Clips from the 'Passages' Video

The statements in this video by long term followers of Prem Rawat present a false, revisionist picture of Prem Rawat's career. Especially egregious were the comments by Ron Geaves, an academic from Chester College (now University), and Timothy Gallwey, tennis coach and author, which misrepresented Rawat's beliefs and actions and the reasons people became disenchanted with Rawat and his so-called "Knowledge". Paradoxically, they claimed that Rawat had never believed he was the Lord of the Universe, an incarnation of God in human form while presenting a revisionist history of his actions which purported to show him as never having wrong ideas or making an incorrect action. All the mistaken ideas came from his followers and he was in a continual crusade to bring them back to reality.

Ron Geaves refused to answer the public criticism made of him or answer this Open Letter from Joe Whalen, a former follower of Rawat's.

Only one living perfect master at any one time
Glastonbury visit
Early Travels
Projection, reality or delusion?
Early reflections on media coverage
Fear of fighting
Aspects of Indian roots
Master and Student
Rawat becomes the Lord of the Universe
Rawat just prior to going to the West
Rawat arrives in the West