Divine Times - June 15, 1974 Volume 3, Issue 2

Divine Times magazine

A Family Affair

Maharaj Ji wants to be with the premies as much as possible. When he asked Lou what arrangements were being made for his residence in Amherst, Lou described some of the homes they had under consideration. But Maharaj Ji said, "I think we should get a mobile home so I can drive around and see what's going on."

Divine Times magazine

Starship Prachar

Editor's Note: The "Starship Prachar" isa mobile home carrying a small group of premies on an extended propagational tour throughout America. Here we present a slightly edited copy of their regular report to headquarters. In some cases the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Divine Times magazine


Children? All ten of them that live in the Children's House of our ashram at Shri Hans Educational in Denver. So we prepare breakfast, dress the little ones and bring them downstairs for arti, a short meditation and some satsang. All but one have had the Knowledge revealed to them, and they all are working at being good devotees, in the style of children.

Some of his statements which answered our questions were the following (paraphrased): 1) Give satsang to people that they can relate to, 2) Stress the Knowledge, not me, 3) If someone lays a trip on you about what you should be doing, then they are probably not meditating enough, 4) Mahatmas are not necessarily in perfect God-realization all the time.


DLM Replies To The Press
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji once said that for every 10 handfuls of grain, the devotees should dedicate one handful to him. Then, he said, if you ever need anything, come to me and I will take care of you. The 10% dedication of income from each premie works the same way. Although this is a minimal expenditure for each individual, on a co-operative basis it means the establishment of a strong, firmly rooted Mission, through which Maharaj Ji may do His work.

Divine Times magazine

The Wedding

In the middle of the vows Marolyn was sobbing and Maharaj Ji stopped to take out his handkerchief and hand it to his bride. After the 'I do's' they kissed and embraced with such an embrace. It was a total embrace and was totally pure. Then they garlanded each other, Marolyn did pranam and they walked down the aisle. As they passed the premies in the pews all fell into pranam. Suzy Bai sang 'Green Were the Hills.

Divine Times magazine

Darshan For All

"Holy Breath and Darshan for all," Guru Maharaj Ji had said, and he wanted all Colorado premies to attend. It was to be an unforgettable night, and it was. Well over 1000 eager souls were at Denver's John F. Kennedy High School Sunday, May 12 to partake of this opportunity. Guru Maharaj Ji had not appeared for two previously scheduled programs, so as the evening wore on the intensity of the crowd's devotion gained some healthy anxiety. At 10:45, to the astonishment of all present, Maharaj Ji walked in adorned in his red and gold Krishna outfit. This was the first time he had worn the costume since Millennium '73 and only the second time he has worn it in the West.

Divine Times magazine

The Last Unicorn
If you've ever spent many hours in a situation where holy company is unavailable and formal meditation is impractical, then you've probably realized the value of a good book. There aren't very many of them. But there are a few. I don't really remember actually reading The Last Unicorn, it seems as if someone with a gentle voice read it aloud to me.

City Of Love And Light
As Clegg explains it, the project could create a "city" of approximately five thousand premies, who would have to be some of the hardest working and most dedicated in the world. "Once this type of community was formed it could send out say 1,000 of its most talented members and begin a second community on the outskirts of some other large city. One could grow to two and two could become four and so on."

Child On A White Charger Poetry by Charles Cameron

Guru Maharaj Ji,
the Child on a White Charger,
knocks them out of their seats
with the lance of Divine Strength,
and the Queen of Heaven
weeps to see His beauty.

Centers Report
Presently, Divine Light Mission in America is making enough money to barely pay for its own activities. To finance propagation internationally will require more premies to support the mission. The first step toward broadening the base of support in America is to strengthen our network of DICs. At national headquarters a full time staff looks after the needs of all the centers.