PMT 011: "The Missing Link" Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) in Denver Colorado on February 15, 1974

In this 38 minute speech the young Rawat says 'like' 66 times, "it's like" 23 times, 'really' 32 times, "you know" 42 times, 'perfect' 17 times but 'beautiful' only 7 times. The first 20 minutes of this speech does not make a lot of sense. It appears he is trying to explain that we need to include what he believes is the first cause, the very basic underlying energy of the universe into our considerations of life. He identifies this with the "Knowledge" he claims to reveal and that he says is keeping us alive. He mentions his beloved cars in an example about speeding in a fog and finished the speech with a safety lecture for aspiring pilots. In most of this speech the young Guru was shouting, ranting, volume changing, shouting, long pauses and non sequiturs than usual. He makes some delusional claims:

PMT011 PMT 011: "The Missing Link" Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) in Denver Colorado on February 15, 1974

Dear premies, I guess uh there's nothing uh much more to say than uh what was said yesterday because I think that, that is it but see as Mahatma Ji was just telling you the story of Alexander that he came and he wasn't really able to do anything in this world so thinking that he was doing just a great deal and finally the realisation came to him who knows may be or may be not he was able to cover up for it. Who knows? Since this life is before us and we are existing in this life that we should try to do something that'll be the most important thing, that'll be the most fantastic thing, that he'll be the most super far out thing that we could have ever committed. What can it be?

There are all these people who are trying to explain how to become immortal and really when somebody has really understood ??? how to become immortal it's just like he laughs at 'em, he just laughs at 'em because they have these big books, because they have these big, big things trying to explain how to become immortal but when he realized it was so simple it was as simple as adding two and two or one and one or half or half or quarter or quarter or zero or zero because see it's like this that if I'm standing on a bus stop, right?

My speed, I've seen this in Japan but I never rode one as these trams they have 'em but uh I've seen how people sometimes ride 'em when they're not taking important corners or not that many people waiting. They're coming and certainly they just jump on the train, they just jump on the tram and they're moving, they're just going but this happens most of the times in India and those buses usually don't stop and they're just continuing and these guys just run up to 'em, catch 'em and um there they are. Now see, when you were standing at the bus stop what was your speed? You weren't walking, your speed was zero, nil but as soon as that bus came along and you jumped in it your speed was, say 20 km, whatever it was going, 20 km, 30 km, 40 km, whatever speed it was going and if it would have been a faster transportation your speed would have increased that much. It's like look there is a stone and you take this stone and you throw it in the car not intending to hurt anybody of course, straight in this car. Now the speed of this stone is nil, absolutely nothing and as a matter of fact that stone itself has no power at all to move until something makes it move and as soon as that stone hits the car and goes inside the car now virtually if you really see that the stone stops in the car, it's not moving anymore in the car but to tell you the truth it is moving because it is covering distance it is gone probably if there is a stone or sometimes you know these flies get into these aeroplanes especially in uh this might have been noticeable to you in India or in trains flies get in and they start from Delhi with you and they end up in Patna in Bihar which is a long ways was sometime in an aeroplane you know like these flies start from this so it's like if you can attach yourself to your soul now that attachment is okay it's not attachment where you'll be completely thrown out, it's not attachment that is bad for you, it is attachment that's supposed to be meant for you.

You weren't attached to it and now you have completely lost it and that is, that is one of the reasons why you are mortal, you know, why you are perishable. This is one of the reasons why human beings are unhappy that if we can hook ourselves into a soul which is infinite and then that soul has a connection which is completely, perfectly infinite, it's like it's completely one thing soul in the whole God and when this is, when we hook ourselves to soul, this is attached to God, we itself, because soul does not die, neither does God, thus we can become immortal. It's easy. The explanation is easy and doing it is as easy because all you've got to do is to receive the Knowledge and meditate on it and by that what you are really doing is by taking yourself and putting it, concentrating your concentration into your inner self. It's taking a needle, now when you are sewing something, you do not take the thread first, the needle goes first and then when you pull the needle to thread comes along with it so this is how we have to merge ourselves, you have to completely get one we have the power that is within inside of us because of that power directly is hooked up to that infinite power we are all looking for and it's, that's all to it, you know, that's really all to it and people are talking "Oh how does it become?"

So far our body is concerned it is inspirational and body is something that see even the first child comes into this world starts crying that's the first, the very first thing it can do and that means that this fir-this world is full of miseries from the time he was born and then when a man dies because of the pain, no maybe not outside but at least inside he cries. If a man is hit in an accident and the death is instantaneous but even in that instantaneous period when took about a second or so, even in that period it's like something happens to his body and we can really get, get into it, we can really see how there has been reaction of the body to that, to that shock or to that whatever it is and it's like since we start from this world just as we come into this world and until we die we are just completely into misery and so we want to go somewhere because see here is the concentration that really enjoys and fears and all these things can be turned into one thing that is just completely positive because when we are staying in this earth we are subject to negative and positive because this earth itself is made out of negative and positive.

The source of energy does not need a negative and a positive but something that is going to be used, something that is going to light up by that energy does need a negative and a positive. It's like when electricity is created you know sometimes they have these uh waterfalls and where that's where they have electricity is created, these big, big, big waterfalls at that time there is no negative or positive and from there then they have negative and positive and from that energy that is created that is built up from there they have negative and positive and then this negative and positive runs your bulb, your electricity because they are subject to negative and positive. If you only put positive current into it, it will not glow. If you only put negative into, negative current into it, it will not glow. It has to be negative and positive. The same way this world is made out of negative and positive because it's running out of energy. Energy is making this world run so this world has negative and positive for that energy itself which is making this world run does not have negative or positive because this world is what we see. It's like uh something that is functioning and that function we see.

If supposevly (sic) something does not exist, see if a stone is existing there is a time when that stone does not exist and nobody calls it a stone because nobody even knows about it then there is a time when it starts creating itself, starts being into a stone and finally there is some point where that whole process the stone that you are seeing is uh is the result of that whole process that had to go and because of that you can see. If I bring two pieces of wood before you, just two pieces of wood you know, two big logs of wood like that big now you cannot call that piece of wood a hanger can you? A coat hanger you cannot call it for what is made out of it, if I make a hanger out of it that you can call a hanger. Virtually that hanger was hidden inside that wood because something did not happen and thus it was not visible to you in a form of hanger, that's why you just couldn't call it a hanger.

If I bring cloth to you, just cloth to you, simple, ordinary cloth which doesn't, which has no polish, it doesn't it has no coat isn't anything, just a big, thick pile of cloth, bring before you, you cannot say that this is a coat, you cannot say that this is trousers, you cannot say that this is a hat, you cannot say that this is a handkerchief, you cannot say this is, this is a curtain, you cannot because you cannot see it. Has been curtain, has been coat, has been trousers, has been cap, has been handkerchief but once it has, some action has been put in it and is turned into that then you can say "Oh yeah, that's, that's, that's the coat, that's the trousers, that's a curtain, that's a handkerchief." Out of cotton these clothes are built, out of wool ??? But when this wool is on the lamb you don't go "So there, there is a sweater, see the sweater on that lamb." You don't but some action is put into it and then immediately you start calling it wool so that is an action and due to that action that has happened that is the biggest link between us and that energy because we do not understand what that action that happened which made this world be here.

Now you errh of course what people did was just start digging earth and they find out this and they said "Well, some kind of eruption happened and here we go, big, big ball (laughter) and something happened, some of these mountains started popping out and something happened and these trees started coming up and something happened and this happened and something happened and this happened but what did happen? What was that cause that was making it happen?

It is like this that I clap and I want to ask you a question like if somebody sings a song here, a really beautiful song or something like "Lord of the Universe" very popular (laughter) most of the premies will get up and start clapping and if I ask a person and say "Why are they clapping?" and they can ??? their answers because they like this rhythm and they want to play to this rhythm so they're clapping and because they-you want to clap that is why you are clapping and what is making you clap is the rhythm because you like it and you want to sing to it and you want to play to it but then there is something behind it which it that person does not even know about because it does not come into our, into our sense.

You say "Who was driving the car?" "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji was driving the car." "And how was he driving the car?" Yeah, simple he was just sitting on the steering column and steering the car and pressing the gas and pressing the brakes and all that. (laughter) It's just so simple isn't it? But that is why that was not, was not making me drive the car because of why can't a dead person drive a car? Why not? His bones are still there, his muscles are still there, so-called brain is still there, everything is still there so why can't he drive the car? That simple thing, isn't it? That a human being can't even see in that dead person still yes you can see something. That greatest thing is missing (laughter) and what is it? And that is that greatest thing, that is that understanding that we have to have. Just like this little kid over here is trying to take some pictures (laughter) you see I don't know if he's gots good camera or some kinda real one but if I ask somebody why is he doing that? Maybe his mom told him, maybe he likes to do it, maybe it's fun for him but nobody will say that there was a-there is an energy behind him which is making him do that which is of the truth and which is the fact.

The bulb is glowing because the platinum in the bulb is glowing. Nobody talks that because there is electricity coming into it and the electricity being generated in the power plant, coming through the fuses and going there because I guess it's just too big a hassle to talk about it (as none of this makes much sense there is frequent giggling and laughter) and if you did people will say you're some kind of a nuts or something or what's he talking about? But that subtle thing is the thing that is actually making it run and that everybody is missing and that's the biggest link that is between us what we can see and how it's being done and what is making it done, how it was done, what made it possible, you see?

It's like we say he is thinking like if I say "Well Mahavir is thinking about going and eating lunch. Mahavir is thinking about going and sleeping." But this is what I say but really that is not the fact behind it because if we did not have any brains he will not be able to think about it because of that a person-this that person does not so there is one common factor that is making us do everything in this world, every single thing and we not do-we do not even know it so what kind of researchers are we anyway? What have we researched? What have we found out?

It's like somebody they say really gets up, really, really emotionally you know, supposedly this was uh Japan okay and you are a Japanese premie suppose and then one premie gets up it really happy and he is so happy that he is almost crying and he gets up "Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji I want to, I want to count, I want to speak the whole alphabet for you in English" and so I say "Okay, go ahead" and he starts B, E, F, K, L, M, and O, P, S, T, Q and all that stuff or he gets up and starts saying "Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji I know all the figures from 1 to, 1 to 100" you see you know Japanese and you don't know English very well and that person is really emotion because he knows and he thinks ??? he knows some English he will be able to do some service and really everybody is looking at him and he starts counting. He starts counting from 45678 910 and that's the thing you're counting from 456 and if, if you say that it's like that little kid I am goes to school teacher asks him why don't you count from 1 to Zed or 1 to, 1 to, 1 to 100 and he just goes 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 he's doing fine but he is, his teacher is not happy with him, why not? Doesn't 5 come after 4? He's going fine 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 I don't think there is any mistake in it but still the teacher is not very happy with them. Why? Because he missed the first three things 1, 2 and 3 and when he is requested to do it from 1 to 100 means from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and so on and that is the part he's missing, the very first part he's missing.

It's like if I started talking to you and instead of saying "Mahavir come here" I said "vir mir her" what's wrong is like actually his name is Mahavir so I missed 'Maha' and I called him 'vir', the word is come I missed 'com' c, o, m, 'mer' I called him 'mer' him and and all that but he will just look at me and he won't even know what I'm talking about him that I'm talking English or I'm talking Hindi or I'm talking Japanese or what. This is what we actually everybody is doing. They're counting from 4, they're not counting the 1, 2 and 3 and they think they are doing fine, they're not cause a person who knows doesn't have to be as big as Alexander that's what Alexander realized at that time that actually the thing I was thinking that I'm, that I'm the greatest person and I'm doing really fine and I'm doing a good job in this world, he was not and there's, that is, that is the whole thing that we have to start if you want to really understand this world, if we really want to understand that perfectness, if we really want to understand that Knowledge we will have to start from the very beginning.

We cannot just jump from one figure to second to third to fourth, we just can't do it and have to start from the very basic and that very basic is something that is completely hidden and completely invisible and this is what you need just this person who can show you, take you to the point of where then that invisible thing will be completely visible and that is the necessity, that is the very necessity of a Perfect Master and that is why he comes and says look it's like if supposevly (sic) Bill Bach came up to me and said "Guru Maharaj Ji why don't you draw a map of 360 degrees or like just draw a circle of 360 degrees?" And I drew up a circle which was like starting from here and I went fine till here and stopped here and missed about that big part of it. That is not 360 degrees there are all of the degrees but there is not 360 degrees and this is why you need a Perfect Master to tell you, to show you that what you are missing in your life is that Knowledge, is that perfectness and then he comes and he reveals it to you and tells you to do meditation on it because that meditation is like all the time you wasted in your school, 11 years and so on well I don't mean wasted but at least to spend that much time 11 years and so on in your school learning that one what you learned imperfectly that you did not learn 1 2 and 3 you only learned from 5 6 and 7 8. So you become a big businessman and you go to do all these contracts and uh you just start counting from 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 you know it's like uh he says "What about 1 2 and 3?" "What are you talking about, I don't even know what that is." But see on your part you're right, it was never taught to you. On his part he is right because it was taught to him and he knows there is something like that and who is wrong? Who is right?

Actually, both are wrong because you have not consulted, you have not gone to the Perfect Master and sometimes people think, as a matter of fact there is a, a book I just saw the title cover of it and it says "How to choose a, choose your guru" and you see that is the absolutely wrong. I don't know how to say it really 100% wrong title cover because he does not even know what is the meaning of guru. Guru is one, not a selection of them you can go choosing them but you see for him, he thinks "Hey that's, that's, that's right" but this guru is only one and that one guru you have to go to and realize that Knowledge because today it is like all these people are there now this is suppose-this is supposevly (sic) this is a church okay and there is a real sermon going on here and uh I'm like well it is and supposevly (sic) I am, I'm the minister and I'm standing here and talking to you people and I'm describing how beautiful Jesus was and this man has this book, you know, how to choose your guru and if I-if somebody stood up from the whole crowd and says "How do you know there was only one Jesus? How do you know Jesus was the only Perfect Master? There could have been others, I want to follow those others because I think it'll be something unique" because every American wants to do something unique. Now that's, that's, that's the way it is you know.

People take their simple Lincoln Continental and chrome over and they make 'em I don't know what, you know, and because they just wanna put their own names on it and this and that and that so it'll look unique you know but it's like just to have a selection of gurus that's why this is how to choose your guru he says "Look everybody's following Jesus maybe I should follow somebody else who was that time alive and was a Perfect Master because there's, if there's a selection of gurus now there's gotta be a selection of gurus then" because see either those were chicken gurus who did not want to come up and talk and tell them about God because they were afraid they would get crucified or then that's true they were chicken gurus and they didn't come a lot and it feels like the only person amongst them who did it or there was only one Perfect Master who was there who was alive and who we should respect and that is, that is the answer right there that look if guru's gonna be a guru he's not gonna be a chicken you know and that doesn't mean that uh that doesn't mean that he's gonna you know stand on top of building and say "Look, you wanna know I'm a guru or not and you wanna know I'm not a chicken" and you just start jumping from the building that's not the point. The point is that when he has to face that truth you know he goes there and faces, faces it.

At the time of one guru in the Sikh line I do not remember his name but this line the whole line there was this man who was just completely made ready right from the beginning to be a Perfect Master. He was taught in that manner, he was like really just means groomed over and everything he was just like completely customized to become a guru and in this Guru Granth Sahib there was a line about, about Muslims who were ruling at that time and um it said that Miti Musselman that this, this body is just like a, a Muslim this body is just like a hell, just like a nothing and when this, this king found out about it he was just completely flipped out because he was a Muslim so he sent the letter to the-all these gurus you know like there was this Perfect Master just like in this whole chain there has, there have been gurus at that time so he, he sends this letter and says "Why don't you bring before I do any unjustice to you, you know I want to know that whether to be justice or unjustice. Before I take any action I want to know that if there is anything that might dead or not so why doesn't somebody bring up the book to me and read it for me and translate it for me so that I'll be able to understand and see that if it is just or not." And people just shakin' about it so this guru said "Okay" and, and he gave this book to this other guy who was supposed to be like from the beginning he was supposed to be like trained for a guru, for a Perfect Master and he said "You go and read this book to that king" and he went there and instead of saying 'Muslim' out of that book he wrote something else and, and he just read that uh the body, you know, of a wrong person, wrong guy person is just like mud and only that one word he changed and, and, and uh and the king said "There is nothing wrong in it. I think that's a perfect statement, you can take the book back and his life was saved, his neck was saved. The thing was that the point that this guru wanted to prove at that time was not completely proven so he did not become a Perfect Master, somebody else did so see that that realization, that thing that we are all lacking has to be there.

It is there as a matter of fact so there is one thing what we know about exists but that does not mean that what we do not know about does not exist and this is a practical example that at least we can gather from this fastest running world, this fastest running century of this time that at least what we know exists cause we know it but what we do not know does not mean it does not exist. That's what people are just trying to explore more and more, more and more because they understand that we do not know about it whether it still exists that are trying to find out, that are trying to understand more and more of it. So premies this is what has to be done, that missing link has to be, has to be brought about its like, you know, it's like the whole game of Sherlock Holmes and like you are, you're, you are one party you know and that like you are police and you do not know about this one thing that, that the criminal has done and you have to call somebody like Sherlock Holmes advocates that point proven to you and thus that criminal is caughten and sentenced. So same way that, that little link that we all are missing has to be, has to be brought and has to be shown to us.

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That is why from time to time Perfect Master takes his birth because there's something in it something that we do not even know about and something who knows that perfectly has to come and tell us about it because if you try to investigate it we will also end up writing seven or eight more scriptures. Nothing else and then like our whole life will be just completely ended up in that research because you do not know how many people try to research it, all these people who just completely sat in the mountains and tried to meditate upon this Knowledge and say "Oh we maybe we will find it or something like that or this and that." You never will be able to find it and Arjun who left, who was like living his whole life like ordinary person and he was there at the battlefield realized it Arjuna because he went to the right man. It's not the time, this is the only difference, it's not the right man at the right time there is the right man at the right place if you can hit him and it's like uh if you can go and hit him at the proper time and right place you know and then that's that. The right man at the right place and this is what we do like for John the Baptist. Jesus was a right man at the right place and there was just like nothing else to realize that Knowledge but nothing else to realize that Knowledge and to serve it completely and there is of course you cannot say right man at the right place at the right time you know he's always here and we have to realize it and then he will make us realize that infinite thing, that missing link that we do not even know about so premies who have received Knowledge, people who have received Knowledge they should meditate on it because this is make, because this is what will make 'em understand more because this missing link that we do not know about you know it.

It doesn't mean if supposevly (sic) I am reading my books okay some my, my class books and I have not heard of algebra so-called algebra because if you go you know like really junior schools from KG kindergarten to maybe third they do not know what algebra is and uh I walk into this class and I see this little kid that's about you know in this kindergarten and ask him "Do you know what algebra is?" He's supposevly (sic) in second-class, second standard and um I go and ask him "Do you know what algebra is?" And he says "No, no I do not know what algebra is" and I say "Well this is what algebra is" so he and if he takes his books and said "I don't need these books. See he, I was reading all these books and I do not even, did not even know about algebra and now since I've known algebra what algebra is I think I'd better stick to algebra." No it's not like that at all. Like whatever religion you are following, whatever faith you are following that realize this knowledge and you can really understand you know what is right for you and what is wrong for you and they can continue better in your lifetime.

The premies who have understood this knowledge they should try to meditate more on it because it's just beautiful, you know, I can sit here and say all night long "Oh it's beautiful, oh it's beautiful, oh it's beautiful" but that's not gonna bring you to any point because you have to have that beautiful realization so yourself. It's like maybe if you're hungry I say "Food, food, food, food" that's not gonna satisfy you, what's gonna satisfy you is you personally going and eating that food and people who have not received this Knowledge try to understand and receive this Knowledge because it's something that does not include in whatever we are doing today because it obviously seems that this missing link is not receivable to us on what we are doing today.

Whatever we are doing today, whatever we are doing we can still continue and you go one step forward into the part we can-where we can really understand it and really get into it because see thing is if you have a question first of all meditate more on it and try to solve it and if it cannot solve it try our Mahatmas that can solve it and if Mahatmas cannot solve it come to me I can solve it you know but the thing is don't try to give an answer to yourself that you know that you'll end up giving yourself a wrong answer but this is what many times happens it's like the whole probability calculation, probability is probably good for a little while but not always you know it's like then you're just taking the biggest chance in your life and you do not know why

It's like if there is dense fog right in front of me and I'm riding 100 miles an hour well maybe there is no cars there stuck. (Laughter) You're driving down 100 miles an hour into that fog and if there is a truck there forget it (laughter) it's gonna be a big long convertible that car (laughter) see so this is, this is how the probability just that, that can lead us to death you know it's completely ??? because I know how it is driving at least 135 miles an hour cause this is what I was doing when I was going to Arizona to get my driver's license (laughter). The thing is I wanted to get there fast before everything got dark and we wouldn't be able to find anything because I didn't want to spend the car in the car-the night in the car you know so we just racing up it was okay and, and I really knew because there were all these headwinds in the desert and it's just shaking, trying to shake the car all over and the car's going 135 miles an hour so it's like if that was my speed in England and there is this big fog and I do not even know if cars or not this whole road I'm just driving 135 miles to come zooming in and it, it's a U-turn probably I'll go straight off. This is you know it's like thing is maybe, maybe there is no, there is no truck in that fog, maybe there is no car, maybe it's absolutely clear but then what is the guarantee because if you die man you are not going to come back alive. It's not that you get your head chopped off and gets thrown off and the head comes back and gets stuck to your body again.

Why? Because you were just presuming it you know, you were just trying to take a chance but then what is that biggest guarantee you know you have to have a like assurance if you have really have that, that permanent guarantee that yes, everything is fine, that everything is okay. You know I think that that pilot that just pops into the plane and starts flying it is the biggest fool because he does not know if his magnetos are working properly, he does not know if he's got full fuel aboard or fuel enough to go to his destination. He does not know if his wing flaps are working okay, he does not know his tail flaps are working, he does not know all these things, you know he just gets into the plane. I, I can't even imagine it because we spend about 10 minutes or 15 minutes just going through the preflight checkup and all these things. Now I can't even imagine somebody just going and pushing all the buttons in and going brrrm and taking off. It's just really crazy but that's, that's what we have to understand more and more and really when we have this Knowledge and meditate on it and listen to satsang and we do service it just really comes about that understanding and just flows right through us because that's how it's all set up. So you should do meditation and realize it more and more.

Thank you very much.

(Song: Last Chance Saloon - Seymour Light)