olympia00001 Prem Rawat Plays the Olympia: He Is Worshipped In London
Olympia, London, Guru Puja 23rd August 1980 Transcript

Rawat expounds his usual "philosophy."

  • There is something superior and incredible that sustains us, creates us, generates us and keeps us alive.
  • According to God, the person who is really happy is, "The one who believes in me. My devotee."
  • Every beautiful and incredible thing in this world is a gift of the Creator (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) even my boogies
  • Only if you have devotion for him can you experience something incredible but without the Knowledge that links you to the Creator everything is just always a dream state.

Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Olympia 22nd August 1980
Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Olympia 22nd August 1980

Song: I surrender to my Satgurudev (repeated)

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai and cheering

Prem Rawat: Prem Rawat speaks at Olympia 23/08/1980 So, again we have this special chance to try to understand something about this life, to try to understand something about ourselves. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is this entire creation for? What is its purpose? I mean, I really don't believe any human being who lives in this world never sits down and asks himself that very simple question, "What am I doing here?" And maybe it's in the bathroom, maybe it's driving in a car, maybe it's standing on top of a mountain, maybe it's in a church, maybe it's in a temple, maybe it's in a mosque but what am I doing here? What's my purpose to be in this world? Why was this world created? I mean even if there is an evolution that brought this whole place in existence, you know the little microorganisms and then the little bit bigger and the little bit bigger and the little bit bigger and then you have the big dinosaurs and they went away and then finally, you know, the human beings somehow ended up in odd shape and has refined to this incredible, you know this incredible point and yet why was that tiny little micro-thing created to start off the process. You know this is if you believe in evolution, personally to me it doesn't make any difference. There you are. There is the whole world. It doesn't matter how it came about, almost, but here I live in it, I exist in it, I sur, I survive in it, I try to survive in it. I mean isn't that the game?

Prem Rawat speaks at Olympia 23/08/1980 We elect governments that will give us better well, better welfare perhaps. We elect governments that will be able to support us better. We elect governments that will be able to give us a secure job. All these things so we can survive. You know it isn't all that easy that you're alive and that's it. You need a job, you need every little thing in this world to be and maybe all these things, all these questions are just doubts. Questions that perhaps can't really be answered, verbally. Maybe these questions, "Who am I? What am I doing here?" Maybe they don't have a, an answer that starts with "a bracket, capital letters, O once upon a time." You know. Maybe it doesn't have an answer like that at all. Maybe it's an experience and it is an experience. It is something inside of us, it is something in that can open up within inside of us so that we can see. We can see, we can understand, we can acknowledge because we have experienced something, we have experience because you know it's so true, it's so true that for people who do not have anything superior to relate to and this is very mindly putting it, they are the most superior thing alive. That's it, it's them, they are it. They are the ones, you know, they they can, their life is in their hands. They can have an animal in front, its life is in their hands. They can have another human being pinned down, their life, his life is in their hands.

Some say but there is something, there is something incredible, there is something that I very truly believe the word 'superior' was invented for was created for. Something above us, something superior, something incredible that sustains us, that creates us, that you know generates us. That's that's keeping everything together so far I'm concerned. That's making me alive because yes I can sit down and I can say "Well, I'm it." You can sit down in your chairs and say "You are it!" It's very simple, very easy to say that. What difference does it make? It isn't like you're gonna get hit with a hammer on you head right away as you say it. I mean after all, you know, it's like all these little guidelines that we're supposed to live with and those are the sins and the good good deeds and the sins and the good things and the bad things and the right things and the wrong things and it seems like some of the wrong this you can go ahead and do and you won't get hit over the head. Maybe no, not a thing will happen to you perhaps.

Maybe if you die, that's the theory, if you die then maybe something will happen and yet if you commit a very s particular action like take an axe and chop your hand off, an immediate pain will occur. An immediate pain will occur. If you pinch yourself, an immediate pain will follow. If you poke your eyes out, an immediate blindness will follow. If you poke your ears out, a blind, I mean a deafness will follow immediately. But then how does that correlate to something that is? Simply because we are naïve, simply because we do not know about something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Simply because we have refused by the virtue of our beliefs, you may say, to accept something called the Almighty does not make the Almighty disappear. The existence of that Almighty still exists and the question becomes whether do we experience Him, whether we experience that thing called Almighty or not. Whether we have faith in Him, whether we can enjoy that existence. You see it's a very, very particular thing I'm talking about. I'm talking about enjoying life. I'm not talkin' about how miserable I can make it for you. You know, it already is very miserable. For a lot of people and the fact to me is not like how to expose the misery in this world but how to bring forth joy, real enjoyment of this life, really to be able to enjoy it as a gift. As something that's precious, as something that's beautiful. To live! To have a meaning!

I mean look at it today. To so many people who claim that they're free, "We're free" you know. Communists claim, we're free. Democrats or Socialists claim (sniggers) they're free. Capitalists claim they're free. Who's free? Who's happy? It's much like that story of the beggar thinks, the beggar thinks the rich man is happy cause he's got money, maybe that's his enjoyment. The rich man thinks, the rich man thinks the king is happy because he has both, he has money and he has the power and what does the king think? He thinks the emperor is happy. He's got more power, he's got more money, he's got more kingdom to enjoy, he is, you know, he is an emperor. And what does an emperor think? An emperor thinks God is happy and so the story goes that once when I was asked, the Almighty was asked "Well, who is really happy?" and the answer was, "The one who believes in me. My devotee." The word 'devotee' I mean I'm not, I'm not a very, you know, (stammers), I have to admit, I've not, never learned the Oxford Dictionary. I'm pretty sure neither have you but I definitely haven't sat down and word by word learned it by heart. That would be, that would be the strangest thing, you know. I'm sure people do it, see a benefit in it and the thing is that devotion I know is the primary factor for a devotee. To be a devotee, to be devoted, it's like there is an object, maybe if we can, for a moment, you know, take this microphone to be this object that I want to be dedicated to, that I want to devote myself to then there have to be three factors that have to be present for it to occur, for it to manifest. One has to be the presence of this microphone, if this microphone is not present how can I dedicate myself to this microphone? I have to understand that it is there. I have to believe, I have to know that that microphone exists. And then the second factor is me, that I exist. If I don't exist then my devotion will only be a fantasy of a brain travelling through outer space perhaps, you know.

With all these movies coming out you never know what's going on anyway. They seem to be much more realistic presentation of something than a book you know. They they they show you this brain just travelling through the outer space and it looks pretty real. And so I have to present, alive. I have to be now and yet one very very important factor, devotion.

Devotion, what is devotion? And I'm not saying that here I am defining devotion but I know what, I can feel what devotion is perhaps. Devotion is an unbiased love, love not for a reason. I mean, you know, in this world you see so many things that you like, that you love. You walk down a showroom and you see a Rolls Royce standing there, you know, "Wow, a Rolls Royce" and I sometimes wonder if the fact that the Rolls Royce is standing on the showroom, (picks his nose) I wonder if that's not what's the most attractive thing, not the fact that you have it. The kids, you know you take them to a toy store and they see all these and they see all these toys on the shelves and they completely go berserk. I mean "I want that, I want that, I want that, I want that, I want that, I want that, give me that" and they may have three of them already at home, it doesn't make any difference and obviously that love doesn't exist the day that thing is brought home, the moment that thing is brought home, open up, look at it, play for it for an hour or so and the it goes into the bin where all the toys are kept. And I wonder if the fact, just the fact that that particular object sits on a shelf is the most attractive thing. And that's the way it appears to be, we're attracted to everything. You know the saying the grass is greener on the other side of the hill, sometimes that's the way it is. The fact that it doesn't belong to you is the most attractive thing, you know, the most attractive thing, yeah I want it. As soon as you have it the want goes away. The desire to possess it goes away, likeness, qualities, seeing things in it, visualising it, appreciating it, all of it goes away. And it's really peculiar and that's the way it is and yet what is devotion? Devotion is love, unbiased love, love not for a reason, not that because it's there. You know like when they ask the guy who climbed the Mount Everest "Why did you do it?" What did you climb Mount Everest for?" "Because it was there." Not even for that reason. Not because God is there so we should love Him but the fact that we have to love him, for the fact that it's a necessity. A love created because it has no factors involved. Not that we hate it, not that we like it, not that we we, none of the factors. Because I know the day one of those factors will be involved that devotion will only be temporary.

For instance, I mean, you know, you see a girl walking down a road or something like that and you look at her and it's like "Wow, look at that!" It happens, I mean I, I drive around the cars and I see a girl will be going and all these heads will turn, you know, you, you may find it more amusing to look at the guys' heads turning and the expression on their faces rather than, in fact, watching the girl. You know and then maybe it proceeds a little bit further from there and a little bit further from there and then you maybe end up on a church door, you know, and she's wearing all white and you're wearing all black and uh walk down the aisle, you know, da dah da da dah (mimics playing "Here Comes the Bride") you know, you end up there and "I do" and "I do" and the I do's getcha after a little while. And maybe that, maybe that's not all that bad, you know, everything is fine and the same girl that attracted you, that there, there was incredible, you couldn't resist, five years later she shows up with this mask on her face and when perhaps you walk into the bathroom there's this creature, you know, gigantic curlers in her hairs and mask on the face and a sight to see you know and it's like what must go up must come down and a basic, very basic principle, the natural law it seems like, what goes up must come down and that's what happens. All that love that went up (slowly lowers his thumb) Boomp! And some, sometimes that's it because there was a reason attached to it, if there was no reason attached to it not because there was a reason because this girl looked so flashy and I know that there are people who are married who are not, who perhaps didn't get married on the fact that they each other looked very flashy. Maybe it was some kind of a sincere love and you see these people maybe they're still married but when that sincerity starts to dwindle a little, you know, when the husband starts to suspect the wife is up to something and the wife starts to suspect the husband is up to something you know then it is like throwing the gear out and the flaps out at the same time and you know just "Pchoo" (applause applause? what were they thinking?) and the whole relationship and the whole thing just (repeats the thumbs down sign) comes down all the way down you know. It's like a balloon, you blow it up, its gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then you let go of it and it just goes brrrp (waves finger round and points to the ground and premies laugh) and that's it.

Prem Rawat speaks at Olympia 23/08/1980 But for this Creator we can't have a love like that. Our devotion has to be in an utmost place where it has to be sincere, it has to be correct, it has to be true, it has to be real. It has to be in a state in which doesn't matter what happens and I'll tell you because in this world and as one saint said, you know, he said whenever we do something good we take the credit for it, you know, it's like a painter, a painter is painting a picture, right? Really pretty picture and a a guest walks in and he says "Would you like to see the picture I'm doing?" And he shows the picture to him and it's like incredible, you know, it's just half done, really beautiful, just really what has been done is really incredible, it's really immaculate (Nectar Technique) very real looking you know, Picasso's reincarnation maybe or something like that or Dali's reincarnation, it really is an incredible painting. And then there you are you know, I did this, don't you like it? Look at the finesse I put in there, look at the, look at the touch, look at the touch of gray I have put in there. You know the half an hour gibberish that goes on along where they, "Look what I have done? Look what I have done? Look what I?" And there you are the second day trying to fake finish almost finished painting, putting your last touch on it and holding the cradle right here and all the brushes the thing drips over and what would be the first expression "Oh God" God did that one, it's his fault, he did it, he dropped it, you know.

Prem Rawat speaks at Olympia 23/08/1980 God, God is the one who's blamed for everything in this world whether it's his fault or not, you know. It's like, we get into a venture and we say "Oh God" no not not not like, "Should we do this?" you know. Maybe it's just two people getting married, maybe "Should we do this? You know, should we get married? Give us a sign" you know but it's like "Oh by the way, tomorrow I'm getting married. I'd like your blessings. Send some over, you know." And if a tragedy occurs in the family, it's like "God, why did you have to do that to me? Me, why, why me? There's so many people in this world, why not them? Why me? Why the tragedy for me?" And if we are ready to accept in that format that that's a God given thing, that tragedy is a God given thing then we have to also accept the fact that every beautiful thing in this world, that every incredible thing in this world that exists is a gift of the Creator and to simply give us life, to simply give us this breath, to simply give us a chance to exist in this world is a gift. It's so incredible and so great, so incredible and so great to give us that love, to give us that care, to give us then opportunity to be that no tragedy can ever balance it, no tragedy can ever be so bad. If we can just realize that small factor that there is a lot to be, there's a lot in us, something that really needs that devotion to exist because in that devotion we can say that sincere thank you. In that devotion we can go a step even beyond and experience that Creator the way He is. The way and there is nothing, absolutely nothing in the English dictionary, in the Hindi dictionary, in any dictionary in this world, in any language, in anybody's fragment of imagination through this brain that can describe that Creator when we can not simply describe what salt tastes like.

Prem Rawat speaks at Olympia 23/08/1980 Who can describe what salt tastes like? It is not simply enough that we say "Salt is salty" and everybody knows what it is, right? No, it's definitely not enough. What, what happens, do you feel salty in your mouth? Sugar, it has something, it's something to be really, have to be experienced and then only will it make any sense and then only will it go to a point where no words are needed, you know. Much like the method of some how fathers, some fathers teach their kids how to swim. Instead of going through this whole educational rap of who they should swim the just take the kid and chuck him in the middle of the pool and says "Now get over to the side" and that's one way to learn, you know. Poor kid just starts (does dog paddling motions) learning and so I mean put 'em in the case of necessity and obviously we don't see any necessity in realizing God. We don't see any, we don't see any necessity then this is the world's biggest problem. We don't see any necessity in have, in for any reason to have devotion, any reason to have devotion but devotion is the only link, the only existing thing, the only interface there is between the infinite, the ultimate infinite and the ultimate finite. And unless that link is linked, unless that connection is hooked up, unless there is true devotion within inside of us the manifestation of that experience is not going to happen for us. That experience cannot manifest for us then we cannot even start to live, only when that happens, only when that connection becomes then does the real essence of life really start to flow.

I mean maybe this all sounds a little too wonderful maybe or not so wonderful at all but that's the way it is. You can't do anything about it, that's the way it's been described, (Nectar Technique) that's the way it's been since time immemorial, that's the way it's gonna be a million years from now, trillion years from now. Maybe the whole universe will get devastated and a new one will be created and I'm sure when the new one is it'll still be the same exact way. Because there is only one interface because there is only one God, there is only one Almighty and only one Almighty will have one gravestone. I could never understand the fact and this is very common statement, you know, because God is One any road will take you to Him. That doesn't make sense to me at all. Because God is One any road will take you to Him? What do you think? God's God's sitting in a universe that's shaped like an earth so even if you are in the North Pole one foot way from God and you start walking backwards you will go through the South Pole and end up at the same place? No. It's an experience. That is not the fact that you take any road it'll get you there and believe me all roads do not lead to Rome. There's only very particular roads marked 'Rome' that lead to Rome. Otherwise you end up in the wrong place and that's it for you.

To me that Creator is One. My way to approach that Creator is One. Has to be one, because there is one interface to Him, because there is one experience there is this one human being just like millions and millions on this earth. Perhaps for us maybe there are different different ways. But is God different? Is that Creator different? Is that Creator bound by the, by I mean do you really think for a moment that that Creator that existed before any human being was created would be any subject to a religion? That would be, that would be a bad mistake to even assume such a thing. That Creator is not bound by religion, is bound by devotion. If you have that devotion, if you have that love that is not biased then you may experience something incredible and that Knowledge is that missing link between that interface and you that converts it into something that you will be able to then plug in otherwise it's just always a dream state. Everything just keeps floating and floating and floating and floating. Dreams are created and dreams are shattered. What was the way to realize God when there was no religion at all? There must have been a way. You know, because what do you believe in?I was, you know, I was obviously born in India and a lot of spiritual things would happen around the residence where I used to stay in and you know it was so confusing for me to even figure out what was goin' on because there was all these series and series and series and series of Gods, some odd 33 million billion I don't know how many and on top of them sat the the first human being and then you come to West well actually again in India because I went to a Catholic school, you know, their version of it was completely different and it was very, well I guess, depicted in the movie called the Bible with in which the whole school went to see it and there they have it all foggy and, you know, all misty and then this man rises out of the blues, out of the fog actually. This man rises and then there is this woman and then there is the tree, you know. Apples, they can get you in a lotta trouble, get you all messed up and I'm sure everybody, every religion, has their own version of how it was all created, how it all manifested, how it all happened.

I'm not, I'm not bound to any religion. This is what's amazing, perhaps. I'm not bound to any religion. I can't say "Yes I am an Hindu." I can't say "Yes I am a Christian." I can't say "I'm a Buddhist." I am for the religion that existed when no religion existed if that has a name. A time, a place to be, just you and your Creator, not the bells and the idols and the books between you and your Creator. Not the gigantic study courses and not the knowledge of everything in your life to know your Creator, the One who created you. It almost sounds as foolish as if you, you were born and you couldn't know who your father was until you guessed and figured it out. First you have to go to school and I mean that was always what if I mean that's how ridiculous it is here it's it is considered God is considered the ultimate father and to recognise Him, to realize Him, to know Him, do we need a book? Do we need a particular place to be? Why the guessing game at all? Don't you think that it's a very simple thing, in fact. I mean I'm not criticising any religion. I am not against Christians, I am not against Hindus and I'm not against Muslims and I'm not against Buddhists and I'm not against anybody. And my, perhaps my plea is to those who have stopped searching and haven't found it so far. Maybe they haven't been able to guess who their father is. I'm saying there is a very simple, straight way to find out and it's not to flip a coin either. Not narrow down to two, him or him, heads you, tails you but a very simple way within us. Within us lies that ultimate experience. Within us lies that thing called omnipresent, everywhere, present everywhere, within me too and yet I do not know perhaps the way to get inside and that is why I need a Master. A Master who can show me how to connect myself within, that's all. Maybe that's all there is to it, you know, you don't have to study any books and you don't have to, you know, go to any college and you don't have to go to any school and you don't have to do anything. A Master who has the Key, who can help you, who can guide you, because somehow in the jargon of this world which is very truly described as Maya, illusion, we get lost in it.

This is what I'm saying is the whole world comprises of our dreams, something gets pulled off and it's shattered just like that. And it reminds me of a story, you know, there was this guy, he was just walking along a path and doing nothing, just walking and there was this merchant and he had a big pot of yoghurt and he was very tired carrying it and so he turned to this man and said, "Sir, you know, would you, would you please carry this for me? This pot of yoghurt," and he says "Why?" "Well I'll give you some money if you carry it." The guy was poor, he had no family, he had no house, he had no money. He said "Okay, I'll carry it for you." So he put the pot of yoghurt on his head and he started walking. And all of a sudden he starts thinking to himself, he says "Wow this is incredible, this is my lucky day. This merchant will give me some money

and you know what I'll do out of this money I'll buy some eggs and from the eggs will hatch a chicken and then all these chickens will grown up and very soon I'll have all these chickens growin' up all over the place and the you know what I'll do, I'll sell these chickens and I'll buy myself a goat and I'll take the milk and very soon I'll have so many goats and then I'll sell all the goats and I'll get a cow and then once I get a cow I'll start my own dairy and I'll soon have very many cows and I'll have a dairy and it'll be successful and people will come to buy a milk and all that and then one day I'm gonna buy myself a beautiful girl and I'll get married to her and I mean there he is walking along, you know, just lost in his dreams, you know, as I think everybody is most of the time. And he says "Yeah, then I'll get married and we'll settle down and we'll have a beautiful house and we'll have a beautiful farm and there's a big pasture land and a dairy and I'll I'll be so rich I'll build a beautiful house and his dream, you know, he's getting married and all that and then he said, "Then we'll have kids. Oh the little ones they're cute. I always wanted some of them, you know, and then, and then we'll have a whole bunch of kids and I'll be so proud and I'll be able to look at everybody, everybody will look up at me because I'll be so influential I'll have a big dairy, big pasture land, big house, big beautiful girl a lotta big family, you know, the works (rubs nose, ) and then one day I'll be so influential that they'll call me to this incredible festival, you know to, to have to be the Master of the Ceremony or something like that and while whilst I'll be going out of the house my family loves me so much that all the kids will cling to the back of my shirt saying "Oh poppa, poppa, don't go, poppa, poppa, don't go, stay home" and then I'll get mad. I mean I won't really be mad but to show the kids because they have to find their place, I'll get mad at 'em and I'll turn around real quick (laughter and cheers and whistles as if they haven't heard this story a gazillion times) and he did (laughs at his own punch-line) he turned around real quick. The whole pot fell and you know what happened? The kids disappeared and the wife went, the house, the pasture land, you know, the cows, the goats, the chicken and all that he was left with was a lotta, lotta yoghurt all over his face.

And that's maybe that's exactly sometimes our situation, maybe that's exactly what we're left behind with is this fantasy, is this dream to be, to exist, to live, to enjoy and yet we never get to enjoy anything. You know, I know that I being in Miami it's really incredible because you see these people and they're retired and they're old and it's really incredible and I know that you can look at 'em and you you can say that "Yeah, all their life long" they've said "oh yeah and I'll retire some day. I'll retire some day and I'll got to Miami, it's a nice, warm place, you know. There rheumatism won't bother me and arthritis won't bother me and nice, warm place and then I'll take it easy" and we see that's what they have expected all their life and saved all their money, all their pension, all their stuff and gotten maybe a condominium or rented an apartment or bought an apartment or bought a house and this is where they live and yet you know, you can look at the whole scene for a moment and know this is it, this is what they have worked for all their lives. I mean this is, I'm sure, not the story of everybody but for a lot of them this is what they have done, this is what they have worked for all their lives and then that's it and it's terrible because these poor folks you know they get robbed and they get mugged in this wonderful Miami. Can't go anywhere, need someone to help constantly, some of them, you know, because life to expect something out of it almost seems a wrong mistake to make. What has it got it offer us? What can it offer us perhaps? And I know I can, I can flash back very clearly to what would have happened to me and I could have been just a just another routine person, another routine person, unhappy human being in this lousy creation. Doing the lousy things day to day to day to day and getting sick and tired of it day after day after day after day. Complaining and complaining and complaining and complaining. You know and yet I see something has saved me, something has given me another chance, something has given me an opportunity, something has blessed me. That's my experience because I have experienced somebody, I have experienced something, I have experienced an existence of something that's completely superior to me. I have found my place. I don't need to dream and it doesn't make any difference if I was a peasant or the richest man in the world I would be happy. Do you know why? Because that's what the Creator said, "My devotee is the happiest, the one who has devotion for me. One more is my devotee, he is the happiest, not the richest or the poorest. Not the sins. Not the nice deeds and the good deeds and and the works. It's just a very simple thing, you know, cause to me that is the ultimate recognition that's gonna really bring us that experience. Not my concept of an ultimate experience, not try to pose that I am having an ultimate experience but truly the ultimate experience is what's gonna really bring me the happiness.

And that's, that stands for every human being. Every single human being that ??? since we have that experience we haven't yet begin to enjoy our lives. And it doesn't matter what we have, everything, everything that we get into potentially it turns into a hazard. I mean this day an age it's incredible. It's an incredible psychology. I don't know how it ever happened but our peace is held together by war. Do you realize that? It's the war that holds our peace in one place. It's a completely reversed procedure, it shouldn't be war that should hold the peace together, it should be the peace that should hold every human being together. It should be the peace that should bring the absence of war, it's the peace that should bring the people in the consciousness we do not need to kill one another, there is no necessity to kill one another. There's no reason to kill one another, no but that's not the way this peace is because it's not really peace, it's supposed peace, it's a fake peace,. The fact that we're so prepared for war, the fact that we're so prepared to blow every single little place apart including ourselves I mean this is incredible you know, the President of the United States. I was reading this article, he has a 747 it's all prepared and it's, you know, everything is all set for/in it US Airforce 747 and in case, in case he accidentally pressed the button and I can only say 'accidentally' no human being in his right brains would dare push the button, doesn't matter what the consequences. He would then hop on the 747 while the whole earth is blown to bits and I don't know where he expects to land after it's all gone cause I don't think a 747 has pontoons. He may get a seaplane, try to ditch in water. I mean I just even try to understand the psychology behind it I don't I don't ge t it I just don't get it I mean there he would be and all the big shots, all the big shots are gonna be with him in this incredible 747 gorged with fuel, you know, full full with fuel flying around, up in the sky, 40,000 feet, just hearing the radar centres blurp out, out of the earth, blown to kingdom come or something like that and then what, hah, then what? What's for you and me? What about you and me? And you know that's what incredible, we support that, we support that, we wanna get killed, we want that, it's okay. Isn't that a good idea? The president should be safe so that when he, when the whole thing is over he can come back and rule us again. Rule what of us? I mean obviously I don't think he's gonna volunteer to bury our carcases and that's all will be left after all that. We volunteer to that, it's okay. It's alright. Everybody's just an idiot, nobody understands anything, you need that! You need all this stuff to kill one another. I think when they say this ('V' peace sign with 2 fingers) and call this an indication of peace they mean 2 missiles, one from Russia, one from America and that's what's holding the whole thing together. It seems like it, isn't it? And no that is not the peace that Jesus came to teach in the world, that is not the peace that Buddha came to teach, it is not Buddha's action, it is not Jesus's action that have created the missiles. It's a very, very dumb human beings who have created the missiles, the ones who'll be sitting in that 747 45,000 feet high, smoking a big, fat ceegar and sipping on their coffee while we'll be biting on a bullet shell, you know, or a piece of our house that's just fallen on our face when the whole thing happens. What will be left of this earth? What will be left? What will be the purpose? What would be the reason? When God has created us this beautiful, beautiful earth. Well what in this earth does one desire? What? Isn't it peoples' own idiocity that leads into all this? Isn't it peoples' own naiveness that leads into all this? Isn't this peoples' won ignorance. The Creator has created us to live, to exist. He already takes care of destroying us. Time comes, bam, He pulls us out, that's it. He has got it all figured out. We don't have to figure anything out for Him. We are by no means as smart as that. You know, look at it today. What is the man's greatest achievement? Today, what is man's greatest achievement do you think? The most superior in technology, the most superior in in aerodynamics, the most superior in electronics, the most superior in destruction, all these things that are aimed from one hemisphere of the earth to the other hemisphere, these missiles.

Is that what we were created to come in this world and achieve this incredible goal? You know so that one day we could sit there and destroy ourselves. I mean I know people like firecrackers but that's a bit extreme, don't you think. A firecracker that you light off, it's so dangerous that you gotta get in an airplane and take off and get away from it and then fly (he makes strange noise) all the way halfway across the world and boom! Believe me much bigger than that too. No, no, to me there all this exists and all this is completely stupid, completely stoopid because if there is a solution by means of those things to create peace then there is another solution, There is an another solution that can also bring us peace, that can also bring us joy, that can also make us adore each other, make us love each other, like each other, believe in each other as human beings if nothing else I mean the greatest relations we have to each other. Maybe it's not brother, it's not mother, father, it's not sister, brother, uh, it's not father, son. The greatest relation we have to each other is the fact that we are all human beings. The same family and that's what has to be understood. It doesn't matter what we look like. We have that one father who has created us to be, to exist, to be alive, to enjoy and that's what we should be doing.

I mean maybe I'm not the greatest politician and believe me I never want to be a politician. I've seen enough of those guys get fried. I wouldn't dream of being a politician. You've seen politicians fry? Just fry, their life, their career depends on a piece of paper, one about this big called a vote, their career depends over night there was a joke, when President Carter won, Gerald Ford was still sleeping in the White House and it was night time when the decision was declared and the joke was that Carter's wife went over to measure the curtains while Betty Ford was still sleeping, you know, and you know the sort of joke was supposed to be that Betty Ford was surprised to see Jimmy Carter's wife measuring curtains up there I mean that's says it all "I'm moving in just uh youse getting out!" That's it. It's done, finished, ta da, you know. What is that? What does that mean? Creator has given us a ruler. Himself ! Don't we say that "Our father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thine will be done. They, Your kingdom come! You are the king in your kingdom and when your kingdom come there shall be peace. The real kingdom and that's what we want and that's what everybody needs, the real kingdom in which every creature can be happy. Who wants a doomsday? Well you know the fact is it's easy to say who wants a doomsday, I suppose it's everybody who wants a doomsday cause everybody's awfully working really hard towards it, making sure, taking precaution that it does happen, somehow, I don't know. Why? It seems like that's the way everything is happening.

And I'm not a politician, I don't want to be a politician but I know that by the virtue of this Grace, by the experience that I have and so far I'm concerned it's the only thing that can and that will establish peace on this earth if ever there will be peace on this earth. That is it, that experience, that Knowledge is the only thing that can do it, not our ideas, they can't, we've already tried 'em. Don't you think we should be tired of it? We already tried those ideas, they don't work, they stink and that that new era to come for all of us by saying "the Age of Aquarius" age of Aquarius isn't gonna come, believe you. Something is gonna bring the Age of Aquarius, something is gonna move those stars, something is gonna move those planets, something is gonna move those things to show the sign of the age of Aquarius and when we am content with them, then there will be an age of Aquarius. In fact to create an age of Aquarius, to be in an age of Aquarius is the most simplest thing there is. Because all we have to be is human beings one again, just once again human beings and there shall be an age of Aquarius. If you put two babies in a room about a year and a half old and put a whole bunch of toys in there with them, what do you think will happen? What do you suppose will happen? They'll get into an argument, "I want that." "No I want that." "No I want that." "No I want that." But put 'em in a room and don't give them anything, not a single thing, not a plant, not a table, not a thing, just an empty barren room. What do you thing will happen? They will play with each other, they will enjoy each other's company, they will invent their plays and of course they will be happy. Don't you remember? Kids were born before Fisher Toys was created. You know.

That's where we need to go, we need to go to a very basic fundamental within us then everything will make sense and with technology that exists today, it's incredible, everything can be used for human beings benefit. Truly hunger can be annihilated, truly poverty can be annihilated, the technology is there to do so if used properly not to blow each other apart. Don't you realize that if you took all the money from Russia and America that took to build those things and just gave it to people don't you think that would eliminate the poverty? I mean it's (giggles) just so obvious it's a lotta money to blow on those things, a lotta money, it'd make an awful lotta people millonaires and obviously it's made the wrong ones millionaires but even if it was given 10 bucks a person maybe they could use it, maybe something could happen instead of creating a monster for us because it isn't by the simply and and in fact it's not simply by giving somebody 3 bucks that's gonna bring peace to this earth, that's not the path either but the inner commitment that's what's going to bring that level of recognition amongst us, that's what's gonna bring us to a fundamental place. And then everybody can be happy but first you have to be happy. Everyone of us has to be happy before anybody else can be happy. A whole bunch of miserable people just make other people miserable too but a whole bunch of happy people make a lotta people happy. Just to see, just to see smiling can make you giggle and then laugh. I mean perhaps just for the fact that why is this stupid idiot grinning? There you are sitting on a road side with just a beautiful happy little smile, you'll be the most curiously watched object until the bus arrives. And why are you grinning? Why are you smiling? And perhaps that'll turn into a little chuckle and maybe a little laugh and then maybe tears out of the eyes you're laughing so hard, you know. I know that they sell these little gimmicks, you know you press the little button and there's a record inside of it and the guy's laughing "Ha ha ha ha ha" I know so all he does "Ha ha ha ha ha" and you hear that thing and all of a sudden it just rubs off on you and you start laughing and then the more you know the whole scene starts happening and everybody's laughing but for that smile to come from within, for that experience to come from within, for that laughter to come from within, it's so incredible and it can happen.

So that's to me that's perhaps one sentence of the big book, you know, maybe it'll take months and years and years to explain it to the world but hopefully I'll keep going at it and try to make somebody understand something cause that's what this worlds needs and so thank you very much and good night.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai (shouted 5 times by crowd led by a man with a loud voice and possibly an Indian accent)

A song is sung but the lyrics are too difficult for me to work out.


You Are My Everything

Many fine people will offer their lives at your feet
They live just to enjoy you
And to make their lives complete
Angels will come to love you
Showering harmony
They will gather to serve you
Who are more than ?????? company

Who am I to ask you
To turn your gaze on me
What could I possibly offer to you
That would make my love become worthy
For you are the light inside me
The love that makes me see
And although to you I am one of so many
You are my everything

All of the humble and talented ones
Who someday will drink of your wisdom
Offering all of their time
So that they may be used in your kingdom
Lovers with radiant faces
Who worship the ground where you stand
And the souls of many travellers will rest in the palm of your hand


You are the light inside me
The love that makes me see
And although to you I am one of so many
You are my everything
You are my everything
You are my everything
You are my everything

© Divine Light Mission, 1980

Prem Rawat, Guru Puja, Olympia 22nd August 1980