Ashram Satsang Transcript, Malibu, January, 1979

Prem Rawat in Malibu 1979This video records a speech made by Prem Rawat or Guru Maharaj Ji as he then called himself in Malibu on the 7th January 1979 to ashram premies and premies wishing to move into an ashram. Most of it is devoted to reinforcing the importance of living in the ashram (which is one of the major dogmas of his teachings) and some others of the central dogmas of his teachings are restated. The complete transcript demonstrates his poor public speaking after nearly a decade of living in the USA.

Human life, without being His devotee, is meaningless and purposeless and people have no real understanding of life.
The purpose of an ashram is that the members should be in constant synch with Guru Maharaj Ji.
His followers will never become "Realised Souls" but will always have to remain in an ashram.
Scriptures are histories of Perfect Masters and people have no way of recognising God when He appears to them.
Practising "Knowledge" is the greatest thing a person can do and the realisation is bestowed by him.
Why do his followers always listen to the mind and not to him?
An incarnation in the lineage of Perfect Masters is the greatest thing that can happen and his followers should not be ashamed of being premies.
Normal people should be ashamed of not being premies.
Knowledge must be the predominant thing in a premie's life before the experience of Knowledge can manifest.
Knowledge is perfect and infinite and the world is imperfect and finite.
Rawat will always say the same thing and premies must be surrendered before Knowlege can manifest in their lives.
His mission of spreading Knowledge is a year behind schedule.

Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai repeated quite a few times with cheering

This is what 200 premies looks like is it? You're all ashram premies here? Well, it's very fortunate to be be able to be an ashram premie. That's what I think. One of the, I mean you look at this world, you know, and it's really not coming to any better end. You look at this world and it's really not coming to any place that's even worth talking about. And yet and and and and at every step, of course, there's all these traps built in for man to just come over and eat it, eat it you know and get trapped in it. And it happens so much, you know, you just look, you just look at this world and it's just like,"Wow" it's really amazing because people don't have any goal, people don't have any motivation, people don't have any real understanding of what is the purpose of this life or what you can do with this life.

To a lot of people, it's just, you know, very simple that you just live this life. You breathe every day, you know, unlike the dolphins uh which their breathing action is not voluntary they have to purposely breathe, we don't, we can just breathe, we don't even think about it, you know and unlike a dolphin, when it always sleeps a dolphin keeps an eye open so highly strung it has to constantly think about that power, has to constantly stay in the tone of life. It has to understand, it has to breathe constantly. Constantly force that action and what can happen, what could, what does happen to a human being anyway, you know, a child is born, it's very mish-mashy, you know, it's it's all open, it's all, it's all irrelevant you try you teach a child anything, you know, it's just so open and clear, you just come into this world, okay, you know, here's an age of playing, you know, certain actions are guarded against and certain actions are okay you know and here is a person's life and you just look at it and in one way it's very, very depressing and it truly is very depressing because what is happening is that a life, a life comes into this world, somebody is given an opportunity to be present, to be alive into an hemisphere, into an atmosphere, into a universe which of course we don't even know what the end of the universe is it's uh more like, you know, just one thing that Einstein said it really is really amazing you know and it's just like greater the circle of light grows so does the darkness around it and it's really true you know there was a time when you look at those gorillas, you look at those apes and they were quite happy, they could care nothing about it, you know, they're very peaceful, they do their business, they go about their business and the here is that evolution of man which is smarter, intelligent you might say, you know and so on and so forth and what has he done?
He, he knows a lot now, you know, and it's just like everybody laughs at the idea of those kings, you know, who said "No, no, the earth is flat" and Columbus said "No, the earth is round, you know, and people make great big jokes about that and yet isn't our lives the same way that we don't even know what is happening, what is beyond universe. Now we know that the world is round, the earth is round, well what about the entire universe, is it still round? Maybe there's just a dead end, maybe there's a little peep hole, maybe there is a door, you know. Everybody is so baffled by UFO's, for instance, you know, Virgil, is he here? (laughter) He claims to, he claims to have seen UFO's so does Michael have claims to see UFO's. There's so many people claim to have seen UFO's and they've filmed the UFO's and they're doing this and they're doing that.
So one hand you look at the world and it's outrageous there is no understanding, there is, everybody wants to accumulate an understanding of what really doesn't concern them, what is none of your business and nobody wants to accumulate the understanding of what's really the truth and what's really the purpose of this life to be alive and to be here. And then there's that opportunity to be able to have Knowledge, to be able to practise Knowledge, to be able to understand that and even greater one step and that is always to be in an environment which can be completely focussed you know, some environment that can be completely together, an environment that can be completely tuned into that satsang, service and meditation. And I know that, you look at the whole situation, you know, and I mean here you are, some of you are ashram premies, most of you are supposed to be ashram premies. Coming in here you know I looked just just driving right out of the residence there were all these premies rushing back and forth to the cars and say "What are these guys doing, where are they going? They're not ashram premies, ha, ha" and I looked back and there were some premies in the back of the motor home and I said "What are you guys doing? You can't go there, you're not ashram premies." And to me it's just so always that I've seen it that way that is so incredible to be able to have the opportunity to be in an ashram.
Ashram is not a mystic, mysterious thing. Ashram is not the place designated as an ashram. Ashram is an environment created by the brother and sisters to harmoniously live, in with synch, in satsang, service and meditation. To be in constant synch with Guru Maharaj Ji. Maybe that's a little too far-fetched "constant synch with Guru Maharaj Ji" but anyway close enough, some way. And that to me is the purpose of an ashram, it could have been called anything. I mean anything, it doesn't matter. You know it could have been called the great house, you know, the pearly gates, whatever, heaven, that has nothing to do with it but I know that in my own, you know, experience, I've seen it, a lotta times people come together and they really want to make it an ashram, they really want to live as an ashram and there are so much, there are so much mind and so many mental blocks and nobody wants to overcome those mental blocks. Nobody wants to overcome those mental disturbances, I'd say. To come to a point of the realisation that okay, here we are man our purpose is to be in synch of satsang, service and meditation. Because that will ultimately lead us to synch up with that experience constantly.
I know that a lot of people have dreams that someday they're going to be realised souls. Someday it's all gonna happen where you can be then certified as a realised soul and when that happens, when you can be certified as a realised soul then there would be no necessity no more any necessity for an ashram and therefore you can move out. You have now synched yourself to the experience, okay, of satsang, service and meditation. Well that's just like taking a rock that's been at the bottom of the ocean for zillions of years, I don't know if there have already been zillions of years, but time immemorial and you bring that rock up and you put it in front of the sun and it dries up and you go "My God, what happened?" What happened? You know what happened. We, see in our system that we live in. We live in a system and in our system we are not allowed, we are not permitted to accept and soak in what is a phenomena. We are not allowed in our system, there are no contingencies given on our system for us to go out into that realm that no man has ever explored before.
And you just look at it and there are all these scriptures and these scriptures are merely indicators that look something existed just like your history book. Just like you history book, now it could have happened, might not have happened, might be imaginatory, it might not be imaginatory. That's all that is, it's a history book of religion. It's a history book of a, of a Perfect Master, you know, you look at Bible, you look at Koran, you look at Gita or you look at Ramayana. That is a history of a Perfect Master and what He did, you know and that's, that's the limit, that's where we go till but if the God, if God Himself was to appear in front of us, there are no chambers, blocks or system in our system to accept Him as God. And this system has not been invented by 1978 or the people of the 20th century. This system has been present since a long, long, long, long time.
When Jesus came they just simply could not understand because there was no system to understand. There was, their scriptures did not say "Look there'll be a time when there'll be a Perfect Master in your time and it is up to you to determine whether or not you follow Him. Those contingencies in our society have been taken out and who suffers from it, not the people who maybe made it that way, not the society maybe who formed it that way but we who live in that suffer from it. And so all that we try to fight for for so much is really not worth anything. I mean we fight to live in this system, we fight to exist, we fight to, we fight to do so much and yet it has no value, it's, it's completely terminal. It's just completely, you know, it's it has no value, you know. So there is man and I mean you don't have to look at it as 'man' as a third person, see this is one thing else, you know, we get up and give satsang and we, you know the initiators getup or I get up or Marolyn gets up or Raj ji and we go "There is this man and he is completely confused." We don't have to say that, you see, we are the man or the woman or the person. We don't have to, you know, associate it with a third person. We are the person and this is what we have to look at, that it is our own experience of Knowledge and it our own experience of truth that we have to look upon and that should never be justified. There is nothing in this world that can actually justify your experience. Just cannot, because Knowledge is not like raspberry, Knowledge is not like an apple, you know and you walking through the jungle and all of a sudden you come across a fruit and you look in your manuals, "What is this?"and it says if it is you know 4 inches to 3 inches to 2 inches in diameter, red, you know, and describes this whole apple then you can say "Oh yeah, I know what that is! That's an apple."
Knowledge is not like that because Knowledge is within you, it is you, it is a part of you and synching up to Guru Maharaj Ji, synching up to that Knowledge, synching up to that realisation that Guru Maharajj Ji bestows upon us is the greatest thing that we can do. Because what else, because what do we do in this life, we, what do we synch up to? What do we keep update to in our life? Listen to the radio or listen to the news or listen to the, the Seiko watch, the latest movie or you know, have a chit chat with somebody about what's going, what are we , what are we trying to do all our lives, 24 hours a day, synching up to this world. And look how much effort and energy it consumes from us to stay synched into this world. This is the the way I look at it you know.
I mean all these magazines are there. These are pieces and bits of information being presented to you from all over the world. I mean, and it's so true, you know, because sometimes there's a person, you know, who's really into reading Newsweeks or this and that, you know, and all of a sudden he hasn't been reading them for a few days and he's "Man, I was completely out of synch" and that's the word that they use "I was completely out of synch from this world" and what is this world, you know, this, this world is an illusion because there is nothing in this world that you can point to and say "That's my world." What is in this world that you can point at and say "That's my world." I mean, what is it? If you point to earth, that's earth, that's not the world, that's earth. If you point to a tree, that's a tree, that's not your world. If you parnt, point to your home, your house, that's your house, that's not your world. After all, in this whole world, what is the world? Just like in a car, which part of the car is the car itself? There is no part in a car that is called 'car'. Car is an assembly, car is a designation of certain activities put together and when that automobile changes its shape, form or quality then automatically the name can change such as if that car all of a sudden attained that capability of flying you would no more call it an automobile, you would call it an aeroplane. And this world has so constantly been changing, people who live in it have so constantly been changing, people, I mean, it's just like you know there's all these laws now, you know, they've ??? stated the laws that if you commit a murder, you'll be, they'll commit a murder and they'll kill you so and it's just like that's really outrageous, you know, and I was hearing Shri Maharaj Ji's satsang and it was so incredible and he said "Look" he said it very, very, very simply. He said it doesn't matter what's what and who's who, if you do not have the right of generation then you do not have the right of exterminating a generation, what has been generated, a life. You do not create life and therefore you cannot destroy it and believe me it does not go only for the judges, or for the circuit judges or for the lawyers. Or for the senators, it goes for everybody.

And, here we are in this earth, in this world, that's the craziness that we synch up to. "This is mine, this is meen (sic), this is, this is my profession, this is my outlook." And we have, we build such a, such a barrier, such a, you know, such a thing around us, everyone of us, you know, that there is such an individuality, there is such an identity, there is such an fake always around us. And to me it is quite simple that to be in an environment which is made by Guru Maharaj Ji's premies, who have this Knowledge, their effort to come and try together, you know, all of, all of those people, to come together and synch up to Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, well what can be greater than that? Instead of living to create a Newsweek, instead of living to create something, we live to live, we live for life, we live for that power, we live for that primordial vibration, we live for that energy and what can be greater than that? And just such a beautiful aspect of just coming together and having that experience of ashram is totally incredible. I know that I've been going through a lot of initiator applicantstions, you know, applications and a lot of people have a lot to say, you know, it's not a simple "Yes, I was in an ashram and then I was doing this" you know and this is like a flat question have you been leading an ashram life specified according to the ashram manual and people say and then it has the 2 squares, yes or no, you know, and it's as simple as that is it yes or is it no. But because everybody constantly wants to justify things they go yes and no, they tick both things. Well, it's true some of you guys who are laughing have done that, you know.

Why? Why do we always lose a battle? And it's not even a battle. Why do we recognise mind so much? Why is there such a recognition for mind that we lose to it every time? Why is there such a, why not? Why isn't there uh the same kind of power that we understand and we recognise even greater than mind itself and tow into that, believe in that than our minds? Why, why is it that mind is us and Guru Maharaj Ji is the third party? You know, me, my mind and then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it not, you know, me and Guru Maharaj Ji? Why is this mind there making a party third which is Guru Maharaj Ji? I mean why is it, "My mind came in and I freaked out and I did this and I did that." Why is there such a stupid recognition towards this mind? Okay, yes there is an existence of mind, but why do you give in to it? Why do you constantly think that mind is more powerful than you are? Why do you have so much trust in the mind that it is more powerful than you are? Why do you have so much trust in that mind that mind is more powerful than Guru Maharaj Ji is? You see there seems to be some kind of a confusion as to that. But in fact mind is a negativity, mind is negative, and Guru Maharaj Ji is present positive. And we want to experience in our life, not negativity, we want to experience and synch in our life not with negativity but with positivity. Be positive and which is Guru Maharaj Ji. And it isn't like, oh yeah, sometimes it's the way it comes out, waging war against mind and there is this mind you know, this thing, and then there is you and you have the Sword of Knowledge, you know, and you're constantly slashing to this thing.
Why not and this is how simple I'm thinking, why not close your parameters to everything else and only have two things existent in this world for you and that's you and Guru Maharaj Ji. Why have this mind always tagging along behind you and giving it recognition? "Oh yes my mind, I know you are there. Oh don't do this to me and don't do that to me" and instead of having this huge connections with the mind all over the place why isn't this as flat and simple and straight as "Guru Maharaj Ji this is it, you are my all and I believe and trust in you" instead of saying "Oh my mind, don't do this to me." You know, why isn't there a complete surrender, why isn't there a complete understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji, why isn't the understanding and the trust of Guru Maharaj Ji superseding in your life than mind? Why is the mind becoming more predominant thing constantly? Because we have such connections, I mean this life, this body, this existence was made so that when eventually we would have that recognition of Guru Maharaj Ji, when eventually we would have that understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji, when Guru Maharaj Ji would come into our life the hose would be connected so strongly that nothing in the world could ever jerk it.
That's the, that's the way it was all designed and made and manufactured. That's the part of the design that once you had connected, once you had locked on to Guru Maharaj Ji there was nothing in this world that could ever rip you apart. The way it was interconnected and its design, the plug would, was never supposed to but instead of taking Guru Maharaj Ji and plugging it into that source you take mind and you plug it in and you go jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, you know. And then nobody even stops to think about it man. "Wait a minute, what's happening in my life?" You know, "why is it that that some stupid mind always keeps telling me what to do, why isn't it Guru Maharaj Ji, so, you know, powerful in my l, why haven't I given Guru Maharaj Ji the chance to come in my life and guide me instead of this mind constantly guiding me? Why haven't I given chance, ah ah why haven't I given Knowledge the chance to do that? Why is it my mind that's always the superior one?" It's a good question you know and the thing is maybe I know the answer but you have to answer it for yourself.
And you know now is the time to really come together in that harmony, now is the time to really I mean here is 1979 and 1979, you know, great, this denotes the past of 1978, automatically 1979 means that it's not 1978 and it's not 1970, you know 1980 is 1979 you know in our in our but I mean just whatever 2 by 2's we have in our brains, you know, but the most important thing is that it is the time to come together and make this Knowledge a reality instead of something that you do under a blanket. Instead of living your life, I am a premie, I am a premie and that you are a premie's in a front front of an altar, to a darshan line, to a hall, you know, and under a meditation blanket and inside the ashram you're a premie and otherwise it's all spaced out, it's all out there, it's like butter, you know, in some nooks and crannies are filled with it, some nooks and crannies aren't filled with it. But Guru Maharaj Ji has to manifest in your life constantly. Ashram has to become a living reality for you, you know, and what, and how, what kind of living reality? Not the kind of living reality okay yes now what I am gonna do is that I have to somehow devise how I'm gonna put my calculator in the altar ??? Now where am I what can I do to have my calculator so that there is Guru Maharaj Ji in my life, there's the altar and I'm sitting in front of the altar and I am sitting in front of Guru Maharaj Ji. And yet I know that I have to do this service of accounting. So how can I build my calculator inside the altar so that when I want I can pull it out and make it accessible to me. No, Knowledge is you, not what you do is Knowledge. Knowledge is you. And you have to do what's gonna keep you always in synch with that Knowledge. It's not a one way street, it's both ways, you know, if we can decide, if you can decide on which side the going traffic is going to be, if you can decide on which side the incoming traffic is going to be then automatically you can decide on which side the out, outgoing traffic is going to be. Because if you're going, incoming traffic is coming on the left, outgoing traffic is gonna come from the right. And it's, it's just like that, you know, it automatically synchs up, it has to synch up.
And same thing in our lives, Guru Maharaj Ji has to synch up and yet, you know again that's one way of putting it but that's wrong, we have to synch up to Guru Maharaj Ji. There has to be a synch between us, you know, and Guru Maharaj Ji which is the manifestation of Knowledge. And we have to realise that. We have to make that alive, we have to make that present in our lives, not just in front of an altar and or or under a meditation blanket. But we have, we have to really, we have, we are premies, look there's nothing to be ashamed about, you know and the purpose and the goal and the and the everything that we have to do I mean what tell me one thing that we have to be ashamed of in this world? We, if we are premies, you know, then the world should be ashamed. Those people should be ashamed who are not premies, not us. We should be proud we are premies not ashamed that we are premies or be shy in any manner that we are premies. We premies of Guru Maharaj Ji and that's our realisation! You know, so we should be proud and what we have to do in this world to spread this Knowledge in this whole world is nothing to be ashamed about it is the greatest thing that that can ever happen and recognition of Guru Maharaj Ji is nothing to be ashamed about, it is the greatest thing that ever happened to this world. And you know that every time a Perfect Master comes that is the greatest thing that ever happens to this world. And every time a Knowledge is spread into this world that's the greatest thing ever happens to this world.
You know, so what I am saying is let's quit, you know, fooling around the cars and saying "Oh yeah, wait a minute, I'm going to try to push this car up the hill and go yeah I'm pushing it, I'm pushing it and keep knowing that there is even no spark plug in that motorcycle and you sit there, kick the starter, kick the starter, kick the starter. You know it's not gonna start and basically what you're doing is you're wasting your time. But there is so many people out there, and the thing is we just cannot sit here and sympathise, of course not, we can't just sit there and sympathise and say "Oh poor people of this world." You know, you know and they're bound to blank. Well something has to happen, no? And the whole purpose of Guru Maharaj Ji being in this world has to manifest and this is 1979, nothing great, nothing bad. Here it is 1979 it was unevitable. (laughter) You know, so what are you gonna do? But that commitment has to come from you, that you're really gonna move it. That you're really gonna make that, instead of slashing around one more year in mind or ruin a year just because one day you were into your mind. It all has to clear up, it all has to become very beautiful and why do I want to even tell you this? I mean, it's just, why do I even want to tell you this because, just because I have to get up here and give satsang. No, because I know that is what should happen in this world, that is what is gonna bring us, that's what's gonna bring a miracle to life. That's what's gonna make a miracle which you say is illusion into a reality. Is when all of the premies understand what has to be done. What has to be done is not simple, it's very sophisticated if I might say so. So many things have to happen. You know, I mean just look at it so many things have to happen and what, what are we gonna do?
Is it g, I mean in this life, see this life is not a stale pond and nor is Knowledge. Knowledge is not, it's not the water that you can just keep filled in a glass or put in a pond. Nor is life, both flow. Have to go on and on and on. This Knowledge has to be spread and this life has to become completely one with that Knowledge. It's really true, we have to understand that. It's a simple meaning and maybe some people get confused in the literal, you know, part of the uh thing which is gonna be a part of which, you know, is Knowledge is gonna be a part of life or life is gonna be a part of Knowledge? To a lot of people they scratch their heads, think about it, you know, what's gonna happen with what? But the main thing is, you know, that this life is for a purpose and it has to meet for what is was meant for. That has to happen otherwise there is no go. Otherwise there is no manifestation of an experience. And when that life becomes completely one with that Knowledge and when the Knowledge becomes the predominant thing in our life then the manifestation of experience starts happening. And what is your indicator and where is your indicator? The realm changes, everything changes in your life, not for bad, for good. What changes in your life? Well what? Illusions were thought to be realities diminish. Darkness goes away and the light is made present. It's a very simple thing that happens and yet is so beautiful and that has to happen in our lives, all of our lives. Life was made for that, that's why it has to happen. And our effort, all of us coming together, a very united effort can bring us to that point of what Guru Maharaj Ji wants can be in fact an accomplishment. And we are we can come together because we are premies, it is quite natural for us to come together.
You know and it is just like, there are so many satsang programs, you know, planned for it, this year. There is, of course there is, you know, hopefully a program gonna be happening in February, there is hopefully a program gonna be happening in, maybe in March but then there is the Holi program anyway, you know and then there is Europe and then there is Guru Puja and then there is maybe another program and maybe another program whatever and then there is Hans Jayanti and are we gonna sit (sucks up snot out of his nose and swallows it) wrapped up in a nice little green package waiting for everyone of these programs to pop and then comes the grand finale "Yay, yay, all hunky dory, great, nice to see you, okay!" you know, 7 or 8 days of satsang, beautiful I feel good go back to your communities and the same, the same exact trip all over again, you know. You wait for a whole year wrapped up in your concepts, wrapped up into your mind, by the time Hans Jayanti comes maybe you get opened up a little bit and right after Hans Jayanti comes the first of the other year, you know, and uh there you are, wrapped up all again.
And that's not the way I want it, that's not the way you want it, that's not, you know, you want to come to that point of realisation, we want to come to that point of surrender, we want to come to the point of making everything that Guru Maharaj Ji is saying a reality because look at it this way Guru Maharaj Ji in his power can make everything reality that he wants to make reality but look at us, where will be be? We'll be left dangling on the side of a cliff. But opportunity has been given to us as human beings to put our efforts together, you know, to really come together, to really experience Knowledge, to really make that ashram a beautiful place. Because I know that there are some premies here who you know who are like uh a stalling aeroplane, you know and they here they take off everything is fine and they get up in the air, they pull their nose up, the plane climbs, climbs, climbs finally comes to a stall, starts shaking down, they flatten their nose out, go a little ways and they do the same thing and then the do the same thing and then they do the same thing and then they do the same thing. And believe me there is nothing to laugh about this whatsoever. You know, there is definitely not anything. Because what if that engine ever fails, what if you don't recover from that stall? You are not made to stall, you can't stall, you can't take a chance to stall. I'm not talking about human tolerance or what's running a thousand miles an hour through your head right now. I'm talkin' about a very, very simple thing and that is we cannot afford to take a chance. We cannot afford to just get out a synch, you know from Guru Maharaj Ji because look, the sound is synched to every frame in a movie and if one frame gets outta synch, one frame gets outta synch, it'll never be the same. Just won't be, it has to be in synch, it has to be in a very smooth harmony.
And question, are there any tolerances Guru Maharaj Ji? You know, plus or minus one percent, plus or minus one hundred frames, two frames, half a frame, answer is absolutely not. Because the idea is not for the Knowledge to get imperfect, the idea is for not the Knowledge to come into a finite world and become finite cause the purpose is for us, finite to become infinite. Us to become into that harmony, us to get into that synch, not for the perfectness to get out of synch for us. But we have to synch up to the perfectness but tell me does the perfectness have tolerances? Absolutely not. So all this game that we sometimes play with our mind has to go out the window and I'm not saying it in the terms of "Oh yes, Guru Maharaj Ji always has to tell us that cause that keeps our head screwed on right." No, I'm not telling you that cause of some line I'm giving you so that by because I'll tell you, you know, this for fifty years so finally in the fifty-first year you'll understand something. What I am telling you is exactly what the way it is and you have to understand every s word of it. You know I'm not giving you a line and I'm not giving you, you know, a hocus-pocus story. I'm telling you the way it is because I've experienced it, I experience it, this is the way I experience it and that's exactly what I'm telling you.
It isn't like you can just run around and play with this Knowledge and play with Guru Maharaj Ji or play with this but everything has to be right down as precise, more precise than you can think. And it's very easy, it's so precise that it's very easy, it's just that it takes our effort. It takes our constant, smooth effort. You know, not to see one thing coming at you and say "Oh yeah, you, know, I'm gonna avoid that." You do not drive like that on a road, that all of a sudden you're driving, you let go of the steering wheel, all of a sudden the car starts to go off the hill so you make a little adjustment and you get back on the road and you let go again. You don't, you don't in your life say "Oh I see an obstacle, I'm gonna escape" that but it has to become a constant thing that you're constantly escaping those things because you cannot take a chance, you cannot afford a chance to drive like that. Can you imagine driving like that? 55 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour or 120 miles an hour? That you just drive without any hands, you know, on the steering wheel, that car starts to go off the road, you just bring it back again. You can't do that, you know.
And it's just so beautiful, to again it's so beautiful to have that opportunity to be in an ashram cause what is ashram? Ashram is a place where we can be in Guru Maharaj Ji's shelter. Ashram is, again ashram is not a place where you can say "Oh that's an ashram" but ashram is when premies, Guru Maharaj Ji's come together and make that effort, when Guru Maharaj Ji's premies come together and make that commitment that "Yes, Guru Maharaj Ji, we're gonna do what you want us to do." You know not somebody going off and saying "Well look , what I'm gonna do, you know, is, well I'm just gonna have a family and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that and I'm still going to be in Guru Maharaj Ji's ashram." That's not the way it goes, simply it's just not the way it goes. (sniffs) You know. A plane will not fly underwater, a boat will not drive on a road and a car will not fly. Why not? A car doesn't have wings, a boat doesn't have wheels and hairomain (sic) airplane has to be flown in the air not under the water cause it's not a submarine, you know. You cannot just go off and say "Well this is what I'm gonna do, you see, watch this, you know, this is really good" this is like another, another, you know, leniency of mind.
I can have this and I can have this and I can have this and I can have this and it'll be all great, you know, it just reminds me of that whole thing with tima-cola, you know, and eggless mayonnaise and and this and that, you know, and santa coff, santa coffee, you know, decaffeinated coffee and, you know, this whole number. What are you trying to do, I mean what ARE you trying to do, eat meat loaves, you know so you can't get any meat loaves so you go, you take vegetables, you pack em up so they look like a meat loaf. (small amount of laughter) And doesn't that happen? You know. I know that tao tofu stuff is getting real popular and yesterday, you know, I made a tofu dish and we were just having it last night and I was just telling Marolyn "Look, this is just completely crazy because everybody tries to make tofu in a meat style" Why? Tofu's tofu, make it in a unique style the way it should be. You know, why make it, why a copy of something else? You know tofu stroganoff or what else do they have, you know, tofu log or tofu this or tofu that. What are you trying to do? You know, take that and mould it into you moulds, that's what you're trying to do. So when you sit down there, you know, or people, you know, just there they are you know with this tima-cola and they get into this whole trip have it in the refrigerator, put ice in it and pour it so that even makes bubbles, you know. Pour it from a distance and there they are and the whole time they're drinking that they're thinking of what, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, you know. Or somebody who has become a tofu expert "Look at that person, name, he can make tofu that looks just like a meat loaf. He's really good at it."
Why? Cause everything we want to take and twist and bend and mould it so that it all looks great, it all sounds great, you know, it's all beautiful, because it forms to and it conforms to our concepts. Well but that just can't go on forever. You know, that reality has to sometimes show up, you can't keep the, the reality hidden for long. And yet that reality has to manifest in a beautiful manner, not in a abnormal manner. So it's completely again up to us to make that effort, to make it a reality, to make it present, to make it constant, you know, and not, you know, not into our actions like "Oh yeah well if I just, you know, goof off one day I'll be in great shape tomorrow. Oh Guru Maharaj Ji let me goof off today, you know, tomorrow I'll make up for it." You can't do that. Look at it this way, it's not the total number that counts, your track is looked at as is, you know, it's not like the track is looked at after every week and so if you goof off for one day you lose 10 points and the next day you can do 20 points, it'll all come out the same, you know. Idea is that it should come up to 70 points. That's not true, that's not true at all. Every moment that you goof off, you know, it's just like if you want to imagine it, just imagine it as little chart, you know, on a recorder and the paper is constantly moving and the needle is constantly moving. You goof and it'll just make a mark right there, that's it. It's on, it's on there, it's moved up, that's it and anybody can see it. It's not like a totalling of points or adding up points or why, "Why can't I goof off?" And that's, I mean, all these concepts that the mind gets into is completely nuts because believe me, listen, you know, you have to remember one thing constantly, that the mind is not your pal, you know, sometimes you forget that and it's making that stupid mistake that we know nobody would ever make. To, to be in that realisation, to be in that ashram, to be in that beauty is I think the most beautiful thing. You know and for those premies who are in the ashram and those premies who are really trying and who those premies who are really sincere and those premies who are really, really leading that ashram life all I can say is "Congratulations." You have what a lot of them don't. And for those people who are living in that environment and yet not trying, people how are just running around the bush all I can say is "Sorry Charlie, you know, hope you try again, you know, but it's all our effort" and we have to all try, we have to try for real. We cannot try for fake purposes.
So you know it's really beautiful to come here to be able to share some satsang because uh I wouldn't be out of the house since uh just a long time hah. Only one time I did get out was before Christmas to get a Christmas tree and uh that was it so it was nice and yet for me it was beautiful because I got some chance, you know, to share some satsang, to give some satsang and I hope you take advantage of it. For me it's always gonna be like that, 20 years from now you know, again maybe if I have the opportunity I'll come and tell you the same thing to the new premies maybe. You know, some of you are going to be, you know, that, that touch of white, you know and when they come but that's the way it is, that's the way it truly is, there's no ands and ifs and buts, there's just one thing Guru Maharaj Ji's grace is there if we can make up that channel for Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. You know the grace is there for us to, for us to enjoy, for us to, you know, use, but we have to make that channel. We can't go, you know, goof, goof, goof, goof, goof and once we finally realise "Oh my God, I've really goofed, Guru Maharaj Ji I need your grace, help me." (shakes his head) It's not the way it works. It just doesn't. You have to be surrendered from the beginning, then it happens, then it manifests.
So, how many of you are ashram premies? Well, congratulations heh, heh. Ah, you've come from, you've come from near San Francisco? Is there any ashram in San Francisco? No, Los Angeles? Where else? Mm. San Diego. Phoenix. Pre-ashram, Australia. I don't know why, maybe not. So today is your last day of ah this retreat. So tell me now what are you guys gonna do when you go back to your communities, to your ashrams? No, what are you gonna do? I've already told you what you should do tell you that well since when did you receive Knowledge? That was the first time, ha ha since then I've been telling that you should do. So what are you going to do anyway, go back to your ashrams, communities, wherever you are. Oh, you've gotta try a little harder than that.
A little more, a lot more cause you don't want yourself wrapped up in again in a green package cause there's a lot to be done, there's a lot that has to happen. To me, so far I'm concerned we're a year back. What should have happened in 1978, you know, it hasn't happened in terms of a lot of things. It all has to manifest, a lot has to happen. So I hope I'll um see you again, soon, not tomorrow. So you should you know try to make that effort to understand. What I said is for your benefit, it's gonna help you. So hope you keep doing satsang, service and meditation. Try, a lot, lot harder. Don't give to mind, give to Guru Majaraj Ji. Thank you.

Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai We Love you

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