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This film, produced in the early '70s chronicles the visit of Prem Rawat (previously known as Guru Maharaj Ji as well as 'The Lord of the Universe') to Sydney and Melbourne Australian in October 1974 as seen by his fervent Australian followers at the time. Rawat is presented here as the pinnacle of all existence. This film (now in three parts) is a highly educational piece of evidence of how Prem Rawat presented himself and his "Knowledge" at that time when his early phenomenal success had ended and his attempt to gain world-wide media attention had ended in humiliation and failure and debt. He had changed his message as he was then only attracting his followers to his speeches and was trying to bolster their faith in and committment to him and the Knowledge. He was hampered by his poor English, his simplistic message and his lack of knowledge and charisma.

Power Of Love This section contains part of the speech the teenage Rawat made in Melbourne on October 29th, 1974. He was concerned that his Australian followers were not displaying any benefits from practising his "Knowledge"

"And now that this Knowledge by the Grace has been revealed to us and that the happiness has been given to us, shouldn't we all smile? You know, we have cryin' all our lifetime already, you know and it's like almost we have busted our eyes crying. Now that this happiness finally got back to us, it's about time we smiled about it"

Despite what he said they certainly had not returned to the source (God) and none of them pretended otherwise.

" Because in like in a instant, in a second, in like, it really isn't even a second it takes us right back to our source, where we belong"

The second Youtube section of Power Of Love contains more of the same with the last few seconds showing the beginning of a jaunt on Sydney Harbour.

"I have met with every kind of person and the atheist who didn't believe in God, not a scripture, they didn't believe in a soul, I mean I guess they didn't even believe in themselves, know who they were, those people, now believe me or not, were the easiest, were the easiest to tell 'em that there is something like God."

" We read a scripture and it's beautiful. Not that, not that I'm trying to ridicule scripture, it's really beautiful. There is Bhagavad Gita, there is Ramayana, there is Bible - so many scriptures in this world and they are all beautiful, they really are."

On his own admission Rawat has never actually read a scripture, he claims he is the source of scriptures.

This section is less boring than the previous 20 minutes. There are scenes of Rawat the Lord of the Speedboat on Sydney harbour, his wife's 25th birthday party (he was 16) and "Darshan. In October 1974 very few Australian premies had seen Rawat in person. "Mahatma" Padarthanand had been the driving force behind attracting new followers in Australia. So in the darshan line Rawat had to constantly give "Holy Breath." (A series of photos of this "magical interaction" between the Master and his students with indepth expert commentary is available here.

In 1974 Rawat had designated his new wife as Durga Mata Ji, the surrogate mother to premies replacing Rawat's real mother, Mata Ji who had become disillusioned with her youngest son's decadent lifestyle and deposed him. Marolyn was also considered the perfect devotee and was much more attractive than Rawat himself. She sat below but at his side so the premies' feelings could be inspired and reinforced by her example. She was obviously sincere in her worship of Rawat.

"he's taking you somewhere that you've always wanted to go. (swelling music) And yet you have the choice every second to stay in the boat or jump out of the boat and he's told you "If you stay with me in this boat, I will protect you. As long as you're with me, as long as you're in my boat with me you have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens we we're going, and we're on our way to our purpose to why we were even born."

Power Of Love

Hard times have never been better
For you and I, it's the same
Together, we can be forever
With the sunshine and rain

You can, you can turn your head
And start to walk away
But it's the power of love (the power of love)
It's the power of love (tlove)
It's the power of love (oooh)
That makes us want to stay

All our lives, we've been trying
To get it on our own way
But each time we end up crying
With no words left to say

We can, we can turn your heads
And start to walk away
But it's the power of love (the power of love)
It's the power of love (love)
It's the power of love (oooh)
That makes you want to get up and do it
It makes you want to feel real free
Well you can spend your time like the sunshine
Can't you feel it, can't you feel the love that's in your heart
Shining forever
From the east to the west no takes no rest

In this hour of love
Within this shower of love
It's here we need to stay

You can, you can give in
And throw it all away
In this hour of love
Within this shower of love
It's here we need to stay

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