Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying

Sydney Opera House, 19th October 1975: "Keep On Truckin'"

He Will Lead You

He's filling up all the empty spaces
And He's shining up all the tired faces
And He's lighting up all the darkest places
And He's pointing out the faith that life erases

You came like a summer breeze
Warmed my soul, made me grow
Let the river flow
Deep down in my soul

You know how love you
All I wanna do is watch you want me too

Everybody's asking me why must it be You?
And I say because He's

Didn't believe that love like this could grow
inside let us love you there

I ain't got nowhere else to hide
Ain't got no-one else to care 4:10

In his early years in the West, Rawat told many stories, he repeated many of those stories including one about a royal necklace stolen by a crow in which many high and mighty people make fools of themselves because they mistake the reflection of the necklace in a sewer for the real precious necklace. On this occasion it took him nearly 15 excruciating minutes to stumble through this retelling. The message of the story can be given in a few seconds. These stories or parable always(?) involved the loss of something valuable and material, never was it concerned with emotion (is this true)??? man going to market, man returning home with money and thief

Dear premies, it's really beautiful and uh this is the last day nevertheless not the real last day, and uh it's the last day for the Guru Puja. There's a lot more Guru Pujas gonna be happening, as a matter of fact there's a big beautiful celebration coming up, that's Hans Jayanti, that's gonna be celebrated in Orlando and it's like everything is getting really beautiful and I'd like to tell you a story you see you might have heard this story before you see once upon a time there was this princess and she had just taken a bath and she was just drying her hair in her ballcony (sic) and she was just lying down drying her hairs and she took her pearl necklace and she hung it on this hook and a crow came by thinking that it was something worthwhile to eat. He took it and he flew away with it and he went and he sat on a tree , found out that it was not anything good to eat and so he dropped it.

While on the other hand the princess, sort of after she had dried her hair, she went back to her ??? to get her necklace and it was missing and she was very, very sad. She was angry and she just got furious, she said "Well who took my necklace and who stole it and what happened to it?" and the father the king came by and he said, "Well what's the matter? Don't getmad, don't be freaked out, we'll get you another one of those made. And she said, "I don't care what you get me made, I want my pearl necklace and I want that same one, very same one, the exact one." The king said "What are bothering about we can get 15 of those kind made. We have the same jeweller, he's still alive, he can make you as many as you want and he sas, she says "I don't care, I want that particular one, that one." So the king said, "Well, the most we can do is try and find it."

And off he ordered his whole army to go around looking for that necklace and the whole army was searching for the necklace and lotta innocent people got caught up in the whole mess and got thrown in the prison because everybody was a suspect and the princess, on the other hand, had stopped eating. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't drink anything, she was gettin' in bad shape. She was stubborn (some laughter) but she was gettin' in real bad shape, she wanted that necklace.

So finally the king was very worried, and he told his general, he said "Look buddy, you better find that necklace very fast otherwise the next time I see you andyou don't have that necklace, you know, I'm gonna have you beheaded. So the poor guy, you know, he just freaked out so what he did was he said he took out an award, made an award, award for that necklace that whoever so finds that necklace gets twice as much money as it's worth. And so that ways he was very clever, he was very smart, he figured so what would the thief do with it if he could be offered twice as much money for it. So there were these two travellers going along there walking just I mean if you have been to England you can imagine Thames sort of scene and no roads and nothing, they were just they were just walking along they were going to this little village and they stopped by to have some food, they were hungry, to have some water they were thirsty and it was a very dirty river, very polluted river. They sat down and started having their whatever lunch whatever the brunch they had brought with them and one of them looked in the water and he saw this shadow and it was the shadow of this pearl necklace and he just, I mean he was in total bliss because he hadn't even stolen it and here he was gonna get twice as much money for it and he said "Look, there's the necklace" and the other one got really happy and he said "Well, we'll split the money in half you know that means we both will have as much money as we want for all our lives. So they both dove into into the river and they searched and they searched and they looked around. They came out of the river of course very puzzled and after a while they saw the necklace there again and jumped in again.

While they were doing all this the general happened to pass by with his little army and he was very puzzled to see these two people who looked very respectable, who looked very smart, jumping in and out of this river so he stopped by and he said "Wha What are you doing? What did what are you doin jumpin' in and out of this river?" and they say "Well, can't you see that necklace there? I mean we're trying to get it." The general looked at it and he was in all the bliss he could be because his life just got saved and he was also gonna get twice as much money because I mean nobody was gonna argue with the general. So the general dove in and started searching for it and couldn't find it. "That thief must be so smart, so smart and he's he's just trying to tease us so much because he shows us as soon as we come out of the water he shows us the necklace and as soon as we jump in the water he takes it away" and at the same time the king happened to pass by with his very good friend and his advisor and he saw the general jumping in and out of the water and he was a little puzzled and he said "What are you doing? You trying to commit suicide or something because I'm going to behead you now cause you haven't find the necklace" he said. "Oh king don't bother about it there it is and so then king loooked at it and he said "Yeah man, there it is, there's the necklace." So the king figured nobody's gonna argue with me about anything so if I just jump in and help myself and take that necklace then I'll save that money. I'll have the necklace and I won't have to give twice as much money to anybody."

So the king with all his clothes dove in, into this dirty water, real dirty water trying to find the necklace and he didn't find the necklace and by this time there was quite a crowd gathered there and there was a saint passing by and he figured "Well today isn't a holy day exactly and there's no celebration goin' on. Let's find out what's happenein'." And he goes there and he sees the king, the general, his advisor and a good part of the army is jumpin' in and out of this dirty water and so he says "What's the matter with you guys? What happened?" And the say "Oh saint, please help us and you know you can throw a spell on the thief and he will freeze and he won't be able to take the necklace away every time we jump in the water" and the saint said "What's the matter with you? You guys are all crazy. The necklace isn't there. The necklace is up on the tree. You're just seeing the shadow of the necklace in the water and one day you can't get it never and you never get it and so the saint climbed up the tree, he took, got the necklace and he gave it to the king and he said "Here, here's the necklace."

Now this was a long story and of course it is not true because uh (laughter) it's a logical story wouldn't fit I mean if you tried to tell this I mean just what I did. It's just a story but you know all the people who are here in this hall do happen to believe in it quite a bit because you were laughing about it. So the thing is the example that I'm trying to set what I'm trying to really say is that in this world we want this necklace which is the peace, the peace of our mind. The peace, the happiness, the goal, the satisfaction, I mean there's so many ways you can describe it but they're all very limited and of course absolutely wrong because if you say it's infinite - how can you put infinite into a word if it's infinite - and if you say its 'satisfaction' the word merely means nothing because thee all these people I mean that is just about the whole West where English is spoken very fluently, America, England, Australia and a lot of the countries, they know the word 'satisfaction.' They can chant the word 'satisfaction' but they won't get satisfaction because satisfaction is not the word 'satisfaction' it's something else. And you see the same way we do all these things every time we want something like that because we wel know we all want it, we know that we have been separated. We want it and we try to be one with this thing, this goal of ours and we dive again and again into this dirty river in which the shadow is being casted but is not, the necklace is not there. It's the shadow of the necklace. This necklace doesn't exist there. This peace, this harmony, this real peace that we are really looking for is somewhere else and through help through the help of the Perfect Master, through the help of this doctor, through the help of by by this physician, this physician we can be helped and he cures this disease. He gives us that satisfaction, he gives us that peace of mind that we are looking for.

You see we build concepts. I was talkin' about concepts last night, we build up all these different concepts about what peace is. Now, they did a little, you know in America, they go around with microphones and they went to little kids and they say, "What do you think peace is?" And the said, "When the war stops it's peace," or, "When my mommy gives me chewing gum again, it's peace," or, "When I'm gonna go get out of school it's gonna be peace." This is just our concepts of peace and believe it or not when we are little childs and when we look at little children, just little children, they're playing, they have games and they have ideas and have t(h)oughts of their own and we sometimes are very amused, we laugh at that, we are very amused by those ideas, we think that it's it's it's amusing you know we don't pay any s really real significance to it. But wait, look at ourselves, we are no worse or no better than them. We have the same kind of ideas, on the same lines, as a matter of fact. To that little kid, that truck made out of wood is the toy. To us, the truck made out of metal is the toy. To that kid, that airplane that little airplane that goes, "Boooooooo," is good enough. For us, it's got to be a little bit more, but its the same thing and we think according to thesame lines and we have concepts in the same way.

How come we never sit back for just a second and look at ourselves in the mirrors and say, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most satisfied of them all?" You know. Because we haven't got the guts to. You see, it's very simple. We just don't have the guts to. It takes a lotta guts. Today, talkin' about peace and satisfaction, peace of mind and all these things, is very easy and you see a lotta people are trying to do that, but they're not realizing. Just look at for one second, just look at it for one second. In we read history and I am pretty sure that people who have been to college, to school, they must have read history and in this history book we read that how, in the time of Romans, there used to be riots, there used to be wars. How the time of these old times, there used to be riots, there used to be wars and people were really unsatisfied and this and that and we read about all these different things, and we says, "How ridiculous. They fought over these little things. They killed each other for for being a king." Well, what about now? Its still not there. You see we press the button once and nothing happens, we press it twice and nothing happens. Then we know that there is definitely a problem. But what would you call a person in your language who comes in a room, turns on the switch and nothing happens and then he turns it off again and turns it on again, turns it off again, turns it on again, turns it off again, turns it on again, the same very switch? And nothing happens. He knows nothing is happening. That's why he is going on and off, on and off, on and off and all his life, he goes on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off, on off. We would call him stubborn and stupid because he should look for the problem. There is a problem. That very switch is supposed to activate the light and if it doesn't, that means the bulb is out, maybe there is no electricity or maybe that the switch itself has gone bad, it's gone something has wrong in that switch. So do something about that. DNot turn it on and off, on and off, on and off all your lifetime.

Well, it is easy to say and easy to laugh at and you say, "That's what you call a man like that, stubborn and stoopid." But that's what a human being today is. He knows that he has turned on that power is not peace of mind, that whatever man today has tried 'til now for a very long period not not in 1975, not in 1974, 9 not in 1973, but our ancestors who we don't even know the name of tried the same very thing and here we are sitting, trying the same very thing again and again and again and again and again. And premies this is why I say history is like a pendulum. It goes 'tick' and then it goes 'tock' and then it goes tick and it goes 'tock.' It has to go like that and it keeps on going like that.

But Perfect Master knows because he is at a point which is so clear, which is so beautiful, which is so perfect. And this is why we call him "Perfect Master," the Master of Perfectness, who is one with it, who has accomplished, who has mastered, that subject, that art, that beauty, who is the complete one, who can show us how incomplete we are and who can show us the path to perfectness and premies really this is I mean this is the stupidity of man that he comes in this world and he repeats himself again and again and again. But a Perfect Master comes, and he always comes. In a way, you might even call him stubborn and stupid, because he himself repeats, he he repeats himself always too cause he comes again and again and again into this world, but there is a very definite purpose he comes in this world for and whatever it is, he tries to accomplish it and he gets there to a certain point. He does accomplish it to a certain extent and he comes here to show us that Knowledge, to show us that peace.

Now, you see, I don't know how many of these premies here, who are here, really do meditation, because this is a matter that we just can't put away in the back of our heads. This is a very important matter, this is a matter of this human life. We are here for a certain purpose, we are here for a certain mission and this mission has to be accomplished. This is no joke. You see, this is no joke. We can't, we can't just every time we see Mahatma Ji, we we just can't go to him and say, "Jai Satchitanand Mahatam Ji" and every time Guru Maharaj Ji comes we join the darshan line and every time there is a satsang we go attend it and we go back to home never even think about meditation, never even do meditation, never even realize anything just for the sake of joining a club named Divine Light Mission.

Do we do this? Well premies, let me tell you something. Divine Light Mission ain't a club and this life ain't no joke. We are here for a certain reason. When we sit in that Knowledge session the first time and we experience something, there is something and we know definitely that there is something and we are told to do satsang, service, and meditation and I tell you, there is a particular reason behind it. You know many premies wonder how come I all of a sudden stopped giving question and answer sessions. You know we used to have question and answer sessions when I first came to America and for hours as a matter of fact and slowly and slowly there were so many premies that these question and ans answer sessions were mostly attended by premies and premies would ask me a lotta questions. Well one of the reasons let me tell you right now is because I got sick and tired of selling them again and again and again and again and again and again and again do satsang, service and meditation and I wouldn't have gotten that if they would have been doing that but they didn't and that's why they went all confused, all bongo, didn't know what the hell was happening, they didn't then they did then then the person says "What this Knowledge just can't be true." Well why can't it be true? Well definitely it can't be true if you don't meditate at it. You're not gonna experience anything. You see salt is salt and salt has a flavour but unless that salt is put on your tongue you're not gonna taste it, believe me you're not gonna taste it. Just the way it's goes. There is this Knowledge, it has always been there, it was always there. We didn't take anything our of our pockets and give it to you. We revealed you an experience that was within inside of you and it is up to you now to meditate upon it, to realize what it is all about because you see like we all assemble for a festival and we name 'em different festivals, Guru Puja, Hans Jayanti. There is a reason behind it because it's Guru Maharaji when the devotee goes and he surrenders himself to Guru Maharaj Ji and he prays and he worships him. There is Guru Puja, that's the meaning of Guru Puja, Guru's worship. There is Hans Jayanti, Shri Maharaj Ji who was the founder of this Mission, my father, my Guru Maharaj Ji who who I mean who is who gave me Knowledge who gave me agya to carry on this work, carry on this job, it is his birthday and we celebrate it in his memory and then there is Holi and it has got a totally different meaning to it and that is you throw water on each other. It's a colourful festival and there is a story behind it. Well in spite of it all there is one thing common to all of those festivals and that is premies from different part of the country, from different part of the world come together, we have satsang, we have Knowledge Review sessions, we listen to satsang, we give satsang, we experience something and we enjoy ourselves in the term, in the view of being blissed out do we enjoy ourselves. Sometimes, you know, it's not exactly a vacation because it's sometimes it's raining and it's all muggy down at the bottom you know and you're standing for darshan line, it's not exactly a vacation but we do get blissed out. (end Side 1)

And that is the reason that we have all these festivals so that we can all be inspired more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more so that we can become better more and more, so that it can become easier for us to conquer our mind more and more. You see the simple thing is, there's two things, there's one on top and one is under. It's just a matter of reversing it. You know sometimes you - the old blenders used to be this way. You used to plug 'em in and they would go the other way round, they wouldn't blend really anything, they would just takewhat whatever it was on top and just start throwing it at the bottom and then what you had to do for that was to take the plug and switch it around and plug it again and it would work just right. Well see it's just a matter of that, it's just the same exact principle. Sometimes in the toy records record players, you take a battery, you put it upside down in it, it's where the negative is it's positive, where the positive is it's negative and you turn on you put on your record and the record is playing the other way around. What do you do? You take out the battery and you put it the right way in and it works just fine. You see how simple it is but believe me or not - maybe you won't believe it, but this is how simple it is - right now your mind is controlling you. Our aim is to control the mind. This is exactly what we have to do to and then we become one with that self consciousness. Because then there's nothing on top of us, then there is nothing to prevent us from being one with that vibration, one with that self-efflugent (sic), beautiful light, that experience and there's nothing that can block us and we then can really experience. So it's just a matter of turning the plug around and you know, it's so beautiful because sometimes you buy something, well at least when you buy professional equipment and what you read all of the instructions manual, and the very back page it says, "Trouble-shooting Guide." And it says the names the trouble and it says, "Your pause button is on," or it says "Is it plugged in?" or it says "Have you got the tape on the tape recorder? Is the cassette in?" You know and it's just simple problems that you just keep your mind, that you just kept and it which makes the tape recorder malfunction and when you go to your Trouble-shoot shooting Guide, you find out what the trouble is, you repair the trouble and the machine works just right and there's that's all there is to it.

I mean so premies who have already received Knowledge, what is there to say to them "Go ahead and receive Knowledge"? Well, we have already received Knowledge. And if you haven't, well then go ahead and receive Knowledge. Because it's something that you have to experience, you see. See tell you one another story and that'll make that clear for premies you know who want to receive Knowledge, who really want to experience this you know and it's like let me tell you one thing more this mind will make every excuse possible to prevent you from doing meditation. He says you you know you're sitting down to do meditation and all of a sudden the mind goes, "Hey, what about your coffeepot? Hey, you left your blender on. Why don't you shut off the television? Why don't you unplug it? Why don't you lock your door? Why don't you pull up the blanket on you? It's kinda cold. Why don't you turn on the fan? Why don't you turn up the air conditioner? Why don't you turn down the air conditioner?" It gives you all the excuses in the world.

I mean you are sitting and reading a magazine and nothing bothers you. The blender is on, the television is on, the the fan is up and the door is open and everything is okay. Then you go down just to do meditation and then everything is wrong and then everything has gotta be just the way it should be. This is the way mind is. It's a very tricky thing, a very funny thing, it's a very sad thing, it's a very stupid thing, it's a very stubborn thing and it plays games that I can't describe you. I mean I just can't describe it to you. It plays the trickiest games and I mean look whereever this world is at right now it's all mind's grace. I mean, where did it bring the this world to? To cobalt, where off goes the cobalt and off goes this world. That that's exactly mind's grace. I mean it's not Lord's grace. So really we have to experience and we have to realize and I don't blame you for sometimes when you are fighting the mind, you get tired. It's a very you see the only trouble is see mind is such a horrible thing, because it's always on you, twenty-four hours. While you are sleeping, it's on you, while you're awake, it's on you and you know it's there, and it's haunting you like a ghost. And I tell you it becomes very horrible sometimes for people, for premies. It's it's it's it's it's it's a torture, it's it's it's a regular torture but we have a weapon and if any time it tries to snag at us, all we have to do is turn around and say, "Boo!" (laughter) and it'll be gone, you know and we have to just experience it, you know, and there is a lotta experience that a person goes through before everything starts getting clear, before everything starts making sense, before everything is okay. Before that you see a lotta premies, I bet, are at the verge of just saying, "Well, it was a pretty good experience, but (sighs) I can't go through with it" and it's a fact. I know it and that is the time when you keep on truckin' because you see when you go from Denver to Los Angeles, when you drive there, now they have a tunnel that goes towards this under this mountain that makes it very easy but there's this pass, called the Loveland Pass, and it's very beautiful but when these big trucks and I was driving the motorhome over this pass and it was in the first gear and it was all the way floored and you could get outa the motorhome and walk faster than it. I mean it was crawling, it was just, it was just barely crawling. I mean it's like sometimes when there's a truck in front of this whole traffic people just poull over and let the truck pass because the car really starts overheating because they can't go anywhere because the truck is just going like this, just crawling because it's just so steep and it's like this is the point where the rivers flow the two ways, one goes towards west and one goes towards east, they just split the drop into half sort of thing and it's like after this pass everything becomes easy, everything becomes beautiful. You don't even have to be in gear, your engine doesn't even have to be on cause you can just coast down, coast down the hill, all the way to California, all the way to the ocean level, all the way to the sea level but at that very top everything is against you because it's so high, the altitude is so high that your car doesn't run right and it's so steep and you have to be in first gear which overheats your car. I mean everything is against you and you foot is all the way down floored and after a little while it starts hurting and everything is against you and when I was driving that motorhome it reminded me of that experience because just before you hit becuase you see Denver is out in just flat fields and just before you hit this mountain you're driving you can you know you're going 55miles an hour and you're really roaring down and you're passing all these cars because the motorhome that the Canadian premies got us is a really beautiful motorhome and it really goes fast and it's really beautiful er ee you know gone places in it and you're you're so proud of this driving so beautifully but when you get on the pass it's it's it's it's really hard. But at that time you know when we got to that peak when there was just (makes motor grinding noises) it was just I mean there's nothing else you can do about it, it reminded me that this would make a perfect example for premies, this is what happens exactly with mind. It puts everything it has got, everything it's got to fight you and that is the hardest time, the hardest, hardest, hardest, hardest time and then everything becomes okay because you just fought it, you see a soldier who is losing he's gonna put more and more and more effort into it until he has put his maximum eff effort into it and mind is like a soldier fighting you, and it's gonna try to do everything, be as I mean the last drop of strength he has got which might also take going like this, he'll put it in it so that he's got every strength possible but if that time you say, "Oh boy, this is too much," then you've had it.

And the let me advise you about something that if this is what you are gonna end up doing anyway, I suggest that ss don't even meditate. You see, there is also one more problem. You see there's disadvantages of things and there's advantages of things. Of course, in Knowledge there are very few disadvantages and a lot more advantages, because I mean the greatest advantage of them all is there, in this Knowledge. But there is a disadvantage too. You see it's like, if you have milk, which is very good for you to drink, which is very good, it's very nourishing and it's very tasty - I personally don't like it (laughter) but that's what other people say - and it's very good but if you don't drink it, boy, it tastes and it smells very, very bad after a little while and it becomes worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, till you just can't stand it anymore, you know, and that's the way this Knowledge is. It's because it sits inside of you, it is there, you haven you have you have understood that experience and that that thing that has that drove you to this Knowledge is striving harder and harder and harder and harder within inside of you to have that experience but you are not having that experience because you are not even meditating.

And I tell you, some of these premies who who just leave, you know who just say, "Okay, we call it all quits." Then after a year or so they come back, and boy, do they look in bad shape, in and out, both ways and then it's just the whole thing and mind in this time has become a lot more stronger. So beware of mind. It's a very, very tricky thing and it can trick you any time, it's like it's just it's just like really it can get you any time. It's a loaded gun you know and it'll go on any time. So just keep on meditating, just keep on truckin' because you know and and it's like one of the advantages that we have in this age of darkness, which is very beautiful, is that the chief engineer is with us and in case anything goes wrong, give him a call and he'll come on with his yellow flashin' lights and will take care of your car and you'll be back on your way. So there is no problem. Just keep on truckin'. If you don't keep on truckin', you'll run, you'll just discharge your battery, and then you won't even be able be able to give him a call and then he won't be able to even come to you. So just keep on truckin'. So far you do that, there's no problems.

And I don't know when I'm gonna come back to Australia, it's a little bit out of the ways, not that because I live in America I should tell you the truth, I don't like you know what we call that Malibu residence these days, we call it a truck stop (laughter) because you stop there to get a cup of coffee and a change of clothes (laughter) and that's about it, that's exactly what we do there. We just come down there to get our clothes all checked out, buy new clothes or get rid of 'em or whatever we have to do and we head back our way. That's a truck stop and it's so beautiful you know that more and more premies are realizing Knowledge and Mission so all around the world the Mission is really becoming strong, really, really becoming steady. People are really realizing what this Knowledge is and that makes me so happy. You know it's like that's just so beautiful, I mean that's exactly what I want to see. Popel just realizing this Knowledge and more and more you know it's so beautiful because we had this festival in Essen and boy it was really beautiful and we had this festival and this is beautiful and it's like more and more, more and more and my next year's schedule I'm just about scheduled to go all around the world again you know and it's just, it's just really beautiful you know because people who do meditation you can't hide it, you know it's like you just can't hide it and it looks so beautiful and it's just gleams and it's you know and it's it's so so beautiful you know it's like in India things were pretty messed up and I went there and you better believe it they were messed up all right and going there in the worst time of the year, the hottest and thigns were messed up and things were crazy. The day we landed there things were crazy, I mean everything was in its own trip and then we went to this ashram, Jhumri Taliaya, then all the premies came there, not really all the premies couldn't come there but lotta premies came there and it was all the same you know and this was like uh we were there and we almost even forgot that things were bad outside you know it was just so beautiful being with premies it was just so beautiful you konw and really we know if we have realized this Knowledge, then we know that the solution, the answer to the world's problem is this Knowledge and we know that and at least I know that. Because it's like I tell you this world is getting crazier every day, more and more you know it's like but rather too many cooks spoil the pot. In the same way the thing goes, there are just too many minds going around independently doing whatever they want and this Knowledge can really put them into their shape - where everything can be really beautiful.

And so premies, thank you very much for you know all coming here. It's an experience for me, and it's an experience for you. I hope you enjoyed this festival and I hope we can have one again. I don't know if it's gonna be Guru Puja again, it might be some other festival but if you remember I said that if you can be strong enough, if you'll develop, if you'll grow I'll come back and you can grow more and maybe we can have Hans Jayanti here. It's no big deal and it's like but you have to be strong, you have to be firm and understand and really meditate and really tell people about this Knowledge, because putting all what's been said about the Mission, putting all asides what phoney baloney that goes on in people's minds about this Knowledge and this organization and about me and about the premies, we know people need this Knowledge. And when we tell them about it, something something gets triggered on you know and it's just really beautiful, because so many brothers and sisters in this world can realize how beautiful this experience is and share this beautiful experience with us so that they can be out of their misery. Because really, if you look around, they are our brothers and sisters you know and they just like us. But they are in misery, they are really suffering and they don't even know it. You see, this is the sad part about it, they don't even know it and what we have to do is just go out and spread the word that, "Yeah. You can have the experience that you have been looking for." You see this world is really crazy. Let me tell you umm when I was flying I don't know where it was but we say a movie on the airplane and in this movie a bird came into a dock, uh the ship came into a dock and they carried a bird with them and the quarantine inspectors came aboard, this was in New York, and the quarantine inspectors came aboard and they said "Well have have you anybody been sick or anything or stuff?" There was this mean old guy sittin' by the stairs and he said "Yeah, there's a lotta funny things going on on this boat. This captain was mean and he was cruel and since he got this bird on this boat he has been happy" and he said "This whole crew used to hate each other, this whole crew used to be mean and cruel and stingy and now since this bird has come aboard everybody has been happy" and the quarantine inspectors really got worried. They said "Oh brother, what's going on?" And the skipper, the captain found out that they were gonna get hold of this bird and probably kill it or put it in quarantine so he let the bird go from the cage and the bird flew into New York. And you see everywhere the word, this bird went and everybody who came in contact with this bird, they became happy and so there so the the way they showed it - it was a really beautiful movie because it really explained the situation of this world and a Perfect Master trying to come into this world and giving everybody Knowledge, giving everybody the truth and the beautiful experience, you know, and here is this bird and it comes in and you come in contact with this bird and you become happy and the way they show it in movie is that people of New York think it's a menace, people of New York think it's "Oh brother it's some kind of disease, it makes you happy" and so all of before you know there are people on the streets walking around with masks on their face so that they wouldn't come in contact with this bird and they wouldn't get happy. So you can understand I know it's just a movie, maybe that it wasn't exactly true what happened but I'm pretty sure it happens (laughter) you know and you go to people and you say "Do you want to experience that perfect Knowledge, that perfect bliss they say "Oh brother, there goes my day" (laughter) and they try to go away you know. But that's what exactly happens every time but we have to keep on going out there you know and telling them and it's like the conclusion of the movie was they had to fly a guy from Washington to take hold of the situation because too many people were gettin' happy in New York and so when he came up he had he looked like an astronaut because he was totally sterile, he was in a sterile suit so he wouldn't get in contact with the bird and get happy. He walks in and (he chcukles) do all this thing and the finally thing that they have found a solution and they go around New York spraying New York with this spray which is supposed to kill this germ but finally a few people do get supposevly (sic) rid of this germ but they're not sad again, they're happy and they realise it was not the bird that made them happy, it was them themselves that made them happy. It was it was all there, all the time but they just never dug into it.

So premies I thinkyou get the message and uh try to do as much satsang, service and meditation as possible and thank you very much and it's been a very beautiful time and a very beautiful Guru Puja and I hope you have enjoyed yourselves here and I hope I see you later. Blessings to all the premies.

No need to cry no
No need to say "Goodbye World"
No need to lie to keep your head anymore
I know it's gonna be alright
The dawn comes from the darkest night

And it feels like the night will soon be over
You know it feels like the pain is almost gone now
It feels like the love is getting stronger
It feels like we're together from now on

I got a friend who loves me
And I got a friend in gaol
And I got a friend in heaven
Who gave me a boat to sail
I got some friends who are halfway home
Sailing right beside me

Don't let the dark clouds
Rain down on you no
Let this whole world go
Don't let it break you
Don't let it make you blue
Gonna see it through
By the grace of Satguru
By grace yes

There is a way that we can go
There is a way to let you know
There is a kingdom deep inside
A pathway that is paved in light