Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver Colorado, 28th April 1974

Dear premies,

Will you please listen to me? The thing is that now, not only human being, seems like everything's approaching to a point where this Knowledge has to really explode, where this Knowledge has to be really showered everywhere from a plant, to an ant, to an elephant, to a human being, anybody and really, whenever a Perfect Master came on this earth, there was never a time when anything went smooth. Every time. See, look the ocean is so huge, but being so huge, does it stay calm? There are always waves, there always are. I don't know why, but that's the way it works whenever a Perfect Master comes. I mean if ocean wants, it can cool itself down perfectly, beautifully. I mean really cool it down, be like, just like glass and never have any waves because it's so vast, so, so big. But does it? No, there is a constant current coming. It comes, it goes, comes back again, it goes and this is how the life of the Perfect Master has been and really it's up to premies to realise and to understand what perfectness is, what this Knowledge is. Because my duty, my part of the job, is to make people understand first of all that there is something like this Knowledge, there is something like this most beautiful light, this most beautiful candle that is burning 24 hours within inside of us, and to also make them realise.

Because until we have realised this, we are lost, we are completely, completely lost. Because today man has done everything he can, I mean everything but I don't see where he has gotten out of it. I really, really don't see because he doesn't have one destination that is far enough to take him away from what has been, he has been living in because till now everybody lives in darkness. Now when that light is burnt, when that light is shown to a human being by the Grace, then he gets out of the darkness, he can see something and really today everybody should be taken out of the darkness because telling them something, they will not be able to understand, they will not be able to recognise their mistake because they are committing it right then and there. 3:31

When we are sitting in a car, inside, we cannot see the front grill. Can we? Because we are sitting inside but if we have any intention to see the front grille, we have to get out of the car and get right to the front of it not at the back, back you won't see the front grille. You have to get right in front of it and to a point because there are five different points that you can see that front grille but then there is one point which will give you the most perfect prospective (sic) of that, of that grille. You can be at one side, you might not see two lights. You can be on the other side, you might not see the other lights. But when you are right in front, you will see the whole grille and this is how it is that man is committing a mistake. He is in darkness right now and we of course we want to explain him, "Look mister, you're coming in a mistake here, you're coming in a mistake here." He says "Shut up."

Because and then it's like that man is sitting in the car. He has been driving it for seven days, nonstop and you say, "Do you know how it is the front, how the front grille looks like in this car?" "Uh I don't know." You'll say, "You are stupe. Because you have been driving this car for seven days in a row and you have not seen the front grille." Well, is it his mistake? He never got out of the car, he never right in front of it and we are trying to blame him, that really he was stupe because if he is a fool, he is a fool and if you tell somebody that he is a fool, he doesn't become a fool, he doesn't improve from it, he still is a fool.

You have to get him out of that point. And this is why always a Perfect Master comes. To get us out of the car and to show us that look, there is something more beautiful. There is something really, really perfect. There is something fantastic.

You can be sitting in of a car, and say, "Wow, this car is fantastic." And in the front, the radiator might be broken. And it's like, this is what a human being is not understand and now it's like at least I have come to a point where I realise this has to be done and there are no shortcuts in it. We can just do it and we have to just shoot straight. Because if we want to make better time, we shouldn't go in every exit, it'll take us a long, long time. We should shoot straight as much as we can until it becomes very necessary or we have to fuel the car and get out on exit and then do it but really now is the time that everybody should get together, everybody should get straight. Shape up, or ship out. (laughter and some clapping) Because this is a part, this is a point where I am being heavily objected, you know, heavily stopped to spread this Knowledge but I have full intentions to go ahead and to tell people about this Knowledge because they need it. If not now I don't think it's gonna be any other time, it's gonna be too late and this is the perfect time and that's why I have come to Denver to get everything straight because there are premies and they have these lot of confusions. They want to come to me and they solve their confusions. Look, I can give you a thousand answers and you will never be satisfied. Because I have given you the answer to everything and that is this Knowledge and if you cannot take, if you cannot get your answer from this Knowledge, forget it by words you'll never get it. You'll be always confused, always, always confused. You'll be coming to me thousand times a day, asking me a thousand questions a day.

But premies, you know, this is all I can request, it's not, I really can't take you ears, well if it becomes important I might (laughter) but um right now I want every premie to unite, to get together and we have to show this world that there is something, there is something much, much more fantastic, much, much more beautiful, much,much more united, much, much more wast, much, much more mellow than whatever we have experienced in this world because this world is trying to experience something and it'll never stop. Because everybody knows the way they are trying to experience things is a wrong way, it's a wrong method and they'll just keep going and on and on and on because they're proceeding in a wrong direction and it's our duty because really we should be the ones that should be blamed for it.

It's like, once Narad went to Lord Vishnu and he said, "I am very confused." And says, "What's up?" So Narad explains his whole story and says, "Well, the thing is, that I was going in this desert and I see these two blind people and they are walking and I see these two people standing and they are watching these blind people and this blind guy, he's both of them go and they f, they fell into this well. So what I am confused about is whose mistake is it? Is it the mistake of that blind people who walked into it? Is it the mistake of the person who built the well? Is it the mistake of the people who were watching? Whose mistake is it?" And this question, that situation, is right now in front of all of us. There is a big, big ditch of illusion, of Maya, of darkness and we are standing on one side and we are watching all this mob that are completely blind, that doesn't know what they are doing, what they are, where they are going, nothing and they fell into the ditch.

So Lord Vishnu replies that, "Narad, neither is it the fault of the guy who built the well, because he built it. There was probably some purpose behind it. Neither is it the fault of those blind people because they already are blind. It's the fault of those people who were watching them, and did not stop them falling in that ditch, falling in that ditch" and this is what is happening right, right now. We have to go out and tell this world about something we have received and this is what I mean by shape up or ship out. If you have any faith in this Knowledge, if you have realised this Knowledge, if you think it's going to get you somewhere, if you think it's going to bring you peace, then shape up, and tell people about it. And if you don't think it is, forget it, ship out because there is nothing more.

If a man has been given this stone by which it touches any iron and it can become into gold and he does not use it all his lifetime, what good is that iron or what good is that stone if there is no utility for it, if nobody ever utilised it?

Day by day I can really see how this world is becoming a big game. For people it's becoming a big game. Everything people want to do should be because of pleasure, otherwise not. If it doesn't have any pleasure it it, they just don't want to do it and really whose, who else is it going to be to tell people except premies who have realised this Knowledge? And, really I don't want to say much at all because I shouldn't even have come to this program. It's up to you premies to realise it. If you are not going to realise it now, but I'm going to go ahead and try to give this Knowledge to as many people as I can but I want your help because you're the people who are going to be blamed for it, not the people who are blind. Not the people who have created the ditch but you, because you are not telling them about it and some premies are shy, very, very shy to tell the people that they have received something so fantastic. That means that this Knowledge is not greater than the darkness. If it is, then why be shy? If the sun comes out and people don't realise it, I should actually go and yell the sun is out! Get up! Now is the time and do something about it.

Because it's only one time that we receive this gift, this body and we have to do something now. Otherwise, forget it. You never know! There are people who come to me saying, "Maharaj Ji, what do you think about reincarnation?" I'll tell you nobody has seen it till now. Nobody saw a soul fly from one body, go up in the heaven then go up in the hell and drop back to the earth. It's all concept but now you have this body. You are alive! There is some purpose for it. God is not a fool who gave you this body just like that. There is definitely some purpose and now that we have realised this Knowledge, the purpose is to go and tell people about it, to make 'em understand, to make 'em realise and premies if you need to become stronger because I understand some premies do need to become stronger before they can go out and do whatever I am saying. I am gonna hold programs every night, from seven to nine. Every night till I am gonna be here and if you want to come, there will be satsang there, I'll come and satsang will go on every night and if you don't want to take privilege of it, look, there is so much sweet water in this world that you have no idea but if you are not with it, it's gonna do you no good.

If you live right by the ocean, there will be only salt water and you will be probably dying of that sweet water which is enormously filled in this world. All under this earth there is water, water, water but until you reach to it, until you get to it, it does you no good. It's there, but does you no good. I'll tell you sometimes in deserts people cry for rain. There is, there is some place in the world that's raining there certainly is but it does you no good, because it is not here but now the opportunity for people who want to hear satsang is here now. To spread this Knowledge, it's now and everything is there, whatever we wanted. Everything is there now.

We should get up, we should wake up because until we wake up, we are never going to realise that it was a dream in which we were. We have to wake up and then we will realise that all that we thought was the truth, all in this world that we looked for the truth, all that we were shouting about, calling it truth, was not the truth. It was a dream but again mind power is so strong, so, so strong that, you know, sometimes you are dreaming and you are maybe dreaming of falling off from seven storeys or eight storeys and you are, you actually feel like you are dropping, you actually feel like you are falling because of this mind power is so strong but we have to wake up from that stage and then we will be able to see, understand, that we were dreaming. If we keep on sleeping, we are never going to realise what's the truth. We will always be dreaming and maybe whatever I am talking about right now doesn't even make sense to some people because again, they are sleeping. What I am talking about is completely, completely different and what they are seeing, to them it's real. It's a dream.

So premies, I really don't have anything more to say because time is now. We can leave everything behind, we don't have to catch up with it, except one thing, time because this time is just driving everybody bananas, everybody nuts and really don't think that world peace is impossible. I'll tell you one thing, you might be surprised about it but it's one of the most easiest things because you know, when I came in America there were three people and from those three people there are 50,000 now and that's just in America and now these 50,000 I don't know what they can do. Maybe nothing, maybe everything.

But if you have any confusion, if you have any doubt, come to the satsang. The satsang, what is the purpose of satsang? That's why it's there to remove our doubts because when we listen to it, most of the things are cleared. So it's for you to realise, do meditation, you'll find out. You'll find out what I am talking about. Because I've realised something, I've found out something and maybe for people it's a fake, it's a joke and maybe in the history coming, that's what many people will write about me. That, oh, maybe I was just joking, I was just faking but that's a real pity because there will be very, very few people who will be able to actually realise that what I said was not a joke, it was the truth and you can be one of the people who can say it, that no, it's not a fake, it's the truth. It's very easy. Realise what I have realised. It's very, very easy.

Thank you very much, and blessings to all the premies.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)