PMT 016 Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Denver Colorado, 12th May 1974

Excerpts of this speech titled "The Concept Bomb" were published in the And It Is Divine Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2, July 1974 and Volume III, Issue 4, Winter 1976 though the concept of the "concept bomb" is so ludicrous that it was edited out of the later publication of the speech. This idea, which has no basis in psychology or neurophysiology is poorly explained but the gist is that once you hear satsang it disconnects the main wire that's coming down and feeding all these concepts into your brain and you feel good. The Mind then takes a long time a making a big huge confusing concept that grows until it explodes creating a "freak-out" so big it requires an exorcism but if you keep "really meditating" the Knowledge goes in and goes "wwwhhck" and puts mind out of business by taking all it's space. This concept was never taught again.

This is certainly one of his best delivered speeches of 1974 in which there is far less ranting, sudden volume changes, shouting, long pauses and non sequiturs than usual. There was far less repetition of his his most commonly used words and fewer meaningless phrases such "it's like" and "you know" and "the point is". In the speech which lasts 40 minutes the young Rawat says 'like' 71 times, "it's like" 28 times, 'Knowledge' 43 times, 'point' 26 times, 'really' 24 times, "you know" 23 times, 'beautiful' 15 times, 'understand' 14 times, 'realize' 13 times, 'car' 12 times but 'perfect' only 4 times.

He makes the astonishing admission that although He has returned again and again for thousands of years as the Perfect Master on this planet, no human being has ever been able to realize this Knowledge because it requires all your concentration. Other important parts of his teachings raised include:

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)

Well dear premies (we love you Guru Maharaj Ji) Ve love you too (in 'funny' accent) uh you see the thing is why we have called this program simply that the premies who have not received Holy Breath yet can receive Holy Breath.

The thing is that this Knowledge that we have to understand, that we have to realize, definitely if you want to realize it in the soonest, in the quickest possible way we will have to concentrate all of our attention and put it at one point and this is the reason for thousands and thousands of years why human being has not been able to realize this Knowledge, is because instead of putting all his attention to one point so that all his concentration, that all his energy flows to one point and that is of realizing this Knowledge, he has been completely taking his mind and wandering with it from one point to other point.

And, as a matter of fact, even today it's not a very surprising thing you premies are not realizing this Knowledge. Because still your minds are wandering about but we have to put our total effort at one point and then it is only possible. You see there are 4 tyres in one car and if one starts going East and one starts going West and one starts going South and one starts going North the tyres will be going, the body will be there and you'll go nowhere at all. I mean the wheels will be moving but you'll go nowhere at all. They'll be going from one point to other point, one will be going from that point to South, one will be going from that point to North but you won't be moving and the purpose is to make you move otherwise what is the purpose of the car? I mean you buy a 30,000 dollars car and you sit on it and you start it and as soon as you put the gears on all these wheels go flyin' out. It'll take you nowhere but when all those 4 wheels are put together at one point and driven at same point, same speed, well, you can go almost anywhere you like.

And that is the reason why today some premies have been, you know, not successful in realizing this Knowledge because still they are thinking, "Oh, why am I doing this for? Oh, what is this? Oh, what, what is this in this world?" Look many premies are even you know they think it's a very spiritual thing to think, "Why was this world created?" To tell you the truth, you didn't create it and it's none of your business and somebody created it and so-called God. If you think He is a fool, so He created it, so it's wrong. If you think He has some power, if you think He has some brains in Him and He created this whole world, so, there was a definite purpose for it and He has sent you down here and there is a definite purpose for it. And you should solve that purpose, you should try to accomplish that purpose but there are many people who, instead of really getting into the point, say, "Well, you know, how come, why, why did God make this world and what was the reason?" Say you didn't make it so it's none of your business, mind your own business because it just won't help you either. I mean, if in your whole lifetime, at the last moment of your death, by any chance you find out why did God create this world, I'll tell you the truth, it's gonna do you no good at all.

Because, He created it and He has already created it and what we have to really concentrate on and what we should be really concerned on, is what is the purpose of us, human beings, being here on this planet and really now, for premies especially, there is a little more thing that they should consider. That, okay, there is a grace that everybody has, to be on this planet and to be alive and to have this Knowledge within inside of 'em. Everybody has this grace but the thing is, what premies must understand is that they have been provided with one more grace and that is this Knowledge has been revealed to them. What is the purpose? Why? Why is this Knowledge revealed to them, to the premies? And there is a definite purpose for that and really this is what we should try to understand now that we have received Knowledge and tell you what the purpose is to actually do service. Because, see, before Knowledge whatever we do is also a service, but it's a service to our stomach, it's a service to our mind.

But what service we do after Knowledge, to Guru Maharaj Ji, to spread this peace into this world, to bring that love, to bring that joy that we all have been waiting for, to work in that direction is called service and then the second thing comes, agya. Because the mind is so strong, a human being from the beginning is unable to determine that whatever next thing will I be doing, will it be a real service to the spiritual path or not. Because, somebody say, "Maybe uh I'll just go and start giving Knowledge to people. I think that'll be a pretty fantastic idea. Everybody will have Knowledge." To tell the truth, you'll be confusing those people.

Because it is like giving a diamond to a monkey. What good is it for him? Taking the most beautiful seed, and putting it on the rock. What good is it? So same way, this Knowledge which should be only given to the people who have really guileless heart and who, who have opened themselves for this Knowledge and this is just one example of how premies sometimes confuse themselves as to in the case of determining whether this is true service or not and that is why the most important thing is agya. When there is agya and we cannot determine, there is no need to be confused. Go and make sure that yes, that is what should be done and what shall be helpful.

I'll tell you one thing. When a war breaks out, before the war, if a child takes a brick or a child takes a glass of water from one place to the other place, it doesn't really matter. When the war breaks out and everybody is being shot and people are getting wounded and people are thirsty, that same child living in the same town can bring that glass of water again and it'll be very, very precious and even that one glass of water will count to the victory of that country. That single little thing will count towards the victory. And the same way premies, this is like a victory we have to receive over mind. Actually, we are warriors. We always have been warriors. Before we received Knowledge, we were always trying to fight what, what was really beautiful inside of us. And then there was something, it's like, when we were a little child we wanted something, we knew we were gonna get it and we were always fighting that desire within inside of us. Then we grew up a little bit and there was this Knowledge, somebody told us about Knowledge, somebody told us about God, and a desire came to know God, to see God, to realize God. And then we started fighting for that.

But in the whole, to elaminate (sic) this problem from the whole world, we have to fight the mind and mind is like now has become our enemy because he is misguiding us, he is doublecrossing us. He comes in one point and says, "Ssh-ssh! I love you," and goes to the other and says, "Drop in the hell, I don't care" and this is what it is doing to everybody and that is why you cannot judge. This is where you make the mistake, saying, "How can this guy teach, take me to hell?" You know, he just came and said, "Hey listen," but it does. Because it's mind. It's really, really strong. It can play any way it likes and that's, like that's the thing. So premies, what we have to understand, what we have to fight today, is now mind and once we elaminate (sic) that mind, that problem, that'll be for once and all and, it's like, little service, very, very little service, that I tell you probably a little kid could do, even counts, even counts towards the victory of mind, to defeat the mind, even that little service.

So this is what and, and some premies really want to do service, they really, really want to get into it but they cannot determine and when they cannot determine they take a step and it's wrong. I mean the first determination they made in this path and even that is wrong and then they get disappointed and they say "Oh I'm good for nothing Guru Maharaj Ji" and then they cry and then they but there is no need to cry when you can be sure of something so premies, it's like, after receiving Knowledge I cannot tell you to go ahead and receive Knowledge because you already have received Knowledge but all I can tell you is the best method, the best possible way to get to it, the quickest way to get to that point, this is all I can tell you and I like every day I come at satsang program and if you take the gist of all the programs that I do, all my life long and put 'em in a computer or something you'll find out that all of 'em are exactly alike but it's like I come here explain you a little different way which, you know, might make you understand a little more so premies this, this truth that we want to understand, this truth that we want to realize is far more beyond than what our conceptions are and if we sit back in our home and try to un, just try to picture what truth is you'll be sitting back all our life long and be never able to picture what is truth you know that's, that's called a surprise.

If I tell you, I tell you something that maybe I've a surprise for you tell you till I get you that surprise all your life you'll be wonderin' what was that surprise, what is that surprise and like this, this truth is a little surprise for us, it's a little gift that was given to every human being by God. You grow up and you'll get your surprise so now finally there is a point where if you find out yes now we are you know good enough and this Knowledge can be revealed to us and a little surprise can be given back to us. They guy who has the combination to the lock inside has come and he can open that combination, he knows the combination, he can open up that lock and give us our surprise but if we just think, just sit back and think "I wonder what that surprise is, I wonder what that surprise is" that man will come and go away and you'll be still wondering what that surprise is. So go ahead, lake a, make a little step or a big step but go ahead for the guy who can give you the combination who can open that combination lock and I tell you there are four combinations to it, 1, 2, 3, 4 and when all four are synched it opens up and when it opens up there it is sitting neat as clean as ever saying gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic, whatever we imagined and that is, that is like what are all the scriptures? Tell you the truth they are only little hints that there is existence of something.

I mean today people are shouting "God, God, God, God, God" because somebody has told them about God and eventually that word 'God' has come from scriptures. It has been like almost carried down the line the word 'God,' word 'Bhagwan,' word 'Allah,' 'Ishvar,' ??? I mean all these different words but I tell you one thing, if you take a baby and lock him up into a cell and nobody talks to him, nothing, and he grows up he has read no scriptures whatsoever, no scriptures but still if you ask him he will be able to explain you more that yes there is a presence of this energy because he can feel it, he can feel it independently. Today if you feel some energy we say "Oh maybe that's, that's the evil power" say "No that was pretty good, it can't be evil power, uhh, what can it be? Maybe it's God" and then when we hit that word 'God' something hits inside of us and triggers our own computer and the computer, it's a, it's a strange kind of computer doesn't take disks, doesn't take tapes, nothing like that but it records tremendously and when that gets triggered on you sit all your lifetime, all your lifetime thinking, wondering, "What is God?" but that person because this is, eventually this is how it is that people have been able to realize God and feel some strength and somebody has been able to name God because I have reason to believe that, that God didn't come down here and say "Listen mister I'm God, you'd better call me God or I'm gonna kill you." It's like a strength was felt, a strength of generation, of, of operation, of destruction. What a human being could feel, realize and see and thus he named those powers 'God'.

And since then, tell you the truth, you have no idea whatsoever how many books, how many scriptures, how many books to these different scriptures have been written explaining what is God. I'll tell you one thing Ramayana is that thick and it took him a lotta time to write it and Gita is that thick and it took him a lotta time to write that you know and there are all these scriptures, probably they took more time than your two lifetimes and even they cannot explain who God is. How in the world do you think in this lifetime you are gonna understand by think who God is. You cannot but when you go to Guru and Guru Maharaj Ji reveals that secret to you, well you know, there is that difference, you can earn money and you can hit a jackpot. You can earn money and probably when you are 70, 80, 90 years old just about to see you might be able to earn some money and then thing is jackpot. You don't have to go that old. Just walk somewhere and hand a jackpot and that's it and this is how Guru Maharaj Ji is. That people take them all their lifetime but still they cannot understand anything and then there are these people who are like wise and they go and I say "Okay so you come to me, you will have it" and then he gives them the whole jackpot and boy do they get rich. They'll get rich infinitely, you have no idea how rich they get. It's like when there was this whole thing going on in India people were saying "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji is the c - millionaire, Guru Maharaj Ji is that." I used to say "Millionaire? You gotta be outa your head. I'm more than that." Million is nothing, million is nothing, simple nothing compared to this Knowledge which I have and so it's like they used to go off just like that and they, well, they had no answer to it and to what we think million today, to what we can so much, so much, so much, so much ideas, so much priority the paper money to all this that we give priority to, actually it's our concepts.

This is, this is what I was speaking-telling other people one day that you go and you have a Rolls Royce so people make a big fuss about it. What is in a Rolls Royce that is to be fussing? What is in it? I mean, people say "Wow, a Rolls Royce." I mean I don't think it has got 8 wheels on it or anything like that mean and I mean there are cars that can solve two purpose which a Rolls Royce will not. They're called amphibians and even you can take them on the land or you can take them, you can take 'em on the water but it's like our conception that we say "Rolls Royce, man!" What about it though? So a Rolls Royce. Like this is what happened when the press conference and before I was there everybody, every press reporter was saying "Guru Maharaj Ji has a Rolls Royce. Guru Maharaj Ji has a Rolls Royce. Guru Maharaj Ji has a Rolls Royce." So we were going to find this other car which was a used Mercedes and uh see this is really beautiful the way it worked out because the whole Holy Family was there and they were unable to fit into one, into one car so we figure we better buy one more car so we went there and there is this big beautiful Mercedes 600 limousine type standing there so Raja Ji really got excited and said "Let's, let's have it, let's buy it" and I said "Okay, we'll make a trade." We gave him the Rolls, gave a little money on top of it and bought the Mercedes in which the whole Holy Family could be seated very easily. The next day some press reporters came and they're saying "How come you have a Rolls Royce?" I said, "I don't have it any more." They said "What do you have now?" I said "A 600 Mercedes" and this was like Mercedes is not considered so high as a M-Rolls is but in the price of that Merc 600 you could buy 2 Rolls Royces and it was like, it was such a snap to his ego, it was such a, it was like a big joke to him that was played which was gonna completely ruin, completely destroy that person's ego right there and then and it was like "Okay, so you talk about Rolls Royce so we don't have a Rolls Royce. We have a 600 Mercedes" which is even grander than the Rolls Royce so that is, this is how peoples' concepts work and this is what Lord Krishna has said about these concepts that if you want to stay in this world be like a Lotus flower who says in the dirty water, who was born in the dirty water but never gets adopted to dirty water and the same way he says you can live in the country of concepts, you can live in the world of concepts but live in such a way so that they don't effect you. They can be a million, trillion, infinite concepts going on and they shouldn't bother you and the only way I tell you something that's the most beautiful way to be. It's like um it's like almost going right through the water, going right through the rocks, going right through the mountains, going right through everything without even being touched and that's like so fantastic because you can almost walk through a wall even being touched and, and they can be everything right there and then but be not attached to it and what is the way that we, we should be tied to ourselves and that, that way is this Knowledge because see I'll tell you how it works supposevly (sic).

This is our mind, okay, and mind has a lot, to be a lot of, lot of wires for concepts and there is the main wire that's coming down which is feeding all these concepts which is our brain and there is the mind that's workin' 24 hour like a hell and what happens is Guru Maharaj Ji comes and he pours down that Grace and Knowledge with it and what does that and that Grace is satsang and what that satsang hits that machine the very first thing it does it disconnects it's like uh that, that solution you pour into a radiator that will plug that hole but won't clog your radiator, it's that, it's like that type of fuel. He pours it down, immediately it disconnects all the wires from the mind and that's when the mind starts freaking out, just really freaking out because it's like if you take a bucket and have one input and one output to it you can be filling it all day long and it won't get filled because the water is coming in and while going out too but if you stop the output and let the input in what's gonna happen? It's gonna just do all kinda crazy things, the water is gonna spill all over the place and so on and so on and when that flute(?) comes in like that's the, that's the work of mind to produce thought, to produce ideas, to get man busy into this whole world, to produce concepts and now there's these, all these giant concepts and not get, not be able to get out because they don't have any outlets. So it's like mind is fighting you, thinking maybe the Knowledge will drop out and then I'll put my connections back again. That is what it, what it does, it's like it's really beautiful what it does, it says "Man this, this man is not going to understand like this so I must do something more strong." What's that, what is that, so what it does, it makes a big, huge concept, a big, huge confusion and it takes a long time, like, in that time, it never troubles you. You are sitting cool and calm and you say, "Wow, Guru Maharaj Ji, everything is so fantastic." But you don't know what's going to happen next and that grows and grows and grows and see, Knowledge is even more beautiful, it's even, even more beautiful because it's growing and so the Knowledge is also growing with it and at one point, that bomb of concepts explodes and man, when it explodes, that's it. I mean, I have seen people getting' so freaked out, they say, "Man, I have been meditating on this Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji, I have been meditating on this Knowledge!" See what's happening it's almost like a whole game of exorcist and then as soon as that bomb explodes and that bomb has a quality in it that as soon as wherever it hits, it'll try to make connections back again. See, that's the purpose but what, what Knowledge does, if you are still meditating on it, if you are really meditating, what as soon as the bomb explodes, the Knowledge goes in and goes "wwwhhck" and all that space there was mind, for mind left, it grabs it and the mind is out of business and that's the way this Knowledge works and so at that point satsang is so important because to encourage you each time it's like a little penicillin injection. Each time it's just, just making those cells get really, really strong so when anything hits it fight it back and after that everything is so beautiful, everything is so fantastic you know, everything is just – have you ever driven a car with foul plugs? It's horrible. I mean you press the gas all the way down and it won't even run anywhere but you take those plugs, replace 'em new and there she is, running like just as beautiful as it could and there it is, this is what happens with us too.

So premies, it's like different ways to explain it and I could probably explain you 5 different more ways and I think it'll be a little funny too but the point is that maybe in doing all this I might even lose the point because premies will start laughing and saying "Maharaji jokes all the time, maybe it's not true" but yes it is very, very true what I just said. That's how it works and if you don't believe me then try it on, you'll find out because that's the nature of mind because it's out for election, Shri Human Production and that even production that's what it always tries to do, that's what always it wants to do but when Knowledge comes in it says, "Listen, this is an artificial thing in there, let's take it out and replace it with what should be there and so premies, it's like, it's up to you from now on. It's like, I have taught you how to drive and you know the instructor is not always gonna sit on your right seat or left seat when you drive and you know that. You know that one day it's gonna be a day when you are gonna be on your own. The instructor is just gonna give you a license and a pat on your back and say, "Well, sir, there you go. You are on your own now." And that day is like approaching.

It's like, I have trained you, I have given you this Knowledge. I have told you, and I am telling you a lotta lotta times to do meditation and then you're on your own. You do meditation, come listen to satsang, have darshan, and I mean, everything you ever need is right there. Everything you ever wanted, is right there. Every love, every speck of love you ever want. I mean, it gets to one point where love gets so strong in you that when you are like walking down the street, people just say, "Wow! What's, what's happening? Who is this person?"

I mean, I'll tell you this story that happened with Shri Maharaj Ji. There were a few premies and they said, "Maharaj Ji, you cannot uh you cannot function without us, you know. We helped you a lot." And he said, "Oh yeah? That's what you think? So I'll tell you," he says, "All of you, all of you stay here and let me go out." So he took his dhoti and he just, just kurta, took tilak and he just looked beautiful, gorgeous and he walked right through the streets of Jwalapur.

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When people saw him, they just flipped out and they said, "Wow, you know, this is just what we have been looking for." When he reached the ashram back again, there was a crowd of seven to eight hundred people who had followed him, just followed him back, you know and it's like, really how Guru Maharaj Ji's grace works, in which ways it works, you know, you just, you can't even describe it.

Because like grace is right behind you every time. It's like your little body guard and you never know and you are doing this and it's just sitting there, just waiting and whenever you call for Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, (snaps fingers), it comes zooming by and helps you right on the spot and this is what was happening when Duryodhana you know he had taken a vow he was like the villain in the whole Mahabharata he had taken a vow that I will take Draupadi and take her sari off before everybody so what happened is when this actually starts happening it's like she first looked at the king and the king's head was, head was down, looked all her five husbands, they had put down, all the rishis, munis and mahatmas, they had put down while at that time Lord Krishna's wife Rukmini was massaging Lord Krishna's feet and Krishna was saying that uh "Do you know Rukmini what's going on?" She said "What Lord?" He said "Draupadi, Draupadi's sari is being taken apart." Said "Why don't you go and help her?" He said "No, until she calls me with real love, I'm not gonna go there because it's no good." And it's like after doing all this as soon as Draupadi said "Oh Lord, I've experienced that in this beautiful world, really there is nobody who is mine except you. Now, it's like I am at your hands, I'm at your mercy, please help me." As soon as that said Lord Krishna came and with his, like with his magic, with his powers, with his Grace he extended the sari so much that it took him years and years to take the sari apart and he couldn't. He was just pulling on it, pulling on it, pulling on it till he just give up.

So this is like the power of Grace which helps, in which way it help, in different ways. It's just, just so beautiful! I mean, that's the way it has always worked with me. In the ways that are so subtle, I could never think of, and then they are, you know and this is the grace that I want you to also experience. This Knowledge, this love that is within inside of us, for you to also experience. It's completely different. It's a different love than what we think today as for love. It's not kissing two people, it's not hugging two people, it's not, it's the different from all that. It's just pure and perfect love. Love, that is love which brings all these other loves that we want, which brings peace and harmony in our mind, which brings peace and harmony in our heart and when there is that peace and harmony that we are looking for and that love that we are looking for because everybody is shouting, "Love, love, love." But because they have different conceptions of love, that's why they don't, don't even understand what this love is gonna be like. So when they even receive love, when the love even comes to them, they cannot figure out if it's love or not and premies, there are three ways to understand things. If somebody tells you something whom you respect, you'll say, "Okay, since you are saying it, I'll believe it." Second way is that, "This is what my concept is, so I'll believe it" but the third way is a very independent way, which is called, "Seeing is believing." That you see, that you feel, you realize practically without anybody's concept, without any points of actually like being, you know, into this or into that or calling things by different names but actually be able to realize it completely, completely independently and then feel it and actually be able to see it and this is what I beg of every premie to do. Instead of to follow a bunch of concepts down the line, see this Knowledge, believe this Knowledge by yourself, independent of any concepts, any thoughts, any ideas and then you will be able to actually see that yes, there is something like that and be able to appreciate it more because it is out of an independent thing. Not that it was handed over, "Listen, mister. This is your property. Better take care of it, you know, believe in it, or otherwise you are gonna be dead." No.

Or, "If you don't do this and if you don't do this and if you don't do this, you will be in hell." Or, "If you do this, and if you do this, you are gonna be in heaven." I mean, heaven and hell, they are not two spots and they don't have a door saying, "This is heaven," and "This is hell." That there's like this is a man's concept and then continuing to that concept, heaven is like something where it's just, everything is so mellow, everything is so beautiful and if in fact this is what it is, then I have gotten that experience that people describe of heaven, right now. I have gotten it in this lifetime. So I can definitely say I am in heaven.

It's like, how do you judge if you, if you are sitting in a car or not? Well, you see around, you're movin' and you know and then it's like different, different, different, different things and you say, "Yeah, I'm sitting in a car, alright." And like, what is hell for a person is ununderstanding, not to understand something, to still keep the whole world as a mystery is hell and to get out of that point, and be into that perfect harmony, is heaven. Because if I do not know who is my enemy and who is my friend in this hall. If I do not know what's gonna happen next thing in the hall I can be in such a hell that I'll be sitting down saying "Oh man, I don't know what's gonna happen next moment, I don't know, I don't know what's gonna happen next moment, I don't know what's gonna happen next" but if I know, if that, it that thing that is a mystery tome has been solved and I know, I believe, I have understood then it's no more a hell for you. It's like it I take that car that was given to me, the Bora to probably India people are gonna think that it's spaceship and thinking that it is a spaceship because it's a mystery, because they do not know, those people can get very, very worried saying "Wow, what's gonna happen now? The spaceship that has landed now. Now, what's gonna happen?" But for a person like me that knows that that's a Bora, that's a Maserati Bora, that's a car, it's not a spaceship. To me the same, same thing because I'm also human being, bodily, and they're also human beings bodily but for some strange reason that same thing has created so much problem for them that their heart has just been pounding, they're saying "Wow, wow, wow, what's this? This is, let's break it into pieces" but same person standing in the same spot probably, seeing the same thing saying "Now come on, that's not, that's the regular car, you sit in 'em, you start 'em and take off."

Who that is heaven and hell which is right now on the earth, and that's why it's said, "Kingdom of heaven which we want to go is on this earth" and we have to just enter that and it's by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, by Knowledge, by meditating on this Knowledge, that kingdom of heaven, which everybody looks to, who cares where the hell is? If you want to go to the hell, then you should care about it. If you don't want to go to the hell, don't even care about it, and make your whole aim to go to heaven and it's, I tell you, it's very, very easy to go there because the requirements are very little. They are pretty strong, but there are very few. And like, in hell, you don't require anything. You can just go free there, just without, without doing anything but in heaven, all it takes is to get this Knowledge within inside of us and that mystery, which is such a mystery to us been solved and that itself becomes a heaven and that, when it becomes a heaven, when that peace and that harmony becomes one to a heart then there is so incredible love, there is so much, so much love that it's completely indescribable.

So premies, realize, understand, it's completely up to you. Thank you very much.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)