the ???s going, the microphone's working, I am working, you are working, we are tour's going on or the cameras are shooting the film or lights and everything, the watch going on everything that is, is just because of that Knowledge, just because of that perfection and this is what you have to completely be on 24 hours, you know which is complete perfection, be in complete perfection because really our soul is crying out to go, so all is really crying out, it wants to go and merge itself into that complete perfection you know it's really got to go and merge.

A little baby, a little child who is like uh maybe a year and a half old, that child really hardly knows anything but when it's separated from its mother cries and cries and cries and cries you know it's like somebody takes him you know who's, who's also somebody's mother but he is not satisfied with that and when his mother comes he doesn't, maybe he doesn't even recognize his mother but there is something and there is something and his mother picks him up he's all laughing, he's all smiling. There is some connection and same way there is that connection which is between us and God and that's why our soul it's just always and constantly crying and crying and crying to be one with it, to merge in it but all the confusions and all these things are objecting it and until we let it and get all these objections out of the way until then that perfect harmony will not be there and this is what we have to accomplish in our lifetimes. This is what our aim is to accomplish that perfect harmony, this is what you have to accomplish and how will we accomplish it by Knowledge, by this meditation we can very easily accomplish it. You see I think I have, I am completing my duty by telling you about this, about this Knowledge, the rest is up to you. If you stand before God and God asks you "Why haven't you received Knowledge?" Don't you blame it on me that I didn't tell you. (laughter) I told you. (scattered clapping) I'll just take a tape over and, and I'll, I'll just play it. "Look I told him. You wouldn't listen to me. What could I do? So don't blame it on me. Okay it's up to you to understand. Well, as a matter of fact that might've been just a joke or, or the truth. Who knows? But this is what you have to understand and realize this Knowledge.

I, I mean it's just really beautiful you know it's like when you will know it is when you'll realize. I've seen people who are completely skeptic about it it's like even if it's good you know they just whisper it a little bit "Even if it's good we're gonna tell 'em it's bad." People who are just like that you know but when they receive it they come to me it's like they just completely laugh at themselves and they completely laugh at themselves and say "How can we even imagine it being that blissful? It's so much, it's so blissful. How can we even imagine it not being blissful?" So this is it premies we have to do it by ourselves it's like to do it and it'll, it'll give you such fantastic bliss and such fantastic tranquility of mind that you will be completely amazed with it, completely amazed with it and I hope and I think I should tell you that if you want to it's like um if you want to you can really do this meditation, if you really want to, if you really want to you can also receive this Knowledge because where there is a will there is a way so if you want to understand God now there is a way. If you want to be with Jesus now there is a way because where there is a will there is a way. I didn't make it, that proverb was not made by me, it was made by you people and I'm telling it to you people back so if you want to really know Jesus it is very possible now and if you want to know God and be one with God it's very possible now. It's up to you, the rest is up to you. It's like what can, what else can I say to you? What else can I do?

See if you want, you can come to me and I'll give you this Knowledge and if you do don't want there's that big Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Denver, Phoenix. You've got all these states and if you are not satisfied with that you can go out of it too. There is England, there is Japan, there is China, there is Vietnam, there is India, there is Ceylon, there's a lot of hot countries you know wherever you like to go but if you want to receive this Knowledge, here it is, and because this is something that will really bring everybody together, really, really and how? See because it's common. It's like Knowledge won't say "Look if this is a black guy I'm not in him. I'm not gonna get myself revealed by him." No! It's the one at equal for every everybody and when everybody will receive it it's like just taking two parts, you know, really taking this because this humanity has been torn into two parts. People say "Oh this is a, this is black community and this is ???, It's so saddening."

Then it will be like taking two parts of this broken humanity and putting 'em back together and that'll be just so fantastic, it'll be so beautiful and that, that whole idea of brotherhood that should exist which is not there, everybody's talking about it but it is not their will just come back into it and everybody, everything will be so beautiful, then everything will be so fantastic and you'll be able to see it by yourself and this is the only way ever, ever, really any man has been able to bring humanity together through this Knowledge because it is within everyone and common and common.

You know because this is the greatest thing and when a man has surrendered to it, when a man has completely, completely surrendered to it and, and it's like when infinity adopts you, that infinite thing adopts you that finite and takes you in it and then you also become infinite. It's like, you are like just a speck, just a speck, a finite speck into this big infinite ocean and as soon as you hit it you also become within a matter of no time, that tiny speck within a matter of no time it comes as vast as infinite. boom and less than boom and there it is it's like you now are infinite yourself once you have understood that Knowledge, once you have-the tiny speck which is so finite it's just so beautiful now, it's just all over you know it's just like infinite and then you be able to actually realize and feel that love you know it's like more love that you can feel for yourself because really it's like people are killing themselves today and there'll be even more love because the love will be of perfection, it will be a love that's coming out of perfection, the birth of that love will be from perfection, it will be the perfect love that we are all looking for that's it's like these days two people get married and then maybe for like a week they're happy and then they say "Forget it" they have a little fight and they say "Forget it!" Now they're quittin' and they go to a court and they're divorced. You know it's like, it's like that liar who marries 2 people and gives divorce to 3 and somebody says he is in a poor stage because he-he'd-he'll probably get all his statements confused and that's, it's, it's like this is, this is not the perfect love, this is not the pure love. Pure love is something else it unites us together that pure love, once unites you together you are stuck with it, you really are, you can never separate and that's, that's the pure love that you have to understand and it's within you and you have to be one with. Thank you very much.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!

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